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tv   News  RT  May 18, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the interest in me, turkey has reportedly blogs, finland, and sweden from joining ne, turn off the nordic countries handed in the special application to mazda. honda accord a call terrorist group pop up by helsinki and spoke with almost a 1000 ukrainian troops and rented the hours of the factory in the dorm bus city of mario pole with captain, neo nazis from the as of battalion, due to some trial for war crimes. with the went to some of it, sanctions against that, as well as energy sector, as washington speak to secure additional oil imports. despite its long running differences with carrasco class, you can official suggest local stop picking off extra work to help themselves out
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with the government to power the power to do anything about storing consumer prices which have already hit a 14 year high. the very will welcome this is all the international with the latest world news update. it's a pleasure to have you company this. our key has reportedly blocked the official process of accepting finland and sweden into nato. comes just hours after the nordic countries hands in the applications at the headquarters of the military blog . anchorage says it's against seeing the 2 countries joined the alliance unless they stopped supporting rebel groups including cuts and hand over suspects that turkey calls terrorists was we didn't finish. officials will reportedly planning to visit on career talks, but turkey's president says they shouldn't bother trying to woo him. game is done, or only expectation from nato allies is for them to 1st understand our sensitivity
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respect and finally support it. so what is our sensitivity protecting our borders from terror attacks? you won't give us back terrorists, but you ask us for nato membership. that nato is an entity for security and organization for security. therefore, we cannot say yes to the security organization being deprived of security exception of the to nordic countries requires the approval of all 30 natal members with their decision then requiring ratification by national parliaments and that process is expected to take up to one year. we gauged opinions on the streets of the swedish capital, where some locals have mixed feelings about ditching the countries neutrality. i think it's a part of our country been sometime later also through the terry exercises of different kinds. but it's still, i think it's a big shift for our identity. i think it's
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a bad one because we have always been free from such associations. and we would be a part that can, that can discount people together to start over being different using lori and so i think it's the right decision to make right now. but that doesn't mean that we abandon our foreign or defense politics because we can change not the problem with in i think. and chris move has led to fresh tensions within nato with the us on this allies, pushing for sweden and finland to join the blog. it's not the only point of tension between the nato member states as greece is prime minister has all us congress to nick the deal to sell advanced weaponry to turkey did not think ankara as a source of instability. the last thing that made on each at a time, one of focus is on helping ukraine defeat russia's. aggression
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is another source of instability on nato's south eastern flag. and ask you to take this into account when you make defense procurement decisions concerning the eastern mediterranean. the week leader has expressed concern about biden's proposal to approve a full $100000000.00 worth of weapons for turkey, including more than missile sound equipment for anchorage fleet of american made of 16 fighter jets. thus, while greece itself is processing a deal by the natives located martinez $35.00 jess at the same time. the turkish foreign minister is ex, is currently awaiting a meeting with his american comes pauses while and correct pushes back against the proposed expansion of nato. some western media outlets and now spreading calls to isolate turkey within the alliance community and even pitching proposals that the country should be kicked out of the us. lead block. it
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pursues policies that are hostile to nato. it's not an ally anymore. it's time to expound turkey from nato. let it go to russia, let it go to china, let it go to around. good ratings. turkish political scientists own us and non good old time believes that some western powers are seeking to undermine turkey. is to western media, selective, warsaw, state governments. it's normal for such needs and they will issue to come out again to start if the western media objective, i will talk that the best that they would consider these facts. although turkey hasn't been a member of nato since 1952 western countries, 7 never stopped the anti turkish activities. i mean, it was what kind of for us that the members of nato, like united states of america, france, germany, belgium, didn't, and the finance and the others also,
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they never stopped, not just the sport financially, but also financed for me to terrorist organizations like p j k y, p g r q id and the letters organization. also my personal opinion. as long as western countries attacked or to national interest, it make no sense for turkey to be in the same earlier with these companies. as i mean, the church in nor more share common interests or values with natal today. so i think that if the relation school like that between turkey and the best between the, the other nato, a member, it's possible that she quits in it. ah,
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lays the latest pictures released by russia's defense ministry from the dumbass city of mary palm. i'm all ukranian competition. so when did it the as a style factory on wednesday, at least 959 change to said to a time that then sounds like the 2 russian lead forces that at the past 3 days, his art is english on up, on the ground with well the fight is from the as of style, steve works, they keep surrendering again. the processes are going on rather slowly, but not because the militia that net people's republic or russia are reluctant to take in these prisoners of war. but rather because there were so many of them, in fact, the commanders of the next people's militia, they have said that they estimated that there were, may be hundreds of neo nazi fighters and ukrainian soldiers hiding in the catacombs underneath. the as of south feel works. but in fact, the actual number turned out to be around 2500. so more than 2000. now again, people are surrendering neo nazis. us rendering soldiers are surrendering
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surprisingly, a lot of women among them. but the top brass, the top command of the, as of neo nazi battalion, the ones that were making statements that were appealing to the pope, to the authorities, to the international community publicly. they are still down there in the bunkers and it is unclear as to when they will surrender. and in fact, what they're planning to do next. now those who are injured because there are quite a few of those they are, they receive medical care, they are in a very poor state. many have burns all over their bodies. many have lost limbs, or in general their, their wounds are infected. and in fact, it would have made all the difference if they had received order to surrender earlier because rope white a few even lives may have been saved by the doctors have internet people's of republic. so, but again, they did not receive that order. they received orders to stay post the ukrainian
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authorities, the ukrainian command, and made the decision to keep all those very, very badly injured people without access to proper medicine. again, to keep surrendering and those who are healthy, they aren't being placed in a hotel or anything like that. they're being placed role in the penitentiary for let's ease again, not because they have received any sentence already, but rather this is how the authorities here are sending a message that these people, they have been captured, that they have surrendered and they are prisoners of war. warranted soldiers who surrendered from marielle, paul's as of style plants are being sent to a hospital and near by another results we heard from some of them when we're being treated decently. there was no physical or psychological pressure on me. the food is excellent. the doctors checked my leg and said everything will be fine with were being treated very well. i have a shrapnel wound and
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a torn tendons. they help us treat us and they said that after half a year of rehabilitation, everything will be fine. with the doctors provided me with 1st aid bandages and food. i really can't complain. the u. s. is eating some of its crippling sanctions on venezuela allowing major american oil company chevron to restart operations in the country. after years of heavily criticizing the government of nicholas madeira and encouraging descent, washington authorized us in european oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in venezuela. let's get the details now from our c corresponding caleb moping. caleb, get to see. can you tell us what's behind this decision by the u. s. government? on the surface it looks like a total turnaround is zigzag. the united states is saying that chevron and american oil companies can start doing business. some of the sanctions are be lived it. now
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you'll recall that that is way allies led by the united socialist party started by hugo chavez than later. now it's nicholas madeira leads to the country, and the u. s. a has been trying to crush his way. the u. s. is crippling sanction. they say that are intended to put maximum pressure on the country to remove its elected leaders from the socialist party. there have been qu attempts where the united states has been proven to be involved in trying to overthrow the government trying to have a military coup trying to destabilize the country. the united states has withdrawn recognition from the venezuelan president, nicholas mccarrow, and named juan gray. somehow being the legitimate leader of down his way let's so all of this is going on and we've heard nothing but hostile rhetoric against that as well, from us leaders from the previous 4 administration. here's what we heard from the trump administration when it came to the government in caracas, against the repressive regime targeting murderers, inner circle,
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and close advisors. the regime, a former president nicholas madura is illegitimate. but maturity, grip and tyranny will be smashed and broken. the day after the majority regime falls, there is a bright future for the venezuelan people and take the following actions to isolate the duro dictatorship. if you support them enduro regime, you too are subject to sanctions. at this point, we've continued to hear this kind of rhetoric coming from anthony blink and then other figures in the bible ministration. they continue to refer to nicholas mccarrow is a brutal dictator. usa has not restored diplomatic relations with that as well and government. so that's the situation, but now this new news comes in and it is understood that this is related to the changing us energy policy. usa wants to completely cut off russian oil. and already to do so, they might have to start getting oil from places they had previously cut off the
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rearrangement of how us sanctions and us energy policy will operate as they move ahead to target russia. now, despite the fact that this seems like a complete turnaround, we have us official saying that their policy of maximum pressure is still in effect that, that has not been a change. this is you have to visual defending their move around as well. and we want to be very clear about this point. sanctions on the missouri regime will remain in place. we're not doing this to reverse trumps maximum pressure campaign. our policy overall has not changed. well, it certainly looks like a shift in policy. however, they maintain, the goal is still the same. they are still trying to the stabilize and bring down that as well in government with maximum pressure. but on the surface the fact that now chevron is moving in and now american companies will be able to do business at some sanctions will be lifted. that seems to indicate otherwise. so observers are going to have to watch and wait and see what develops out of this. and they can
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open many thanks for the update of art is caleb martinez speaking to his line from new york. ok, now u. k. inflation on consumer prices have have a 40 year record reaching 9 percent last month. as, according to the latest data, the cost of essential is like food and transpose a rising at a record pace, jeopardizing low and middle income families, many of whom are forced to spend the whole salaries on energy bills and rely on food banks to feed their families household costs, so now up more than 50 percent and more increases are not rolled down by the official regulator. right now the u. k. has the highest inflation rate among the strongest european economies and the g 7 group. that's reduced expenses. many of given up painting homes have decided to go out less 44 percent of those surveyed have switch to cheaper food and public transport. in some people even have to skip meals to tackle economic challenges, the government is allocated 22000000000 pounds to help. but admitted that it can't
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fully protect people on the country that safeguarding minister has proposed people work extra hours or find a better job. make sure that people are able to protect themselves better. whether that is by taking a more hours or meeting to a better paid job, some people they may be able to access additional hours. but of course it's, it's not going to work the people who are already working in 3 jobs. and that's why we need to have the other measures in place, such as the all the help that we're putting into the schools that help with the local authorities. from the conservatives. for a long time, we get out of touch with reality. they're probably not very aware of how poor people live. the challenge is for people to stay sick. in the present, more people becoming homeless. i'm going to rise people not just to say homelessness, but the ones who can understand the problem going to freeze it. when you talk about
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very poor people, i'm not employed how late i went by october, november already economy. suggestion costs will go up again. can be tough times ahead of how long can this all hold together? you know, how long before people, if it's not the press and people themselves and so should need to start asking really questions. one of those will be, you know, how much money do we really need to spend? what should you spend when we should be spending 1300000000 pounds on military 8. so you can government, which could be spent on creating jobs or use training. the commissioner of the council, if you are for human rights, is appealed against the possible extradition of julian, a song from britain to the us that we can expand there is currently and you take tested a while and then consider what to do with him next. as he's wants to in the us on espionage charges, it is my view that the indictment by the united states against mister assange,
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raises important questions about the protection of those that published classified information in the public interest. including information that exposes human rights violations. the broad and vague nature of the allegations against mister assange and of the offences listed in the indictment are troubling. as many of them concern activities at the core of investigative journalism in europe and beyond. consequently allowing mr. sanchez extradition on this basis would have a chilling effect on media freedom and could ultimately hamper the press and performing its task as a purveyor of information and a public watchdog and democratic societies, though, smells julianna's songs. moved to a step closer to ex, tradition, following a decision by a london magistrate court. the routing formerly issued an order at the end of april to extradite to thongs to the us where he is accused of revealing state secrets when publishing troves have classified us military documents on wiki lakes. thus, despite the exact same colt routing against his ex tradition in january last year,
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fighting possible safety risks for a song in the us, the whistleblower has been in british custody since 2019 independent journalist taylor hud exceeds a songy extradition to the us is a blatant violation of human rights. the prosecution of jolena sanchez, is the most consequential press freedom case of our modern era. not only is assigned to his life at stake and his health in his well being. but the public's right to know is at stake. and this really seeks to criminalize standard in normal journalistic activity that journalists engage in all the time. it will really fundamentally shape how journalists can continue on with their work. and this is also, of course, a retaliation against you. julian assigned an wiki leeks for reporting on very embarrassing activities on behalf of the u. s. government. so this was public interest journalism that julian assigned was engaged with. and he really exposed to u. s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan. c. i a spying on innocent citizens as
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well as torture. so this case is very serious and extradited. julian assigned to the united states is a blatant violation of human rights and will like many other journalists at risk in the future. rushes foreign ministry has leveled fresh accusations against the u. s. it saying it has proof that washington conducted illegal developments of bio weapons inside ukraine prior to russia's military operation. the following that i see is get the materials received by russia. allow us to draw an unambiguous conclusion that inside the bar laboratories of ukraine in the emitted vicinity of russia. the development of biological weapons was carried out with the support of private american companies affiliated with the u. s. military department. early this week, during an international security me things, a lot of my parents said russia has documentary evidence of bio weapons labs in
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your claim. the criminal has also accused the us of working on those projects with kias coatings. the latest claims from russia is foreign ministry. ukrainian specialists were working on enhancing highly leaf will pathogens while also allegedly being shielded with diplomatic immunity, which made them unaccountable. or we can now cross live to form a cd, a security policy analyst in the us defense secretary's office, montgomery leave micheal, thank you for joining us on the program is always so, russia's foreign ministry has stated that scientists in american laboratory in ukraine were all sufficiently enhancing dangerous diseases. so what do you make of this announcement? well, it's probably true because the united states isn't allowed to do that in the united states. and we've seen a, a summer issue arise with just the origins of coven 19 in which the united states is there. there's proof that and in mounting evidence rather,
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that the united states did such an, an smith's in china for colbert 19 and something, something went wrong. very wrong, and i'm afraid that this is what we are. we may be seeing once again in the case of ukraine. it was intriguing that recently sen. rubio asked that question of victoria newland. whether there were such pathogens that she did not know. not only did that deny it, she said they were concerned about their existence in ukraine, and that just sent all kinds of warning flags of what in the world is going on. and, and the fact that it was financed by the u. s. defense department and overseen supposedly by the defense department that that is alarming. and i think if that evidence exists,
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the not the russia needs to take that to the united nations security council and confront united states representative with the evidence and demand a response and be very public about it. because this is outrageous and, and also russian ambassador anatole, in the united states, needs to approach certain members of the congress, particularly sen rubio, and provide that evidence in order to have rubio and the committees call in the state department representatives to explain that those actions are this is something has been swept under the table and needs to be written to be shown the light of the world today and, and it needs to stop because all of that is illegal. do you think it's possible that those who presumably establish such laboratories could be worried of possible leaks of legend deadly pathogens? well, i think they are now, particularly in a war environment. when you have,
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when you have a conflict, when you're in a conflict area and you have those pathogens around and something is hit, they're going to leak and they're going to get and there. and if there is no remedy for them, then that then that, that really affects everybody in that region. so i think that this is very, very serious. it needs to be the, the importance of it needs to be heightened. and that's why i'm suggesting that if that, if the russian authorities have that evidence and it's very, very explicit and concrete, they need to take it before the united nations security council and confront the united states with the evidence and demand a response. and if it's not 4th, i mean, then i think that that's also very telling, but it needs to have the whole issue needs to be exposed, that needs to be, it needs to be exposed for or what it is. and it's illegal. we do not do those
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things in, in the states. every politician has said that the creation of these alleged bio labs near russia is, is similar to the establishment of nato facilities. we'll see, we'll take on that. well, they've been, russia has been complaining about similar facilities in georgia for years. i know this one and at least one in tbilisi, the capital. and the question is, what's going on there? you never hear anything out of the defense department. basically, the defense threat reduction agency that overseas, that activity. and it's, it's, it's, it's an entity that it's supposed to be insuring against this kind of thing. it was originally created to oversee the, the dismantling of, of nuclear weapons and what have you. but if it's overseen, these type of labs and their existence and their experimentation, this needs to be brought before the congress and exposed. and if that evidence is,
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is available, as i said earlier, it needs to be exposed. michael, as the code 900 pandemic, clearly taught, as you know, it's difficult to contain any potential virus. so what would be the point of developing such diseases when they could clearly don't contaminate people all across the globe? well that's, that's a, that's the $1000000.00 question, isn't it? because if the, if the pathogen did not exist in the 1st place, the only way they're going to be existing is if it's artificially created. and the only way it's going to be artificially created, if it's done by man, and unfortunately, or by humans that way. but, and if that's the case, then this, this type of activity needs to stop. and that because there's no rhyme or reason for it to do it to, to even occur in the 1st place. it's meant to be it's biological warfare at
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its worst. and this is the kind of thing that needs to be dealt with and put down once and for all, and it cannot be tolerated any longer. if we want to exist on the same planet gather. i tend to give the, a better sense of what sort of research can be conducted in these sorts of the bar trees. would it be military? would it be non military? i'm a, what is the difference between the 2? well, i think it depends upon the pathogen, if you're going to artificially create the pathogen that doesn't exist in the 1st place. and you have, as we saw in, as, as evidence suggest. and the whoo ha lab that there were military. and that was suggest a military application. and if that's the case, then why is that happening in the 1st place when all of these countries are members of the various l, a. groups that outlaw biological weapons. and if it would be one thing,
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if you had something like polio and you're looking for a remedy for it and you're and you're going to be working to find a cure. but that doesn't appear to be the case here. they're good. they're creating artificial pathogens that, that are enhanced by man. and as a consequence, it's, it only is designed for one thing and that's biological warfare. and then if they're looking for the way to, to remedy and to not, and to eliminate that, then then you're engaged in biological warfare and how to and how to defend against that. and that, that assumes that you have a biological weapons plan. and again, bio, biological weapons are supposed to be outlawed throughout the world. miko really appreciate your insights as usual. that's my company,
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former senior security policy analysts and the defense secretary's office. thank you very much. thank you. now moscow was accused the west of an unprecedented search of russell phobia as an increasing number of russian sports on cultural figures, a band from performing in some western countries. the ukrainian american pianists, valentino cit, size. now also, if a single bond in canada, the toronto symphony orchestra has officially cut per from that program, other critical remarks he made about the conflict in ukraine and don't bus. now since 2015 it's, it's that it's performed for the residents have done yes. count on the may, 9th victory de anniversary. she also held a concert in mariel poll. we talked to the pianist earlier about western attitude towards russian artists. i was for beast for 80 years. what have you been? because i was thinking like, 8 years ago in paris on untoward in one's 3 sion save children of that bus. i think it's some kind of for almost sadistic pleasure, the big, you know,
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you're in europe. you are please say or would have to cancel russian gears instead, the council, russian artists and still received guess, you know, i think would be quite so was if you cancel, guess if you don't like us so much and you don't cancel culture. i think that artists should not really express themselves political in the station. i never circumference the word. and i also think that the audience should be able to listen to artist, do not wish at all, leave our differences back home. because when we listen thorough mine enough or chick cough scared beethoven, it's our come and harry bish, esteban musicians, human being. it belongs to every one. it doesn't discriminate you know, chic gosti does not discriminate whether you like mr. woodson or mr. bite. he doesn't care. this is about music this about us, the managing director of one of the world's biggest opera houses has boasted to, to russian prank call as being one of the 1st to band russian artists from performing surge. donnie also discussed the bavarian state opera, suspension of his quote, very good friend valerie gave in his call with renowned flashing pranksters,
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though van and lexus deal. when i was the 1st to suspend russian artist to a closely associated with russian propaganda. and despite the fact that he is a very good friend of mine, i suspended the orchestra director, valerie good. yes. and this was despite the fact that we have known each other for 35 years, i also suspended not pressing on an trip co and some by late dances who are very close to the regime. this is outrageous. i think this has no place in culture whatsoever. exactly, because we can only do classical music. i know you talk about wedding marrow. it's the most non wireless or you know, unlike it wouldn't feed them or theater or for inc. and it's, and it's non while and we can express while we're neutral. here music starts where he works ends and we cannot do much in or we can say that we're pro piece wet against something. but all we can do is play or sing.


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