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tv   News  RT  May 18, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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ah ah, turkey has reportedly blocked or sweden and finland from joining nato because of those nordic countries support for militants that on corrupt, considers terrorists almost a 1000 ukrainian troops. surrender at mar, you polls, iowa stall, steel factory with captured neo nazis from the as of battalion. due to stand trial for alleged war crimes. the u. s. e. 's as some of its sanctions against venezuela's energy sector. as washington seeks to secure additional oil imports. despite its long running differences with crockett, with you'll have to rec for a studio in moscow, this is orange international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us.
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are now turkey has expressed opposition to allowing nordic countries, sweden and finland into the nato alliance, accusing them of having threatened turkey's national security with economic pressure and support for militants that on cra, considers terrorists. you know, tony, to kia as being supporting the open door policy or nato, even before this war. but the biggest it to these possible candidates already candidate countries. you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting the terrorist organizations. and there are also export restrictions own defense products. initial report said turkey blocked the official process of accepting finland and sweden into nato. just hours after the northern countries handed in their applications at the headquarters of the military block on christ says it's against the seeing those 2 countries joined the alliance unless they stop
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supporting rebel groups, particularly the kurds and hand over suspects that turkey says are terrorists swedish and finish officials have reportedly been planning to visit on craft for negotiations, but turkey's president says they should not bother trying to convince him without complying with on chris demands. we typically miss our only expectation from nato allies is for them to 1st understand our sensitivity respect and finally support it . so what is our sensitivity protecting our borders from terror attacks? you won't give us back terrorists, but you ask us for nato membership. that nato is an entity for security and organization for security. therefore, we cannot say yes to the security organization being deprived of security in the session of the to doing it. countries would require the approval of all 30 nato member states with such a decision than requiring ratification by national parliaments and a process that could take a year. we have gauged opinions on the streets of the swedish capital, where some locals have mixed feelings about their country,
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potentially leaving behind its traditional neutrality. i think it's a part of our country within nato. so 2 exercises of different kinds, but it's still i think it's a big shift for our identity. i think it's a bad one because we have always been free from such associations and it would be hard because i can discount people together over being different using laurie. and so i think it's the right decision to make right now. but that doesn't mean that we abandon our, our foreign or defense politics because we can change not from within. i think move has sparks renew, detentions within nato,
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as the u. s. and a number of its allies have been pushing for sweden and finland to join the block. it's not the only point of contention between they don't member states, reese's prime minister, recently asked the u. s. congress to next a deal to so advanced weaponry to turkey and denounced anchor as a quote, source of instability. the last thing that natal needs out of time when our focus is on helping ukraine defeat russia's. aggression is another source of instability on nato's southeastern flag. and ask you to take this into account when you make defense procurement decisions. concerning that you submitted to the greek liter has expressed concerns about biden's proposal to approve $400000000.00 worth of weapons for turkey, including missiles and equipment for on chris fleet of american made f. 16 fighter jets that's while greece is processing a deal to buy the latest u. s. f. 35 jet,
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a former turkish ambassador to you told us that greece is in no position to buy expensive weapons from the u. s. a degree catch it, use it. so there are several reasons, so the issue, for example, grease increases its territorial, well, the water, so 12 hours a year it would be internal c or grease and it's hard to ship. so what us permission to trust it agrees it now is the army get so the record, leave it behind the scene again the united states, south roadster lane k, a major role and other point greece is bankrupt country and they're buying from united states for $13000000000.00 worth of the
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claims, for example, what does this mean? ho, financing. and it is, if you consider to be a and a country und dash deeply, and then you know, this financing is gaming, go to sure. while on credit has been pushing back against the proposed expansion of nato, some western media outlets have been spreading calls to isolate turkey within the alliance community and even kitchen proposals. that turkey should be kicked out of the block. for some policies that are hostile to nato. it's not an ally anymore. it's time to expound turkey from nato. let it go to russia, but it go to china, let it go to around good ratings. right. tradition, political scientists on our son on google ton says that some western powers have been seeking to undermine turkey, is to western media, reflective voice,
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all state governments. it's normal for such needs and they will issue to come out against. if the western media objective, i will talk that the best that they would consider these facts. although turkey hasn't been a member of nato since 1952 western countries, 7 never stopped the anti turkish activities. i mean, it was what kind of it is that the members of nato, like united states of america, france, germany, belgium has to be them and the finance and the others also, they never stop, not just the sport financially, but also find it for me to produce organizations like with p k, y, p g r, p y, v, and the good enter is organization. also, my personal opinion. as long as western countries attack, turkish interest,
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national interest, it make no sense for turkey to be in the same earlier with these companies. as i mean, the church no more share common interests or values with natal today. so i think that, you know, if the relation school like that between turkey and the best between the, the other nato member, it's possible that she can quit in april. ah, now these are the latest images released by russia's defense ministry from the dumbass city of mario pal, where more ukranian combatants surrendered at the as a small factory on wednesday. at least $959.00 troops are said to have handed themselves over to russian. lead forces there over the past 3 days, but she's got it done off comments. while the fighters from the as of style still
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works, they keep surrendering again. the processes are going on rather slowly, but not because the militia that the next people's republic or russia are reluctant to take in these prisoners of war. but rather because there were so many of them, in fact, the commanders of the next people's militia, they have said that they estimated that there were, may be hundreds of neo nazi fighters and ukrainian soldiers hiding in the catacombs underneath the as of south fi works. but in fact, the actual number turned out to be around 2500. so more than 2000. now again, people are surrendering neo nazis, us rendering soldiers, us rendering surprisingly, a lot of women among them. but the top brass, the top command of the, as of near nazi battalion, the ones that were making statements that were appealing to the pope, to the authorities, to the international community publicly. they are still down there in the bunkers and it is unclear as to when they will surrender. and in fact,
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what they are planning to do next. now those who are injured because there are quite a few of those they are, they receive medical care, they are in a very poor state. many have burns all over their bodies. many have lost limbs, or in general their, their wounds are infected. and in fact, it would have made all the difference if they had received order to surrender earlier because well, quite a few, even lives may have been saved by the doctors have internet people's republic. so, but again, they did not receive that order. they received orders to stay put the ukrainian authorities, the ukrainian command, and made the decision to keep all those very, very badly injured people without access to proper medicine. again, to keep surrendering and those who are healthy, they aren't being placed in a hotel or anything like that. they're being placed role in the penitentiary for let's ease again, not because they have received any sentence already,
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but rather this is how the authorities here are sending a message that these people, they have been captured, that they have surrendered and they are prisoners of war wounded soldiers who surrendered from multiples of style factory have been sent to a hospital in a nearby town of nevada. last, we heard from some of them in the one were being treated decently. there was no physical or psychological pressure on me. the food is excellent. the doctors checked my leg and said everything will be fine with were being treated very well. i have a shrapnel wound and a torn tendons. they help us treat us and they said that after half a year of rehabilitation, everything will be fine. with the doctors provided me with 1st aid bandages and food. i really can't complain. the u. s. is eating some of its
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crippling sanctions on venezuela allowing major american oil company chevron to restart operations in the south american country. that's after years of washington, heavily criticizing that as well. and president nicholas monteros government and encouraging an overthrow of his leadership. washington authorized us in european oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in venezuela. on a surface it looks like a total turnaround is zigzag. the united states is saying that chevron and american oil companies can start doing business. some of the sanctions are be live. now you'll recall that that is way le, led by the united social party started by hugo chavez than later. now it's nicholas madero to leave the country. and the u. s. has been trying to crunch you that way. the u. s. crippling sanctions they say that are intended to foot maximum pressure on the country to remove its lack, did leaders from a socialist party. there have been qu attempts where the state has been proven to be involved in trying to overthrow the government trying to have
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a military coup trying to stabilize the country. now the united states has withdrawn recognition from the venezuelan president nicholas montero and named juan gray is somehow being the legitimate leader of that as well. so all of this is going on and we've heard nothing but hostile rhetoric against that israel, from us leaders from the previous 4 administration. here's what we heard from the trumpet ministration. when it came to the government in caracas, against the repressive regime targeting matures inner circle and close advisors, the regime, a former president nicholas madura is illegitimate, but madura griffin, tyranny will be smashed and broken. the day after the majority regime falls, there is a bright future for the venezuelan people and take the following actions to isolate the madeau dictatorship. if you support them enduro regime, you too are subject to sanctions. at this point,
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we've continued to hear this kind of rhetoric coming from anthony blink and that other figures in the bible ministration. they continue to referred to nicholas darrow at the brutal dictator. the usa has not restored diplomatic relations with the venezuelan government. i'm so that's the situation, but now this new news comes in and it is understood that this is related to the changing u. s. energy policy usa wants to completely cut off russian oil and order to do so . they might have to start getting oil from places they had previously cut off as a rearrangement of how u. s. sanctions and u. s. energy policy will operate as they move ahead to target russia on. now, despite the fact that the seems like a complete turnaround on unnamed official within the bind administration says that the trump era policies of maximum pressure are still in effect. this isn't a policy change. we want to be very clear about this point. sanctions on the maduro regime will remain in place. we are not doing this to reverse trumps maximum
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pressure campaign, or policy overall has not changed. well, it certainly looks like a shift in policy. i, however, they maintain the goal is still the same. they're still trying to the stabilize and bring down the venezuelan government with maximum pressure i bought on the surface . the fact that now chevron is moving in, i now american companies will be able to do business at some sanctions will be lifted. that seems to indicate otherwise, so observers are going to have to watch and wait and see what develops out of this . the russian foreign ministry has accused us of violating the international convention against germ warfare by alleging developing biological weapons in ukrainian labs prior to the russian military campaign palatinate. as you get the materials received by russia, allow us to draw an unambiguous conclusion that inside the by laboratories of ukraine in the immediate vicinity of russia, the development of biological weapons was carried out with the support of private
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american companies affiliated with the u. s. military department, russia has accused the u. s. and ukraine, of specifically violating articles $1.00 and $4.00 of the convention against producing and stockpiling biological weapons brushes, investor to the united nations facility and benz yeah. has doubled down on those claims, calling for the un security council to investigate. earlier this week, russia's president vladimir putin said moscow had obtained evidence supporting the allegations against the u. s. and ukraine. moscow suspects that ukrainian specialists were working to enhance highly lethal pathogens in collaboration with american counterparts who were allegedly in that country under diplomatic community . u. s. under secretary of state, victoria newland previously confirmed that there were indeed american bio research facilities in ukraine. but said they did not serve military purposes. former pentagon analysts, michael maloof, says the us has apparently been using ukraine as a proxy for illegal weapons research in other states isn't allowed to do that in
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the united states. and we, we've seen a summer issue arise with just the origins of covert 19 in which the united states is there. there's proof that and, and mountain evidence rather, that the united states did such enhancements in china when you're in a conflict area and you have those pathogens around and something is hit, they're going to leak and they're going to get and there. and if there is no remedy for them than that, then that that really affects everybody in that region. so i think that this is a very, very serious, it needs to be the, the important stuff that needs to be heightened. and that's why i'm suggesting that if that, if russian authorities have that evidence and it's very, very explicit and concrete, they need to take it before the united nations security council. while russia has
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been accusing washington violating international law of us has been seeking to expand its authority to unilaterally prosecute alleged war crimes abroad. washington says the move is a response to russia's military campaign in ukraine, perpetrators committing unspeakable war crimes, such as those unfolding before our very eyes in ukraine must be held to account. we have the power and responsibility to ensure that the united states will not be used as a safe haven by the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. the proposed legislation comes as us to department has launched a multi $1000000.00 program to analyze evidence of what it calls russian war crimes in ukraine. washington says it will examine satellite imagery as well as information on social media. but moscow has adamantly denied western accusations against its forces in ukraine and says some purported atrocities. there were in fact, staged by cave. we asked international law professor francis boil for his take on
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why the u. s. is seeking to export its legal authority. as a public relations exercise, part of what we law professes called law fair, using the law as a tool for her. i'm not denying war crimes might have been committed there by ukrainian forces and russian forces. this happens all the time in war, but this is not a good faith investigation by the united states. no, this is. this is law fair using law as a tool of warfare against the russian federation. certainly, that's the way i interpret it. of course, there's nothing objective about united states government investigative work crimes . went to the united states government, investigate war crimes in iraq. where under bush senior, they killed about 200000 iraqis or in the iraq war 2 by bush junior,
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where they exterminated maybe 1500000 iraqis and bush and all the rest of his neo cards are running around here scott free. meanwhile, an official us investigation has found that american troops did not deliberately caused civilian casualties in a 200-1900 air strike that killed dozens of people in syria. the probe was launched after new york times report suggested u. s. military had conducted a cover up of the fatal attack. also the u. n. had urged washington to investigate the killings. and previously the u. s. has been accused of shutting down attempts to investigate alleged atrocities committed by its troops. 2016 washington declared that an international criminal court investigation into reported war crimes, enough gonna stand post a threat to us national security under the trump presidency. us went as far as sanctioning icpc officials in an effort to avoid accountability, investigative journalist mo,
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be but more bitter. says the us should come clean about its own mistakes before accusing other countries. the u. n. isn't any of america, you know, the u. n is never distributed against the united states of america, and i simply believe that's nothing but public relations is a statement to say the address that americans come and subject themselves to the american must come investigate themselves. but nothing is ever going to be done. they're just plain politics with us that just plain, just want to be seen as do something or saying something, but nothing fairly has ever been done. a lot of dental leave. and other than that, and numerous other countries across the world, for how many years hasn't been not the states of america tried to block anyone, was to, to investigate the walk. i was the day coming and how many times and they stopped, and it's have they stopped for investigative journalists. have they saw other countries that other organizations to investigate their own crimes. you know,
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why don't they investigate issues of themselves? i said, before we go out to run, to investigate dresser, let's investigate ourselves. what have you done for you manage as a nation? what have we done to contribute to best sites? what if we don't contradict or better was, you know, is that they've been to the point of bombings, they've been in the poconos plantation of people as well. but now they want to make noise, and they want everybody to focus on russian without focusing on themselves. so for me, that's the biggest kind of focus the reverse in history. joe biden has been among those accusing russia of spreading this information online with the use of bots. but a new audit in the u. s. has revealed that many of the president's own social media followers might not be actual people on his ritual. blevins comments? well, it appears that job. ivan isn't nearly as popular as his number's claim. he is at least on twitter, that's according to a recent audit which found that out of biden's more than $22000000.00 followers.
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nearly half of those are actually fake accounts. now this audit was conducted by the software companies, arturo, and they use a tool to look at everything from profile pictures or profile history to profile location. and in doing so, they found that more than 49 percent of the followers on the official post account on twitter are actually sake. now this all comes as billionaire ilan mosque has announced that he is putting his $44000000.00 deal to buy twitter on pole because he says he doesn't quite believe twitters claim. that less than 5 percent of the accounts on their platform are fake. 20 percent fake spam accounts. while for times what twitter claims could be much higher. my offer was based on twitters fcc filing, being accurate. twitter ceo publicly refused to show proof of less than 5 percent. this deal cannot move forward until he does now bite and has yet to respond
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specifically to this report. however, in the past, he has talked a lot about bots or more specifically russian bonds. so it does raise the question of how he would feel about these new claims that nearly half of his own followers are those bots he claims to be so concerned about. the russians don't want me to be the nominee. i spent a lot of money on botch on facebook and they've been taken down st. biden's a bad guy, the no one bite and running. so it's bad for biden, and it's also bad for traders. current owners, as it appears that the percentage of his followers on twitter that are fake is actually higher than his current approval rating from the american people, which stands at just 39 percent. meanwhile, the by an administration has put on hold their plans to create a so called disinformation governance board initiative initiative has been the subject of weeks of backlash with critics describing it as it is toby and ministry of truth. one proposal was allowed was to allow verified twitter users to edit
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other users, tweets. washington officials said the board was meant to fight to the spread of disinformation from russia and china and was supposedly never about censorship. i know it's cross live to radio host and political commentator, steve gill, welcome to art international. good to have you here. thanks. going to be back. so biting this information. governance board has apparently been put on hold after eliciting comparisons to the or william ministry of truth. do you think that the plan will be scrapped altogether? i think they're going to have to circle back as the former press secretary used to say and figure out what their answer is going to be. it's kind of ironic, isn't it that, that, that why you're having this whole bought controversy on twitter. part of what this ministry of truth or just information was going to do is try to ferret out bots that were, but just information out there. i think there were probably less bots putting out this information than were followers of president biden. and would it be nice if we
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could also apply the same audits and figure out how many of biden's voters were not real? just like we figured out that half of his followers are actually real? well, like any person who is public, has bob i have, but on my account, unfortunately, i would like to think that i don't but i do. but what are your thoughts about the revelation that half of biden's twitter followers might be bust themselves? yeah, again, i think it's ironic that these guys are trying to do is just information or ministry of truth to try and bear it out. the truth. while we know that a lot of the information being put out on his twitter account and that he relied on with the whole russian hoax was, was just, you know, made up. i don't know if you saw the news this week by the way, that the christopher steel is back in the news, claiming that he has information the president is else. this is the same guy who had the bogus da ca, that has been completely about. and yet you've got news week and other media outlets still quoting, this guy is some sort of an experts when his last oaks was completely debunked. and
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now we've got him back to the news again, being treated as some sort of a credible news source. so about credible news sources themselves would having and artificially overflowed in social media. following be an embarrassment for biden, as he tries to claim authority over. suppose disinformation, i mean this information is what we're all talking about here. well, and you've got the white house trying to distance themselves now from the whole ministry of truth, this information campaign, the press secretary during the or we don't, nothing about this. i'm a drawing by aids, but some people may remember the old sit com, huggins, heroes rehab. sergeant schultz, constantly saying, i know nothing. i see nothing. and maybe that's what divide administration is going to do now with completely yes, just of our knowledge of their own ministry of truth. the pendulum swings back and forth when it comes to elections. and usually in mid term election year it goes opposite of the presidency. what do you think the chances are for the democrats and the upcoming midterm elections later this year? i mean, do you think controversies like this one will hurt their chances?
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yeah, i think as the rachel pointed out, the president's percentage of bots actually exceeds his percentage of approval rating among the american voters. i think the best indication frankly, is that you're seeing democrats in the house in the u. s. house retire in huge numbers. they don't want to go back to being back ventures. they don't want to lose their committee chairman ships. so you're seeing people that are leaving on the democratic sides. and you even got democratic consultants predicting a slaughter at the ballot box this november. so i think everything that we're hearing from their side would indicate the republicans. it might be good for the republican side. one thing that we've been seeing recently across the board is in erosion of trust in institutions that have traditionally been secure, that people believe. and so do you think that this movement to secure public trust in us democratic institutions is actually going to kind of go the way? do you think that the proposal actually has a wrote it more trust than even before?
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i think it's certainly contributed to it. and when we see the leak of, of, of an upcoming opinion from the supreme court, that's one of the institutions that has retained high respect. and i credibility. and yet even that's being eroded under this administration. and with the, with the far left the, i really believe that the key to american democracy and frankly, any democracy is a well informed and activated and engaged public. and, and information depends on credible truthful information, because people just turn away from whatever news outlets that they've been listening to it, you can have a democracy work they have to be inform accurately, and then act upon that. and right now, i think you're saying not just in the united states, but certainly globally real distrusted the media because we've seen so many hoaxes . so many attempts by the media to propagandized rather than report the truth. all right, steve, gil radio host and political commentator. thanks your thoughts. interesting. thanks . alright. that doesn't for me this, i'll be back in, let's say 30 minutes with another phone for selection to stay with us are to
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international. ah . ah grey's own inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all, they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes.


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