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the fallen fresh look snoozed with us, our international ah ah. grey zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch is the wall creeps ever closer to their homes. st. george, i think the next train you've been us is telling you don't lose them or don't use
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it with a different situation with whole ship a system that will put us a little bit more visually fall into the bottom of the body shop with them a bit. of course, the push couldn't go to the thought, go more the more the better, but didn't really quick move conspicuous. when the 100 building goes with the recording, you finish it, you can explain it to me and then you should be should do you know nothing, but i'm just like, i'm wondering if the minister learn when you would be cousin on you progressing
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pretty much in literature and wanted to know about the scope of the morning and that's beautifully when when you teacher and when your teacher and for many ukrainian soldiers, the target and shooting of civilians has become a legitimate tactic to force the pro russian population out of areas not controlled by many members of the self proclaimed nationalist battalions believe that ukraine doesn't just the civilian casualties as acceptable, but as necessary. but you know, the boss wants to me to see if i can get them done because of
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the need to call yesterday and come down to the banking voltage because we don't know what i need to ah, i woke up with
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walton president and george shaw, as moore of school in to be a slow in your professional op, still pay frontier. com. they show more showing at the presentation for, for other wanted at the super small school. he just doesn't want to live. 3 nights she knew bob, celia, lush, i'm still going to law with him.
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so each of the seniors always sings in his nose, still gore from school. you know, the chase shoes still live since ohio at the wireless down for those scores that i need for which you can use those. sure why i was just shameful. is fine with with a minute i called a
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little she got about not going to school when i school a nobody show a mutual or a somewhat of a that he needs from california yet, but he was a big deal and you want a new c, d j a n, you got to make sure that he did not go to school. that was his, me a shout. you got it. yeah, he's not going to eula for sure. i mean,
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i'm still able to move through leaching. yes, do you have a i yes i am. mm
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mm. while politicians from ukraine at the self declared don beth republics have attempted to negotiate a ceasefire in the grey zone settlements court between opposing sides. oh, new generation has been born. these children can say what gun is being fired by it's sounder, and they know will to well what to do when classes are interrupted by another striker with flash away or a she, she came home with
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lucel. mm. in schools in grey's own half, somehow kept going in their own special way, despite being almost completely destroyed. they have soviet built bombshells is in the basement where the people go. people whose houses were bombed out and who have nowhere else to run the years. they've spent their lives under ground with little chance of changing them for the better a day station, a g. okay, you can show values and date for to share with sure. no, no,
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we are moving to the picture, but then we'll do the initial korea key, put the wrong cash. save correct. because you can with well star leticia. so you can say no, i guess please don't go to nothing. but then when you are, you need to get b or 8. if those are should have been 40 b, a rival volunteers from a few humanitarian organizations is all that links people living on the front lines of an undeclared war with the rest of the world. the world in which there is no shilling and constant fear of death. alexei smirnoff travels to the grey zone several times a week. and each trip helps hundreds of families to survive. i
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believe you're so shocked with a push particularly burks letter in the forgot the rest of it will say it's kim who who claims another skill. we will show a move in the position there was to ship to you soon and as always, with machine is i. this is to legitimate with sheena store or the brochure list. because you bring up a dealership or a major issue with the 1st month or so. i'm certain, emma, i'm people on it for more than 7 years. he has traveled, roads that are constantly shelled,
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to deliver essential supplies to graze on residence, brand water, medicine, and fuel generators. have to deal with a, with, with the condition in the same in order to pursue the ministry, the personal or how with it. so i need to wish you there has to do this is to spend visual coming upstairs with monica and bluetooth almost all due of course course
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about who will be will i will be, will don't do as i said, you do it. and i do so apologize. is each one, but if can just, if it should show echo, clearly he's only reduced to zone even for conflict. the a double check to them separately with over the years war and death become the daily routine for annexing and everyone. he helps a new within down. there's no. okay, then there's a bullish believe it another a minute or a different
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though. it didn't put it, but i believe she was there who did your upstairs. there's 2 envelopes deal actually already. melissa, that you do. i'm still more sure. hello, get to go washed on each and smoke with me a dime. i'm in a with me time on the front line to be excellent,
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boring me. there's that there it with the regular rationale and the separatist to supporting an invasion. mm hm. it's just a, it's a question. so we do special from just the condition that goes or your full social press to plainer or the most of them move just to go pick up reality tuesday, but it is another portable moon, right? but the most mostly mood nicole primitive, a professional ukrainian soldier, thought until he found himself on the other side of the front line. and he was taken prisoner by the dunbar militia were sure. did you make a fool of destroy my gibson? yes, you left this city with that you left the
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store. oh wait a minute. come again. what was the home with him? mother? it's just not that big. not that you did that, that they cannot be know what that if i made any phone call my go door, you got him in that the did the store near by here did that got when you buy new i get the news out the over the store you got them with the i'm is it though a mom? i met with becky. you are with him. so the killing me at the gym. blue. i said if don't give it that you, when you will be away yesterday. i like or does me well again, it was to buy, you know, but i have, i just, i just need to know did i go up? can you buy it? i did that one mother shaw, but it's such
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a mud which i was up the show from that was a joke for sure. you to him with that, but i was gonna go in on business and on here he faces the reality that the inhabitants of unconquered don bus have lived for almost 3000 days a reality that all too many too was not to see ah this oh oh, the mm
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mm mm mm. a stock and just look up some leveling a muscle around noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green shield or a nurse to me as i seal mamma cook goose creek. suddenly tim cut to his ashley. uh this one. it was a duplicate piece. it goes down to one to move please cool,
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jason. did you wanna put the key for the chino bryant's in network for phones or something like that? and then we got that with that is the west, sleepwalking us all into world war 3. it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military, 8 for ukraine, and the drive to destroy rushes economy all point to a direct military conflict with moscow that anyone vote for a, a turkey and a crucial block in a challenge by the nordic countries,
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finland and sweden to join nato, saying their security concerns have not been adequately addressed. almost a 1000 ukranian troops surrender at mario poles as old style field factory was captured at neo nazis from the as of battalion. due to stand trial for alleged war crimes. u. s. e 's as some of its sanctions against venezuela's energy sector as washington seeks to secure additional oil imports. despite its long running differences with caracas and the un calls on russia to restore food. it.


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