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all point to a direct military conflict with moscow. did anyone vote for a turkey and croatia block an attempt by the nordic countries to finland and sweden to join nato, saying their security concerns have not been adequately addressed? almost a 1000 ukranian troops surrender at variables as old style factory was captured at neo nazis from the as of battalion due to standard trial for alleged war crimes. u . s. e 's as some of its sanctions against venezuela's energy sector. as washington seeks to secure additional oil imports, despite its long running differences with caracas, and the un calls on russia to restore food supplies to global markets as poor
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nations face of potential hunger crisis. with broadcasting lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. now turkey has expressed opposition to allowing the nordic countries sweden and finland in to the nato alliance, accusing them of having threatened security. a turkey's national security with economic pressure and support for militants that on cra, considers terrorists you know, tony too here as being supporting the open door policy on nato, even before this war. but we got to these possible candidates already candidate countries. you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting terrorist organizations and there are also export restrictions on defense products.
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this will report said turkey blocked the official process of accepting finland and sweden in tomato just hours after the northern countries ended in their applications. at the headquarters of the military block on christ says it's against seeing those 2 countries joining the alliance unless they stop supporting rebel groups, particularly the kurds and handing over suspects that turkey says are terrorists, swedish and finish. officials have reportedly been planning to visit anchor for negotiations, but turkeys president says they shouldn't bother trying to convince him without complying with on chris demands. we typically miss our only expectation from nato allies is for them to 1st understand our sensitivity respect and finally support it . so what is our sensitivity protecting our borders from terror attacks? you won't give us back terrorists, but you ask us for nato membership. that nato is an entity for security and organization for security. therefore, we cannot say yes to the security organization being deprived of security. the
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session of the 2 nordic countries would require the approval of all 30 nato member states with such a decision. then requiring ratification by national parliaments and a process that could take a year. we gauged opinions on the streets of the swedish capital, where some local have mixed feelings about their country, potentially leaving behind is traditional neutrality. i think it's a part of our country within nato. also 2 exercises different time, but it still i think it's a big shift for our identity. i think it's a bad one because we have always been free from such associations and we would be a part that can that can discount people together if that over being different using lori and so on. i think it's the right decision to
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make right now. but that doesn't mean that we abandon our, our foreign or defense politics because we can change not the problem with in. i think another hot bed of resistance inside nato is in croatia with its presidents is around me, lot of inch, following turkey in stonewalling, finland, and sweden attempts to join the block. the creation leader has called upon parliament and to be countries representative to the lines to shut down the deal, citing grievances that western countries have not pushed bosnia and herzegovina to reform. electra law to let the local creation community members have more autonomy belong, which has also said that living those noted countries join the block would be a quote, very dangerous adventure. meanwhile, on christ move has sparked renew tensions within nato. as the u. s. and a number of its allies have been pushing for the nordic to block, to join the block. reese's
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a prime minister recently asked the u. s. congress to nicks a deal to sell advanced weaponry to turkey and denounced on cra as a quote, source of instability. the greek leader has also expressed concerns about biden's proposal to approve $400000000.00 worth of weapons for turkey, including missiles and equipment for upgrades. fleet of american made f. 16 fighter jets. that's while greece is processing a bill to buy the latest u. s. f. 35, jess person, 5, yes. now a former turkish and bastard to that you told us that greece is in no position to buy expensive weapons from the u. s. the degree get to choose it. and so there are several reasons, so that if it, but for example, greece increases its territorial with the water. so 12 hours a will be in general, see for greece and it's hard to ship. so what us permission to trust it agrees,
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you know, the army gets on the record, leave it behind the scene again, the united states, our friends are playing k a major role. another point, greece is a bankrupt country and they're buying from united states for $13000000000.00 worth of claims for example. what does this mean co, who's financing the? and it is, if you consider to be a and a country und dash deeply, and then you know, this financing is gaming, go to sure. while on cra, has been pushing back against the proposed expansion of nato. some western media outlets have been spreading calls to isolate turkey within the lines community, and even pitching proposals that turkey should be kicked out of the block.
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this is policies that are hostile to nato. it's not an ally anymore. it's time to external turkey, nato. let it go to russia, go to china, let it go to written turkish political scientists or see non goes. all ton says that some western powers have been seeking to undermine turkey. is the western media reflective voice of theatre governments? it's normal for such needs and evolution to come out against. if the western media objective, i would hope that the best that they would consider these facts. although turkey hasn't been a member of nato since 1952 western countries, 7 never stopped their anti turkish activities. i mean, it was what kind of it is that the members of nato, like united states of america,
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france, germany, belgium asked to be them and the finance and the others also, they never stopped, not just the sport financially, but also finance for me to organizations like p k y, p g r, p y v, and the good enter is organization. also my personal opinion. as long as western countries attack, turkish is national interest, it make no sense for turkey to be in the same earlier with these companies. as i mean, the church in nor more share common interests or what he was with natal today. so i think that, you know, if the relation school like that between turkey and the best between the, the other nato member, it's possible that she quits in it.
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while nato's cohesion is questioned, russia continues to fortify its eastern alliances with the c. s. t o. secretary general and the head of the chinese web, c, f. c o. meeting in moscow to discuss, strengthened cooperation and all of that later in the program. use. these are the latest images released by russia's defense ministry from the dumbass city of variable where more ukranian combatants and surrendered at the as of stall factory on wednesday. at least $959.00 troops are said to have ended themselves over to russian lead forces. there, over the past 3 days or cheesy, was done off comments. while the fight is from the as of style still works, they keep surrendering again. the processes are going on rather slowly, but not because the militia, the next people's republic or russia, are reluctant to take in these prisoners of war. but rather because there were so
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many of them, in fact, the commanders of the de nest people's militia. they have said that they estimated that there were, may be hundreds of neo nazi fighters and ukrainian soldiers hiding in the catacombs underneath. the as of south feel works, but in fact, the actual number turned out to be around 2500. so more than 2000 now again, people are surrendering neo nazis, us rendering soldiers, us rendering surprisingly a lot of women among them. but the top brass, the top command of the, as of near nazi battalion, the ones that were making statements that were appealing to the pope, to the authorities, to the international community publicly. they are still down there in the bunkers and it is unclear as to when they will surrender. and in fact, what they are planning to do next. now those who are injured because there are quite a few of those they are, they received medical care, they are in a very poor state. many have burns all over their bodies. many have lost limbs,
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or in general their, their wounds are infected. and in fact, it would have made all the difference if they had received order to surrender earlier because well, fight a few even lives may have been saved by the doctors here, but in that people's republic. so, but again, they did not receive that order. they received orders to stay put the ukrainian authorities, the ukrainian command, and made the decision to keep all those very, very badly injured people without access to proper medicine. again, to keep surrendering and those who are healthy, they aren't being placed in a hotel or anything like that. they're being placed role in the penitentiary for let's ease again, not because they have received any sentence already, but rather this is how the authorities here are sending a message that these people, they have been captured, that they have surrendered and they are prison as of war wounded soldiers who
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surrendered from are your pals as will tell factory, have been sent to a hospital in the nearby town of novel. as often we heard from some of them were being treated decently. there was no physical or psychological pressure on me . the food is excellent, the doctors checked my leg and said everything will be fine with were being treated very well. i have a shrapnel wound and a torn tendons. they help us treat us and they said that after half a year of rehabilitation, everything will be fine with the doctors provided me with 1st aid bandages and food. i really can't complain the u. s. is eating some of it's a crippling sanctions on venezuela allowing major oil company american oil company chevron, to restart operations in the south american country. and that's after years of washington. heavily criticizing venezuelan president nicholas maderos government and encouraging an overthrow of his leadership. washington authorized us in
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european oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in venezuela. on the surface, it looks like a total turn around a zigzag. the united states is saying that chevron and american oil companies can start doing business. some of the sanctions are being lifted. now you'll recall that then as whale is led by the united socialist party, i started by hugo child as than later. now it's nicholas maduro leads the country and the u. s. a has been trying to crush venezuela. the u. s. s o's crippling sanctions. they say that are intended to put maximum pressure on the country to remove its elected leaders from the socialist party. there have been coo attempts where the united states has been proven to be involved in trying to overthrow the government trying to have a military coup trying to de, stabilize the country. that the united states has withdrawn recognition from the venezuelan president nicholas maduro and named juan guido as somehow being the
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legitimate leader of venezuela. so all of this is going on and we've heard nothing but hostile rhetoric against venezuela, from us leaders from. ready previous for administration, here's what we heard from the trump administration. when it came to the government in caracas, against the repressive regime targeting murderers, inner circle, and close advisors, the regime, a former president nicholas madura is illegitimate, but madura griffin, tyranny will be smashed and broken. the day after the missouri regime falls, there is a bright future for the venezuelan people and take the following actions to isolate the maduro dictatorship. if you support the missouri regime, you too are subject to sanctioned. at this point, we continue to hear this kind of rhetoric coming from antony, blanket and other figures in the biden administration. they continue to refer to nicholas madero as a brutal dictator. usa has not restored diplomatic relations with that as well in
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government. so that's the situation, but now this new news comes in and it is understood that this is related to the changing us energy policy. usa wants to completely cut off russian oil. and already to do so, they might have to start getting oil from places they had previously cut off the rearrangement of how us sanctioned us energy policy will operate as they move ahead to target russia. now despite the fact that this seems like a complete turnaround on unnamed official within the bi new ministration says that the trump era policies of maximum pressure are still in effect. this isn't the policy change. we want to be very clear about this point. sanctions on the missouri regime will remain in place. we are not doing this to reverse trumps maximum pressure campaign. our policy overall has not changed. well, it would certainly look like a shift in policy. however, they maintain the goal is still the same. they are still trying to the stabilize
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and bring down the bad as well and government with maximum pressure. but on the surface, the fact that now chevron is moving in and now american companies will be able to do business at some thanks and will be listed that seems to indicate otherwise. so observers are going to have to watch and wait and see what develops out of this or let's cross laughter, dr. jack rasmus, professor of the canon, economics and politics have st. mary's college of california. jack here someone who i want to talk to when it comes to things like this because this is a rather complicated story. if you get down to it, the u. s. is loosening its crippling sanctions against venezuela so that it can buy more oil from the south american country. could this expand into a broader warming of relations between the countries? no, i don't think so. i think this is, this is 2 sides to this development to one side on a surface in us media you hear about? well, they're letting chevron do a little bit more. in exchange, they want, you know, the venezuelan to really open up the political system, narrator went,
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oh ah, and well, the lift of a sanction on one of the directors. and it's a very token thing. it's set off a fire storm in cuban venezuela, community. and even within the democratic party, i don't think that's going anywhere. i think the real thing here is that a behind the scenes, the real issue is to allow venezuela to ship some oil, to russia and russia to a western europe. you know, biden has made some, a real commitment to western europe. if they cut off russian oil, he's gonna make sure that they get oil in place of the russian oil. the problem is it doesn't look like anywhere is willing to up production in order to get my oil to western europe. the saudis refused to do it on, at the same time, there are ran, there was some discussion with iran. well, that's fallen through that. that's not gonna happen. i know where they're going to get this oil from to no provide western europe. well, you know, maybe venezuela,
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i think in a back door. the whole idea is to lead venezuelan, i can produce about 800000 barrels a day, which is, you know, what the, the usaa was providing roughly to europe. it'll be able to ship some of that to, to western europe in the short run. i think that's the thing behind the scenes. that's really you know, the, the real objective here on the surface you're going to see all this, you know, fake negotiations with the venezuela. you know, the u. s. will never lead venezuela. often hook in a restore relationship with them as well as well. you're there in california back in the day when i was there as well. i would always look for the venezuelan and affiliated gas stations for the cheapest gas on it. could you elaborate on which section specifically are being loosened so that this cannot take place? yeah, there's some personal sanctions on. i wanted directors flores,
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i think his name is, you know, the, the sanctions are individual sanctions and government sanctions industry sanctions . well there, lifting it as a token, a signal to venezuela, that maybe, you know, the u. s. will back off on some of the personal sanctions, maybe even on bureau as a $15000000.00 dead or alive tag on it on his back. and you know that, that sort of a signal in the chevron can come in, but chevron can't really drill any more. it's a very, very minimal kind of a discussion. and it's more for public relations i, i think. and as i said, i think the real thing is how they going to get venezuelan oil, not to the u. s. a, get it to western europe. so chevron you just mentioned is the last major american oil company with significant operations in venezuela. this deal could or should at least strengthen its business there. right. well if it's able to drill and ship
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barrels. yes. but it's the 1st step for chevron. you know, they're the only player down there, the major american companies, they have no real competition. they want to restart that because really, venezuela oil is very high quality oil. you know, you can't export canadian tar sands and dirty high cost oil. the western europe and the u. s. oil companies won't increase production either. you know, 2 years ago the us was, was pumping over 13000000 barrels a day. now it's just a little bit over $11000000.00 and they won't increase it because if they do, you know, the price will go down in new us. they don't want to do it, so the us can't get more us oil from western europe. we can't get sunny oil west, and you can get iranian oil in western europe. you know, maybe they'll get venezuela oil. the western europe or dr. jack crassness, professor of economics and politics at st. mary's college of california. you're the person that we go to when it comes to stories like this. thanks for that. my
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pleasure. you ends that she has called for unrestricted access of russian food and fertilizers to global markets. as a hunger crisis has been exacerbated in recent months in impoverished parts of the world. that is no effective solution to the food crazes without reintegrating grains, whoops with auction, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by russian bellows into world markets despite the war and russian foot and fertilizers must that andrew steal accessed to world markets without indirect impediments but un chief gutierrez has blamed rochester actions in ukraine for exacerbating global hunger as some of ukraine's black c. ports are now closed due to the ongoing war. moscow has outlined that the measures it has put in place regarding food exports are aimed at protecting the domestic market in the face of western sanctions. russia and ukraine produced almost a 3rd of the world's wheat and half of the sunflower oil with russia. also being
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the world's number 2 producer of potash, a key fertilizer ingredient. now the vendor to supply life that contributed to emerging humanitarian crisis in some nations. in iran, food prices have risen by 300 percent fueling outrage at the government. well, and i said not the change in prices is horrible. the new prices have limited my family's purchasing power on everything you can understand with the price changes have greatly affected everyone, not just us prices of meeting eggs and fruit have all gone up drastically. prices rise within hours paid anya, iranians make most of their meals with flour, rice, a wheat, even for us a middle class family. the new price is a very high dish with the weaker class 8 macaroni instead of meat and chicken. now even that macaroni is taken off their dinner table, we have to eat plain bread and they are even rationing that plain bread to hear
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that the prices of essential goods have increased in iran in response to an economic crisis with the country long struggling with us lead sanctions, you are an expert, has highlighted to r t, the devastating humanitarian impact that the sanctions have had on iran. very important area is the area of all the compliance. that's why some of my recommendations are addressed and not only government of iran, governments which impose sanctions or international organizations, but also businesses, businesses quite often over comply and reject banks. for example, reject to do any transactions with anyone who is beast of placed in iran. i have been reported that even foreign country diplomatic agents are facing a problem to get the seller is to the bank account, as well as united nations organizations. so these issues, that's why i are really not even advice i request and not only now,
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but in the last more than the last year. i request governments are businesses bank start to be actively engage and to develop principals, how to avoid over compliance. because over compliance affects human rights of every single individual in the country, not only are on of any country. and moreover, it affects human rights beyond the borders of the country. rwanda's president has reasserted that britain should extradited 5 suspects alleged a legit involved involved in the east african countries. 1994 genocide, that's after the u. k. blocked an earlier extradition attempt on the grounds that the suspects might not receive a fair trial in rural wanda. the legal wrangling has unfolded as britain in rwanda have reached a controversial deal for the u. k to the port masses of migrants to rwanda. when the u. k, is sending us these migrants, they should send us some people they have accommodated for over 15 years. who
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committed crimes in rwanda, we sent case files to the u. k. and investigated these are clear case files instead of being accommodated there in that beautiful place of the u. k. they should be in jail either in the u. k. or here it is estimated that between april and june, 994800002 wanderings were killed within just 100 days, most of the dead were from the to the tribe. and most of those who perpetrated the violence were hutus rwandan genocide, survivor and a director for the african great lakes action network club. got to book says rwanda's government actually is not interested in seeking justice for the genocide . i would actually like to see justice served against the perpetrators of the genocide that includes members of the r p a which is the ruling party in rwanda, that was delayed by a guy who also had a role in the genocide starting with the shooting down of the president's plan in
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$1094.00 that actually started the genocide. also, i would rather see the suspects trade in the u. k. given how they're one of the government treats survivors of that genocide and uses the channels out as a tool of repression inside of a wander and as blackmail against the international community. i want to give a quick example. there is a man named a university professionals professor, a musician, he is he and his brother, the lawn, survivors from the genocide and also atrocities that took place. after the genocide he spoke about the killing of his family after the genocide but the, our b of in now he's been arrested. it's been about a year now since he was arrested in since last fall. he has been disappeared. no one has seen him anywhere in court or in public, but he has not been sentenced. so the treatment of genocide survivors shows me the government for one that he's not interested in in poker. gummy is not interested in
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justice for on the genocide, but also because they are p. f itself has some responsibilities in that genocide, so i would rather see them try in the u. k. while nato's unity is questioned in the west, russia continues to fortify its eastern alliances. the heads of the russian lead collective security treaty organization, and the shanghai cooperation organization met in moscow on wednesday to start a new phase of cooperation. now the c. s. cios, secretary general stuff love us, said his organization has been closely following the growth of the as ceo's authority in the international arena. he said the meeting between the 2 alliance's leaders was only the 2nd in history, expressed a desire to build peace and strengthen cooperation between russia and neighboring china after beijing in decatur last month, their intention to collaborate more with the c s t o move it is tim used to the course that we welcome china's desire for involvement with the c s t l, because we have the same approaches on many issues. they have the same views on
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security of both globally and regionally. china has a very balanced and independent position in global politics is worthy of respect. and therefore, we welcome it's aspiration. but we are open for interaction and cooperation with china. the c s t o formed 2 decades ago, and it consists of post soviet states in eurasia, including bella luce armenia, tajikistan here, just on and context on faced with unrest that broke out in january. because extends the government requested c s t o assistants to fend off what context on president said was a threat to the country sovereignty from tens of thousands of alleged terrorists. c, s t o deployed some, 2500 troops to guard key facilities in cars. it's done, though, it was only in a few cities and for less than 2 weeks after the meeting with his chinese counterpart on wednesday, summer slot. zach discredited western attempts to define the kremlin from its eastern allies to keep
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a bookcase we know about these attempts to spark some kind of discord or drive a wedge between our countries. in my opinion, this is all aimed at discrediting russia as a regional leader. that is hopeless after the meeting of the leaders of the countries. after listening to our heads of states, it is clear that attempts to separate our countries will lead to nothing. we will maintain our unity and our organization will continue to develop. there is no doubt about that. are organisations foundation and the need for are too strong with us. and it does a france or i'll be back in about 30 minutes. another full investigation is stay with a start internation. ah . with
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you to look up for a muscle with dozen, beating the green shield on a subway tamika. but i put his ashley uh this morning with a leak that we got back with them with .


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