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find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground. with and was signed on february, the 12th 2015, it was meant to end military conflicts in ukraine between government forces and don bass militia groups. the agreement stipulated that both sides would withdraw heavy weapons to an equal distance from the contact line. this left several 100 settlements trapped between opposing forces. local civilians became unwitting witnesses to and victims of the continuing civil war. thousands of people still
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live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line. they call this area the greys owner. a with
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oh, yes, yes we is. are you no worries really? sure, yeah, yeah. do club with an example of the ultimate is one of the gravestones,
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most popular residents. he's the only electrician still here after civil war broke out in the settlement of alexandra for him. the frontline stopped just outside the gates of his own house cars before i was sure i thought it was a while it for yourself or to play with yellow thought a lot of tv a for you. who can you buy a lot with
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a actually i live on a person where you put on on you know you and you with that 3 point. yeah. i like center is the only one still willing to repair fire damaged power lines that he claims high above the roof tops, he finds himself directly in the crosshairs of ukrainian snipers with the real me wanted to go over the choice overhead. always a
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lot of them, the end of the, you know, go to one and pitching jacob wishing so don't live on. so we're not that much dinner. so them, we're going to get a more wiggle room and you know, was the picture as sort of the summit. i mean, she's not fit for me or or i was calling for quite some money more than a 100 pounds a keeps a special note book when he records every one of his calls to repair the power lines damaged by shelling in the last 7 years. it's become a real chronicle of an undeclared war. you get an idea to really ally from and of
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course being able to have been a bit deeper what was going through last summer, pushing you started. chris ability a about what a got to put up with
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what the officials a from there. okay. so you do choose can soup? yeah. that's yeah. liquidity, it's k a e with a
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back? you called me or rule off of do i have to assist instead we did tissue paper from support here for bill voice and girl. okay. so what are those k this new entry and an exam just diary for january 16th 2015 was the day his family was killed by motor oil
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with a shelf. if not, i will post them down in a theater director. i live here, stop off and pick up not finish the class. what kind of a class with a customer. okay. and michelle. okay. that similarly wasn't done more than i do it with. she'll berella. oh, how do you know for sure?
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you are with me, sir. she don't, daughter somewhere but i gotta be in. it's actually a pretty good part of their life. ah .
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk ah, like most of degrees and villages. the settlement of alexandra go was under the terms of uminski courts supposed to have been quiet, separated from each of the warring sides by several kilometers. instead, the wall literally came to the settlement streets, along with ukrainian soldiers,
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who in contravention of those same agreements, continued their offensive with coastal. with me, it was a new job dealing with a
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civil use. month by month, the ukrainian army was closing in on alexandra until they occupied the outskirts of the settlement in the media kit proudly referred to the tactic of illuminating the neutral zone is a creeping offense in ukrainian army sees nothing wrong with the offensive. continuing, contrary to the peace agreements in place, a and she didn't put it in the midst of the most stuff. anyway, i just looked at, it, went to her and she knew for that my was for breakfast with what i was, i, she marable, with what i thought just when i go to printer from visit flow to run out,
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voted on bus. it was all cream. if she'll be a little bit lighter with being with plans to august when i went yesterday to compare well enough to start my initial sort of a little bit of cost to both company to nap with each other contributing . i'm storage their way back in with
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operations in grey's own village is often turned into a full fledged combat with heavy weapons used even today. ukrainian soldiers aren't shy about discussing the process a little below. we ride it by name, it is shovel. devilishly, ident income building boy lab series page, i have to my thing is that as a fearful, it was good to sit on the go than boys get in and i am with it, but it me, but he's who put that also shopper did pay the deal enough, but at the bellagio asia
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ah, let me little enlarge. i don't like the briefly, he won't add too much. i don't know. trilogy later. when adam, did you have that away? again? you don't mean you have changed evelyn. i had it. it will. aly delay, shall i? e, g, a diarrhea is going to kill. did you know this is sal? i mean, we don't have those dialect are the media. so what thought or thought nobody meeting yet? mailing a shame at that? i couldn't hear you're getting me the guy that alleged yard, a guy that does that one chips out there as to what they and now gotten, as i know when you hodge a fat underwhelming in as a who are good that actually toil. if doyle is doyle, it is showing you took a bathroom and i'm usually give the bob can you feel because beecher professor lisa
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throwing my money at the vessel with hulu killer. wearing her horn of gaze, water from my view, the property of a fellow who keeps re weigh if the creeping offensive tactic or as it sometimes called the frogs leap is still used to this day along the entire demarcation line militia groups and don beth republics are forced to respond in kind one by one, the streets in villages and settlements of becoming the new frontline hi with with
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with no hold on a solar. when you, when you get a hold of you with
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a, with a stuck with john
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sch, thousands are now living in settlements divided by trenches with a like most who live in the grey zone. the v rosky family tries to pay little attention to the wall that came straight to their house. they're getting used to their usual village life on the fire. a been on your bill? yes. with jasmine olympus, then i think we should be a problem with the health issue up with mom dudley. when you go,
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when you go from here, the average table gardens have long been turned into mine fields and 7 years of civil war. the basement is where they mostly live now, and they are well aware that any time they venture outside, it could end in injury or death. ah, yes i really what backing you got it? ah, we can air pollution in your apartment. a l m. yes. there with mm. this with
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what's acceptable, and that's also send me a thumbs with a peek with them to see that you know what they bo boyd a lot. but what i guess what if what you do it. but that was just up with you when you were cut off with us. sure, sure, sure. i got the villages who ended up living on the front line. don't want to leave their homes go.
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sure. yeah, sure. if i could h ah, ah, since the break away, but don't, that's people's republic. one has been ranging and don't buy ukrainian artillery. it's been shilling civilian, townsend, mining, villages or more. very well believe deal with one of your company a little above level of the city of floor boards will give us quality for them.
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oh, the wrong one, i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to figure out disdain, because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with
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gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch is the war creeps ever closer to their homes and teach georgia to correct train you financially stern. you don't look, i'm what don't use that as i was or to the ga, ga. so one time with a band was a little less time. yes it with,
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with all these really well. thank you so, but i think the only other uh huh. a, [000:00:00;00] with a different situation with social system, with our solutions, put us a little bit more visually by phone talk to you should be able to


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