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ah, a little boys will give us bulletin one ah, turkey's resistance to nato expansion causes a growing rift within the alliance with gracious president, now joining his turkish counterpart in opposing the question of finland and sweden almost 2000 ukrainian troops including members of the nationalists of battalion have laid down their weapons that matter. you both the thief steal plan this week. also coming up one man to large, a holier just your pride and brutal invasion of iraq. i made up ukraine for me, u. s. president george w bush. she ordered the 2003 invasion of iraq gas while speaking about the crisis
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and ukraine. and the your analysis record, 13 percent reduction in energy consumption. that's because it's dependent on russian fossil fuels emitted great economic crisis with 4 pm here in the russian capital. my name is peter scots and welcome to 30 minutes of news and views here on oxy international turkey refusal to allow finland and sweden to join nato has caused a widening rift within the block with the president of corporation. now also speaking out against the session of the 2 nordic countries, christian president zor on milosevic once is conscious parliament to vote against the proposed expansion of nato, citing grievances that western countries have failed to help corporations resolve their political disputes. when they bring bosnia herzegovina militia also said that
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allowing finan unsweetened to join nato would be a quote, very dangerous adventure. meanwhile, the turkish president has reiterated his done from preventing. i'll think young stockholm, from entering the block. we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction. on car claims, the 2 nordic countries support terrorist groups and movements opposed to the turkish governments. diplomatic sources say and cora has blocked the bureaucratic process of nato's expansion just hours after finland and sweden 100 in their official applications. a former turkish military intelligence chief says anchor is simply trying to protect its own natural national interests, station, flu before the conflict between russia and ukraine, nato was not even considering the membership of sweden and finland. this whole
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issue is being promoted by the united states and the u. k. they want western countries to stand united against russia. turkey has 2 good reasons to be against this. the 1st does that it will lead to a conflict between russia and the west. and the 2nd, sweden and finland are providing strong support to terrorist groups. sweden helps the curves financially, but there are also other countries in nato that also support terrorism against turkey. and the united states is the 1st one to mentioned here. washington supports the kurds in their efforts to create a military strongholds or northern syria. therefore, in light of these significant security issues, turkey strongly opposes the entry of sweden and finland and to nato. if those countries continue to support terrorists, then why should turkey sit at the same table with them? being members of one security organization means that each members obligated to guarantee support and protection to others by supporting kurds. the swedes and many
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other countries are putting turkey in a difficult position. in my opinion, turkey has the right to talk about its security guarantees. and until this important issue was resolved, turkey should stand his ground to go on while we're on the topic of nato. joe biden is said to meet the finish and sweetest leaders on thursday to discuss their nato ambitions nearest president responsible for a litany of public bloopers wrong words and fights seems to found himself arrival in a recent speech, one of his predecessors, george w bush dropped a gaff of his own mistake in ukraine for iraq. the decision of one man to launch a holy, unjustified, and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean of ukraine. sees a rack. i mean, of ukraine. director anyway. 75 ah, boy, shoes,
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2003 invasion of iraq ruined the countries economy, left it in positive poverty and cost approximately 200000 lives for the blooper dancers age. while some suggested the slave was purely bushes, conscience speaking, human rights watch has referred to it as the quote, freud in slip of the century. ah, well here we have to some of the latest pitches from the as of style fight in a dumbass city of mar, you pull, where more ukrainian competence are surrendering on thursday. russia says that $1730.00 troops, including nationalists from the hours of battalion have hunted themselves over in the past 4 days. while for more on this, let's get the details from our correspondent in danielle ski. good has done of eager. can you bring us the latest developments, please? will absolutely peter more and more as of style, while those who, who were hold in the basement in the dungeons between beneath as of style,
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they continue to surrender. in fact, the total number of those who decided to lay down arms and go into russian captivity has surpassed 1700 people again as they keep surrendering among those who are healthy. there are those wounded. they are being provided with all needed medical help. and in fact, these other pitches here is something that they had to say about their well predicament right now. for us or border shem were being held in good conditions. yes, there are mattresses, blankets the food is decent. we have enough of everything. oh his uncle, as we have beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, everything is in order and the food as good. no show results. no, i didn't know what to expect, but in the end it's better than i expected. no one insults us here. my fellow
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soldiers have received medical assistance bandages were applied in the heavily wounded, have been evacuated. well, frankly, the only the only people, the only thing that is more miserable than the weather here right now was the predicament. and was the state of those well injured fights as ancient ukrainian, neo nazi fighters. and, well, just regular soldiers who were kept there without any sunlight kept there in the basements, without access to proper medicine. some with her, if it burns with her epic injuries with infectious, we infected wounds down there without any access again to proper medicine. now they're being looked after. now again, the future, the face of them is largely unknown, does no official information as to what's going to happen to them next. but in general, the general understanding here that they will be that, i mean, those who are healthy are already, are being kept at the penitentiary facilities, sending a very clear message that well, so far there's no talk over anything. there's no talk about them being exchanged,
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for example, for the russian prisoners of war kept at the ukrainian side over at the ukranian side of the front line. so really, it looks like they will be getting well those who, those who may be found guilty of committing crimes against the, the nets, people's republic against russia, they will, they will receive sentences. again, this is not the official information. this is just the general mood and the general understanding as to as to what's going to happen next. and again, quite importantly, basically right now, more than the more than a half of all those, you know, ukranian fighters who were hold in the, as of sal, steelworks, catacombs. they have surrendered already. but we are yet to see that top brass come out and this is when something really interesting might happen. well, ego hope you'll keep us up to date on those evacuations from these steel point plants, murder, you per se egos done of report in life on the yes, thank you. me mother appears to have been
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a new spillover of the conflicts and ukrainians, a neighbouring russia with at least one civilian, killed another wounded in the shelling of a border village in which is cursed region not according to local officials. the governor, of course, has blamed ukraine's military if the attack and kia is yet to comment on the incident. the shelling also damages several buildings on the distillery in the russian village. so the locals have been offered to evacuate from the area to avoid more casualties with tax expected to continue. and it's not the 1st time that ukraine has allegedly fired charles into russia. moscow has one kid that he will retaliate to any sort strikes ah, well, amid a grave economic crisis and soaring inflation that you plans to consume less energy . that's in an effort to secure independence from russian, oil and gas. the goal for reduction has now grown previously from 9 percent to 13 percent, and that's according to the commission president. energy savings are the quickest
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and the cheapest way to address the current energy crisis. we will therefore increase the energy efficiency target for 2030, from 9 percent to 13 percent. this is just one of the new proposals in the new e u. v power plan, which was introduced in an effort to reduce dependence on russian fossil fuels. the ears promised to allocate an additional $300000000000.00 euros to achieve this, which will go towards importing more resources from other countries. cutting economic expenses under swift transition to green energy. and this is all happening amid exorbitant inflation, which is 3 times higher than the european bangs targets that's affects all european households, which are face a growth in prices for goods transports and energy bills was to save the country from economic collapse. german economist, severe proposed delaying the retirement age by 7 years to 70 years old. force
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energy transition is said to be one of the facts is contributing to economic instability, already exacerbated by the death of quote, the fight employees. and a lot of young people capable of financially supporting the elderly. and we can now cross live to geopolitical analyst role 1st rayna. welcome to our see international . i just heard that the presence of the european commissioner live on the line has said that the you plans to cut down its energy consumption by 13 percent. do you think that's feasible? this depends largely also on other factors. i mean it's one thing that was left on the line can plan at the green table, but it's another thing how, for example, the next winter will look like if we have a very strong winter hat, those goals will not easy to be kept. what do you think the economic impacts of this move will be across europe?
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of course, the soaring energy prices will keep increasing. and this is, of course, not only a bird and above all, for the lower layers of society which have less purchasing power and who more strongly feel the hardships of those rising prices. it is also the issue of attractive it of the european markets for investments. so there is most likely to be seen in the near future tendency of industry and the production sector to flee from the european markets and invest somewhere else. i mean, energy markets are global, and those companies who have a larger share of energy costs and which are more bio, they will look for options to leave the european union. so the costs can also be enormous. on this side it will cost, it will probably cost lots of
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a labor posts. so you see a potential out flow of businesses and work is from the you. do you think that the prospects of the re power plant by the you are realistic? do you think what impact do you think you will have on the use green plot to shift more green energy? this all depends, of course, on the framework conditions. nobody can foresee now how the conflict between the, you and russia will evolve. there is a certain dynamic that nobody can really foresee, and if the escalation hips the whole energy provision issue, there may be also a full stop of energy prohibition on behalf of russia. then the question is, what will be those plans worth of restructuring the infrastructure for
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energy provision because they are long term plans. but if we have a full stop of energy provision, then the g terminals, which may be finished in 4 or 5 or 10 years, will not help the consumers now. so it's a very slippery road. it's hard to calculate. and the question is whether the you also is abusing the conflict in ukraine for promoting the green deal agenda. and take this situation now as an invitation to break up with energy provision systems which have provided us with cheap energy and which have helped to create wealth in europe over the case. now i know you've just said that it's extremely difficult, obviously to see in the future how the situation will develop. obviously, we know that inflation around europe is extremely high at the moment. you think
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it's pete's or the worth yet to come? this is hard to say, but for sure, the energy costs will remain high because both russia and the european union has to build up new infrastructure to guarantee and that she prohibition and also achieve sales. russia will have to build new and she provision mainly pipeline infrastructure heading towards south and east, mainly india and made me to china. and the european union also will have to restructure a system which has been build up over d k, depending and also calculating firmly on the constant provision of energy at low prices by russia. and this is all think of the past, so the costs will remain high and the question is, what really is the argument of taking such long term decisions. now,
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given the fact that the ukraine conflict may be false in the medium term or even short term, should we come back to the negotiation table and try to solve the problems without those harsh measures of offending or heavy weaponry to what ukraine and cutting all the relationships in terms of energy proficient, raw material, provision, market connectivity, etc, that have been set up in the past and that help both sides to increase their wealth . well right now we could discuss the ins and outs of the use plans to move away from fossil foods to always to comb, but i'm afraid we got to leave it. but thank you very much for your input, the best geopolitical, unless ross was thank you. you're welcome. the west has called for unrestricted access of russian food unfertilized to global markets, while at the same time, accusing moscow of exacerbating and international hunger crisis. that is no
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effective solution to the full crisis. without the integrating ukraine's woods for the action, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by russian bellows into world markets, despite the war and russian foot and fertilizers must have andrew still accessed to world markets without indirect impediments. some of tried to blame the sanctions imposed on russian on the russian federation by the united states and many other countries. for worsening this crisis, this is force, russia leading its war with another terrible but more silent weapon. hannah and deprivation, russia has launched a grain warm, stocking a globe, a food crisis. but while un chief, antonio quoterush has blamed russia's actions in ukraine for worsting global food shortages. russia says the measures put in place regarding food exports. i am to potato in its own domestic market,
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thus from the effects of western sanctions. food security has been undermined for several years by the illiterate macroeconomic steps of the collective west. they were escalated in connection with a wave of unilateral and illegitimate anti russian sanctions, which undermine confidence in western governments because of the unpredictability of their actions, as well as disrupted supply chains and created disruptions in international financial flows. the statements by western officials that their bands do not affect the supply of food and fertilizers or deceitful. russia and ukraine produced almost one 3rd of the world's wheat and half of the sunflower oil, which was also being the world's number to produce of potash, which is a key fertilizer ingredients. that is, of the supply lines have contributed to emergent humanitarian crises in some nations. neuron, for example, the cost of essential food supplies is written by the 300 percent feeling outrage against the government. well, amber sat, not the change in prices is horrible. the new prices have limited my family's
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purchasing power on everything you come under say because with the price changes have greatly affected every one. not just us prices of meeting eggs and fruit have all gone up. drastically. prices rise within hours paid anya, her iranians make most of their meals with flower rice, a wheat even for us. a middle class family. the new price is a very high dish. jose the weaker class 8 macaroni instead of meat and chicken. now even that macaroni is taken off their dinner table, we have to eat plain bread and they are even rationing that plain bread to you're. moving on now the global oil crisis is leading to a re think of alliances with us easing shank sanctions on venezuela. america said to allow a major oil company chevron to restart operations in the south american country, as i say, broke off diplomatic relations back in 2019 artist accused. the countries leader maduro of electro ford,
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which is something that he denies. washington authorized us in european oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in venezuela. this reflects the severe crisis that the united states is experiencing, the levels of stagflation, the high cost of fuel and energy, food, unemployment, and everything related to this belligerent campaign and the use of nato for a military attack on russia, on the territory of ukraine. and that the campaign is hitting themselves a small process group has taken to the streets of the capital caracas to process the lifting of those sanctions. demonstrate the c chevrons return us back trucking from us efforts to topple the maduro government, which as has been actively pursuing for years against the repressive regime targeting murderers, inner circle, and close advisors. the regime, a former president nicholas maduro is illegitimate. but madura is grip and tyranny
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will be smashed and broken. the day after the maduro regime falls, there is a bright future for the venezuelan people and take the following actions to isolate the maduro dictatorship. if you support the maduro regime, you too are subject to sanction or to flesh this out less now cross lights, alexis met, suits a political analysts. alexis, welcome to audience and asked you thank you for joining us. i'm. no, it's no secret. the u. s. has a long history of sanctions against venezuela, applying a lot of pressure to the country and all of a sudden they talk about lifting the sanctions and allowing a u. s. oil form to work there again. what's your take on a festival? sure, thank you so much for renovation, but i think we need to understand that on the between the us as well and all that for me, was it all it at the moment you governmental law government understand that or
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is a senior it's come only thing that again for you it and we need to work balance of the relationship to on this and then how it from when we call it a show we do in from between them. ok. and what do you make of the timing of this? and me know it's, you know, that the u. s. official that keep repeating the sanctions, the main functions policy is remaining in place. do you think they're trying to down play that decision now? yeah, sure. because it really is a day in the economic situation of the us and we need to direct greg some show to those to show show to, to, to during are these these agreements between before, between model and between now and never happen. why
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and how do you think this will go down in venezuela? do you think the u. s. oil company will be welcomed with open arms after these years of crushing sanctions? i going to say the last part of the question is can you, can you repeat me? of course. yeah, i was just wondering how this decision been taken in venezuela after years of christian sanctions. do you think america will be opened? welcomed back with open arms jefferson because you need to get us all or jewish needs in the government because you know, the minister has the most important sources of oil and us at least to, to improve nations. and the advising needs to furnish the table. then it was
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a naval facial table to creation. okay. oh, i think we have a little bit of trouble with the line, but we will, we will persevere, alexis, moving on. we've talked about the diplomatic consequences of this decision, practically speaking. how much do you think this will help america with his current fuel crisis? golf game because the all the most government and all these relations been explained, i need to feel the commercial brands and us meet the guns i told him brought the agreement to improve in this situation. and i think he's when like to,
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to start to begin the new relations of alex. they must say, i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there. but thank you very much for your insight into that developing situation between the u. s. and venezuela. alex able today, political analysts. thank you. joe biden has been among those accusing russia of spreading disinformation online with the use of bolts, bolts in a new audit. and the u. s. has revealed that many of the president's own social media followers on the real adult. these major blevins reports, well, it appears a job. i haven't isn't nearly as popular as his numbers claim. he is, at least on twitter. that's according to a recent audit which found that out of biden's more than $22000000.00 followers. nearly half of those are actually fake account. now this audit was conducted by the software company spark toro and they use a tool to look at everything from profile pictures, profile history to profiles,
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location. and in doing so, they found that more than 49 percent of the followers on the official code of the account on twitter are actually fake. now this all comes a billionaire you on mosque has announced that he is putting his $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter on hold. because he says he doesn't quite believe twitters claim. that less than 5 percent of the accounts on their platform are fake. 20 per cent fake spam accounts, while 4 times what twitter claims could be much higher. my offer was based on twitters s t. c. filings being accurate. twitter, c, e o publicly refused to show proof of less than 5 percent. this deal cannot move forward until he does. now byron has yet to respond specifically to this report. however, in the past, he has talked a lot about bots or more specifically russian bonds. so it does raise the question of how he would feel about these new claims that nearly half of his own followers
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are those bots he claims to be so concerned about. the russians don't want me to be the nominee. i spent a lot of money on botch on facebook and i've been taken down st. biden's a bad guy the know on bind running. so it's bad for biden, and it's also bad for traders. current owners, as it appears that the percentage of his followers on twitter or vague is actually higher than his current approval rating from the american people, which stands at just 39 percent. meanwhile, the u. s. government has suspended his plans to create a so called disinformation governance board initiative had faced weeks of backlash with some critics even condemning it as a dystopian ministry of truth. when it responds to the public outcry, the white house is newly appointed spokesperson has been struggling for damage control. the more it was put for it for a purpose, right? to make sure that we really did a really to did address what was happening across the country when it came to dis
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information. it's going to pause. there's been a mis character ations from outside outside forces. this is what's happening. there is a pause. we did not have an involvement in that you've got the white house trying to distance themselves. now from the whole ministry of truth, this information campaign, the press secretary doing that, we know nothing about this. i may be showing by age, but some people may remember the old sit. com hogans heroes where you have sergeant schultz constantly saying, i know nothing. i see nothing, and maybe that's what the vide administration is going to do now, from group completely disavowed knowledge of their own ministry of truth. i think it's ironic that these guys are trying to do is just information or ministry of truth to try and ferret out the truth. while we know that a lot of the information being put out on his twitter account and that he relied on with the whole russian hoax was, was just, you know, made up why you're having this whole controversy on twitter part of what this ministry of truth or just information was going to do is try to ferret out bots that were putting this information out there. i think there were probably less bots
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putting out this information than were followers of, of president biden. i think the best indication frankly, is that you're seeing democrats in the house in the us house retire in huge numbers . they don't want to go back to being back benchers. they don't want to lose their committee chairman ships. so you're seeing people that are leaving on the democratic side, and you've even got democratic consultants, you know, predicting a slaughter at the ballot box this november. so i think everything that we're hearing from their side would indicate that to republicans. it might be good. so the republican side, that's how the world's look in at 430 p. m. moscow tie money is peter scott's, and i'll be back again at the top of the hour with more news. ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only nationally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with blue gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. we're.


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