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ah ah, gracious president joins his turkish counterpart in opposing finland and sweden, a session to nato. almost 2000 ukrainian troops, including members of the nationalist of battalion laid down their weapons or you pull the steel plan this week. also coming up on the program. and the 2nd one man to large, a holy are justified and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine, former us president george w bush, you ordered the 2003 invasion of iraq gas while speaking about the crisis in
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ukraine and the u analysis. the record of 13 percent reduction in energy consumption. the cost is dependent on bush and fossil fuels that made a great economic crisis with ally from our headquarters right in moscow. you're watching our scenes national. my name is peter scott. and here the top stories. this our kids refusal to allow finland and sweden to join nato has caused a why didn't rift within the block with the president of croatia. now also speaking out against the session of the 2 nordic countries, residences around milan of it. once croatians, parliament to vote against the proposed expansion of nato, he saw the grievances that western countries allegedly failed to help corporations resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and herzegovina. milan of it has also said that allowing finland on sweden to join it. so would be a quote,
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very dangerous adventure. now the session of new countries does require the unanimous support of all 30 members of the alliance and presidents erred one has reiterated his done so preventing helsinki and stock home from entering the block. we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction on kara claims that it's naughty. countries supports harris groups and movements the ones that are opposed to the turkish government. diplomatic sources do say the uncork blocked nathan expansion process just hours after finland, unsweetened submitted their applications. well, a form of turkish military intelligence chief says anchor is simply trying to protect his own interests shamefully. before the conflict between russia and ukraine, nato was not even considering the membership of sweden and finland only this whole
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issue is being promoted by the united states and the u. k. only want western countries to stand united against russia. turkey has too good reasons to be against this. the 1st who does that, it will lead to a conflict between russia and the west. and the 2nd, sweden and finland are providing strong support to terrorist groups in sweden helps the kurds financially. but there are also other countries in nato that also support terrorism against turkey and the united states is the 1st one to mention here. washington supports the kurds in their efforts to create a military stronghold and northern syria. therefore, in light of these significant security issues, turkey strongly opposes the entry of sweden and finland and to nato. if those countries continue to support terrors, then why should turkey sit at the same table with them? being members of one security organization means that each members obligated to guarantee support and protection to others by supporting kurds. the swedes and many
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other countries are putting turkey in a difficult position. in my opinion, turkey has the right to talk about its security guarantees. and until this important issue is resolved, turkeys should stand his ground no longer ex us president george bush, the globally renowned instigates of the invasion of iraq appears to have accidentally admitted how in justified his brutal actions were mistaken. iraq for ukraine. jonas speech in dallas. now, a somehow suggested the slip was purely bushes. conscience speaking, human rights watch has referred to its other quotes, freud in slip of the century, the decision of one man to launch a holy, unjustified, and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean of ukraine. caesar rack, i mean the ukraine iraq, anyway 75 ah, both shoes,
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2003 invasion of iraq ruined the countries economy, left it in poverty and cost approximate 200000 civilian lives for the bluebird dantes hage. he is not the 1st to, or only american top official whose conscience appears to be playing tricks with him. currently, u. s. president joe biden is also widely known for mistaken afghanistan for ukraine . ah, not certain of the story we are crossed to day. you can see here the latest pitches from the as of style fights in the dumbass city of maria pal, where more ukrainian competence are surrendering on thursday. russia says the 1730 troops, including radicals in the as of battalion, have 100 themselves over in the past 4 days ought eagerly done of isn't done yet with all the details. well, the ukrainian garrison that was hiding in the basement and the dungeons of the as of style still works. they keep surrendering. in fact, the total number of those who have decided to lay down arms and go into captivity
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has surpassed 1700 people. among them both the members of the as of neo nazi battalion and regular ukrainian soldiers. many of them, dozens, in fact, are wounded. they have been sent to hospitals and they receive medical care. here's what some of the ukranian soldiers had to say about their predicament or bullish him were being held in good conditions. yes, there are mattresses, blankets the food is decent. we have enough of everything. i suppose we have beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, everything is in order and the food as good as ocean. i didn't know what to expect, but in the end it's better than i expected. no one insults us here. my fellow soldiers have received medical assistance bandages were applied in the heavily wounded, have been evacuated. and well, frankly, the only thing more miserable than the weather here right now is the condition that
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all these ukrainian soldiers were admitted in to the hospitals. here internet's kinda dynette people's republic because they've suffered horrific, burns infected injuries lost limbs, and they were all kept down there without any access to proper medicine. so now, quite importantly, more than a half of the total fighters have already laid down arms, which leaves the minority that are still hiding in the basements there, but they all are intending to weld surrender, but among them is the top brass and the top brass of the as of neo nazi battalion, so when they lay down arms, hopefully they will. this is when something interesting is very likely to happen because they know so, so much. but we have already heard from russia, officials from the officials here, nets, those vices that will be found guilty of committing crimes against russia, against people here in the don't bass. they will receive military tribunal. they
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will receive sentences and well before cost for them. here is very great because here in the next people's republic, a capital sentence is real, it exists here within the legal system. so again, we'll have to see when everybody surrenders and then well they will be tried. meanwhile, there has been another spill over the conflict in ukraine into neighboring russia, with at least one civilian killed and the wounded in the shelling of a border village in russia's cursed region. as according to local officials, the governor of curse because blamed ukraine's military for the attack, which keith has not yet commented on. the shelling also damage several buildings on the distillery in the russian village. some of the locals have been offered to evacuate from the area just to avoid more casualties with more attacks. expats it. now it's not the 1st time that ukraine has allegedly fired shells into russia. moscow has won't care that it will retaliate to any such strikes.
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ah, i'm moving on now amid a grave economic crisis on soaring inflation, the planet to consume less energy in an effort to secure independence from russian oil and gas. the goal for reduction has grown from a previously promised 9 percent to 13 percent. that's according to the commission president energy savings are the quickest and the cheapest way to address the current energy crisis. we will therefore increase the energy efficiency target for 2030, from 9 percent to 13 percent. this is just one of the proposals in the new e u. v power plan. there was introduced an effort to reduce dependence on russian fossil fuels. the use promised to allocate an additional $300000000000.00 euros to achieve this goal, which will go towards importing more resources from other countries. cutting economic expenses under swift transition to green energy of this is all happening
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amid exorbitant inflation, which is 3 times higher than the european bangs target. that's affects all european households, which a face to growth in prices for goods transports and energy bills. to save the country from economic collapse, german economists even propose delaying the retirement age by 7 years to 70. 4th energy transition is said to be one of the fights is contributing to economic instability, which is already been exacerbated by a dearth of qualified employees. and a lot of young people who are financially capable of supporting the elderly duplicate on list rate of office believes that the current you policy could lead to an outflow of investments from the confidence. c the soaring energy prices will keep increasing, and this is, of course, not only a bird and above all for the lower layers of society. it is also the issue of
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attractive it off the european markets for investments. so there is most likely to be seen in the near future tendency of industry and the production sector to flee from the european market. there may be also a full stop of energy prohibition on behalf of russia. then the question is, what will be those plans worth of restructuring the infrastructure for energy provision because they are long term plan. so it's a very slippery road to talk to calculate. and the question is whether the e u also is abusing the conflict in ukraine for promoting their cream deal agenda. and take this situation now as need be patient to break up with energy provision to some which have provided us with cheap and that she and
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which how to create wells in europe over the case u. s. congresswoman has struck out against the $40000000000.00 aid package, poised to be sent. ukraine accusing fellow american law makers of corruption unlikely in the bill to a money laundering scheme. federal law makers fund non profits. they fund non governmental organizations. they fund grants grants that go to people and if you really look into it a lot of times it's their friends and families that operate these non profits and non governmental organizations. and it's basically like money laundering schemes. u . s. senate is reportedly expected to pass the ukraine age bill late on thursday, allowing jo binding's administration to release the funds for care of or have a republican center to run poll has managed to single handedly delay the legislation so far is also called on the american public to oppose the spending of $40000000000.00 of us taxpayers, money on ukraine, instead of helping americans at home. or if it's all democratic, senator,
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chuck schumer has hit bucket rum poll, even calling him of horner. and i went home and i had a standing ovation from 200 people at a lincoln day dinner. who are say, thank you for holding up this money. we need help at home. we can't get baby formula. we can't pour our gas, but it is repugnant that one member of the other side, the junior senator from kentucky chose to make a show and obstruct ukraine funding, knowing full well, he couldn't actually stop its passage for senator paul to delay ukraine funding for purely political motives is to only strengthen pollutants hand and while sentences bottle to send billions to ukraine, ordinary americans are struggling to cope with record inflation, along with gasoline prices, which over a dollar a gallon from just last year. people are voicing their concerns about the u. s. government sending money abroad when they themselves faced very real problems at home stock market as crashing gas prices
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are rising, inflation is through the roof. must be time for another 40000000000 for ukraine. if our elected officials had to pay for their own gas, i bet they would find a solution to the rising gas prices. meanwhile, back in our country, gas prices at highest level ever and rising. babies have no formula, store shelves, empty supply line crisis, southern border, a mess, highest inflation in decades. republican congressmen, my guides is also slammed quotes progressives in the u. s. government for the hypocrisy and funding the conflicts and ukraine. i used to be able to count on progressives in the congress who join me in opposing a war in yemen who join me and pushing back against presidential war powers with iran who agreed that it would be crazy to start world war 3 over the kurds. on the issue of ukraine, the progressives are signed up for the $40000000000.00 plus to fund the war from on
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this, let's cross live now to political unlist dollar nixon. garland welcome to the program . now to what extent do you think these quite inflammatory comments by marjorie taylor green about government, money laundering are accurate and obviously i'm sure the u. s. government would deny any of those funds are loaned it. but what do you make of it? well, certainly you can look at the history in ukraine alone. i mean, much less afghanistan and other places. but if you look at the infamous 100, by a scandal, clearly there were, there was money laundering going in there. there was a number of american politicians, their children, their relatives, family members who would ukraine and took advantage of the opportunity to make personal gain. now we see a tremendous amount of money, $40000000000.00 that will ostensibly go to ukraine. but everyone knows that only a portion of the money will ever leave the american shores. a lot of it will go to
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defense contractors here or any number of contractors. and certainly when he gets there, there is it, there is a, certainly a number of people in the society who are connected to in ukraine, who are connected to oligarchy who are connected to organized crime. and all manner of mystery and behavior shall we say. so we certainly know that money will be laundered, a lot of it will end up in cyprus and various bank accounts of politicians. so certainly, i mean, we would be unrealistic to say that i need to think that that money is all going to go to the benefit of the people in ukraine or to the war effort. they're just being realistic. so it's very difficult to account for every sense of the $40000000000.00 i assume. now, run pole is being blasted as a putin supporter for his attempt to block this ukraine age bill. what do you think this? some politicians are so eager to criticize someone who simply wants more money to be available for domestic issues. or they just point going politically. well,
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what we're looking at here in the united states, particularly, you know, also in europe in the united states is literally a war on critical thinking. i mean, which is hard for me to say literally not a literal state. and, but it is that we have a war on critical thinking. what rand paul is saying, basically, i'm going to interject some logical, deductive reasoning into the conversation. and let's have a conversation about what's going on here. rather than just use, you know, political rhetoric. he's saying, let's talk about this, what's going to happen to him in a broad manner? and instead, he gets an an ad hominem attack instead of saying, well, right, rand paul, here's the assertion that you're made. i'm going to read, but that assertion, instead they're just the equivalent of saying you're a jerk. europe who had ran paul, i mean to say they're just using the most of you know, childish methods to attack rand paul,
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which is actually simply to avoid having the valid conversation that he has. and he has to have it because as he said, politicians are hearing this when they get home. this is what the american people are saying. but we have a large group of politicians in the united states congress who are completely detached from the citizens. and they're just acting on behalf of their wealthy donors. while i'm talking of citizens and wealthy donors, the white house press secretary, she did claim that inflation was putin's price increase in the increase in taxes on the super rich would help solve the problem. what do you make of the proposed solution to make any sense to you? well, here's the thing about it. it doesn't make sense. absolutely, yes, it makes sense that you could tax the wealthy, that you could make changes in our society from our regressive taxes. that would certainly make things better for the working class. however, that's not the system that we live in. that's like saying, well,
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can i go to an apple tree and pick oranges? apple trees do not grow orange as they grew apple and the neo liberal system that we live in does not ever lower taxes on the wealthy. it only increases taxes on the wealthy, so they're sticking out some bait. they're sticking out as we say here, that's that she's in the trap for to get you to continue to support people who will never act in a manner that's in the best interest of the masses and of the working class. so yes, yeah, it would work. but there's no way it will ever happen in the u. s. congress that we're and finally, i just, before we go, where do you draw the line with american politicians? do they should be more, do you think should be more concerned with their own domestic issues and sewing inflation, the price of products and sending billions towards financing and you know, defense of ukraine on the, on the side of the was very complex question. and when you draw the line, well, to me, it's not that complex, the most basic responsibility in a democracy,
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the most well not even a democracy. i don't care for the monarchy. the most basic responsibility of a government is to attend to the needs of the citizens in the aggregate and our country is no, is not a, a nation state as we understand it. this is in an empire and early in the early in stages of an empire and the empire goes out around the world and grabbed resources and all the resources flow into the empire. we've gone to the dying collapsing stage of an empire. so now the resources from the empire flow out all around the world to try to prop up the empire. so now the american people, rather than get the print the unfortunately, to use this word, the economic privilege of living in an empire that prays on everyone else. now there are the one who is pre owned by the empire. and the empire simply uses our resources and use the american people to pop up their, their endeavors around the world,
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such as the proxy or in ukraine or gallon nixon political unless thank you very much feel take on the latest aid package from america to ukraine has been a pleasure, have you on the program. thank you for inviting me. thank you. joe biden has been among those accusing russia of spreading dis information online with the use of boats boats, according to a new order in the u. s. that revealed many of the presidents own social media followers on actually real as our team mitchell blevins reports. well, it appears that joe biden isn't nearly as popular as his numbers claim he is, at least on twitter. that's according to a recent audit which found that out of biden's more than $22000000.00 followers. nearly half of those are actually fake account. now this audit was conducted by the software company spark, toro and they use a tool to look at everything from profile pictures, profile history to profiles, location. and in doing so, they found that more than 49 percent of the followers on the official code us
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account on twitter are actually fake. now this all comes a billionaire and mosque has announced that he is putting his $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter on hold because he says he doesn't quite believe twitters claim. that less than 5 percent of the accounts on their platform are fake. 20 per cent fake spam accounts, while 4 times what twitter claims could be much higher. my offer was based on twitters se filings being accurate. twitter c o publicly refused to show proof of less than 5 percent. this deal cannot move forward until he does now bitin has yet to respond specifically to this report. however, in the past, he has talked a lot about bots or more specifically russian bonds. so it does raise the question of how he would feel about these new claims that nearly half of his own followers are those bots he claims to be so concerned about. the russians don't want me to be
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the nominee. i spent a lot of money on bots on facebook and i've been taken down st. biden's a bad guy the know on bind running. so it's bad for biden, and it's also bad for twitter is current owners, as it appears that the percentage of his followers on twitter that are fake is actually higher than his current approval rating from the american people, which stands at just 39 percent. it's kind of ironic, isn't it that, that why you're having this whole bought controversy on twitter part of what this ministry of truth or dis information was born to do is try to figure it out bots that were putting this information out there. i think you were probably less bots putting out this information than were followers of, of president biden. and would it be nice if we could also apply the same audit and figure out how many of biden's voters were not real? just like we figured out that half of his followers aren't actually real the global oil crisis is leading to re think of alliances with us easing sanctions on.
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but as whaler america said to allow major oil companies chevron to restart his operations in the south american country, that's off, he broke off diplomatic relations back in 2019 washington authorized us in european oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in venezuela. this reflects the severe crisis that the united states is experiencing, the levels of stagflation, the high cost of fuel and energy, food, unemployment, and everything related to this belligerent campaign and the use of nato for a military attack on russia, on the territory of ukraine. and that the campaign is hitting themselves a small protest group has taken to the streets of the capital caracas to protest the lifting of those sanctions. demonstrates as the chevrons return is by trucking from us efforts to topple them, adero government, which it has been actively pursuing for years. yeah, well, against the repressive regime targeting matures inner circle and close
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advisors. the regime, a former president nicholas maduro is illegitimate. but madura is grip and tyranny will be smashed and broken. the day after the maduro regime falls, there is a bright future for the venezuelan people and take the following actions to isolate the maduro dictatorship. if you support the maduro regime, you too are subject to sanctions while adulthood jack ross miss a professor of economics and politics thinks the u. s. is by tracking from his hard line colson, venezuela, due to faith, he doesn't have the oil. i had promised to europe the real issue is to allow venezuela to ship some oil, to russia and, and russia to western europe. you know, a binding has made some, a real commitment to western europe and they cut off russian oil that he's gonna make sure that they get oil in place of the russian oil. the problem is it doesn't look like anywhere is willing to up production in order to get their loyal to
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western europe. the saudis refused to do it on at the same time there a randy, there was some discussion with iran. well that's fallen through that. that's not gonna happen. i know we're, we're, they gonna get this oil from to no, provide western europe. well, you know, maybe venezuela, i think in a back door. the whole idea is to lead venezuelan, i can produce about $800000.00 barrels a day, which is again what the usaa was providing roughly to europe. it'll be able to ship some of that to, to western europe in the short run. i think that's the thing behind the scenes that really you know, the, the real objective here on the surface, you're gonna see all this, you know, fake and negotiations with the venezuela. the u. s. will never lead venezuela often what kinda a restore relationship with venezuela that you're backing up today with all the
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latest from around the world. do feel free to it's r t dot com for more stories and in depth analysis. my name is peter scott. my bucket getting just over 30 minutes time. ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race move is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk ah, since the break away of the donates people's republic, whew has been ranging and don't boss. ukrainian. artillery has been showing civilian, townsend, mining villages for your more. very lovely deal.
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with border blue one with school with a deal of it wasn't up to a little above level with little boys will give those qualities for them. aah, ukraine. a big and rich country. that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently. 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on
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a war that continues to visit with on the edge of a large field near lou ganske, the mass grave. local say that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014 or does this a mr. alcorda? what kind of stuff do batiste, miriam, is it, or did the, when the british go what's don't cry said things of a sudden form you not to answer. rocca leads a special committee for collecting evidence of the ukrainian government alleged walker arms against the people of law. ganske. when you go about doing is i'm
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really interested. there are many burial sites like this and done bus. i'm here for 5 minutes and then i'm told the 1st 5 people they found it was 5 decapitated head. they were all civilians. who does this to people? you can't say that there isn't. there wasn't walk right for me in the area around venetia, verifica, a village and, and against the people's republic. 36 civilian bodies are being assumed. mm hm. georgia license and american journalist claims he repeated he sent reports of alleged crimes like this to european and american media. my hope is that this begins the process to bring this into an international forum. but when you see these grave travesties, you want to help bring that closure.


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