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because with ah, gracious president, joins his turkish counts, bought an opposing finland and sweden, the session to nato. almost 2000 ukrainian troops including members of the nationalist, although battalion lay down their weapons and money for the c d o plan this week. also coming up on the program, the 2nd of one man to launch a holy georgia pride and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, w credit for my us to president george w bush. you ordered the 2003 invasion iraq gas while speaking about the crisis and ukraine and the u analysis. record 13 percent reduction in energy
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consumption because is dependent on russian fossil fuels not submit a great economic crisis. a from july, from our headquarters right in the russian capital. you're watching all the international monies peter scott's in 30 minutes of news unused stars. now her check, he's refusal to allow finland and sweden to join nato as close to why didn't rift within the block with the president of croatia. now also speaking out against the session of the 2 nordic countries, the coalition presidents, zora and milan, of which one sees countries parliament to vote against the proposed expansion of nato, citing alleged grievances that western countries have failed to help croatians resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and herzegovina, milan of it has also said that allowing finland unsweetened to join nate,
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so would be a quote, very dangerous adventure. meanwhile, the turkish presidents, as reiterated his done from preventing helsinki and stockholm, from entering the block. we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction. now anchor claims that the 2 nordic countries support terrorists groups and movements. those are ones that have posed to the turkish government, according to diplomatic sources. and kara has blocked the bureaucratic process of nato's expansion. and it was just hours after filane and sweden 100 in their official applications will. the former turkish military intelligence chief says the anchor is simply trying to protect its own interests. shamefully. before the conflict between russia and ukraine, nato was not even considering the membership of sweden and finland. this whole
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issue is being promoted by the united states and the u. k. lay one to western countries to stand united against russia. turkey has 2 good reasons to be against this. the 1st is that it will lead to a conflict between russia and the west. and the 2nd, sweden and finland are providing strong support to terrorist groups in sweden helps the kurds financially. but there are also other countries in nato that also support terrorism against turkey and the united states is the 1st one to mention here. washington supports the kurds in their efforts to create a military stronghold or northern syria. therefore, in light of these significant security issues, turkey strongly opposes the entry of sweden and finland and to nato. if those countries continue to support terrorists, then why should turkey sit at the same table with them? being members of one security organization means that each members obligated to guarantee support and protection to others by supporting the kurds. the swedes and
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many other countries are putting turkey in a difficult position. in my opinion, turkey has the right to talk about its security guarantees, and until this important issue was resolved, turkey should stand his ground. and while the nato alliance experiences trouble and extending into scandinavia, the cost of m prime minister has again asked for nato membership. local saw security force was called deployed with u. s. troops in kuwait and were also part of the us led a joint military exercise defender year of $21.00. our continued cooperation 4 to 5 school so as long term commitment to peace, to security and to nato membership. also revived his efforts to join the alliance. a few months ago when the president made an official request, but nato does maintain that membership is still off the table. gustovo declared independence from serbia back in 2008. yet his independence has not been university
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recognized. around 4000 nato soldiers are based in the country, and it is also applied for membership in the council of europe and the u. n. let's discuss this issue. let's cross live now to political analysts, alexander povich, alexander, welcome to our see international. now, costco has been asking for me to a membership for some time. now. what would you say the main stumbling blocks are for it to join the organization? well, 1st of all, for out of 30 nato members, don't recognize costs as long as stay. so that's the number one obstacle i think otherwise the us and britain especially. ready busy left at the so called cost of all as part of nato. and, you know, i must point out the irony and all this, you know, corso has the support of bleeding western powers,
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meaning the u. s. wave burden germany and france. these are the same powers that are condemning russia for violating ukrainian territorial integrity. but they have absolutely 0 problem with violating, not only violating serbians in territory integrity, but actually encouraging a part of it part of the to join international organizations. so, you know, i think people should be aware of this rank pop receipts just aside from these aspirations, the cost of joining natal without actually moving on to my next question. very nicely, many serbians. how about she shown support for rushes, actions in ukraine, or the albeit they are in a significant minority? when you say there are any similarities between serbia relationship with kosovo and rushes with ukraine? well, 1st of all, i must tell you all the polls and serbia indicate that the vast majority of
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serbians up to about 80 percent oppose sanctions against russia. meaning that most of those people actually support the show because we are well aware of what natal actually is the nature of natal because nato started expanding 1st at the expense of serbia. you know, they committed aggression against serbia. and montenegro was called us while we at the time $999.00. absolutely. outside of the year when they did it unilaterally. and, you know, the nature of that alliance. so it's totally aggressive. it really shouldn't have existed after the cold war ended. so we, well understand russia, security concerns, you know, natal is done nothing but expect and as far as the parallel between your client and
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cost of all, well, i'll just turn you back for a moment meant to a letter written by willy, when he used to be quite a frequent guest on our team. he was a high german official and he attended a security conference and bratislava lock in april 2000. and he reported to the german chancellor trader about what he heard. the american officials say very high american officials. and they said that the goal was bombing yugoslavia was part of rectifying eisenhower. mistakes from 1945 when he didn't deploy american troops in that part of europe, meaning yugoslavia or casa. and the other thing was the aim that the americans at
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a time was to restore on the state at the greatest expansion of the roman empire, meaning from the baltic to the black sea. that there should be r u. s. military presence. so even at that time, they knew that the goal was to expand eastward towards russia. and so, you know, it started with cost of all and the step, the current step is ukraine. so we see many parallels and it's not at all surprising. so many serve support russia or have understanding for its actions and ukraine. suddenly quite a lot of links between the 2 countries that political analyst alexander publish i'm afraid got to leave it there. but thank you very much for joining us today. thank you. alex, us, president george bush, the globally renowned instigator of the evasion of iraq appears to have
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accidentally admitted how unjustified his actions were mistaken. iraq, for ukraine during a speech and dulles now was some, have suggested this that was purely bush's conscience speaking. human rights watch has referred to it as the quotes of freud in slip of the century. the decision of one man to launch a holier justified and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean of ukraine. caesar rack. i mean, the ukraine. iraq anyway. $75.00 ah bush, whose 2003 invasion of iraq ruined the countries economy, left it in poverty and cost. approximately 200000 lives, put the blooper dance. his age was not the 1st or only american top official whose conscience appears to be playing tricks with him. current u. s. president joe biden is also widely known for mistaken afghanistan for ukraine
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. ah, moving on now, these are some of the latest pitches from the as of style factory in the dumbass city of murder, you pull away more ukrainian competence are surrendering on thursday night rufus as the 1730 troops including nationalists from the us of battalion have hunted themselves over in the past 4 days. ortiz egos done of isn't done yet with all the details. well, the ukrainian garrison that was hiding in the basement and the dungeons of the as of style still works. they keep surrendering. in fact, the total number of those who have decided to lay down arms and go into captivity has surpassed 1700 people. among them both the members of the as of neo nazi battalion and regular ukrainian soldiers. many of them, dozens, in fact, are wounded. they have been sent to hospitals and they receive medical care. here's what some of the ukrainian soldiers had to say about their predicament. her awarded
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shim were being held in good conditions. yes, there are mattresses, blankets the food is decent. we have enough of everything. i believe we have beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, everything is in order and the food as good as lunch. rosa. i didn't know what to expect, but in the end it's better than i expected. no one insults us here. my fellow soldiers have received medical assistance bandages were applied and the heavily wounded have been evacuated. and well, frankly, the only thing more miserable than the weather here right now is the condition that all these ukrainian soldiers were admitted in to the hospitals. here, internet's kinda denounced people's republic because they've suffered horrific, burns infected injuries lost limbs, and they were all kept down there without any access to proper medicine. so now, quite importantly, more than a half of the total fighters have already laid down arms,
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which leaves the minority that are still hiding in the basements there, but they all are intending to weld surrender, but among them is the top brass and the top brass of the as of neo nazi battalion, so when they lay down arms, hopefully they will. this is when something interesting is very likely to happen because they know so, so much. but we have already heard from russia, officials from the officials here in the nets, that those vices that will be found guilty of committing crimes against russia, against people here in the don't bass. they will receive military tribunal. they will receive sentences and well before cost for them. here is very great because here in the nets, people's republic, a capital sentence is real. it exists here within the legal system. so again, we'll have to see when everybody surrenders. and then while they will be tried amid a grave economic crisis and soaring inflation,
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the u plans to consume less energy and that's an effort to secure independence from russian, oil and gas. the goal for reduction has grown from a previously promised 9 percent to 13 percent. that's according to the u commission . president. energy savings are the quickest and the cheapest way to address the current energy crisis. we will therefore increase the energy efficiency target for 2030, from 9 percent to 13 percent. now this is just one of the proposals in the new e u. v power plan that was introduced in an effort to reduce dependence on russian fossil fuels. these promise to allocate an additional $300000000000.00 euros to achieve its goal, which will go towards importing more resources from other countries. cutting economic expenses under swift transition to green energy. now this is all happening amid exorbitant inflation, which is 3 times higher than european bangs. targets affects all european
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households which have faced a growth in prices for goods transports and energy bills. to save the country from economic collapse, german economists have even proposed delaying the retirement age. by 7 years to 70 years old, forced energy transition is said to be one of the fights is contributing to economic instability. it's already been exacerbated by dearth of qualified employees and a lack of young people capable of financially supporting the elderly. let's now discuss this with michael hudson economist, an author of super imperialism and the recently published destiny of civilization. welcome to the program, michael is good to be back. and so let's start off. let's just take, for example, let's say the, all these european programs, including the report program, eventually come into effect. how do you expect the e you stand in to be on the, the world stage after that? well, it will be squeezed economically. it was trying to be
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a powerhouse in the world economy. but in the last month, the euro has been declining steadily against the dollar, and it's on the way to $1.00 for euro, because it's having to pay much more foreign exchange for energy, for food, for weapons, and it's shrinking in terms of other economies. and where do you think the standard will be in relation to power houses such as china, libya, company? well, it's obviously out of the game, but instead of putting its own interest, the 1st is putting a really the us interest 1st. and it's acting more like a satellite of the united states than trying to develop its own destiny. is a whole plan of the you 20 years ago was to get rich by investing in russia, investing in china and a mutual,
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a mutual exchange. and now it's decided to stop there. the united states is absorbed europe, the united states. this is a war in ukraine, is a war by the united states, primarily to whole europe, into the us or orbit and to prevent european economic transactions with russia or china. so western europe is being left out, and russia, china and your asia are going together with the rest of asia and europe is simply going to be left behind. it's losing its export markets. it's been squeezed and as you've just pointed out, it's pushed up the retirement age because it's spending it budget on replenishing american military arms instead of investing in industry that had been doing since 1945. but you did indeed write that your policies to be politically independent states. and your was, you also suggested that washington wants to sever the trade size with china and
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russia. how exactly did you get to that conclusion? and do you think that this is actually this alleged us funny succeeding? well, i simply read the yeah, speeches up president biden, and is this team. they said that china is america's number one enemy. if you're going to call a country your number one central and you're not going to be increasing your trade and mutual dependency with it. and it's already insisted that as allies a sanction meaning boycott, russian export not only of oil and agriculture, but of the m e m. all of the other exports that russia and then making. so europe is following the u. s. the directions not to have contact with russia without contact with russia, is not going to have contact with china because china sees that europe is going to
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try to do to it just exactly what it's been doing to russia. and obviously, as a result of this, this current situation for many years now, russia and china have been growing closer, you know, diplomatically and economically. how do you see of global shift in power evolving over the next 510 years or so? the current war is dividing the world into 2 parts. there's going to be a u. s. dollar area of the u. s. europe and satellites, and there will be a multi polarity. there will be a group of russia, china together. and basically, they will be making their proposal of a different way of organizing world economic affairs to africa, latin america, and the other asian countries, and other asian countries and latin america, the global. so we'll see that it can get a better deal with russia and china than it can get from the united states. well,
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i guess on, on the flip side of that coin, one could argue that the existing situation will order, has only been cemented by this war. you see nate, so more line than ever you see europe more line than ever. you have finland and sweden on the brink perhaps of joining nate. so what was your response to that be michael? well, this integration of europe into the united states. us there is been like a new berlin wall is isolated us from the whole rest of the world. so instead of a victory of the united states, it's so place leading it. so because us strategists realize that they're losing the economic war with china, russia and the whole group of emerging nations. and they all they can try to do is hold on to europe. is there one source of income to exploit from europe would no
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longer get from any other country. was obviously as well as being a war on the ground. and this is also very much an economic war. you yourself have noticed that noted, excuse me, that node streamed through the gas pipeline from russia to germany was one of the 1st victims of this crisis. so what extent we now see in an international conflict for energy resources, we obviously had the you now winning itself off russian energy, the u. s. trying to fill that gap to a certain extent with alan gee. and then we have russia selling oil now to india. and china, what extent is this a conflict over resources? the important thing of russian oil being sold, india is they're sold in rubles, they're no longer sold in dollars. so, the whole international oil trade is no, the dollar, right? it will be in roles and chinese young in other currencies,
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but the dollar will be left out. and the whole idea of dollar diplomacy of $1.03, right, and monetary in realism is, is ended. and everybody thought that it would take 10 years for russia, china, other countries to break away. and yet united states itself is broken away as so from the other countries by grabbing the foreign exchange reserves of it and then venezuela. and now russia, nobody is going to trust to leave there to transact trend oil and trade and investment in dollars anymore. because the united states can simply grab whatever money they want for countries that don't agree to turn over their economic surplus to american investors and american traders. so the united states is isolated itself is shot it. so what we're talking of currencies, which is obviously the currently,
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the most sanctioned country in the world. but the rubel has recovered to, to way, way before pre war levels. to what extent do you think the sanctions imposed on russia by western countries have in fact negatively impacted the countries imposing them? it's certainly been very positive for russia. the 1st sanctions were imposed on russian agriculture like cheese, from lithuania, and so now russia produced some cheese. when you sanction the country, you force that country to be more self reliant on its own production. and the president has already said. now he's going to begin investing and import substitution. and if he can't buy imports from russia or united states, now he'll set up factories in russia to produce these goods for himself as themselves. and there's no reason russia cannot do this and be its own industrial power. it doesn't need the west, but the west, only russia. you mentioned
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a europe doing without russian oil for us liquid national gas. but it doesn't have the porch to import the natural gas. it will have to spend $5000000000.00 building up ports and it will take many years for this. what is germany and you're going to do in the next few years? are they going to let their pipes breeze on their houses? and the pipes breaking up a 1000, all the factories slow down already. german fertilizer companies have closed down because they can't get gas. and it's going to be years before they can get gas. and i'm fertilizer. how are the germans going to make their agricultural sustainable? well, they won't be, so europe is going to increase its food deficit, increase its energy deficit. it's basically committing suicide on behalf of the americans. and i don't know how long the political system of europe can go along
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with leaders who are present, americans that have their own national interest. well michael, i'm afraid we're going to leave it, but we could easily discuss the shifting world order for hours to come. but i'm a favorite running out of time. that's all for michael. and thank you very much for joining us. they are not too good to be here. thank you for having me. the u. s. a congresswoman has took out against the $40000000000.00 package post to be sent to ukraine, accusing fellow american law makers of corruption and even likening the bill to a money laundering scheme. federal law makers fund non profits. they fund non governmental organizations. they fund grants grants that go to people and if you really look into it a lot of times it's their friends and families that operate these non profits and non governmental organizations. and it's basically like money laundering schemes. us senate is reportedly expats. it's a past the ukraine 8 bill late on thursday, and that would allow joe biden's administration to release the funds for key if
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however, republican senator run, paul has managed to single handedly delayed the legislation so far is also called on the american public to oppose the spending of $40000000000.00 of us taxpayer money on ukraine instead of helping americans. it's home. however, top democratic senator, chuck schumer has hit bucket rumble, even calling him a point of the kremlin. i went home and i had a standing ovation from 200 people at a lincoln day dinner, who are say, thank you for holding up this money. we need help at home. we can't get baby formula. we can't pour our gas, but it is repugnant that one member the other side, the junior senator from kentucky chose to make a show and obstruct ukraine funding, knowing full well, he couldn't actually stop its passage for senator paul to delay ukraine. funding for purely political motives is to only strengthen pollutants hand. and while senators battle to send billions to ukraine, ordinary americans to go to cope with record inflation, along with gasoline prices,
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which are up over a dollar a gallon from just last year. people are voicing their concerns about the u. s. government sending money abroad when they themselves faced very real problems of home stock market is crashing gas prices. arising, inflation is through the roof. must be time for another 40000000000 for ukraine. if our elected officials had to pay for their own gas, i bet they would find a solution to the rising gas prices. meanwhile, back in our country, gas prices at highest level ever and rising. babies have no formula, store shelves, empty supply line crisis, southern border, a mess, highest inflation in decades. republican congressmen month guides has also slammed chords progressives in the u. s. government for their hypocrisy in funding the conflicts and ukraine. i used to be able to count on progressives in the congress who joined me in opposing
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a war in yemen who joined me and pushing back against presidential war powers with iran. who agreed that it would be crazy to start world war 3 over the kurds. but on the issue of ukraine, the progressives are signed up for the $40000000000.00 plus to from the war. political, unless garland nixon believes the u. s. is sacrificing the well being of its own citizens to fuel conflicts abroad. now we see a tremendous amount of money, $40000000000.00 that will ostensibly go to ukraine. but everyone knows that only a portion of the money will ever leave the american shores. a lot of it will go to defense contractors here or any number of contractors, and certainly when it gets there, there is it, there is a certainly a number of people in the society who are connected to in ukraine who are connected to oligarchy who are connected to organized crime and all manner of mystery and behavior shall we say. so we certainly know that money will be laundered. a lot of it will end up in cyprus and various bank accounts of politicians. our
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country is no, is not a, a nation state. as we understand this in an empire, we've gone to the dying collapsing stage of an empire. so now the resources from the empire flow out all around the world to try to prop up the empire. so now the american people, rather than get the print b, unfortunately, to use this word, the economic privilege of living in an empire that prays on every one else. now, there are the one who is pre owned by the empire, and the empire simply uses our resources and use the american people to pop up their, their endeavors around the world, such as the proxy war in ukraine. well, that's how the was looking at 6 30 pm, moscow time on pizza. called somebody back again with another look at today's biggest stories and about half an hour to mine. ah
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