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ah ah oh gosh, nobody will actually listen sit or she actually we're not wiley on the city on their point. dish has a lot harder. osha laura had that the she was she yeah. i didn't have school or g f q 3. uh i 08. you shes leeway huddle shell. it's so crazier who did better plus my 3rd year washed up pretty well. g o s e, and by the water, you in the city on the phone to miss you on talk with us mother. he did a little. should he done bus not on bus physicians? ah, any kind of reasoning of them come on to bring me a chair or was a studios?
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yes. yes. marshall tom mahoney, samuel males, richly ukrainian, helped me as diverse there's a huge volume between nationalist volunteer battalions and the ukranian military force. the u. a f also at the perfume grows being easier to use the tongue sold out to get the sodium, hopefully more using you doesn't pick up where you're with lane, but of course it's about almost a full grains. come on, come a lunch is full moon game, little shout cousin. you play with about a couple there and soccer in the prison. well, if you want them, you can use no legal day for the public. my dear, i'm you stanley store. i need it. not, not on chia. oh, good clubs, what works on a prisoner exchange program. she has met several ukrainian mothers searching for missing subs. ah, at the milady. i'm going to was in last and you got lots and lots of getting
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a good. i need some when you, when you might still possess what needs be the value, why didn't you approve the notching yet? and these young, untrained men are allegedly being sent to the front line with national battalions marching behind a new suit. marcella did you, kamala, before me, a how did you think that, that other than you do to much to put on there for them really is just so much to do with the situation that i was going to do, it'll, in your for chism a new new those leave or merit injurious and miracle. okay, came out to the, i mean, you know, if you know fin more, swipe g number is the admin's things regularly got to provide standing for lugens any legally. if you got the list of all is a can discover, everybody really come out of this is the only pull the sticky line. if you listen, bradswell is what the young e i'm use. i got a really, really took
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a spot in the production company is cooking. they did this lately, my thought in mitchell, when your bill is up. lynette, i was told what school to college. she says it though college validate got taught him by give me locals called a volunteer nationalist battalions double of us. jim's anyone is the bright bucket . come kit, have plenty of way in the crystal. plenty with care is less un. yeah. you forget, there's probably gonna be a silly prosser of the former ukraine security service lieutenant colonel joined the militiamen in 2014. that was a decision of conscience risking his own life. he rescued more than a 100 civilians and don best defenders took effect. so 3, i know who to who she put from we're both, we did have a lot about another. but paula, what does he have to go over the deal with my belief telephone by itself?
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her daughter is doing school or stuff, but the wiley school is deal when you will. a buzzer, and you was truly random weiksner corner to have couple really g. but the issue with the locals that will give them my ceiling when a good machine thinkers reach or c d t. that is ali policy. what is a spin ah, with burleson, i'm with the school has these to do? would be to see what the collegiate and stimulus she digital are about a 2 ways moderate digital. mm. to be 3 kalashnikov, head of the health ministry, medical examiners office in the donia to people's republican. this treated many victims of this war
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a family, but the unit you were stuck with is do what is a she sees a girl knew not in the voters. do you notice that we were looking for on e, but let me just a little nigi lee, but not the skin wasn't always clean psychological, arsenic, or have the most of the nationalist battalions alleged crimes is unknown and sorrowful with thing. more things to occur. i know, you know, and on bus and on the stock and just look up a normally a muscle. is there any new she kitty doesn't being in the green. she'll never see a left here. what she i think she'll is still job the on the bus. got the idea that
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sheila mullin near dia, children, ethylene museum. dr. chris, you what they, i believe, you know, given you, i believe at the flock, the legends gym is a fix, you know, and these nazi group, some of them used a batches, 4th call and they were promised slaves and land from thomas was dying for millage. if we only put a stop to go for them, come when you look, i thought i'd leave the deposit of shows or checks. seattle would have jumped so but lucy was the one year le push on the middle of the way and the, the tourists serrano kramer. freeman notice, but all of those, but i mean also for see did, ah ah, animal rights demonstrations like this,
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a commonplace in european cities to the whole population of norm, but has been showing as a terrorist. we witness a huge information war, waged against the dorm was people and rush, everything. basically what was told in the western mainstream media was just absolute lie. and when i came here 1st, i'm in the beginning of 15 and i saw this beautiful people union. and i understood the magnitude of july, i wasn't sure even i knew that these happen as why the reason why i can. but when i saw it in my own eyes that they were treated worse than the door worse than any any more. so the demonstration against the russian world in the western propaganda is
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a very terrible team. it's very frightful, t ah, western and ukrainian mass media often keep silent about alleged crimes committed by nationalist battalions, frequently failing to report accurately and blaming demolition. and for the victims, the screen just ourselves test every day. if result are we see can we don't agree sell the new kind of booked out. switch out of a prison with i mean to kiss he or aggress time, only provincial. he'll move there, which he didn't want, affects your, your civilian to put that well, if the police don't get opposed discussed by due to what was in the progression in the summer of 2014 battle begins on a land that hasn't seen hostilities since world war 2 o july
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2014. the is verna coltrane. august, the 11th children, more than $7000.00 ukrainian troops found themselves surrounded today. but i have a believe i am using the latest muscle from g shop from switching storage and not a huge bizarre look. or can you go to help me? you can do it is totally agree. you preach obviously it'll come when you've got dory. what do you sleep by so much if you go to see if you know crane your printer to talk about almost on a federal free but social if you wish. want you to toyota ukraine is in a disastrous position. lou on september the 5th 2014 the 1st minsk agreements for
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a peaceful settlement of the military conflict in douglas are signed. shall i kneel scott like lashania as possible? grey or ballinger shadows were on another call but you're in the store. literally run your local day. after the papers were signed, the 2 sides accused each other of breaking the agreement. what are some good web? she had a smarter to what, what the sign uminski foreclosure, they could, ah, legend just multiple to said so social, wilma bertram about on my don't pick up the new bull near the norm with him. would you measure to report the computer open to move my piece? my question. you live when you louis that on the while ago there made them go very almost him broke with a steep index. stability level of so much to possibly new front with the more music associated with employ news you normally however, in january 2015 new fighting broke out near the town of develops of
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that reckless plan resulted in the developed of a culture according to the militia, ukraine, last up to 8000 troops in the 3 conference can you bring out an up of the can, patina grindstone metal roof? don't wish to write something figure, but the most bird it said is that in the gut me missile answer. but if you just, i mean who you may think you just, i mean you but you may have to deal with the yeah, i trisha because i to cranes can with when you play it over, i give you. so a fin id story brass idea that boy bigler muted ye. there are countless of weakened things, never called it for. and each funded by yours, in each funded by the globally supported by natal. greene can not spot this war
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until this hit quarter is demolished. and when it happens, i promise you civil war in ukraine will stop next day. ah, on february the 12th 2015, the mincing to agreement is signed, but the fighting continues with people can have different opinions about the course of events. but to me, it looks like an illegal unabashed open act of russian aggression against the sovereign ukraine. hutchinson is up at the new good than you, but his lad, tosto, unless i did it today for a teacher's kid who could have done sco in law. not since earl's physician on the ceiling, you watching would not go at each door. then the newcomers done. they she taught see you later i see a good i see as a who educates like that and know it the new se with absolute than you cook with
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history domestic. lou, i have seen in my own eyes is happening. when i saw go journalist come to dawn with take the microphone and lie there talking about some armin gash driving around and oppression people wearing doughnuts with both of them. and i asked, where are they? why are you right like these? where are these armored gangs really show me a while? you know that we on bank to do it. ah ah
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oh, when i was showing wrong. when oh please just don't hold any world to shape out. disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah
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worship. alina subsequently, rosmer resort that to be with the taxable muscle shock that was little from a teacher scheme. were fred chests, mine 22 known as communist scale. one of the few remaining minds it don bus, head of the mind, alexandra pillar, gulf and his team managed to restart operations after it had been completely plunder by ukrainian soldiers. suggesting that there was to leverage the boy. you must have just knew somebody more opening his club, the proposal mm. risking their lives. the miners kept working under heavy fire. mm hm. have to be born in the shop to be able to ship it out the list. that's 3 off the whole collection would be an issue. they once had to hide on the ground for 2 days. what's called a shot, the full of studio, but of course we're headed to school. postal,
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your options was nice to put. i really liked it was after the shilling locals described the terrifying results in a mutually club metal. really pools up a call. it got a couple of little cleaners today, but other than what it is, but he was a really was 91. use the sweetest watch you eat, so stop. what else could you look? i enjoyed very gina. so give me a since breaks. but a few little sobriety above about me got a special dna lab was set up and done yet, which was not still go to my buddy below. and the bullet awful pokemon went to the l. m e a bullet also, could you still cynical rep agreement about michigan to look to buy it? sure. jesus, it's on the we bought the do to go been super quoted economy and sir,
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ah, these children know all to well what war is, what they've never known as peace. ah, oh yes, there's a lab there. am when i was a yang rock and i near randy. man, oh yeah, no. wow. does it honestly jag address doin or any of those where you've decorated a new ram, sina america, that the country had sent him? what lose my papa friendship? i hope a hernia can get away,
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mamma bushland annual. what am you pushing here? i choose to weigh less carries are quite sure if that extra rack all plastic back ah, but these children will never sing paint or dream again. ah, the pharmacy keeps from guitar. morgan schuman ah, my tv authority, you about our computer one the old car you night, that just will not. so my niece teacher gimme about your time. yeah. she bought a dog you live, but madam b, one is still with me. ah, the done yes. people's republic also has a monument for the children who died to jasmine offered him. some are a li, angelo. it thought the golden up. i'm in line. yeah. minutes of all done. bossa
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caputo center is up let's either the thought was it. if i don't, the daughter plays a shelf heated the teacher that was from god, daddy and larosa, a human rights commissioner for the dentist people's republic has repeatedly tried to convey the don best people's message to the west, a nauseous. and then what i did is not at the zooming in, absolutely, you know, the coverage before i go to music. human goals negotiate idea, school and with us like i did with politic mendoza, but she also had in, um, you know, late me deep oper, nidia, mom and i mean, there's not, but i begun the elder, but they're at the place towards the just not grading and um you know him, but for sure you got or is he just i did gerald so much it it though. oh great. i'm at the children at then that her at nice him yeah. me just the readies my this and i bought a new product that you swain dorms. so just to rainstorm the
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villages of done yet. sky at global scale has become a dividing line. some of the houses are just 2 or 300 meters from ukrainian army positions with guns are fired here every day and oxygen as much with grain on your epistles. you either way he gets his teeth. well, that's the address that to me. yep. are they of course the back up or if it does is what is this the sim? yeah, i read what pat alford is yet king, yet goring in yet rollin yet need q one. yes. with me that call us now on it. so working are by he bra,
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georgia, president dizzy lansky as a one year. yes. or as though in your one year to ye enable a mighty on her door. so he can, i mean, this is a, is it, you are still at some of the doors here where smith still click here to look for, look over reniger. mm. with one on us. those are for that. well, let us just give slack my me just leslie about allies deals with senior missouri doing yet. but you know, you might hear you mon ah, there was some slurred words. richard on board alert was just hold it regardless of
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still what him or her order or a more dame report. and i just on the one of those are willer, but still get the get her will ship us thrills just roll them slowly. every village on the border has to withstand regular heavy fire. snipers are always on the prowl to look at a score was between. if and you can go to the game that's not bobus yet. school for sydney. gorda, mother proposed those reps really what any upstairs would you do me right. yeah. and i did see we only them we do next up still. e rush was called off the washer and actually thank bushes that are the cross near it. the slice number comes to the woman, the most miscellaneous nichols heard of it, broken, mitchell ice ditches. williams scholar. my mom, when you most of your had 3 i with my mom were from the city lights. you know, you would, i did a chicken bomber will profit. cindy, i don't want from without having what i'm spot. you to reach a shot,
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but yet it is upright, but i'm sure that she left him in ukraine. today. there are american troops in european troops. nato has had a role in the country. but much of the effort has been in response to russian aggression has been a response to the fact that russia went in and illegally has violated the sovereignty of its neighbors. and the united states and nato partners have felt an obligation to help ukrainians better defend themselves, willing to come up and yeah, i just good luck with deal. it was my biggest lane is dallas. nicholas i'm, if you will, is this book book or what that will be at all the disk. both of you with this new miss it, it's ready to cover will be like expensive, which i am the garbage, the wellness of the world, that she'll not justify. little financing about the law. really, carthage navina actually stuff was to buy
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a do crane system on that on m. khatri chavez. this way with us. he's got army, good year discount. army wasn't analyses got, i mean we did it them, you'll only buy. so look, because it would be a via my digital didn't know what i did. we simply couldn't get your groom for here . where would you like to just get your net? if it would be well, jennifer, my new stolen mccully didn't get into i me when his or her dealing image with ha ha ha ha. i never been afraid for one day for russian army because they are simply not here. local. say the o. s. c. special monitoring mission to ukraine performed its duties and don't burst quite selectively. they claim it mostly records details that support the key eval authorities at their western masters. where are in your world 30, can you please read what lay? it's all, it's a for software to say it was issued that there was a bit of a webpage, but not so called the where of the say those mid alcohol con,
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avia for k or k. novela local quoted was assessing and up at san us coast. but i love the idea called finesse. little by now is by laws as controlled up or lesson, see me or not that in. that's it. the decision table it 3 beat each. veronica, if i'm in the on a new basis, was the new book in a bit, so we don't get on the actual to summer with a new appointment with some white glove related company. not such a thesis. bug you sure? hold on bison. bishop bought some gum one, simpson sent the with the route to pick a student today, anerio on their locals on thursday. the situation has now escalated to the extreme . they claim shilling attacks have increased significantly over the past 9 months and excursion. they didn't butte but now gosh, they did a whole gigabyte, but you more? yeah, because yeah, yeah. so do you know jackie thought you blue
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what was done against a don't was people can be done. any people anywhere. ah, why? just because they defend their culture, their language, their mother then they can be shown as an enemy of to well why them? but if you are, that is williams can when you have only had mucous egless when you're graham of sure, then she eventually but talk about it cuz it goes on when another bison. mm. but despite in the system shelling and international pressure. mm. dumbass keeps living, working, and dreaming of a peaceful future. mm. without ukraine.
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mm. absolute and i wish and store room you more than super stones stuff. but most of it don't. i make course for scott mclean. this is margaret buggy. please give us nickel. cecilia mccormick, children, i teach luke got the order for gilbert. o was o. grade children. dorothy pazzano the gotta checked out. those are the upgrade and on you with another car, you know, but he is, but the district almost forwarded to storm. where regency just so press one to craig. my daughter wants to should julia, can you move with newkirk smart ridge wood to sort of look, i had last week. i heard that boys yet. there was they were in the daily rather as yes, a little gray luca had them. it's impossible just because of the war crimes dawning . don't let kentucky look. look in a start dental corranio split the look janet is still looking can competent devotee,
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novice. i wondered, what's a good fit to please that grass dumpster hobby of the little book that is not at school gift except both stores and wonder do pieces medical physician or with cooking was none. so good as it in moving when you met of sofa, she's going, you just gotta watch it, you know, last resume when you know this, him, he's the, does they do it the last with
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ah look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people, a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to rates trust rather than fear with take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with obama's protective own existence with
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a ah, gracious president, joined his turkish counterparts in opposing of finland and sweden, the session to nato, almost 2000 ukrainian troops, including members of the nationalist as of battalion, have laid down their weapons. mario poles, perceived steel plan this week. also coming up on the program. the surgeon of one man to law, a wholly are justified and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine, former us president george w bush, you ordered the 2003 invasion rog, gaffes, while speaking about the crisis in ukraine.


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