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who ah ah, gracious president, joined his turkish counterparts in opposing of finland and sweden. this session to nato. almost 2000 ukrainian troops, including members of the nationalist of battalion, laid down their weapons about post besieged steel plan this week. also coming up on the program. the surgeon of one man to large a holy are justified and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine, former us president george w bush. you ordered the 2003 invasion of iraq gaffes while speaking about the crisis in ukraine. and the your analysis record,
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13 percent reduction in energy consumption. that's to cause his dependence on bush and fossil fuels emitted grave economic crisis. with live for my headquarters in moscow, you're watching r t. my name is peter scott and 30 minutes of news and views stored now took his refusal to allow finland unsweetened to join. nato has caused a widening rift within the block with the presidents of croatia. now also speaking out against the session of the 2 nordic countries, christian presidency, zora milan of each once his country's parliament to vote against the proposed expansion of nato. so i think a legit grievances that western countries have failed to help creations resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and has a governor. none of it has also said that allowing finland and sweden to join nato will be a quote, very dangerous adventure. you are the turkish president,
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has reiterated his done on preventing hell. think he unthought home from entering the block? we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction. and car claims that the 2 nordic countries support terrorist groups and movements opposed to the turkish government. a diplomatic sources do say the anchor has blocked the bureaucratic process of nato's expansion. that was just hours after finland unsweetened 100, in the official applications of former turkish military intelligence chiefs, as the anchor is simply trying to protect his own interests. shamefully, before the conflict between russia and ukraine, nato was not even considering the membership of sweden and finland. this whole issue is being promoted by the united states and the u. k. they want western
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countries to stand united against russia. turkey has 2 good reasons to be against this. the 1st is that it will lead to a conflict between russia and the west. and the 2nd, sweden and finland are providing strong support to terrorist groups. sweden helps the curves financially, but there are also other countries in nato that also support terrorism against turkey and the united states is the 1st one to mention here. washington supports the kurds in their efforts to create a military stronghold or northern syria. therefore, in light of these significant security issues, turkey strongly opposes the entry of sweden and finland and to nato. if those countries continue to support terrorists, then why should turkey sit at the same table with them? being members of one security organization means that each member is obligated to guarantee support and protection to others by supporting the kurds. the swedes and many other countries are putting turkey in a difficult position. in my opinion,
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turkey has the right to talk about its security guarantees, and until this important issue was resolved on turkey, should stand his ground good. while with some of the blocks members at loggerheads of how to proceed with the expansion of the alliance, longtime and nathan hopeful, kosovo, the seas the moment to remind brussels that he also wants to join the military club . local. so a security force was called deployed with u. s. troops in kuwait and were also part of the us led joint military exercise defender year of $21.00. our continued corporation, 4 to 5 school, so as long term commitment to peace, to security, and to nato membership or kosovo. revive dis, efforts to join the alliance early this year with the president making an official request. but nato says it's not actually considered accepting the break away country. as a member, cosmo declared independence from serbia back in 2008. although it states it has not
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been university recognized. 3800 need. so soldiers are still stationed in the country. as peacekeepers and kosovo has also applied for membership of the council of europe and the un lexical analysts, alexander pub, it says there's no way for customers to join nato. as on several alliance members don't even recognize the country's independence. of course it was, allocation was accepted and it was name by 30 natal members and you know, for natal members do not recognize coastal so. busy either those countries would have to be pressed to change their mind, which is very hard to do because they have their own territorial concerns in like spain for example, like will mania are like, like lease so you know, they are very hesitant to, to participate in this precedent, if that happened,
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it would mean that the 4 countries are brought to their knees and forced to work in yes, their interests. and also just means that, you know, nato doesn't abide by, you know, any law. i mean, it's been obvious for a while. the nato is kind of a law unto themselves, but this would just be additional proof of that. and of course, you know, just make it into almost a carbon copy of the 3rd writing a were, you know, no laws are sacred and everything is just subordinated to this mad dash to the east. ah, x u. s. president george w bush, the instigator of the invasion of iraq appears to have accidentally admitted how justified his actions were mistaken. iraq for ukraine during the speech in dallas. now, while some have suggested the slip was purely bush, his conscience speaking, human rights watch has referred to it as the quotes freudian slip of the century. the decision of one man to launch a holy, unjustified,
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and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean of ukraine. st. rack, i mean, the ukraine iraq, anyway. 75 ah. bush shoes, 2003 invasion of iraq cost approximately 200000 lives and ruined the country's economy for the briefer dance of his age. let's cross alive now to francis boil professor of international law. frances, thanks for joining us here on ot see. now what do you make of this latest slip? bush has in the past cold iraq, his biggest regrets. but what do you make of this recent gaff? well peter, it was truly as human rights said, a florian slip. there is no question about it. well, what concerns me is the audience laughing about it. and if you hear
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us mainstream news media this morning, many pundits are laughing about. there is nothing funny about what happened here. this was outcry, aggression under burn crime against peace. despite the figure you put up there. as far as our investigations have been able to determine this for killed about 1500000 iraqis, outright, genocide and 5000 of us military personnel most should be in jail. i didn't prosecute him at the quality poor war crimes tribunal in malaysia twice and got to unanimous convictions. i did trying to working with canadian lawyers try to get him prosecuted in canada, but the canadian government, under harper,
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his body aboard those proceedings. i did try to get him in teams and he bought the tanzanian government said look, we're just a small little government here in africa. you can't really expect us to go after the former president of the united states. and we were able to scare him out of switzerland for few fear of prosecution there. these are very serious matters. yes, indeed. not. not the laughing matter for the people in iraq. i'm sure now you brought on. i think my next question, what were for the evidence? did you have them in this trial against bush, the evidence it was to trans. and each trial was a 5 days long. the trial, due to point to defense, counsel barristers, there in malaysia with a team to defend bush and the documentation was just the
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official documentation from the united states. our records themselves were motion to rest on self incriminating themselves, and other rapid will come from sources from the un and around the world. it's all been filed with the international criminal court in the hey, i just seem interesting to put it mildly, this someone in bush's position would criticize putin for he calls launching a holy, an unjustified invasion. some a call it calling the kettle black. no matter what your position is on the russian war in ukraine. what do you make of bushes, criticism of putin? well, what bush, i'm not here, you know, to defend or oppose or whatever, whatever president who's doing in ukraine. no thought if you look at
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a president who did not inflict shock and all i'm you cry like motion did on a rec and literally devastated the the iraqi cities. so no shock. and all, i think the reason why 1st is you know, all the you credit he is, are slavic brothers and sisters, uncles, and cousins, and the inter marriage. so no shock and awe. and then of course, we know the origins of keeping loose or go back there to the earliest days in the ukraine, the keys, whose civilization. so that's what has struck me that certainly compared to bush junior, so shock and all of the russian use military force by comparison has been, has been targeted. now, living back to that gaff again,
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over the bush, is not the 1st u. s. official to make such a slip obviously by didn't develop that they quite the reputation for some of his guys. i'm just left you a short clip now and ask your question after it. we have them significantly increase the number of troops, and we're back in this war of attrition. and, and there is no way we were ever going to unite ukraine. i mean, shoot me a rack afghanistan. now this is a risk of reading too much in for these gaps. i mean, they're both elderly gentlemen. well, i regret to say in, in the case of president biden, to be charitable, i believe he's suffering from alzheimer's disease. so there you go on bush junior. no. why? if i think it was a 40 and slip of but i'm afraid just speaking as an american citizen,
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he has alzheimer's disease. it's obvious to everyone who sees it. so it's very hard to read anything into what he's saying. it raises the question, who is really, who is really making the decisions here? are behind president biden? and it seems to me that would be a congresswoman philosophy and senator schumer, for the re powers by the democratic party. and they then talk to white house chief of staff, ron kline, who's behind me at harvard law school. and jake solve a national security advisor, yield law school, and blank, and sector, and state columbia law school. i believe those are the people are really making the foreign policy now of the united states. and then, you know,
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biden does the best and can we saw the same thing with president reagan, certainly in his 2nd. second turn was the white thought gets comments on on the president biden's health fronted by a professor of international law. thank you very much for joining us today and for your input. sure, thanks for hm. bye bye. thank you. oh, no, you see no uh, some pictures of the latest pictures from the as of style factory in the dumbass city of mount you pl. that's where more ukrainian competence are surrendering on thursday. now russia says that 1730 troops, including body calls from the battalion, have 100 themselves over in the past 4 days. is done of isn't done yet with all the details. well, the ukrainian garrison that was hiding in the basement and the dungeons of the as of style still works. they keep surrendering. in fact, the total number of those who have decided to lay down arms and go into captivity
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has surpassed 1700 people. among them both the members of the as of neo nazi battalion and regular ukrainian soldiers. many of them, dozens, in fact, are wounded. they have been sent to hospitals and they receive medical care. here's what some of the ukranian soldiers had to say about their predicament or voyage him were being held in good conditions. yes, there are mattresses, blankets the food is decent. we have enough of everything and i believe we have beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, everything is in order and the food as good as i didn't know what to expect. but in the end it's better than i expected. no one insults us here. my fellow soldiers have received medical assistance bandages were applied and the heavily wounded have been evacuated. and well, frankly, the only thing more miserable than the weather here right now is the condition that
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all these ukrainian soldiers were admitted in the, to the hospitals. here internet's kinda dynette people's republic because they've suffered her, if it burns infected injuries, lost limbs, and they were all kept down there without any access to proper medicine. so now, quite importantly, more than a half of the total fighters have already laid down arms, which leaves the minority that are still hiding in the basements there, but they all are intending to will surrender, but among them is the top brass and the top brass of the as of neo nazi battalion, so when they lay down arms, hopefully they will have this is when something interesting is very likely to happen because they know so, so much. but we have already heard from russia, officials from the officials here. net that those vices that will be found guilty of committing crimes against russia, against people here in the don't bass, they will receive military tribunal. they will receive sentences and well before
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cost for them. here is very great because here in the next people's republic, a capital sentence is real. it exists here within the legal system. so again, we'll have to see when everybody surrenders and then well they will be tried moving on now the european parliament deserve the unprecedented sanctions on a former german chancellor, an ex austrian foreign minister. gerhard schroeder and karen can i so have been targeted over their close ties with moscow and approved by brussels. the movement marked the 1st you sanctions against such high profile citizens at home. the parliament has also called on e u. countries to expand their sanctions further. that would be to include any europeans who continue to cooperate with and receive money from russia. now both gerhard schroeder, uncaring can i still are members of the board of directors of major russian energy company, ross. net. both former european politicians are also accused of having close
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personal ties with vladimir putin, brussels as urge them to abandon their positions in the russian company or face sanctions, including the freezing of the assets in the u. let's discuss these developments with martin dolts, her hamburg parliament member from the dealing party. welcome to archie, international marketing. so what sort of message do you think brussels is sending by threatening to sanctions? such high profile politicians? i think let me know which. so it shows that no compromise is wrong and the moment no real dialogue, because i think the sanctions anyway, they are totally up to mentoring. if you believe in sanctions, usual things president by them for the was and see and other was all around the world. but that isn't done, and so i think is the wrong direction if you do sanctions like that on patients who are in contact with other countries and even former orientations,
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one contact with other countries who are in the conflict, no, like a conflict in the ukraine. russia and walked into the mall and that's direct ian union this involved as well. if you want to dialogue, you should have who is open every me every moment and aspect of the possible dialogue and to sanction people who have ways to read it that leaks into it that in my mind. so do you think that the european union, instead of taking such punitive measures potentially against these you politicians to be encouraging them to enter into a dialogue with russian officials? yes, they, i mean, yes, good. i was in moscow speaking, you meant letting your team he has open ways to to talk and if we think conflict from the end,
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not from the increasing escalation and then let's look again to m b conflict. and if you close always and to the former petitions like the food on the la medical could be people could be in a dialogue in russia except the ukraine. accept them as people who can be bringing call in some kind of radiation or whatever. every way should be kept open like this, that close the wrong direction is an aggressive problem which is less, but it was a lot on the line. and i don't like this. they are on would you explain such high profile, former, your officials to have some sort of diplomatic immunity or does that and when they leave their posts, i mean immunity is a big question. if you look to international law, national law and unity. but i think if someone had
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a leading position and didn't walk rise for. ready in that leading position, like all the last american presidents, turkish residents are responsible for walk, right. they should be some all responsible for that, but the food i chance. yes, he was responsible for the navy t. 12, yet been done, but we should after all, this only because he has done no medical and personal time to russia is a, it's like mistreating every respect past and those charges on former presentations. i think this is the total hopes and talking about the sanctions more broadly moving on from individuals. and you did mention before in your response to my 1st question that you know perhaps present biden's should be
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sanction for his role in syria. do you see a 3rd level hypocrisy here about how russia is been treated for its war and ukraine, compared to a number of countries in the west of launched wars, and i'm going to start iraq libya, a 1st real check on the international orange. it was laid out and this was done by neutral states were responsible for all this was in the end. so if you do sanctions, you should sanctions to everyone or you don't to, to anyone to in this us. and that way. this is a v, a m ways of communication in the united nation. ok. more international green. yeah. so i think that should be more conscious that the sanctions should be stopped and we should come to
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better dialogue form. and i guess, well, we'll have to wait and see how that situation evolves, and indeed to see whether gosh, wrote on kind of nice last sanction body for that size to russia. martin, a part of the member for the dialing capacity. thank you very much for joining us today. nazi. thank you. so all of this to thank you. now, i mean, the grave economic crisis answering inflation. the plans to consume less energy. that's in an effort to secure independence from russian fossil fuels. and the goal for reduction has grown from previously promised 9 percent to 13 percent. that's according to the commission presidents. energy savings are the quickest and the cheapest way to address the current energy crisis. we will therefore increase the energy efficiency target for 2030,
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from 9 percent to 13 percent. this is just one of the proposals in the new e u. v power plan introduced an effort to reduce dependence on russian oil and gas . now the u. s. promised allocates an additional $300000000000.00 euros to achieve its goal, which will go towards importing more resources from other countries. cutting economic expenses under swift to transition to green energy. now this is all happening amid exorbitant inflation, which is 3 times higher than european bang as targets not to fix all european households which have faced a growth in prices for goods transports and energy bills. to save the country for economic collapse, german economists have even proposed delaying the retirement age. by 7 years to 70 years old, forced energy transition is said to be one of the facts is contributing to economic instability, which is already been exacerbated by a dearth of qualified employees. and a lot of young people capable of financially supporting the elderly. and we
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discussed earlier these that issue with economy and author michael hudson, who says that he is economy shrinking is tied to it's becoming a u. s. satellite is the ending will be a squeeze economically. it was trying to be a power house of the world economy, but in the last month, the e, the euro has been declining steadily against the dollar. and it's on the way to $1.00 per euro, because it's having to pay much more foreign exchange for energy, for food, for weapons, and it's shrinking in terms of other economy instead of putting its own interest. the 1st that putting a, really, the us interest person acting more like a satellite of the united states, the united states is absorbed. your western europe is being left out and are russia, china, your asia, are going together with the rest of asia. and europe is simply going to be left
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behind. it's losing its export. markets is being squeezed. europe is following the u. s. the directions not to have contact with russia, and without contact with russia is not going to hampton deck with china, because china sees that europe is going to try to do to it just exactly what it's been doing to russia. moving on now, a u. s. congresswoman is struck out against the $40000000000.00 package poised to be sent to ukraine. she accused of fellow american lawmakers of corruption and even like in the bill to money laundering. federal law makers fund non profits. they fund non governmental organizations. they fund grants grants that go to people, and if you really look into it a lot of times it's their friends and families that operate these non profits and non governmental organizations. and it's basically like money laundering schemes. u . s. senate is reportedly expats. it's a pus, the ukraine 8 bill lates on thursday,
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which would allow joe bindings administration to release the funds for key f. what's republican, senator run, paul as moneys to single handedly delay the legislation so far is also called on the american public to oppose the spending of $40000000000.00 of us taxpayers. money on ukraine, instead of helping americans, buckets home, or the top democratic senator, chuck schumer has his bike around poll, even calling him a point of the kremlin. i went home and i had a standing ovation from 200 people at a lincoln day dinner, who i'll say, thank you for holding up this money. we need help at home. we can't get baby formula. we can't pour our gas, but it is repugnant that one member the other side, the junior senator from kentucky chose to make a show and obstruct ukraine funding, knowing full well, he couldn't actually stop its passage for senator paul to delay ukraine. funding for purely political motives is to only strengthen putin's hand. and while senate says battles and billions to ukraine, ordinary americans are struggling to cope with record inflation alone. we gasoline
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prices, which help over a dollar a gallon from just last year. people are voicing their concerns about the u. s. government sending money abroad when they themselves faced very real problems at home. stock market is crashing gas prices. arising, inflation is through the roof. must be time for another 40000000000 for ukraine. if our elected officials had to pay for their own gas, i bet they would find a solution to the rising gas prices. meanwhile, back in our country, gas prices at highest level ever and rising. babies have no formula, store shelves, empty supply line crisis, southern border, a mess, highest inflation in decades. republican congressman month gates has also slammed quotes progressives in the u. s. government for the hypocrisy and funding the conflict and ukraine. i used to be able to count on progressives in the congress who joined me in opposing
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a war in yemen who joined me in pushing back against provincial war powers with iran, who agreed that it would be crazy to start world war 3 over the kurds. but on the issue of ukraine, the progressives are signed up for the $40000000000.00 plus to from the war difficult, unless garland nixon believes the u. s. is sacrificing the well being of his own citizens to fuel conflicts abroad. now we see a tremendous amount of money, $40000000000.00 that will ostensibly go to ukraine. but everyone knows that only a portion of the money will ever leave the american shores. a lot of it will go to defense contractors here or any number of contractors, and certainly when he gets there, there is it, there is a certainly a number of people in the society are connected to in ukraine who are connected to oligarchy who are connected to organized crime and all manner of mystery behavior shall we say. so we certainly know that money will be laundered. a lot of it will end up in cyprus and various bank accounts of politicians. our country
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is no, is not a a nation state as we understand it. this in an empire, we've gone to the dying collapsing stage of an empire. so now the resources from the empire flow out all around the world to try to prop up the empire. so now the american people, rather than get the print the unfortunately they do use this word, the economic privilege of living in an empire that prays on every one else. now they're the one who is pre owned by the empire. and the empire simply uses our resources and use the american people to prop up their, their endeavors around the world, such as the proxy war in ukraine. do you feel free to know it's all t dot com for more stories and in depth analysis? my name is peter scott my back again with more news at the top of the hour. thank you for watching. ah.


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