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in very, this bank accounts of the politicians, our country is no, is not a, a nation state. as we understand this in an empire, we've gone to the dying collapsing stage of an empire. so now the resources from the empire flow out all around the world to try to prop up the empire. so now the american people, rather than get the print b, unfortunately, to use this word, the economic privilege of living in an empire that prays on everyone else. now they are the one who is pre owned by the empire. and the empire simply uses our resources and use the american people to pop up their, their endeavors around the world, such as the proxy war in ukraine. do you feel free to go with the r t dot com for more stories, an in depth analysis. my name is peter scott. my be back again with more news at the top of the hour. thank you for watching. ah
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who it is do some is mr. william the front of the will to be awesome. new people with whom i believe deal with global as will give us quality one. ah,
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since the break away of the doughnuts people's republic woo has been raging and don't boss. ukrainian. artillery has been shelling civilian townsend, mining villages. alicia, i bet you're in there. joseph. when you so the sleep come out with millie if you. okay. and so on february, the 24th 2022, russian launched a special military operation. its goal is to free ukraine from ultra nationalists units as off. yes, that's what we're going to let you look where you via cpd said she may get nauseous . cpg, we sent over the art i niece, ms. idea of a georgia, legitimate study guide was issue shows that it you a bit like you like me with his words you, if you where you live with
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every day volunteer andre lu cinco and his son by the slab. i groceries using money donated by his subscribers. they packed the groceries at the checkout and deliver them to where only they dare to venture them lot. with that it opens up. i thought, been modern and few as precious little to him. so if those them affordable, put to move with the other, i end up with a look for my eyes which is tipping. i mean those diets that you've coupled
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with low palmer house with usually, i mean, bushels nights alleged this could happen was just with a book pulling the board and we took him to the card for lou schuessler pope team lucian. the deal with the choice is a web store and your board is to will get those to promote it with a with a little more. can we put on the bring in what so you say different vehicle one
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more group you super that of the would just let others should know what works on the bushes. but if you, like i said, you haven't met before. yet in up each anchor is one of the groceries recipients. she ran here to pick up her bags and then just straight back home to the safety of her seller. i will start with a, if the with mastercard, you live with the barrett, the saw the dealer, he got a thought which it's of. so i will give the show as though it's all used to live with himself. with them you got them shrieked more than a show you took a book. if so, stay in. i did so now watch them. where does your wish there was still a good there still it the just believe go to his mouth. not all those kill somebody . leave room for the full of all solution. we still class guess that only
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just put on a political the shooting is paulina moses. the mom is proud to live for quality. why did why the elaina was carrying her grand. she's home the shelling started. who should we put the modem? she does not live. don't you, bill? her photo for pity creeper. upstream, let me know. and from our i was with a little less concept. most of all the people, me or stay on the machine. we much more symbol to put them up for the number one you're for possibly a crucial point of view from political the media read your current was a cooler world war slots open from your book. were threatening bill. sure, now and i get the junior pride, you will say it also was college correctly. michelle over about told somebody whisker deuced chambers for me. is it a mutual real quick or start? always new card? just make sure you didn't pay me the wrong. the
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only 2 of them still with alicia williams for to talk a little dog, anybody for you through because they're going to of freely glitches differently. was this for with water to remove the blue since these people don't do familiar. what did you know of some of them so, so would you get the picture in the thing to go all well then you've been with you after escaping one, shelly. andre rushes to another ukrainian artillery hit donetta with a touch screen rockets which close to munitions,
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fanned by international convention. 23 people died and 37 wounded with civilians, abbas passengers and pedestrians nor the pushing rascals to them. it was for august with north you for susan vulnerable as rhythm or bush school school, which is good news. go through the controller role bershard, producer results from a senior center. this woman came looking for her husband. he'd gone out saying he'd be back soon. she wasn't allowed to cross the priest line, so she called her husband and the phone rang in one of the dead people's pockets in douglas and you have gone for the year. was the way, honestly sure, i've been, you knew this done with
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during battles with don't pass defenders nationally. some the ukraine military, thousands of families lost, loved ones, many were killed. some managed to leave, but then couldn't be contacted many. the most important thing now is to find their loved ones, parents, children, and relatively new land your launch, a watch for a new treadmill when you are sure i got my sugar web signature on there. how about he needs? and i thought, as you said so much from when wasn't when peggy but it would no ma'am, sure. but look at it. sure. when you go, i shall put a by you with look ahead. awesome. go month to month. i'm sure. and eustace pastries. ah, did you do villages? so for little now, let us show this is through america to get to know if you're in my i'm reviewing your god. describe what you like for us to those by true god and her husband, yvonne live in douglas since 2014. they've been citizens of the done. that's
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people's republic. it's only 25 kilometers from deco chives to villanova, which was on the ukrainian side. but they rarely saw their relatives, the frontline separated them. on march, the 11th 2022 of august ceased to be ukrainian. there was fighting in the city and whole streets were destroyed. there has been no news from her sister, so they cry for a miracle. jasmine has crashing well watered italy in this kitchen, lou louis, i'm wondering what court or he can work? i was i yes. the 1st person or the saw was her sister's husband. because like when you did, when you call when you yeah. you legacy right here you are, you know, for, you know, with his book was there. so we have
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so sure. look hello guys. dog or it will be with you jane. you can do a it was you got your play. i yeah. just she'll my mom. no, i'm good shit. they are ground water. show goldman, that your where it is not load. she go suited. so just thought her. oh, yeah. dr. garage door. oh gosh. oh, she loses maria union, which buckley daniela's won iguana showed her. and i knew your my little us more about it when you go, when you through a good. yeah, additional energy. everything's in ruins. buddha, the sister refused to leave the house. no,
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swan sure. oh, no, we'll shoot a nice calendar on there. no, no problem. no, really, no, you're going to lose a bronze was one of the, you know. mm. a word. know who has got a new negotiation with sure. sure. sure, sure. and especially with i just didn't really a little don't just know that when you put a new that was almost hit the little done. did them with the most popular adult over a yeah, a good email to lisa back
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for done was just wanted you to point out the way to publish something for what you thought you were the way you should receive r c m. with the dealer photo. so we will deliver a shift joslyn a which would be good. you want to talk with you to school? no stress and inform 1st that in front of you, william rafer did you cuz i knew he looking just for his
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whole was i'm not sure we have a good evening. you paula my dismissed ears. it was that already jillian, steve, this is not a name. so if it wasn't with those to you, so, but then you use a similar yes. usa law initiatives to deal with this issue when i would show seemed wrong when i just don't know. i mean,
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you have to say proud disdain becomes the advocate an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with ah, they're had, they were pretty high school broker neighborhood. so for what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line towards that brick, what they call this area, the gray zone,
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you don't like the really alexandra co spinning you with that was only about a you had to call with the village olivia, they'll do so it won't weigh more. so that similarly was him dumb or was it a chill berella? oh no. through english history of syria lennox on roku or blue shield. now tell us that she made a fee of pleasure. was that what does that double hit? thumbs again. what? but he alleged with before he boise cruel. here scott replied: throw your favorite at last time. i didn't think we're wise. you we have finished. i bought a new nissan engine and i got it and you should be had with
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a mortgage with a money on which municipal court with those it is. if you feel you a movie
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channel for board, i'm sure i'm sure with the whole thing with there's a deal which was with you to a complete, but that's all it really useful somewhere behind it, a good deal for the holes. i mean, my hope we just want to remind you of a when you was the which key style it was key. because with sure me yeah, point or store shows purposely. now when you deal with it for a little bit of school, school level for my gluten was it is shifting the leave for a year
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for the millennium of high and there is it a month for now? and i said, i just need no holiday. the store, unless you wanted them succeed in law, we did a joke of our school. you could just run up to here. hm. oh, which is a tori of it's lives in the past. this in the done this republic. she's going to villanova now, part of the dpr that i needed to see either them or was i still believe i got up to the beach, but go with victoria promised her daughter that she'd bring her granny home. but
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she doesn't even know if she's alive. she can only hope the holding block on use. mom, when he was lo, i'm like out of one of these are crucial basketball. it is john. that them are both on what we believe stalker. and about a month, a month. it was other for the year with . ringback just talked to bell the late he moved up a phone with us with a v
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res continued lodgings for the over. can one of the others? sure. of the of us the true most on yes. good alive on the public mom. much more poor mama ah for. mm
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hm. this is nick. when you call on on your busing, your son was going to be solar. would it so hard for some a luggage for william shelter on your next alabama. ah ah, this is my sis browser. you dont miss cuz this mom which is the ripples all my way to accomplish it. right in fort valley, in boca call, enough to get about watching, followed what you like each other. it did not take a standard to fix your when you really did a book with you shortly. what was your short, you know, james? and i'm still which of which will credit your finish. so as dealer that we can catch up with those as well, to me is really feel my dad don could with
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no 3 do not a ukrainian prisoners of war, infantry recognizance, suppose not. a single one admits the shooting civilians that once captured, they condemn the war. if you ask you when i the socialization wishes to rush my washing law by mid include you no problem. mm hm. and he's like, are there because it was the up but a mission solution is i will of the was good. the good i want for you close lucia
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going on. i was just lost in jordan with failed. knew it was not in a position in there for sure. we'll work with a good my. do you guys my name? ah, my company, my mortgage guy. yes, she does not but a year, but he also things are like if it's always to been you're belyea just go go get your guys div your number on my my on my the voice ah, thank you for that to laugh. after looking for her mother in bel
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novato for over an hour, victoria finally finds alive all new york through a boy here for a bundle, a door with your go neo bubble high in your courtney, cynthia, just east. the jewish is credit union to doug bud. mario was not the neighbor like if it gave me an idea and you could avoid them and you did it by law to state thing as casual check. i'm yes, because i knew short nero's it rolls want to go when you more than those ones than that my notes are french. no, mom, but she will, will it all? did you believe the up in your dope are portion but almost from the another will progress so me out will be cut. b, e papa her yanking rosul. yes. the album, those could be a ha! you got to meet your humor. we're. we're always signee it with me and so i can get
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it to work. why don't you to mom? i'm in was dwaa jones or to the right. all you do the class or do me a few years? no proof the years are way too hot. all united again. i got to. he is julianna castillo billy. her daughter i was in, you know didn't. yeah. what died? i don't look up a diary one at the bush. graham ski booster . those are pretty. yeah. they will the really me, lily sure. for you would when you really put all was the more money you could have when you would when you will you know, would you look when you 311 for the for the ah ah, victoria can't do a promise to her daughter. she came back with her grandmother. ah,
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food you was a when you place had you scheduled them this tonight, mr. gosh, searching versions of friends. the cbm here. just ask you to do both. those are the arrow, an idea or a diagram too slow? no, i still don't wish your motor bomb which but i missed the last by death. as to what
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sir, i did me notion of the boys thought so. ah ah. now she said about the cathedral, she's just a bit in the way he's been here. things are kissed, i know you would not wish others if she, i believe a bit. you talked good. got cock. good keith, i'm glad it shim abuse or what number you wish? what operating like when she was not have a good thing with no scale. good. another butte mariska was to your buddy, my dad did my bed but the mom said that was from rosky. ah
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ah, with just look up from one of normally the muscles around noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nurse to me as place you mom cooked as gosh said to somebody tamika, but i to his ashley of a dc. wanted to work with one to move. please call jason with you, but he has not put the key for the chino, brian's can that work for phones or something? yeah, nick david, that we got that boy did. i see with
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a little grain lisa a with the european parliament just sanctions to be imposed on former german chancellor. gerhard schroeder, and eggs, austria and foreign minister can, can i? so that's for their close ties with russia. gracious president joins his turkish counterparts and oppose in finland and sweden, a session to nato, almost 2000 ukrainian troops, including members of the nationalist as of battalion of lay down their weapons and money opposed, besieged steel upon this week. also coming up that decision of one man to lodge a holier judge.


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