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tv   News  RT  May 19, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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ah, ah ah, beijing proposes an expansion of the bricks alliance with argentina, understood to be the top continent to join brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. croyt as president joins his turkish counterpart and oppose in finland, unsweetened the sessions in nato. u. s. congress passed as a $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the 1st such package that doesn't forbid the supply of weapons to the nationalist, adult battalion, also coming up on the program. decision of one man to large, a holy are justified and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine,
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former us president george w bush, you ordered the 2003 invasion of iraq gaffes while speaking about the crisis and ukraine with from moscow to the world. this is our scenes national. i'm peter scott. and these, the top stories, this our, the briggs group of countries spending more than 40 percent of the world's population is expected to welcome new members us at the chinese proposed opening the doors of the alliance. china proposes to start the bricks expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion and gradually form a consensus so far. the bricks group includes brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa which joined the alliance back in $27.00. the box aim is to encourage economic, political, and cultural corporation between the member states. and the group is now expected
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to start the procedure of inviting new members. argentina, which was early invited to clean bricks. meeting is believed to be the top candidate at the moment. meal candle, whether the members of brakes have back to the chinese proposal while pledging to discuss the matter further. during the latest briggs meeting, the chinese representative also called on nato to negotiate with russia and ukraine . or condemning western attempts to isolate separate states or political consultant patricia grew. so says the argentine is a long time ali of bricks countries. so the proposal is not surprising at all. when did a shaggy fortune? tina has many values and principles that are common with the bricks ideology. there have been discussions of argentina, bricks, member for many years. now the world is beginning to become more multi polar. u. s . is hedge money has been breaking down for many years now. the situation of the world is more complicated than before. with such countries as china, russian,
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india, our economies collaborate significantly. now, argentina has been asked to integrate more intensely with this organization and these developing countries. we can now cross lives, the chief editor of independent news websites oper, monday bremo, altima brenner, welcome to the program and you know, how would you assess overall the importance of bricks, expansion globally? is it an influential alliance in your, in your view? break is us in the mental institution they think for building a move to paula order. the way for developing counter is to break free from the institution, such as the international monetary fund and the all. busy the bank controlled by united states and the recipient union break expansion can help developing cat nations for so that currently depends on the dollar base it financing fears with
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that's my idea about now as we just mentioned, argentina is believed to be the front runner that's become the next member of the briggs alliance as talks on it's a session i've been going on for years now. what do you think are it's chances of finally becoming a member of briggs? i think we have a really good chance is i think that brazil, if lula is elected president in october, i think that brazil should be in favor. i think that russia would have no problem with asking tina integration to the brakes. and adults, i don't know, see why south africa would be contrary the most delicate issue. i think of the b deceptions of india politically. closer to the u. s. a interest and political management. i think i had some
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a worry about in yet nor to brazil after brazilian elections and norco, russia. i anything for us to wait and see how that plays out. but why do you think it's taken so long to broaden the alliance and add new members to it, or even talk about it? let's say we're talking about gigantic countries with their own problems and agendas. and we need to understand that the brakes is a kind of international alliance that works by consensus. so it is low to build consensus with managed decisions, including the expansion of the brakes that we it's, it's, we have to understand that an alliance as the brakes walked, is that by is tap is not kind sure it's not,
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it's very difficult to arrive to the side of the season in a fast track, i think that consensus is low and we have to understand that. mm hm. and if i can see no words in the running, what are the prospecting candidates? do you think would be in the pipeline to join bricks on the counters? i think out think about iran and turkey. i think those 2 counties would be an important elias to the brakes because of the economic co importance in the world. and because they, they have natur alliance with current members of the brakes for turkey, if it were to join, would also fund itself in quite an interesting position not dissimilar to india, as a nato member with also close ties to russia. yeah, it's true, but i think that the turkey has and the special situation 0 turkey is
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a member of the of the native also 30 has a, has a long history in relationship with their opinion and united states. i think that i think turkey in the last 10 years is looking for more independence or place in the road. so i think the 3rd key could be a very important ally to the breaks. of course we're talking about is low and we're not talking. i repeat, we're not talking about a fast track alliance, but i think that in the political strategy, i think that to attract iran and turkey is very important to is trans griggs in the current international situation. well,
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that's unafraid. that's all we have time for. we wait and see how the bricks and the alliance develops over the next couple of years or so brenner. altman, thank you very much for contributing to our seats and i thank you. thank you. oh turkey is refusal to allow finland unsweetened to join nato as cause a ride, a widening rift within the block where the presence of croatia now also speaking out against the session of the 2 nordic countries creation president, zora and milan of each one of his country's parliament to vote against the proposed expansion of nato. so i think a legit grievances that western countries have failed to help. croatians resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and herzegovina. none of it has also said that allowing finland unsweetened to join nato would be a quote, very dangerous adventure format. turkish military intelligence chief says the u. s
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. is seeking to use nato to project his own agenda across the globe move. we'll move to so i was, or nato expansion isn't only happening in europe at the upcoming summit in madrid. the alliance will discuss its main issues and challenges, including russia, the u. s. ones, japan, south korea, australia, and new zealand to join the want to expand the blog to influence the whole world. if they manage to achieve that, the nato would immediately become a u. s. global weapon. that is extremely dangerous. if they carry on that strategy, it could spark world war 3. nato was expanding against russia and china. this process is like lighting a stick of dynamite. i consider this unacceptable. nato was established during the cold war, but the past is in the past while nato still exists. what is the purpose of nato to maintain peace or to perform as a hammer of the us? i think nato is now being used as a tool to help the u. s. achieve its own goals. we don't need nato expansion today
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. the russian forces conducting their military operation in ukraine, do not pose any kind of threat to the west. the west is trying to use the situation for its own profit, regardless of the fact that people are dying there, the world should not be unipolar, a collective will is required. meanwhile, the turkish president has reiterated his stunts on preventing helsinki on stock home from entering the block. we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction. on kara claims that the 2 naughty countries support terrorist groups and movements opposed to the turkish government. diplomatic sources say that ankara has blocked the bureaucratic process of nato's expansion. that was just hours after fin and sweden handed in the official applications. a former turkish military intelligence chief as ankara is
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simply trying to protect its own national interests. doesn't believe before the conflict between russia and ukraine. nato was not even considering the membership of sweden and finland. this whole issue is being promoted by the united states and the u. k. they want western countries to stand united against russia. turkey has 2 good reasons to be against this. the 1st is that it will lead to a conflict between russia and the west. and the 2nd, sweden and finland are providing strong support to terrorist groups. sweden helps the curves financially, but there are also other countries in nato that also support terrorism against turkey and the united states is the 1st one to mention here. washington supports the kurds in their efforts to create a military stronghold and northern syria. therefore, in light of these significant security issues, turkey strongly opposes the entry of sweden and finland and to nato. if those
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countries continue to support terrorists, then why should turkey sit at the same table with them? being members of one security organization means that each members obligated to guarantee support and protection to others by supporting kurds, swedes and many other countries are putting turkey in a difficult position. in my opinion, turkey has the right to talk about its security guarantees. and until this important issue was resolved on turkey, should stand his ground. oh, alex, you as president george w bush, the instigator of the invasion of iraq, of course, a piece of accidentally admitted how in justified his actions were mistaken. iraq for ukraine. jonas speech in dallas. now a somehow suggested that that was purely bushes. conscience speaking, human rights watch has referred to it as, quote, the freudian slip of the century, the decision of one man to launch a holy, unjustified, and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine,
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super rack. i mean, the ukraine director anyway. 75 bo shoes, 2003 invasion of iraq cost approximately 200000 lives and ruined the countries economy for the blooper down to his age. we spoke with international law professor francis boil, who participated in a trial in column for over legit war crimes committed by us troops in iraq on george w bush's orders and boil, says the deform u. s. president should be brought to justice. what cern's me is. so the audience saw laughing about it, and if you hear us mainstream news media, this warning, many pundits are laughing about. there is nothing funny about what happened here. this was an outcry, aggression, a nuremberg,
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a crime against peace. despite the figure you are put up there, as far as our investigations have been able to determine this war, killed about 1500000 iraqis outright jerasat and 5000 of us. so military personnel bush should be in jail. ah, and so king about america, the u. s. congress has approved a $40000000000.00 package to ukraine, and one's present bite and signs off on the bill. a fresh supply of weapons will be heading to the country. for more let this go live now to ortiz caleb, more pin in new york. caleb, the bills approval raises the question of just how much more nato weaponry will be flowing into ukraine? away, exactly. it's going what can you tell us about the latest package? sure. well, we have the u. s. congress moving ahead. this 40000000000 dollar package has been
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approved, providing us aid to ukraine. now it's important to note that in previous aid packages, united states is sent to ukraine. they specifically specified that the as our battalion, this openly nazi division of the grainy and military could not get any weapons or support from the united states. this is the language that was previously in usaid packages. you grant none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms training or other assistance to the off battalion. now what's particularly disturbing is that this recent package does not include this language, does not specify the as a battalion cannot. ready receive assistance from the united states. what more it appears that weaponry from ne dell has apparently ended up in the hands of the battalion already. you look at the battalions official, twitter,
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they seem to be highlighting weapons like a matador. ready which is an anti tank weapon that has been among the weapons that nato has provided to you. grand appears they may already be getting their hands on on us weapons at this point. and we also have us official saying they don't know where these weapons they send ukraine go. they don't know who ends up getting them . this is what we've heard in terms of our ability to track the weapons that are going in. as you know, we don't have any forces on the ground, so that's it's difficult for us to do. i couldn't tell you where the weapons are in ukraine and whether the ukrainians are using them at this point. they're not telling us every round of ammunition they're firing and who and when. now it's important to know the united states is the top ex, border of weapons in the world, u. s. arms flow across the planet, and there are many instances of us weapons ending up in the hands of problematic
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individual. when the usa withdrew from janice, dan, recently we saw the taliban get his hands on some u. s. high grade military weapons and hardware. and that was in the hands of the taliban. we've also seen and mexico drug cartels often armed with sophisticated u. s. military grade weaponry. so around the world, us weapons often do end up in the hands of problematic individuals and this new bill. it was just past the $40000000000.00 provided the ukraine does not have a stipulation that the battalion, this notorious neo nazi fighting division ukraine, but they can't get their hands on, on this weaponry. so this is something that many people around the world are seriously concerned about is the usa continues to escalate its anti russian rhetoric. the united states continues to pour weapons into ukraine, who might be on the receiving end of some of these deadly weapons. ok, let's thank you for being the latest on that us a package to ukraine,
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us ortiz killer, more reporting live from new york. thank you. the roads on the capitol hill to proved aid package came despite opposition from some members of congress, one of whom accused fellow american law, makers of corruption and even like the bill to a money laundering scheme. federal law makers find non profits. they find non governmental organizations, they find grants grants that go to people. and if you really look into it, a lot of times it's their friends and families that operate these non profits and non governmental organizations. and it's basically like money laundering schemes. earlier republican senator ron paul did manage to single handily delay the legislation for several days. he also called on the us public to oppose the spending of $40000000000.00 of taxpayers. money on ukraine. us instead of helping americans, buckets home over top, a democratic senator, chuck schumer, him back around, paul, even calling him a pullman upon the kremlin. i went home and i had
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a standing ovation from 200 people at a lincoln day dinner. who are say, thank you for holding up this money. we need help at home. we can't get baby formula. we can't pour our gas, but it is repugnant that one member the other side, the junior senator from kentucky chose to make a show and obstruct ukraine funding, knowing full well, he couldn't actually stop its passage for senator paul to delay ukraine. funding for purely political motives is to only strengthen prudence hand. and while the usaa administration gives up to send full $2000000000.00 to ukraine, many ordinary americans are struggling to cope with rising inflation at home. alone with gasoline place prices, which over a dollar a gallon just from last year. some locals are voicing their concerns about the u. s . government sending money abroad while hanging americans out to drive home stock market is crashing gas prices. arising, inflation is through the roof. must be time for another 40000000000 for ukraine. if
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our elected officials had to pay for their own gas. i bet they would find a solution to the rising gas prices. meanwhile, back in our country, gas prices at highest level ever and rising. babies have no formula, store shelves, empty supply line crisis, southern border, a mess, highest inflation in decades. republican congressman month gates has also slums, quote progressives in the u. s. government for the hypocrisy and funding the conflicts and ukraine. i used to be able to count on progressives in congress who joined me in opposing a war in yemen who joined me and pushing back against presidential war powers with iran who agreed that it would be crazy to start world war 3 over the kurds. on the issue of ukraine, the progressives are signed up for the $40000000000.00 plus to fund the war. political analyst, gahlan nixon, please. the u. s. is sacrificing the well being of his own citizens to fuel conflicts abroad. now we see a tremendous amount of money,
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$40000000000.00 that will ostensibly go to ukraine, but everyone knows that of only a portion of the money will ever leave the american shores. a lot of it will go to defense contractors here. any number of contractors and certainly when he gets there, there is it, there is a certainly a number of people in the society who are connected to in ukraine who are connected to oligarchy who are connected to organized crime. in all manner of mystery and behavior, shall we say. so we certainly know that money will be laundered. a lot of it will end up in cyprus, in various bank accounts of politicians. our country is no, is not a a nation state as we understand it. this is an empire, we've gone to the dying collapsing stage of an empire. so now the resources from the empire flow out all around the world to try to prop up the empire. so now the american people, rather than get the print b, unfortunately, to use this word,
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the economic privilege of living in an empire that prays on every one else. now they are the one who is pre owned by the empire. and the empire simply uses our resources and use the american people to prop up their, their endeavors around the world, such as the proxy war in ukraine. european parliament has urged the you to stop unprecedented sanctions on a former german chancellor, annex, austrian foreign minister. gerhard, schroeder and karen, can i still been targeted over their close ties with moscow and if approved by brussels, the move would march 1st you sanctions against such hope, high profile citizens at home. the european parliament is also called on e. u. countries take spun the sanctions further to include any european entrepreneurs. i'm politicians who still get money from russia and hold high posts in state companies that moreover the gym and when the stock has suspended privileges bestowed on former chancellor. gerhard schroeder, this comes, is both a good show to and ex,
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austrian minister of foreign affairs. and can i saw on the board of directors of major russian energy company, ross nest for politicians also accused of having close personal relations with president vladimir putin. resources urge them to abandon their positions in the russian company, all faced sanctions, including the freezing of their assets in the you. we discussed the latest developments with our guest. i wish so no compromise is long a real guy because i think the sanctions anyway totally us and mentoring if you were leading sanctions usual sanction president by them was a question if you were to international national identity, this only because he has done and i'm sorry to rush it,
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it's like to miss treating every respect as a total loss. and i thought totally unacceptable. a former chancellor of germany to be treated in such a way. i mean, the shredder did a good job for her for, for germany when he was a chancellor. i, she did everything possible to resolve the energy problems of germany. and he is asked to pay for that because he does not agree with the policies of the german government. i mean, every person has the right to has his own to has to have his own opinion. the sanctions to tell the truth. you remind me a little bit of what was happening in germany in the 1900 thirty's. those who are
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against those and nazi government, were slowly, slowly pushed away, ended up in jail without their assets. so i hope we're not returning back to that time. so if the e u is slowly becoming more and more undemocratic, and i think that we might end up, i hope not, of course, that even speaking against the e. u by e. u citizens, it wouldn't become a criminal offense. i hope we don't be sure that that state, amid a grave economic crisis in soaring inflation, the planet to consume less energy in an effort to secure independence from britain, oil and gas. the gulf reduction has grown from a previously promised 9 percent to 13 percent. not according to the commission, president energy savings are the quickest and the cheapest way to address the
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current energy crisis. we will therefore increase the energy efficiency target for 2030, from 9 percent to 13 percent. this is just one of the proposals under the new e u. v power plan introduced in an effort to reduce dependence on russian fossil fuels. and these promise to allocate an additional $300000000000.00 euros to achieve its goal, which will go towards importing more resources from other countries, cutting economic expenses, and a swifter transition to green energy. this is all happening amid exorbitant inflation, which is 3 times higher than the european bangs targets that's affects all european households, which have faced a growth in prices for goods transports and energy to save the country from economic collapse. german economists have even proposed delaying the retirement age . by 7 years to 70 years old. forced energy transition is said to be one of the fighters contributing to economic instability,
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which is already been exacerbated by a death of qualified employees. and a lot of young people capable of financially supporting the elderly. we discussed the issue with economist offered michael hudson. he says that the use economy is shrinking is tied to becoming a u. s. satellites. it will be squeezed economically. it was trying to be a powerhouse of the world economy, but in the last month, the euro has been declining steadily against the dollar. and it's on the way to $1.00 per euro, because it's having to pay much more foreign exchange for energy, for food, for weapons, and it's shrinking in terms of other economy instead of putting its own interest. the 1st is putting a really the us interest 1st, then it's acting more like a satellite of the united states. the united states is absorbed, your western europe is being left out. and russia,
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china and your asia are going together with the rest of asia and europe. is simply going to be left behind. it is losing its export. markets is being squeezed. europe is following the directions not to have contact with russia and without contact with russia is not going to have contact with china because china sees that europe is going to try to do it just exactly what it's been doing to russia. and finally, after weeks of backlash, the u. s. government has suspended a plan to create a so called dis information governance board, which was intended to overlook the spread of information throughout the country. the board was put forth for a purpose right to make sure that we really did a really did address what was happening across the country. when it came to disinformation, it's going to pause. there's been a mist characterizations from outside outside forces. this is what's happening. there is a pause. we did not have an involvement. and as that all the critics condemned the
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initiative. the dystopian ministry of truth questioning its effect on free speech, along with the qualifications of the quote disinformation experts employed to watch over the country. in the young co, which the intended 1st executive director received the most severe criticism with dozens of publications mocking her record as next. but in truth, while highlighting her tendency to ascribe everything unfavorable to the democrats of the russian influence campaign, and that included the hunter by the laptop which detailed his family's financial schemes in the u. s. under received, which was published during the 2020 election august other ca, cache a u. s. veteran on anti war activists. things that the very idea of fact checking by the government makes little sense given that they would only try to forward fox favorable agenda. i'm grateful to be included in the conversation as in iraq veteran who's been in that sense, a victim of massive government, this information campaign. and as someone who's been censored and shadow band is an
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independent media bruce or an anti war activist, trying to draw attention to the lies that government tells pathological line behavior. setting up a new way of saying was a truth. everybody else. why? and you know all the comparisons, james, by george orwell. 1984 the chair need her. busy the history of spreading this information herself, but once encouraging about this is that government is gone in the united states and i mean, governments all over the world do this to justify their existence obviously. but in the united states, they've gone so far as to create the ministry of truth as it's been referred to as the $1084.00 reference. and it's so over the top, they can't make it more fact checkers. does everybody go fact checkers? yeah, right. you know your preferred facts because it's your truth and your agenda. well that's the route for now. you're back today with all the latest news.


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