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[000:00:00;00] a gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch is the wall creeps ever closer to their homes. in st. george, i think i try and you've been us is telling you don't look i'm what i knew that i see i was or to the ga, ga,
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so one time with a little less name. yes it with, with all these really well. thank you. so bear with me. uh huh. a,
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[000:00:00;00] with a with oh, shit. the system that i was initially put into phone, talk to you about it. you know, see, but you show from a bit of course, to the implicit got a thought go more the more the better, but not really quickly bring us to 100. and these are going to finish it. you can include in jimmy mac rather than just to be sure. do you know nothing about the come on to mr. minister learn when you had been the cousin on you because pretty much in literature and wanted phone records that, you know, just done
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a scope of more and that's beautifully when, when you teach and when you teach for many ukrainian soldiers, the target and shooting of civilians has become a legitimate tactic to force the pro russian population out of areas, not controlled by many members of the self proclaimed nationalist battalions. believe that ukraine doesn't just see civilian casualties as acceptable, but as necessary. but you know, he wants me to step out and get in. can you just give me
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a call history and come up in the banking at all because we don't know what i need to ah, i woke up
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with western lots that will up still a better chance. even lsu, unless you're listening that has highlighted, wondering if that's not the largest and the key is to be sure to study it the way
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you would you like a class with a, with
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a, with a system. so how do i
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with thinking i
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tried to use a lot with a new york, a nice a guy
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a bit from us. well, well, well, i mean, well, a, it, us, as of which you saw what you saw the video or polish historic was withers color. with whom here is all, i do a middle school, last rounds cash poor. so we let them know grants can as a kid flexible, we can show that to you, which didn't work through this whole walk on couples. all
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the courses for my vehicle and work was moisten the course should be similar. president george sean, as moore of school in to be a slow in your professional, rob still with pay frontier accommodation we're showing at the grocery shop for fidel wanted the super small school odds. he just doesn't want to live 3 lads. she knew bob celia flush,
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i'm still going to lower he he gives him me to the genius for his sins in his nose. still gore from school to the chase. you still live since ohio or toilet down for so those scores that are near boucher you knew the door shoulder wide boys was cheerful, is fine with with
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a new code. ah ah ah ah, this is adulthood. dumbly new military to restock and just look up
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from literally a muscle onion noon. judy doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook gas gosh, sit get somebody to look up. but i put a his ashley of this one. it was a, did the 2 pieces goes down to come here from one to move 3, if this sort of cool jason did, did you bring out an up of the key for the chino, i'm in the order for furnished, arrive something like that. and then we got that, what did i see or anything like that? i had a little grain lisa,
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have them i guess never. so she got about not really school. when i said it's giving me an affiliate issue with my food. she didn't know when i'm going to grow up on the show, right. the problem here, i'm not going to mutual or i do to produce you or nuclear weapon to you when you're some were the liberties you'd be in here in europe, that he needs from california yet, but he will be in a new one last year or 2 or 5, uniform and they have to be and you'll see the judge from duty. hope
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a question. can we keep going? actually, did i need my crew or hold on please me? a shout. my damage is not a yellow. so you later. so by midnight tonight with our move reaching out. 2 do you have a blessed with you but i
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i i, i. # in while politicians from ukraine and the self declared don best republics have attempted to negotiate a cease fire. in the grey zone settlements court between opposing sides, a whole new generation has been born. these children can say what gun is being fired by its sound. and they know well too well what to do when classes are interrupted by another striker
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with a also gone in the schools in the grey zone have somehow kept getting in their own special way, despite being almost completely destroyed. and they have soviet built bomb shelters in the basement, where the people go. people whose houses were bummed out and you have nowhere else to run for years they've spent their lives under ground with little chance of changing them for the better. a
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day station. i'm with a date for the sharefile with sure. no, no, we are moving to new hampshire, but i'm never sure if you put them on a camera store. latisha with a b, b, a b, a arrival of volunteers from a few humanitarian organizations is all that linked people living on the front
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lines of an undeclared war with the rest of the world, the world in which there was no shilling and constant fear of ah, alexei smart enough travels to the grey zone several times a week, and each trip helps hundreds of families to survive for communities. oh, you're so shocked. assume you know i can, but i could have the appointment morning and push it for security burke's letter in the forgot the rest and look at it. say it's kid who, who cranes another scare. we will show a move, a sibling there, the position there was to ship time. you're saving them because i wish to just with to keep the vice kirk. now they are looking to launch circulating with machine your score, some other questions to legit it's actually in the store or
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the brochure. is pataki. bring up the ocean for a major issue with a serious demarco upshar lima county board. for more than 7 years, he has traveled, roads that are constantly shelled to deliver essential supplies, the grades own residence, bread, water medicine and fuel generators. to deal with the by when you're back with the law. no mom a mom was coming in with with her
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mom. you can have a good additional year in the se, in your to pursue the ministry. a new test to clear jewish with toyota. this is just an issue has been updated with monica completely. booty almost told you, of course course about who will be, will, will be with you as i said, you do it and i do so apologize is mine. but if can just, if you see it should show echo clearly that he's only reduced to that would mean for conflict key until you jim, which, which has to somebody with over the years war and death of become the daily routine for annexing and everyone . he helps to get
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a phone to what's in down. there's no personal convenience kid. she has given a bullish believe come another a i mean with the brother just only because bucklin aggressive until we didn't put it in. but i believe she was there within your upstairs there's 2 of them will still actually go over him and let us let you do it. i'm still more sure. hello. get to go. i started smuggling that they did or mm hm. should have
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a dime. i'm in a, oh yes i was on me. i'm on the front line to be excellent, boring me. there's that there with the regular rationale and the separatist to supporting an invasion. mm. a. when it was a question. we do special from just the condition like a social principal cleaner. the most of them will just to pick up labriola that you say when you pick it up, a little more like a professional ukrainian soldier. thought until he found himself on the other side of the front line. he was taken
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prisoner by the don bus millerio. mm hm. thank you. she did you with a full of detroit. mike gibson. yes, you left the city. would that go with your life a bit? not that you've been that that thought they cannot be. know what that if i made it down go my go door. you got it. didn't that the did the store near by here because i got when you buy new my the over the store you had them with i'm is it slower mom
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i met with jim lewis a to hello did not show up. but i was told by the courtroom, scovella shaw from the scholarship in which man in chicago and august america he faces the reality that the inhabitants of unconquered don birth have lived for almost 3000 days. a reality that all to many choose not to see
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in mm mm mm mm mm, mm mm mm
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mm. with the west drive to weaken and isolate russia is not working out all about well russia, the most sanctioned country in the world has an economy that is not stable and resilient. the west can say the same or it's economy. in fact,
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the west is weakening, an isolated sell a safe out. they become the advocate, an engagement. it was the trail. with so many find themselves well, the barn we used to look for common ground l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point,
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obviously is too late or trust or rather than fear with take on various jobs. i mean with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective own existence with ah, ukraine, big rich country, that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently.


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