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i got and then we got that was it, i see with them with and was signed. on february, the 12th 2015, it was meant to end military conflicts in ukraine between government forces and don bass militia groups. the agreement stipulated that both sides would withdraw heavy weapons to an equal distance from the contact line. this left several 100 settlements trapped between opposing forces. local civilians became unwitting
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witnesses to and victims of the continuing civil war. thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line. they call this area the grey zone a with
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oh, yes, yes we is. are you no, really? sure. yeah, you do club with
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with one of the gravestones, most popular residents, he's the only electrician still here, off to civil war, broke out in the settlement of alexandra for him. the frontline stopped just outside the gates of his own house. took. i do think that i should i thought i purchased. well, if i wanted to play a yellow boy in the press, my hello attempted even a sleeper. you who call you back a few more does that. you want to do a lot with
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what you find yourself off on some problems. actually. i think you find that on a person where you put on on, you know, you and you will call that 3 point. alexander is the only one still willing to repair fire damaged power lines. he climbs high above the roof tops. he finds himself directly in the crosshairs of ukrainian snipers with oh, real with in
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a. busy noise at the end of the chip a wanted pitching jacob and with a, with a bush of still a shit a month. i mean not the sort of fear for me or, and i was calling for coordinator with alex arnold. keeps a special note book when he records every one of his calls to repair power lines damaged by shelling in the last 7 years, it's become
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a real chronicle of an underclass. want a push in with a a about what a button should be. okay, i've got to put a address with
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the official a from there. okay. so you don't to use can soup? yeah. yeah, mcwilliams k thrash them all the people cards with a with
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a cherry. and can you come to us? oh no, no, she's to licks and she is aimless jim is dream crisply sniper stuff. martin, i suppose you will be necessary. i was a slave to move from me some business which was mailed to your car through the noise it was my phone going to 3 weeks ago or you can call
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me back. you called me or roku. what do i do? i still have to assist with it issue from support here for bill, boys and girls. shoes . okay, are you doing it for a new entry and an exam diary for january 16th
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2015 was the day his family was killed by motor oil or fish. come, are you willing to whitish family, terry bushes? really wrong with christian. this is rather more of a simple way. so if you're stuck with a conventional don't choose mental edition. always very chairs, sim worship, you're going to press or you that a couple of wasting their skies far as her very perverse
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to her that she did talk to her. sure. sure. sure. sure. but polish actually probably very nation or shit through your favorite. oh mm mm. mm
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mm sure i mean, depending on the initial only concern i wanted to show miss bluff, i'm dealing with a condition with a shelf not or send him a message for the rest of the 0 for supper sample. not much on this. that's also something that's us on the books are ok. my name is michelle. ok. similarly voice and move on. if
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she'll bring us hall listed here for you sir. the she don't somewhere up been it's extra decision for me. so i was, she was actually is, or she don't know what type of gum or otherwise ah, needs to come to the russian state. little narrative. as time goes on in the north lampkin davis. i was also a group in assist, babbled disabilities, and i need to find speaking with we
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will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup, machines. the state aren't russia today and spoke ortiz spoke now, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest. and with me, hello forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to place trust, rather than fear we'd like to take on various char with artificial intelligence,
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real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with blue, like most of the grays and villages. the settlement of alexandra field was under the terms of uminski courts, supposed to have been quiet, separated from me to the warring sides by several kilometers. instead, the wall literally came to the settlement streets, along with ukrainian soldiers, who in contravention of those same agreements, continued their offensive with coastal,
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with a
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civil use. month by month, the ukrainian army was closing in on alexandra until they occupied the outskirts of the settlement. or the media kit, probably referred to the tactic of eliminating the neutral zone is a creeping offensive. mm. the ukranian army sees nothing wrong with the offensive continuing, contrary to the peace agreements in place a and she didn't put it in the midst of the more stuff anyway, i just wanted to. i went to her and she knew cloud my rush for prosperous with as much as you motto, dollars for the month. just wanted to know to just find out how to print that from visit on my floor to run out. put it on bus little cream if so what i could try to push to start with getting was to get done with the new school
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hands job was been went yesterday to compare well enough to start my initial. so that was a little bit closer to both temper, to napkins with a griffin. i'm with much other contributor i'm calling in with
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operations in grey's own village is often turned into a full fledged combat with heavy weapons used even today. ukrainian soldiers aren't shy about discussing the process with stella. we ride it by name, it is shovel. devilishly ident income building boy lab series page i and some to my lot and he said as a fearful, it was good to sit on the go. them does get it and i am with a started but it me but have to put that also shall put it will be the deal enough . but at the bellagio asia ah, he like be little and large. i don't like the pretty easily. he won't add too much,
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i don't know geology later. when adam, he do it that way. again, you don't interruption level and i had it. if will aly delay shall i? e, g, a diarrhea is going to guild that you know, this is sal. i mean, we don't have those dollars that the media self worth worth or the would not be meeting yet. mailing a shame at academia. we're getting me the guy that alleged yard, a guy that does a one chip that su what they and now got another guy, you know, when you hodge a fact that the human as a good that actually soil. if doyle is doyle, it is showing you do that bathroom and i'm usually give the bob can use your bucket beecher professor released this boiler. my listening vestal with are you oh hello. wearing her whole
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of gaze with a little fella pool keeping through the creeping, offensive tactics for as it sometimes called the frogs leap is still used to this day along the entire demarcation line militia, groups in the don bath, republics are forced to respond in kind one by one, the streets in villages and settlements of becoming the new frontline hi with with
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with with those are hold on a minute. yes. with a, with
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a, with a stuck with john sch,
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thousands are now living in settlements divided by trenches. a man like most who live in the grey zone. the v rosky family tries to pay little attention to the wall that came straight to their house. they're getting used to their usual village life under fire. i see it quibbling you burgess with jasmine olympus. then i think we should be a home with a health issue up with mom. dolly. when you go, when you go from here, the image table gardens have long been turned into mine fields in 7 years of civil
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war. the basement is where they mostly live now, and they are well aware that any time they venture outside, it could end in injury or death. ah, yes, i bought, i worked with back if you got it. ah, with them. yes. there was a fair, a with in
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a with, with a boy a bit, but that was a sure, sure. i got the villages who ended up living on the front line. don't want to leave their homes, go see there. sure. if i could
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h o a, you might look on the list. most schools, if you look one, the initial be one of course, not a can use to put value with to you or somebody else's to was done a lot going on with what i see. the student boss who's though group you lation, says this law to do on both
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the west drive to weaken in isolate russia is not working out, although well russia, the most sanction country in the world has an economy that is not stable and resilient. the west can say the same for its economy. in fact, the west is weakening and isolated with industry stock and just look up some leveling a muscle with new g. kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nice to me just place you mom with cook, that goose creek 70 tamika. but i to his ashley. uh this one. it was a duplicate piece that goes down to the company one. please call jason with you, but he has not put the key for the chino bryanston,
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that'll work for phones or something like that. and then we got at that point, yet that might be worth a 1000000, a little grain to have that with measuring proposals, expanding the bricks alliance with argentina positioned as a top candidate to join the rising of powers of brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. u. s a senate passes a 40000000000 dollar aid package for ukraine and unlike previous ones, it does not forbid supplying weapons to the neo nazi. as of battalion gracious president joins has turkish counterparts in opposing finland and sweden the potential of session to nato with.


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