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tv   News  RT  May 20, 2022 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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ah, with when we voted to go to war, when the board of this country is wide open in cartels that controlled it was pouring in and we have $30.00 trillion dollars, a debt and gas prices are spiking and we go point $40000000000.00. the u. s. senate approved sending $40000000000.00 an aid to ukraine. despite the objections of some law makers who say there is a dire need to tackle america's own problems. first, this is the most advanced. and ivan, god, position of the people in republics, forces just outside of updates from over here, it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces in our
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corresponded reports from the dumbass frontline, we're done. yes. forces resist the ukrainian army at strategic positions and say it's time to make an advance with asian proposers, expanding the brakes alliance with argentina position as a top candidate to join the rising powers of brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. with broadcasting lab direct from our studios in moscow, this is our international and john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. now we start with the latest on the war in ukraine, multiple residential areas in russia's course, region and you're the ukranian border. have reportedly come under intense, showing by ukrainian forces, no casualties have been declared as of yet. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry announced that at least $770.00 ukrainian troops surrendered at the as of stall steal factory and marble on thursday,
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bringing the total to $1730.00 fighters who have capitulated their positions in the embattled industrial complex over the past. 4 days, also on thursday, more than 13000 people were evacuated from high risk areas in ukraine and the don bass republics. joe biden has said that the u. s. will provide more military assistance to care, including artillery and radar systems to be sent to the front lines. the u. s. congress has approved a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine despite republican lawmakers warning that there is a serious lack of oversight into where exactly that money might end up us congressman ship. roy also has suggested that as america faces surging price inflation and other problems that a money would be better spent at home. and i'm wondering when we voted to go to or if we were going to have a proxy war and we're going to get $40000000000.00, the ukraine because we want to what all fancy,
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what our blue and yellow ribbons feel good about ourselves. maybe we should actually have a debate in this chamber, a debate in this body because the american people expect us to do that when the border of the country is wide open in cartels have control of it, and fennel is pouring in and we have $30.00 trillion dollars, a debt and gas prices are spiking at $1100.00 to fill a tank, a diesel, and we go blank check. $40000000000.00. and by the way, i'm looking at my colleagues on this side of the aisle on that same point. that concern has been echoed by many americans. i've definitely prices have surged across the u. s. recorded at $4.00 or more per gallon in all 50 states this week. many americans have voice, their outrage online saying washington should solve their own country's problems. first, stock market is crashing gas prices are rising, inflation is through the roof, must be time for another $40000000000.00 for ukraine. if our elected officials had to pay for their own gas, i bet they would find
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a solution to the rising gas prices. meanwhile, back in our country, gas prices at highest level ever and rising babies have no formula, store shelves, empty supply line crisis, southern border, a mis highest inflation in decades. u. s. energy secretary, jennifer granholm tried to blame soaring inflation in america on russia's president vladimir putin. and accusation that republican senator josh holly described as nonsense. you can thank the activity of vladimir putin for invading ukraine and pulling as long as those with all due respect. madam secretary, that's utter nonsense. in january of 2021, the average gas price of my state was $2.07. 8 months later, 8 months later, long before vladimir putin invaded ukraine, that price was up over 30 percent and it has been going up consistently since. and unlike previous usaid packages, this time there is no stipulation against sending weaponry directly to ukraine's
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neo nazi as on battalion ortiz kellum up comments. the state has just passed a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine. now it's important to know that previous us a package is ukraine, providing weapons and other supplies have stipulated that those supplies do not end up in the hands of the notorious. as our battalion, the neo nazi fighting division in ukraine. none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms training or other assistance to the off battalion. now what's particularly disturbing is that this recent package does not include this language. it does not specify that the as a battalion cannot. ready receive assistance from the united states. what more it appears that weaponry from nay dell has apparently ended up in the hands of the battalion already. you look at the as a battalions official, twitter, they seem to be highlighting weapons like
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a match for. ready which is an anti tank weapon that has been among the weapons that nato has provided to you. grand appears they may already be getting their hands on on us weapons at this point. and we also have us official saying they don't know where these weapons they send to ukraine, go on and know who ends up, getting them in terms of our ability to track the weapons that are going in. as you know, we don't have any forces on the ground, so that's it's difficult for us to do. i couldn't tell you where the weapons are in ukraine and whether the ukrainians are using them at this point. they're not telling us every round of ammunition they're firing and who and when. now it's important to know the united states is the top ex, border of weapons in the world, u. s. arms flow across the planet. there are many instances of us weapons ending up in the hands of problematic individual. when the u. s. they withdrew from afghanistan. recently, we saw the taliban get it hands on some u. s. high grade,
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military weapons and hardware. and that was in the hands of the taliban. we've also seen in mexico, drug cartels often armed with sophisticated u. s. military grade weaponry. so around the world, us weapons often do end up in the hands of problematic individuals. this is something that many people around the. ready world are seriously concerned about is the usa continues to escalate its anti russian rhetoric. the united states continues to pour weapons into ukraine, who might be on the receiving end of some of these deadly weapons. we heard from civil rights attorney, robert patillo, who says countries must tract any weapons they supply to a foreign country to be sure to know in whose hands they end up. well, i think this is absolutely mistake. we saw it happen in libya. ghana staying were nearly $9000000000.00 a web re i was left on the ground there. we have no tracking mechanism for where these weapons are going. whose hands it will go into. so not simply the battalion but the isis in the middle east,
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north african drug cartels. they're working for the region will be able to buy on the black market. many of these highly advanced weapons systems that normally say government and state actors have access to things that are going to be of national concern over the course, not simply from engagement, but over the course of the next decade. see where these weapons end up have real questions as to exactly where they, why we're providing this level of assistance. what are the strategic goals and advantages here up, we just got out of 20 years of war in the united states of america is mere little appetite and 3 to return to active conflict anywhere on this globe. so we're going to be a. ringback even pass a participant in the council, you're really go to the american people, explain exactly what you're doing up next day report from the don back front lines close to the city of done yet. our correspondent visits positions of tpr forces tasks with holding a strategically important area, as they say, it is time to make an advance. aren't you going to start off there for us?
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this is the most advanced and oven god, position of the the next people, republics, forces. just outside of, of the day of come from over here. it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. right now this is a defensive position. so they are holding their ground and their artillery is firing well to basically, to suppress any sort of resistance that may come from that side. but well, people over ukrainian fighters over there, they respond regularly. and this position is being shelled well daily across the field. a maze of trenches reinforced with concrete and dug some 3 stories deep into the ground. on this side, the ground is dented from the bombs and shells coming down from keeps forces. but as often as the target, the front lines, the ukrainians also bombed in that city itself was 2 cookie pies. if what weapons
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do the ukrainian force use ordering of thought, they have quite capable weapons, including flame throwers and mortars, also long range artillery. they have entrenched themselves extensively, the net leader nets republics, forces are firing back relentlessly and a bit to keep the enemy artillery at bay. lily, don't forget unclaiming, antiquated. but anyway, you know, from the north and the east russian troops are attempting a pin, some movement against the ukrainians in a day. of course, the primary objective of the militia here is to hold the ground until the village is fully encircled, preventing any one from breaching the perimeter. but the garrison is thirsty for a fight. poor things are quite intense here on the front line. so far we are doing fine, but we should be advancing with him. we don't actually have much time. most of the troops here are veterans who have been fighting against caves, forces since 20 for team,
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for them this war is unfinished business and they are determined to get it over with once and for all. how many years done of reporting from the don't bass artsy, the bricks group of countries and spending more than 40 percent of the world's population is expected to welcome new members. as china has proposed opening the doors of the alliance. china proposes to start the bricks expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion and gradually form a consensus. currently, the brakes group includes brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. the block games to encourage economic, political and cultural cooperation between its states. a potential new member is argentina, which has been invited to attend an upcoming summit of the alliance. other current members have back to china's proposal and pledge to discuss the matter further. also during a recent bricks meeting, china's representative called on nato to negotiate with russia and ukraine and
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condemned western attempts to isolate certain countries that we heard from brennan augment, chief editor of the independent news website opera wounding. he thinks that it would not be a problem for any of the current bricks member states to welcome arch in tina into the book. i think we have a really good chance is i think that brazil, if lula is elected president in october, i think that brazil should be in favor. i think that russia really had no problem with adding tina integration to the brakes. i don't, i don't, don't see why south africa would be contrary. the most delicate issue, i think would be the acceptance of india politically. closer to the u. s. a interest and political management breaks is a from the mental institution they think for building
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a move to paula order for design the way for developing count trish to break free from the institution such as the international monetary fund and the. busy wall old bank controlled by united states and the ruffian union, brick expansion can help developing cat nations that currently depend on the dollar base it financing fears with. that's my idea about india has defended. it's a decision to restrict wheat exports, saying it's supplies of the staple food and should go to those within the region who need it most. it has accused rich countries of hoarding food, while poor countries struggle in a situation much like coven vaccines that failed to reach impoverished areas necessary for all of us to adequately appreciate the importance of good d, affordability, and accessibility. when it comes to afford grapes,
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we have already seen to our great cost how these principles were disregarded. in the case of covered 90 and back since open markets must not become an argument to perpetrate any good inequality and promote discrimination. india has said that the restrictions are necessary to control rising domestic prices after a heat wave affected grain crops. but the u. s. has slammed the move as an ill advised decision that will disrupt the international market and potentially push up prices even further. china, on the other hand, has supported india's position, saying that blaming developing countries like india won't solve the global food crisis. india is the world's 2nd largest weak producer, but it's share in the global export market is rather average ortiz contributor in india, r t t. cool tells us more about why the wheat exports restrictions were in post.
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india imposed a bad on the exports in view of the inflation and inflationary prices of reach. especially because of the overall inflation caused by the coral no, by this band to make the disruption in supply change. in the last 2 years, the inflation is also an outcome of the heat wave in the country, reaching the suspects is going to bring down be reach production in the country. i thought from this remotely that and also made it very feel that india was going to keep a commitment to the nations which have asked for which have already been committed for be read gains. in fact, just last, india exported 7500000. done. all we do the
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nations that it has committed itself to. and in just last one months, india exported 1500000 of wheat. this is way more than what india has been generally exposing. in fact, india is not a huge exposure of wheat green instead, if the europe munitions on russia and ukraine, which is the biggest export this of read green. and yet, india has gifted got mixed, mixed with all the port nations in the greens former us president george bush, in what he dismissed as a slip of the tongue condemned to be, quote, unjustified, and brutal invasion of iraq. he then quickly declared, you meant to say, ukraine, not iraq, in response, human rights watch described it as the freudian slip of the century. the decision
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of one man to large, a holy, unjustified, and brutal invasion of iraq. i mean, the ukraine or rack. i mean, up the ukraine director anyway. 75 bushes, 2003 invasion of iraq is estimated to have led to the death of at least 200000 people. we heard from international law professor francis boyle, who has examined alleged war crimes by us troops in iraq. he says, bush should be in prison. what concerns me is the audience laughing about it? and if you hit us mainstream news, we do this warning. many pundits are laughing about, there is nothing funny about what happened here. this was an outcry, aggression nuremberg crime against peace. despite the figure you
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put up there. as far as our investigations have been able to determine this war killed about 1500000 iraqis, outright, genocide and 5000 of us military personnel most should be in jail. the number of nato soldiers stationed near russia's borders has reached 40000, and that's nearly 10 times more than it was before the war. in ukraine, nato has been bolstering its eastern positions after the ukraine conflict erupt into 3 months ago, and finland, which borders russia as well as sweden, have asked to join the western military alliance. moscow has continually emphasized for decades that nato expansion is a red mind. meanwhile, turkey has refused to allow finland and sweden to join nato that has caused a widening rift within the block with the president of fellow member state
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corporation. now, also speaking out against the potential a session of the 2 nordic countries of creation president is around milan of it wants his country is parliament to vote against the proposed nato expansion. as western countries have failed to help creations resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and herzegovina, ludovic has also said that allowing finland and sweden to join nato would be a quote, very dangerous adventure in wild turkeys president has reiterated his stance on preventing helsinki and stock home from joining the bock. we do not want to make the same mistake twice, therefore we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction on correct claims that the 2 northern countries support terrorist groups that have taken up arms against the turkish government. diplomatic sources say on grub block to the process
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for nato expansion within hours after finland and sweden headed in their official applications. jo, political analysts, pierre emanuel thompson says that a narrative has been fabricated against russia to stoke fears and maintain the british and us military presence in eastern europe. the narrative that to russia could be a threat to, to nato member states is your state narrative. because or actually, your russia strategy is to secure its own security in the near abroad. it means or try to prevent any need to an argument unfold us his home in the states, especially budget states because we are or would you would be nato. and that be on 2 countries as well, or would you need to member states are not threatened by russia. they fake neurotic
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from b, or u. k. and united states to boost their own military spending and exports, especially for united states to europe. and also to to still maintain their presence in europe to manage with a new job for nato. because the ne, 2 is a, an instrument of a germany of united states in europe. so been need to russia to be seen for the european parliament has urged the you to slap unprecedented sanctions on to former senior officials from germany and austria, german, ex chancellor. gerhard schroeder and former austrian foreign minister current and i so are in the use crossers over there, close ties with russia if approved by brussels, the sanctions would be the use 1st against such high profile people within the block. the european parliament has also called on you countries to expand their
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sanctions further to include any european entrepreneurs and politicians who get money from russia and old senior posts in state companies there. moreover, the german parliament has suspended privileges bestowed upon schroeder, as a former chancellor and both shoulder and can i so are on the board of directors of russian oil major ro, sniffed. brussels has urged them to abandon their positions in the russian company or face sanctions, including the freezing of their assets in the you, we discussed the matter with a panel of guests. this is, let's say, you know which social cell no compromise is wrong in the moment. no real guy. because i think the sanctions anyway, they actually are symmetric. if you believe in sanctions usual sanction president by them for the walls and syria and a was all around. this is
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a big question. if you look to international norm, national identity. this only because he has done a custom ties to rush on it. it's like, you know, mistreating every respect a says on the 2 sions. i think this is the total most that i thought totally unacceptable. a former chancellor of germany to be treated into such a way. i mean, rather did a good job for her for, for germany when he was a chancellor i, she did everything possible to resolve the energy problems of germany. and he is asked to pay for that because he does not agree with the policies of the german government. i mean, every person has the right to has his own to has to have his own opinion. the
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sanctions to tell the truth. you remind me a little bit of what was happening in germany in the 1900 thirty's. those who are against mom. so then the nazi government were slowly, slowly pushed away, ended up in jail without their assets. so i hope we're not returning back to that time. so if the e u is slowly becoming more and more. busy undemocratic, and i think that we might end up, i hope not, of course, that even speaking against the e. u by e, you citizens would become a criminal offense. i hope we don't be sure that, that state while some you states have pushed to for a cease fire and ukraine, others have lashed out against those contacts with russia, with more on how baltic states have been putting immense pressure on german and
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french leaders. and even suggested prolonging the war gears, rti contributor rachel marston friday president emmanuel back home and german chancellor, olaf schultz are facing pressure from baltic state officials over perceived lack of appetite for continued conflict with russia over ukraine. it's not the 1st time that the baltic countries have tried calling the shots for the you. the representatives in brussels have her team the counter, including by the chief diplomat, joseph burrell, to engage with russia after a press conference alongside russian foreign minister observed law in moscow. in february of last year. morale was forced to explain why he called russia's weekly anti proven vaccine. good news for the whole mankind, and a hope you will prove it, which of course it still hasn't. by the way, we're also to justify why you failed to insert himself, russell domestic, embarrassed by neglecting to adequately condemn the imprisonment of opposition. figure, let's say that i'll need to the satisfaction of baltic states. and now the baltic
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states have paris and berlin in their sites. estonian prime minister kaya collins amendment most recent call to live here. for here this month. i feel that everybody is constantly calling him. he doesn't get the message that he is isolated. so if we want to get the message through that actually you are isolated, don't call them, there's no point. sounds like advise you give to a friend after being dumped by next knives out, brimming with diplomatic savvy. and in april hole in from his hysterically criticised knuckles diplomatic reach, saying mister micron, how many times have you negotiated with bruton and what have you achieved? have you stop to any of the actions that have taken place? nobody negotiated with hitler which negotiate with hitler was stolen with poll pot and just a schultz has found himself in the baltic crosshairs as well over germany's initial reluctance to flood ukraine weapons alongside its nato allies pressure to which the
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boon in stock ultimately gave in. in april, weapons expert for risk ending up on the black market. and you find various and non state actors. germany and france represent the economic and military powers of europe. the united states see them as the competition in these areas on to global playing fields. and constantly undermines them, which is what this ukranian conflict is effectively doing. historically driven ideological ambitions of baltic states ought to have limits in light of the real world, economic consequences. germany and france have a right to their own foreign policy as sovereign nations. they are well aware that the longer this conflict in ukraine persists and the more economic damage is done to europe's economy, through anti russian sanctions. the greater the chance that it will fall on berlin in paris to clean up the mess. and of course, get stuck with the bill. that is up for me this,
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our stay with us throughout the day. as we bring you more news and commentary, this is our to international. but with ah, though, should the new military restore. just look up from one of normally a muscle guardian noon. she doesn't beating train show on a nurse to munoz, pursue. mama cook go through 6th grade to someone to look up to his ashley. uh this morning to work with girls about to come here from one to 330 cool position to p. did you bring up with chino bronze medal for furnished
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or something like that? we got that for that. that might be more, a needs a little less than i have no grain need to have them. oh, when i was showing wrong one. 03. just a to fill out this thing because the kid and engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah, ah.
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hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . the west drive to weaken in isolate russia is not working out all about well. russia, the most sanctioned country in the world, has an economy that is now stable and resilient. the west can't say the same for its economies. in fact, the west is weakening and isolating it self. ah crow, stocking economic blow back. i'm joined by my guess. philip geraldo in percival, he is the executive director of the council for the national interest and a former cia counter terrorism specialist in minneapolis. we have stephen barb. he is a political analyst. and in paris we cross to john rick mall. he is a political commentator. all right, gentlemen, crosswalk rose in effect. that means he can jump in any time you want. i always appreciate phil, let me go to you 1st here.


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