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so the police system submitted alluding, i see the student both whose though group you malaysian says due to gumbo soup. ah, the la guns for public is about to come on to full control of russia and it's regional allies, according to the russian defense minister who stresses that moscow is doing everything it can to protect civilians. from over here, it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. correspondent reports from the don't boss front line. why don't? yes, 4th is a defending that positions from the ukranian army and preparing to advance a former french army soldier who's been volunteering as a medical what when ukraine and cry foul over what he calls western attempts to not get to my kids neo nazi troops being supplied with weapons from nato countries.
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the as of battalion is ukrainian military force. so was getting these weapons and ammunition. it is part of the ukrainian army. right. how can france and europe justify the fact that a neo nazi battalion is being provided with weapons and ammunition? and does the international community faces global challenges at china? proposes the expansion of the brick alliance. the biggest change to the grouping over a decade with argentina named a top candidates with a very welcome. this is on the international with the late his world news update is good to have you with us. but fast, not my payton says. russia has faced unsuccessfully beaten back a cyber warfare onslaught from abroad. against dusky that i took, another number of cyber attacks against russia has been on the rise in recent years
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. however, since the start of the operation and on bass and ukraine, the challenges on this matter have become even more pressing and serious. we can say that an information war of aggression has been unleashed against russia. nevertheless, today we can already say that this cyber aggression against us has failed along with the pressure of sanctions. where were they? more than the guns creepers republic is close to coming out of the full control of russia and its allies, as, according to the russian defense minister who is providing frontline updates. ers history, rumors, you, russian, the nets, can la guns, republic forces continue to extend their control over don bass territory. the full territory of villa ganske republic is about to come under their control. russian forces are doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties. so humanitarian corridors can continue since the start of the operation, more than 1377000 people have been evacuated to russia.
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think i shall go also said the surrender of ukrainian troops is ongoing at the as of style factory and marielle pole with almost a 1000 competence, including as of now not sees turning themselves over to russian lead forces since monday, prisoners with serious injuries or wounds are being taken for treatment to hospitals are crossed on bath. meanwhile, the fighting rage is on in other parts of the region with a kindergarten and several residential homes damaged by ukrainian rockets that don, yes, republic city have did bounce ever according to local officials. they say at least one civilian has been killed in the shelling with a more than 50 attacks recorded in the area. i have a nice up next to reports from the dawn bass front lines close to the city of dawn . yes, car correspondent visits positions of dpr force is tossed, withholding a strategically important area as they say, it's time to make an advance auto the cost on of
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a polls. this is the most advanced. and evan, god, position of the, the net people republics forces. just outside of, of dave, come from over here. it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. right now this is a defensive position. so they are holding their ground. and their artillery is firing well to basically to suppress any sort of resistance that may come from that side. but well, people over ukrainian fighters over there, they respond regularly. and this position is being shelled well, daily. the cross the field, a maze of trenches reinforced with concrete and dug some 3 stories deep into the ground. on this side, the ground is dented from the bombs and shelves coming down from keeps forces. but as often as the target, the front lines, the ukrainians also bombed in that sc city itself was 2 cookie pies. if what
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weapons did the ukrainian forces ordering. of course, they have quite capable weapons, including flame throwers and mortars, also long range artillery. they have entrenched themselves extensively by many leading nets. republics, forces are firing back relentlessly in a bid to keep the enemy artillery at bay window for your uncle, emily lackey, deliveries. also from the north and the east russian troops are attempting a pin, some movement against the ukrainians in a day. of course, the primary objective of the militia here is to hold the ground until the village is fully encircled, preventing any one from breaching the perimeter. but the garrison is thirsty for a fight. both things are quite intense here on the front line so far we are doing fine, but we should be advancing with him. we don't actually have much time. most of the troops here are veterans who have been fighting against caves,
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forces since 2014 for them. this war is unfinished business and they are determined to get it over with once and for all hamburgers done of reporting from the don bass r t a full french army soldier. he's recently returned from ukraine has questioned why his country keep sending weapons to care if he faced such donations help legitimize the neo nazi element in the ukrainian military. we will see here is the as off emblem, which is the same emblem used by the s as battalion. here it is. it has the same letter, n is just up turned. and here you can see the symbol of one of the battalions of the 3rd, right? it is a circle would raise arranged to like stairs. the symbol is also reproduced here. and even without any changes, i'm showing this so people understand what is succession going good. because you're exactly, so they just upturned the letter n, taken from the ss emblem,
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while the symbol of the 3rd right remains unchanged. it means the as of emblem is a neo nazi symbol of the ss and the 3rd, right within marsh tomorrow movie. how can you describe and justify the fact that ukrainian forces using the ss and 3rd rice symbols are now receiving weapons which france and europe is supplying to crane? just to make it clear, frans and europe are sending weapons and ammunition to craniums. the as of battalion is ukrainian military force. so was getting these weapons and ammunition and young, it is part of the ukrainian army. right. how can france and europe justify the fact that a neo nazi battalion is being provided with weapons and ammunition through the french president has promised his ukrainian counterpart vladimir zalinski, that armed supplies to kiev will increase quote, an intensity. meanwhile, the u. s. senate is approved to $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine despite republican lawmakers. warning is a serious lack of oversights,
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of where exactly that money might end up in a package on like a previous bill passed in march. say that nothing about prohibiting the sending of weapons to the as of battalion out, he's kind of more to repose. the added state has just passed a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine. now it's important to note that previous us a package is ukraine, providing weapons and other supplies have stipulated that those supplies do not end up in the hands of the notorious. as ob battalion, the neo nazi fighting division in ukraine. none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms training or other assistance to the off battalion. now what's particularly disturbing is that this recent package does not include this language. does not specify that the as a battalion cannot. ready receive assistance from the united states. what more it appears that weaponry from nate. dell has apparently ended up in the hands of the
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battalion already. you look at the as a battalions official, twitter, they seem to be highlighting weapons like a matador, which is an anti tank weapon that has been among the weapons that nato has provided to you. grand appears, they may already be getting their hands on on us weapons at this point. and we also have us official saying they don't know where are these weapons they send ukraine, go on and know who ends up, getting them in terms of our ability to track the weapons that are going in. as you know, we don't have any forces on the ground, so that's it's difficult for us to do. i couldn't tell you where the weapons are in ukraine and whether the ukrainians are using them at this point. they're not telling us every round of ammunition they're firing and who and when. now it's important to know the united states is the top ex, border of weapons in the world, u. s. arms flow across the planet, and there are many instances of us weapons ending up in the hands of problematic
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individual. when the usa withdrew from afghanistan, recently, we saw the taliban get it hands on some u. s. high grade, military weapons and hardware. and that was in the hands of the taliban. we've also seen in mexico, drug cartels often armed with sophisticated u. s. military grade weaponry. so around the world, us weapons often do end up in the hands of problematic individuals. this is something that many people around the world are seriously concerned about is the usa continues to escalate its anti russian rhetoric. the united states continues to pour weapons into ukraine who might be on the receiving end of some of these deadly weapons. us congressman chip boy has suggested that as america faces surging inflation and the other problems that aid money would be better spent at home. and i'm wondering when we voted to go to or if anyway, we're going to have a proxy war and we're going to get $40000000000.00 to ukraine because we wanna look
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all fancy with our blue and yellow ribbons. feel good about ourselves. maybe we should actually of a debate in this chamber, a debate in his body because the american people expect us to do that when the border of this country is wide open in cartels have controlled it, and fennel is boring in and we have $30.00 trillion dollars, a debt and gas prices are spiking and $1100.00 to fill a tank, a diesel, and we go blank, jack. $40000000000.00. and by the way, i'm looking at my colleagues on this side of the aisle on that same point. i think the big mysteries has been a really have a job ahead of them to explain the rationale behind this to the american people. particular going to mid term legend in november of this year's up fully mistake. we saw what happened in our levy of canister were nearly $9000000000.00 weaponry. i was looked on the ground there. we have no tracking mechanism for where these weapons are going out, whose hands it will go inches and not simply the answer to tell you of, of the rooms from isis in the middle east. north african, a drug cartels they're working for. the region will be able to buy on the black
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market, many of these highly advanced weapons systems that normally say governments and state actors have access to a thing to a gummy of massive concern over the course. not simply this current engagement, but over the course of the next decade, see where these weapons end up. we have real questions as to exactly how, where the, why we're providing this level of assistance order, the strategic goals and adventures hero, we just got out of 20 years of war and the united states of america is mere little appetite and then sensory to return to act of conflict in world this globe. so we're going to be. ringback a even pass a participant in the conference room, we'll have to go to an american people's find exactly what you're doing. the bricks group of countries spending more than 40 percent of the world's population is expected to welcome new members of china, suggested the alliance. i hope it's doors. i think the members may become the biggest change typically been over a decade. china proposes to start the bricks expansion process,
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explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion and gradually form a consensus. argentina as understood to be the number one candidate to join the alliances. the country has been invited to attend to brick summit next month. the book currently includes brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa regrouping to encourage economic, political and cultural cooperation between its members states. so the other countries in the line say they welcome china's proposals, who invites new members. however, the relations between bricks ends. nato have been less than friendly with china recently condemning west and attempts to isolate russia over the conflict in ukraine. beijing is also called on brussels. sit down with talks with moscow. bricks expert, elizabeth city polo says the proposed expansion of the alliance means china is stepping up to a bigger roland geopolitics. the proposal that the chinese foreign minister has put on the table is really to explore as he's put at the,
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the criteria and procedures for a possible expansion. but it's certainly part of the process of the way in which i think china sees the bricks in its broader universe of partnerships. alliance those networks that it has been bolding and cultivating over over a number of years. i don't think this is this, this proposal is necessarily linked to what is happening in crime. i think it's, it's more about the way in which china sees itself in and in a new sort of global construct. i suspect the development in europe and later my claim to that, but i can see that as, as being the overarching reason the india has defended this decision to restrict weeds exports, saying it supply should go to those within the region who need the most is accused
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rich countries of holding food, while poor countries struggle in a situation, much like that, which will cobit vaccine found, reach, impoverished areas necessary for all of us to adequately appreciate the importance of good d, affordability, and accessibility. when it comes to afford grates, we have already seen to our great cost how these principles were disregarded. in the case of covered 9 in vaccines, open markets must not become an argument to perpetrate any good inequality and promote discrimination. india has said the restrictions are necessary to control why think domestic prices after a heat wave affected grain crops that the u. s. a. slum move as an ellipse. flies decision that will disrupt the international market and potentially push a price is even further. china, on the other hand, has supported in these to positions saying the blaming, developing countries like india will install the global food crisis. india is the
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world's 2nd largest weak producer, but it shares the global export market is well the average we discussed in the move with journalist on commentator heavier thing in the i looking at. and we are saying that we don't want to be needed. the support the requirement like with some african countries, but at the same time you know, the systematic manner. so that's why this criticism is not i think it is not the appropriate thing to criticize a love just for to settle, read up to j not what it was in a really huge population. also could feed our teachers. i like it up when it gets up back saying that when the old is with a concrete in the one, we're not able to access the under the definitely but climate change is affecting
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the children. that is a good thing is what is a disturbance in that you want to students is also one of the fact that, but at the same time we, i will see that next next to we are to be ready. ready? crucial. we're going to play and i was in the global market. sure, lanka has officially defaulted on his debt for the 1st time in the countries history, with spiraling inflation rates, rolling power blackouts plus the food and medicine shorts. just pumping thousands of people to wiley against the government. ah ah ah ah,
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this is the produce march organized by the into university student federation. the might have been the president to step down and demanded a baldwin to come up with something concrete. and for him as an operation began is up to ease the know the burdens of the general public and arrest the man. god breeds ambia braves behind the chaos that was created. do sprinklers week. there had been some ships coming to the shows ups for a longer especially carried through all these other petra, at the same time guess. but that are no dollars in the government pressures to buy the stocks that are still in the shows office for a lanka. situation is getting worse each and every day. we are still keeping the fingers crossed that something concrete would take place. this is, do. sean was reported to you from colombo stir lanka, the number of nato soldiers stationed near russians,
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borders has reached 40000. that's nearly 10 times more than it was before the war in ukraine. nato is being bolster and gets east and possessions are the ukraine conflict of up to 3 months ago and finland, which borders russia has went to sweden have asked to join in western military alliance. moscow has continually emphasized for decades that nato expansion is a red line. i mean, while turkey has refused to allow finland and sweden to join nato, and that's called the whitening rift within the block with the precedence of fellow member state croatia. now also speaking out against the potential exception of the 2 nordic countries, probation, president, milosevic also was his country's parliament to vote against the proposed nato expansion. as western countries have fell to help correlations resolve their political disputes with neighboring bosnia and herzegovina. milan, which is also said along finan in sweden to join nate, it would be a very dangerous adventure. meanwhile,
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turkeys president has reiterated installs on preventing house think in stock crime from joining the blog. we do not want to make the same mistake twice. therefore, we will decisively continue our policy. in this regard, we told our partners that we would say no to sweden and finland, nato membership. we will continue our path in the same direction to our claims that the 2 nordic countries support terrorist groups that have taken up arms against the turkish government. diplomatic sources say encore, a blocks process, the nato expansion within hours of the finland and sweden handed in the official applications. geopolitical analysts, pierre emanuel commands, say the narrative has been fabricated against russia to stoke fears and maintain the british and us military presence in eastern europe. the red narrative that to russia could be a threat to, to nate to member states is or a fake narrative. or because,
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or actually your rush just strategy is to secure its own security in the near abroad. it means sir, oh, try to prevent to nato enlargement on football you as his arm and myspace, especially by tick states. because we are already with nato and her bug beyond 2 countries. well, or would the nato member states are not threatened by russia? this is a, a fake narrative from b o. u. k. in united states to boost we are or no military or spending and exports, especially for united states to europe. and also to, to still maintain their presence in europe to mid to have a new job for nato because so ne, 2 is a, an instrument of a gemini, of united states in europe. so we need to rush out to be seen as it threads or some
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you states have pushed for a sci fi in ukraine. others have lashed out against those contacts with russia, with more on how both x days have been putting immense pressure on german and french need isn't even suggested prolonging the war. his aunty contributed rachel marston phrase president a mandarin that. com and german chancellor will absolutely are facing pressure from baltic state officials over a perceived lack of appetite for continued conflict with russia over ukraine. it's not the 1st time that the baltic countries have tried calling the shots for the you . the representatives in brussels have her team countered efforts, including by the chief diplomat joseph burrell, to engage with russia after press conference alongside russian foreign minister observe the law in moscow in february of last year. morale was forced to explain why he called russia's bi weekly anti proven vaccine, good news for the whole mankind, and the hope that you would prove it, which of course, it still hasn't. by the way, we're also to justify why he failed to insert himself russia. ready domestic bears,
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by neglecting to adequately condemn, be imprisonment of opposition. figure lexia and l need to the satisfaction of baltic states. and now the baltic states have paris and berlin in their sites. as tony and prime minister kaya collins has said, of amendment that holds most recent call to vladimir putin for here this month. i feel that everybody is constantly calling him. he doesn't get the message that he is isolated. so if we want to get the message through that, actually you are isolated dot com. there's no point. sounds like advice you gave to a friend after being dumped by next knives out, brimming with diplomatic savvy. and in april hole in from it is hysterically criticized michael's diplomatic reach saying, mr. micron, how many times have you negotiated with proven and what have you achieved? have you stop to any of the actions that have taken place? nobody negotiated with hitler which negotiate with hitler was stolen with poll pot and jazz are all a shots,
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has found himself in the baltic crossers as well over germany's initial reluctance to flood ukraine weapons. alongside is nato allies, pressure to which the moon in stock ultimately gave in april, weapons, expert foreign risk ending up on the black market. and you find the various and non state actors, germany and france represent the economic and military powers of europe. the united states see them as the competition in these areas on the global playing fields and constantly undermines them. which is what does you creating conflict is effective. we do a historically driven ideological ambitions of baltic states ought to have limits in light of real world economic consequences. germany and france have a right to their own foreign policy as sovereign nations. they are well aware that the longer this conflict in ukraine persists and the more economic damage is done to europe's economy,
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through anti russian sanctions. the greater the chance that it will fall on berlin in paris to clean up the mass. of course, get stuck with the bill. but if i think this company here in all the international way back at the top of the out, with all the latest, see them in ah, though she w a ministry restore you to look up from one of mentally muscles on noon. she kitty doesn't being an issue on a nurse to me as close to mamma cook as goose creek summary. tamika. barbara has ashley, uh this morning with
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a balance you called me from one to 3. if this sort of cool position to pick it, can you bring out my booking for the chino bryanston that'll work for furnished, arrive something like that and then we got that was there, there was a lead. stay with them. oh, when i was sure seemed wrong when i was just a shape out disdain becomes the african and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. lou
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needs to come to the russian state. total narrative. i've stayed as on the northland scheme div, asking him the american house for a group in the 55 when. okay, so 9 is 25 and speaking with ben in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machine. the state aunt rush up to date and school r t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest, and with me a
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minute thought, oh, you mean you can live up? she was not a little boy, and a border with those old says look, and you live in west covina, california initial, do i live club? no significant dealer post on zillow wallaby, almost can used to put value a new one. you do you origin, but you also still listed on those are lewis with him. okay. i didn't know so much . i was like one to thought that i was on the believe just listed below you. would you what i see the student bussey's dog room gear motivation says diesel tutorial dumbbell. sup with a cost issue. i went out so
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we're small, much, much more month of good us preschool going for several weeks successful russian entrepreneur. you're eva. gunner has been moving humanitarian cargo to the people have done boss from moscow. and he's been doing it at his own expense. he, in a group of like minded volunteers, deliver aid to where it's most needed in the region. a couple of them to just look forward to mr. dunn boston. deal is pretty if it's a commercial breakdown. it's just about a you, would you what i see the senior bus is done through you. motivation says this,
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not to do, don't boston a, do you support your another aspect of yuri and he spent volunteers work. he said they locate and rescue people from the water a uniform all across up in the field. the dumb fisher sean will. i will actually buy me enough for a couple otherwise i need to know if she does not want a senior with a school bus done and i have called today. maria blue can only be accessed by special missions, escorted by the military assistance. biking is ongoing in the city center, ukrainian, neo nazi as of minutes and have retreated to areas around the in each.


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