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trying to not with that week out with that, with that with feel against where public is a balance come on to full control of russia and its regional allies. that's according to the russian defense minister who stresses that moscow is doing everything it can to protect civilians. from over here, it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces, while corresponding reports from the dumbass front line. why don't you force the defending that positions from the ukranian army and preparing to advance from the french army soldier who has been volunteering as a medical worker in ukraine, cries foul at what he calls western attempts to legitimize key obs,
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neo nazi troops who are being supplied with weapons from nato countries. the, as a battalion is ukrainian military force. so was getting these weapons and ammunition. it is part of the ukrainian army. right. how can france and europe justify the fact that a neo nazi battalion is being provided with weapons and ammunition? and as the international community faces global challenges that china proposes the expansion at the brick alliance. the biggest change to the group in over a decade with argentina named a top candidate with very well welcome. this is on the international with the latest world news that that is good to have you with us this out. that fast vladimir putin say is russia has faced down successfully beaten back a cyber warfare onslaught from abroad. today's thursday that at the number of cyber
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attacks against russia has been on the rise in recent years. however, since the start of the operation and on bass and ukraine and the challenges on this matter have become even more pressing and serious issue, we can say that an information war of aggression has been unleashed against russia . nevertheless, today we can already say that this cyber aggression against us has failed, along with the pressure of sanctions. new modern against people's republic is close to coming under the full control of russia and its allies. as according to the russian defense minister who is providing frontline updates, rigor is, is to room or shoe russian finance can la guns republic forces continue to extend their control over don bass territory. the full territory of villa ganske republic is about to come under their control. russian forces are doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties. so human tearing corridors can continue since to start of the operation. more than 1377000 people have been evacuated to russia.
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fig i shall ago also said the surrender author ukrainian troops is ongoing at the as of south factory and marielle paul with almost a 1000 competence, including as of neo nazis, turning themselves over to russian lead forces since monday, prisoners with serious injuries or winds up being taken for treatment to hospitals across dumbass. meanwhile, this unverified footage appears to show what key of his calling a bombing of a cultural hole in east in ukraine. the bombing was reportedly being used as an operating base by ukraine's military local authority. sally, 7 people have been injured in the attack in russia's defense, ministry has not yet commented on the incident. and the fighting rages on in other parts of dumbass were the kindergarten and several residential homes damaged by ukrainian work. it's in the don't. yes, republic, city of belts. according to local officials, they say at least one civilian has been killed in the shelling with more than 50
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attacks recorded in the area of a nice lakes report from the door. my front lines close to the city of dawn, yeske o correspondent with its positions of dpr forces, costs, withholding a strategically important area. as they say, it's time to make an advance his art is equal on off. this is the most advanced and oven god. position of the, the net people republics forces. just outside of, of dave come from over here. it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. right now this is a defensive position, so they are holding their ground and their artillery is firing. well, to basically, to suppress any sort of resistance that may come from that side, but well, people over ukrainian fighters over there, they respond regularly. and this position is being shelled well daily
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across the field. a maze of trenches reinforced with concrete and dug some 3 stories deep into the ground. on this side, the ground is dented from the bombs and shells coming down from keeps forces. but as often as the target, the front lines, the ukrainians also bombed in that city itself was to keep as if what weapons did the ukrainian forces use. ordering on you thought they have quite capable weapons, including flame throwers and mortars, also long range artillery. they have entrenched themselves extensively. the net lead. annette republics, forces are firing back relentlessly in a bit to keep the enemy artillery at bay window for your uncle. immune and likely to believe you from the north and the east. russian troops are attempting a pin, some movement against the ukrainians, and of day of the primary objective of the militia. here is to hold the ground
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until the village is fully encircled, preventing any one from breaching the perimeter. but the garrison is thirsty for a fight. full of things are quite intense here on the front line. so far we're doing fine, but we should be advancing of him. we don't actually have much time. most of the troops here are veterans who have been fighting against caves, forces since 20 to team for them. this war is unfinished business and they are determined to get it over with once and for all hamburgers done of reporting from the don bass. archie, a former french army soldier, he's recently returned from ukraine, has questioned why his country kept sending weapons to care. if he say such donations, help legitimize neo nazi elements in the ukrainian military. we didn't see here as the as off emblem, which is the same emblem used by the s as battalion. here it is. it has the same letter, n is just upturned. and here you can see the symbol of one of the battalions, one of the 3rd, right?
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it is a circle would raise arranged to like stairs. the symbol is also reproduced here. and even without any changes, what i'm showing this. so people understand and you can see with what is succession, haven't gotten to because you're exactly. mm hm. so they just, um, turned to the letter n, taken from the ss emblem, while the symbol of the 3rd right hand remains unchanged. it means the as of emblem is a neo nazi symbol of the ss. and the 3rd, right, was image gamma movie. how can you describe and justify the fact that ukrainian forces using the ss and 3rd, right symbols are now receiving weapons which france and europe is supplying to crane? just to make it clear, france and europe are sending weapons and ammunition ukrainians. the as a battalion is ukrainian military force. so was getting these weapons and ammunition and young. it is part of the ukrainian army. victor, right. how can france and europe justify the fact that a neo nazi battalion is being provided with weapons and ammunition resume?
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so good the, the french president has promised his ukrainian counts pont flag him, his landscape it on supplies to cave will increase quote in intensity. meanwhile, the u. s. senate has approved a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine despite republican lawmakers. warning is a serious lack of oversight, of where exactly that money might end up. the new package on like a previous bill passed in march, says nothing about prohibiting the sending of weapons to the as a battalion house. he's caleb moping across the united states has just passed a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine. now it's important to know that previous us aid packages to ukraine, providing weapons and other supplies as stipulated that those supplies do not end up in the hands of the notorious. as our battalion, the neo nazi fighting division in ukraine. none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms training or other assistance to the off battalion.
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now what's particularly disturbing is that this recent package does not include this language. it does not specify that the as a battalion cannot. ready receive assistance from the united states. what more it appears that weaponry from nate. dell has apparently ended up in the hands of the battalion already. you look at the as a battalions official, twitter, they seem to be highlighting weapons like a matador. ready which is an anti tank weapon that has been among the weapons that nato has provided to you granted appears they may already be getting their hands on on us weapons at this point. and we also have us official saying they don't know where these weapons they send ukraine, go on and know who ends up, getting them in terms of our ability to track the weapons that are going in. as you know, we don't have any forces on the ground, so that's it's difficult for us to do. i couldn't tell you where the weapons are in ukraine and whether the ukrainians are using them at this point. they're not
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telling us every round of ammunition they're firing and who and when. now it's important to know the united states is the top ex, border of weapons in the world, u. s. arms flow across the planet. there are many instances of us weapons ending up in the hands of problematic individual. when the u. s. they withdrew from afghanistan. recently, we saw the taliban get his hands on some u. s. high grade, military weapons in hardware. and that was in the hands of the taliban. we've also seen in mexico, drug cartels often armed with sophisticated u. s. military grade weaponry. so around the world, us weapons often do end up in the hands of problematic individuals. this is something that many people around the world are seriously concerned about is the usa continues to escalate its anti russian rhetoric. the united states continues to pour weapons into ukraine who might be on the receiving end of some of these deadly weapons. he was congressman chip roy has suggested that as american face is surging
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in inflation on the problems that aid money would be better spent at home. and i'm wondering when we voted to go to or if people were to have a proxy war and we're going to get $40000000000.00 to ukraine because we wanna look up fancy with our blue and yellow ribbons. feel good about ourselves. maybe we should actually have a debate in this chamber, a debate in this body because the american people expect us to do that when the border of this country is wide open and cartels have controlled it and fennel is pouring in and we have $30.00 trillion dollars, a debt and gas prices are spiking and $1100.00 to fill a tank, a diesel and we go blank, jack. $40000000000.00. and by the way, i'm looking at my colleagues on this side of the aisle on that same point for them to be, mr. hasn't been to really have a job ahead of them to explain of the rationale behind this, to the american people trickling, going to mid term legend in november of this year for the mistake we saw what
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happened in our levy of canisters were nearly $9000000000.00 weaponry, i was looked on the ground there, we have no tracking mechanism for where these weapons are going out, whose hands it will go, inches and not simply the ads off italian of, of the remnants of isis in the middle east, north african, a drug cartels. they're working for the region will be able to buy on the black market. many of these highly advanced weapon systems on the normally say, governments and state actors have access to a thing to a gummy of national concern over the course. not simply this current engagement, but over the course of the next decade and see where these weapons end up. we have real questions as to exactly how, where the, why we're providing this level of assistance to water, the strategic goals and advantages hero. we just got out of 20 years of war in united states from american is mere little appetite, him and sensory to return to active conflict anywhere on this globe. so we're going to be a even pass a participant in that conflict. and we'll have to go through miracle peoples, find exactly what you're doing. the vice president of the european commission has
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warned european buyers have russian gath against paying in roubles as requested by the kremlin. as the several companies start to open accounts and rushes gas pump banks on which payments would be made it is not normal. the contracts are very clear and speak of euros and dulles, that is normal, not russian rubles. putins trick is to try and keep his central bank alive using foreign currency that is not allowed on the sanctions. its central bank is under sanctions and companies must pay euro's is that contract, stipulate that is what the contract, se putin is demanding. breach of contract earlier, the russian deputy prime minister said around 24 in bias. it opened accounts with payment that deadlines, looming chimneys unit, and friendship and g among companies who have said they will comply while italian energy firm has said it will open a rouble account. rushing me payment mechanism requires binding, quote,
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unfriendly countries to open, to account for the euros in a 2nd in roubles from which the payments will be made. the commission has recently issued revised guidance on gas payment which, which does not explicitly forbid ruble accounts well me, while european so moving ahead to curb reliance on rushing gas. and what seems to be a quest for independence. germany, a major importer of question fuel is turning it size to a small oil rich country capital. berlin recently agreed an energy policy with a gulf stayed with gas appliance targeted for as early as 2024. earlier though, the category energy minister without any rapid global transition from russian feel somewhere in the range of 30 to 40 percent of the total supply of gas comes home. to actually say that, you know, you can replace that guess. it's not practically possible.
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i now live by a side man to run the political analyst, dean of world studies at the university of to ron. thank you very much for joining us on a program is get to see as a wave. now since last week, the european commission softened. it starts on the purchase of russian gas when it published its new guidelines. why they made the process the confusing for its members state simply to pay that bills. it's because the european union is torn between it's attempt to please washington and to abide by american demand. so they put pressure on russia and the fact that they are in desperate need of fuel. the europeans are more dependent on russian hill than the russians are dependent on the europeans. and i think that was a major miscalculation that they made from the beginning you recall widen. and the 1st few days said that the united states was turning the rubel and to rubble. and
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after a few days we saw that. but that did not happen. and in fact, it was, we all know rose to you heights at least previous years. this was the, the most valuable that had become so european, obviously fascinated with regards to the sanctions and the supplies that they hate themselves. not only by pushing pity sanctions, but also by sanctioning countries like iran and venezuela over the past few years. yet to abide by american demands, they decrease the amount of capacity coil and gas in the world, thus putting themselves in this predicament so they only have themselves to blame. so what are your views on the new gym and could tarry energy? punish it to think it is a viable alternative to replace russian gas. definitely not. this is not something that can be carried out tomorrow. the attendees do not have the capacity
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or the capability to increase gas at a rapid pace and already exporting what they can. if they could have exported more, they would have a, so the germans, they're making a major miscalculation by the time there's sufficient new gas in the world to be exploited by the europeans. this crisis, this war, this standoff between when russia will be over, at least in ukraine. so the germans are making a major mistake by counting on something that will take years to be developed. and the gas will be much more expensive than the russian gas. so europe will no longer be competitive, and before then we may see economic apostrophe in europe, especially this coming winter because they continue to be pushed by the americans and bullied by the americans and to wrecking their own economy. now, as we know,
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some customers in europe take different stances on the payment scheme. filane, for example, still plans on not honoring the new tens presented by moscow. is there a way to resolve the situation? well, the situation would have been resolved in the 1st place. if the ukrainian government accepted negotiation to negotiate with the russians, and if the europeans and americans promise not to have ukraine in nato, this was something that was preventable a long, long time ago. but the americans, it seems to me, they wanted to push rock in a corner a wanted this war and there, and the americans and british in particular, want this war to continue. it can end tomorrow, but i think they push that. and so they need to stand off so important, and the they've made the case of
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a must win to the public. but if they back down there now, it will be seen as a defeat. but the europeans are stuck. either they impose more sanctions and they destroy their economy, or they keep the gas and oil flowing. and they empower russia in a way in which russia can continue with business as usual. more or less. side ma'am, and mines a political analyst in about studies at the university off to on. thank you very much for your time and the bricks. group of countries funding more than 40 percent of the world's population is expected to welcome new members. off the china suggest to be aligned to 8 stores, adding new countries may become the biggest change to the group in a for a decade. china proposes to start the bricks expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion and gradually form a consensus. argentina as understood to be the number one candidate to join the
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alliance as the country has been invited to attend a brick summit next month. the plough company includes brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. the great pains to encourage economic, political, and cultural cooperation between its members states. well, the other countries in the line say they welcome china's proposal to invite new members. however, the relations between bricks and nato having less friendly with china. recently condemning western attempts to isolate russia of the conflict in ukraine baiting is also called on brussels to sit down for talks with moscow. brick, the experts elizabeth city police says the proposed expansion of the alliance means china is stepping up to a bigger role in geo politics. the proposal that the chinese foreign minister has put on the table is really to explore as these put the, the criteria and procedures for a possible expansion. but it's certainly part of the process of the way in which i think china sees the bricks in its broader universe of partnerships
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alliance. there's networks that it has been bolding and cultivating over over a number of years. i don't think this is this, this proposal is necessarily linked to what is happening in crime. i think it's, it's more about the way in which china sees itself in and in a new sort of global construct. i suspect that the development in europe and my claim to that, but i can't see that as, as being the overarching reason to lanka has officially defaulted its dead song for the 1st time in the country's history was spiraling inflation rates rolling power, black house plus food and medicine shortages pointing thousands of people to rally against the government. ah
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ah ah, this is the produce march organized by the into unit as it is sort of federation demand in the president to step down and demonte the bond to mom to come up with something concrete and for him as an obligation to make any sense. he's that know the burdens of the gender, public and honest. the man god breeds, and the brains behind the chaos that was created or destroyed. uncle, last week there had been some ships coming to the shows of store lanka, especially carried fuel diesel petra, at the same time guess. but that i know dollars in the government fisheries to buy
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the stocks that are still in the shows office for lanka. situation nice getting was each and every day we are still keeping the fingers crossed that something concrete would take place. this ease of use on was reported to you from colombo store lanka . let's find out more now and go line to doctors from al fernando and international relations specialist and advised that on new regional diplomacy. many thanks for joining is on the program. it's good to see now what's led to sri lanka, becoming the 1st the asia pacific country in decades to default on his foreign debts. thank you very much. mickey, i know sri lanka default to the $5000000000.00 debt. all i'm in the major course off these borrowing as will less our tax cuts value at the tax cuts and all so all borrowing one, so on the international market and also selling foreign reserves to prompt up
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dollars. and these are the major cost. so that's the kind of our country meetings, and that's why the situation is offered and also the bank. i mean, i had a lockdown and sri lanka last about $2500000000.00 worth of g d. b of it in the last 4 months in the last year and also the revenue loss from the tourism, which i put in the world for $1000000000.00 as well as far in returns coming out of work out in the last 2 years. and the government suddenly shifting to organ planning, costs are dropping down agriculture and these, all these reasons has tempered the small and medium industrial, daily life livelihood as a parting reserved, completing. so with this nor dollars to produce as well and other essential items have cost the so a major or challenging situation in truly she didn't anyway, the situation,
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could it be to avoid it? yes, it could be avoided if the proper steps were taken by the previous government. if they manage the property policy implementations were done in the country could have avoided imbalance off balance of payment as well. let's get before. injuries of the dollar was not included in the last 2 years. and, and the funny thing in the last 2 months caused the inflation to go up to 18.7 percent. and the food prices to go up to 30 percent. and this cost of social unrest as well as political duty while looking to do that, the countries experiencing now that these, these could have been avoided. definitely, do you think using its foreign currency was to cope with the moving food and energy crisis instead of paying off his debts will solve the problem. i
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know that's why you know, a few months back, there are countries and trade bank stopped paying off and restructuring of her death has been undertaken by the previous government and even the government to negotiate with the international monetary fund as well. left several of the multilateral organizations to restructure and for the country to be able to pay to bring the coming years. so the proposal in the final stages as well . let's go with the abilities needed for lending organizations to to lend to the country already, the g 7 countries has pledged that the be, are ready to help out on this situation. i saw the nation, the citizens are ready to see what's coming out of this unfolding situation with
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the international community. but the situation in sri lanka is grim. it's a very challenging situation for the distance, the long hours of fall, feel as long, long as the live long of a problem in the nation and the inclusion going up to 18 percent. it has cost a challenging and a desperate situation from citizens. can you see shoreline, because problem spilling over and having some knock on effects in found regional security and stability? yes. if the country's political volatility continues, it will bring about instability to really strategically located the nation in india, notion, disease causing this might cause if that happens are to the nearby small, small island. the nations like the 2 points left in the model as been led to other neighboring outpatient countries, which also are different big thing of economy,
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crazy food shortages. and all of these things bring the low middle income category of people in the right. you know, to be, that's the fiction that could be allude to reason or other practices and national security trail and go even in other countries. so the countries policymakers have to look into this and bring about to go to the constitutional reform like the 21st. i mean, these are the important steps in the near future and bring about the transition that's coming up with the resignation of the prime minister and his competent last week. and now the new government obviously not seeming to popular, one of the 1st steps that can be taken to solving the countries political crisis. yes, yes, you said a new company has been appointed by the new prime minister. and also he's trying to
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get this newly farm government trying to negotiate multilateral organizations, all ready, the neighboring nations, like india, have extended its credit line, which was about $2000000000.00 that shows our credit line to 3 point $5000000000.00 . because that's these are the 1st steps as well as it has already declared that they are ready to support 3 long and the g 7 countries are ready to restructure and hit both the country out of the restructuring process. these are pledges, however, the political really needed, as well as social stability has to come in within the next couple of weeks. the political reform should be taken, taken the mean to dig them in costs by implementing the 25th amendment,
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which is a mix of the 19 and the 20th, and then the president's policy. because that's what the opposition parties are demanding and not as well as the st. protesters are requesting for the president and the prime minister to resign. but however, the previous prime minister resign some political 70 days. the key component was between economic crisis, bringing relief to the defense, minish focus from el fernando, international relations specialist and advisor. our new regional diplomacy. many thanks for your time. we appreciate your insight into the matter. thank you. room. i thank you for joining us. have naughty international as always, plenty most be found on our website r t dot com, but we will be back in 30 minutes with the latest ah, ah.


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