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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 20, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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march, organized by the into university student federation. the mob been the president to step down and demanded abandonment to come up with something concrete and firm as an operational again is a good use that know the burdens of the general public and arrest the bad guy. bridges and the braves behind the chaos that both create or do sprinklers me. there had been some ships coming there to the shows ups for a longer, especially carried fuel diesel petra at the same type gas, but that are no dollars in the government fisheries to buy the stocks that are still in the shows office for a lanka. situation is getting worse each and every day. we are still keeping the fingers crossed, that something concrete would take place. this ease of use and was reported to you from colombo, stir lanka, international relations specialists from alphena. and i believe the turmoil in sri lanka could be stabilized the entire asia pacific region. the situation in sri
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lanka is grim. it's a very challenging situation. even though countries are political volatility continues to bring about our instability. do of any strategically located nation in no india notion that could be lute towards all dental reason or other practices that could hamburrow national security in sri lanka, even in other countries. so the countries policymakers have to look into this and bring about don't want to go to debbie, debbie, do talk and constitutional reforms when he, thanks for keeping his company here in archie international work back in 30 minutes with the latest. ah ah
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long long no one else shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world that you have to fill out disdain because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah
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hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i am peter lavelle, the west drive to weaken in isolate russia is not working out all about well. russia, the most sanctioned country in the world, has an economy that is now stable and resilient. the west can't say the same for it's economies. in fact, the west is weakening and isolating it self. ah cross sucking economic blow back. i'm joined by my guess. philip geraldine percival, he is the executive director of the council for the national interest and a former cia counter terrorism specialist in minneapolis. we have stephen barb. he is a political analyst. and in paris we cross to john rick mall. he is a political commentator. all right, gentlemen, crosstown rose in effect, that means he can jump in any time you want. i always appreciate phil. let me go to you 1st here. ah, that big $40000000000.00 aid bill is about to go through congress. i and that's it
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. that's not even, i think we've, we, if we all added up with the $40000000000.00, it's like $53000000000.00. but at the same time, i don't have a whole lot of respect for politicians, particularly in the west. but congressman chip roy said he kind of asked the, the, the most obvious question, i'm wondering when we voted to go to war. so, i mean, what is the objective here? i mean, what, you print all this money, which the us certainly could use a border, for example. um, so what is the objective of congress is so determined to help ukraine towards what end do you now go ahead? well, i don't know. to me, i'm mystified as to what is really going through the heads of our elected leaders in terms of what the net gain for the united states is from rural of this our suffering. by virtue of the fact that this $40000000000.00 this $50000000000.00
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does not really exist, and it's just point being printed up. we're suffering from inflation, we're suffers shortages of critical goods. the economy is in bad shape. i think everyone agrees on that. and also the europeans are taking a beating in terms of energy ha, itself and also in terms of a number of products that are vital further economy. so it's a, it's a loose blues kind of situation for those who are going after russian. i think the simple answer is what lloyd austin said was, this was, this is all about weakening russia. i'm not sure what that means, but that's what he said. and that must be what they're thinking was i'm they were in europe has been mentioned here. i mean, it seems to me with the, the u. s. in the u. k. are poised to do everything they can as a lloyd austin said we can russia, does i mean,
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destroying the european economy in the process? because it certainly looks that way to me. i am absolutely bewildered that european leaders are making the choices that they are, the productivity of europe is going to be smothered, and then what is the value of the, of the european economy if it isn't allowed to run at full speed, particularly coming out of this pandemic go ahead in paris. yes, yes, a company gig, hey, would you have gus? and since i had an idea on the on the hobby in here, i am wondering what we. busy you be and start doing in dismiss you see one way to put that is that there is this moral. busy imperative we have to defend a bullet chain again, the bad hutchins have invaded them with no for no reason whatsoever. well, 1st of all, if the sovereignty indian did, he just became the sacrosanct. why was the sovereignty of serbia over kosovo? for garb in 1999 and ish goes over to high so. so the donation on
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kane has that height weight on the population, least on the cane of that fight. so that the moral argument already collapses. the other he's and he collapses that we are taking sanctions against russia that we never ever consider taking against the united states for a hack. and of course, even more for afghan is done india where we actually collaborated and for example, even like counseling, belgium and hoops in those conflicts, not very important. well, of course, so the, the moral argument, i mean, even now we could take sanction, again, saudi arabia because of you man, you could take sanction, again, israel, because of palestine. it's a processor. so there is no more argument whatsoever. it or you could give me a shout, let me, let me stay with you here. you have a very valid points. i mean, in all of the complex that you've mentioned with this conflict, now that the european to become a co belligerent in it, is affecting consumers and voters. all those other complex that you mentioned,
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you're absolutely right. there was no moral basis more. but there's a real, practical, pragmatic, physical financial impact on europeans. i won't. i mean, how does that, how does that apply in europe? i mean, it's against their own self interest. explain that to be there. i was going to come to that. they say you could say that there is a practical reason to have all the sanctions against russia because russia tried to us. but that's not true. i mean, the whole project are 1891 of course as being trained to be friendly with the western indian. they have been shot well. and now we are going to make them even more at the, in the by trying to cancel or, and go jones. what are the nonsense we are doing now? the russians are convinced that we want to destroy them. we just not completely tube, they can understand way to believe that. and then we act. busy as you say, your says we are shooting ourselves in the food. so the economy sanctions are not working, there were hangings. so the practical argument collapse is also so they have more
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argument whatsoever. but how does it work? she goes, i see my what they just say now, and any of those are i wouldn't be invited to start with. and then you have in general there would be a whole blur about me being an agent of but didn't over put in the stare in german . some of you understand booking, i mean it's just impossible to discuss. well, with them i'm, i'm very happy that i still have my program even though you tube is removed 17 years of my work. but i'm still going at it here. stephen, let me go to you. what. what does ukraine mean to the average american? because, you know, i do say in contact with a small group of people that went through graduate school with. and they're pretty smart people in their academics. they don't know squat about ukraine. they have no knowledge of the context whatsoever, and i have to admit, they think i'm a bit of a nut case because i talk about all of these details like the legal, coo and 2014 and the, the war on the don bass for 8 years the minsk agreement,
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they have no idea what i'm talking about, steven. yeah, so i'm, i think peter were saying, you know what we saw in 2014, which when asked, you know, where's the ukraine or crimea on a map? i know nobody could find it in reality. indeed, americans know nothing that that's, that's a fact for the most part a, i would say at least 80 percent, if not a bit more on the, the sad thing as i am, you know, blogging on facebook sort of speak is so that same percent is buying hook, line, and sinker, every single report. and that's a failure. western media, you may recall at the very beginning of the conflict when the, the 2 republic seceded. there were a couple of western journalists on the other side, a couple, b, b, c,
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cnn. and they had some reporting that was not very favorable to the ukraine. and as i understand it within a day, all their reporting was they were video and that was taken down. and at this point in the west, the only the only exception to that peter is the right wang and fox news and tucker carlson by to to be very honest that that is not true. russian. no, it is actually, it's actually pro american the way i see it. ok and, but now we're national interest. hey, let me go to let me go to phillip here, philip that the european union is proposing to pay 9500000000 euros to pay the ukraine government's bills, budget salaries, and all of that. and it's open ended. they can do whatever they want with it. i mean, those of us know something about you. great, that is a, it's almost comical. i mean, that money is, is going to simply disappear. and so why would zalinski in his orbit want this
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conflict ever to? and if their bills are going to be paid by the west, go ahead philip. well, for one thing does zalinski, i can't let this go on forever cushion run out of soldiers. but the fact is that what you say is actually correct. ukraine is by general consensus, the most corrupt country in your and, and also has the worst economy. this is why i ran paul centered around, fall has been holding up the money in the u. s. senate, because he says, basically there's no oversight. chris, this money is going to disappear, got a deep will go into a whole bunch of pockets, both the ukraine and in the united states. and of course he, the equivalency will be taking place in europe. and the benefit that comes out of this is ural. it's, this is the most astonishing thing. i think any of us have seen 60 enormous pop
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propaganda, victory and catastrophic foreign policy decision made when we invaded iraq. this is a, this is an incredible event. i think that every morning when i pick up the newspapers as an informer intelligence, all right, i tend to look for sourcing for these stories. and this very often there's no source thing. it indicated. and in some cases, the sources, the ukrainian government, which is being advised, of course, by us neo con advisors and military personnel out of uniform. so it's a, you know, this is a disaster. this is a catastrophe in making. well, philip, if i can stay with you, i mean, when we're looking at this $40000000000.00, again, if you all added up, it's like $53000000000.00 it with all of a. so quote aid, i mean i, i suppose there's, it's going to be bird. good brigade, i after brigade, after brigade of hunter biden's are going to show up in ukraine now. okay. because
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that's it. this is going to form of money laundering is what it is. okay, so i'm sure other, other for children of the beliefs will be signing up for the same kind of gig because it's very interesting. it seems like replacing of the grip about dentist and it's now going to ukraine. we philip, how do you feel about that? yeah, yeah, no, actually that's, that's absolutely. and, and you better believe the 100 by you're already there. when we reinstated the embassy a couple weeks ago, they were the 1st wave. i mean, they were the marines landing on the, on the shore. so they're ready and there are no, they know how to do it, done it before. this is all a con job. the money's going to go to defense contractors in the u. s. is going to go to politicians and it's going to be stolen by the ukranian. well that's, that's a prognosis. i haven't any of us. that it? no, you crate and i've been there over a dozen times. that's exactly how it works. ok. i unfortunately,
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members of congress don't have any idea about that, or maybe they do, maybe they do, maybe that's the joke on us. all right, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break, and after that your break, we'll continue our discussion on economic blowback state with with
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ah, welcome back. across stock were all things are considered on peter level to remind you we're discussing economic blow back with go back on in paris, john, i you, in your 1st answer, you talked about the moral imperative of western leads to do something, let's say iraq, afghanistan, all that and we were fed all the propaganda here, but isn't there in a moral imperative for the european leadership to its own people? i mean, i look at, you know, i look at this going on through all every single country inflation. then you have some countries that have this huge immigration of ukrainians, which it's like a, it's all rosy for the beginning. but after a while it's been ends up being very, very expensive. a disruption of society in the u. k. they have food banks that are being pressured here. i mean,
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where's the moral imperative to take care of your own people? because i, for the life of me, i cannot understand the strategic economic, political value of ukraine to the european union. go ahead. neither do i. that's what they say. there is no particular reason either, but the more imperative, good, i mean is complete. the one say didn't know whether you one, but there is pressure from the media. you speak of the 4th power with the 4th power is not democratic. i told you to skips all democratic control and i think politicians, even if they think otherwise, it's very hard for them to oppose. but i wanted to make a comment about this money laundering scheme that ukraine has become. there's one person in congress who said that is marjorie taylor, gene ok, and i don't know very well, but i know that the neighborhood again are considered as a nevertheless, she said that exactly that against the 40000000000 and she was high. and where did the squad left of the democratic party vote for the digital the 40000000000?
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so we have inversion of values that these, from a point of view from people like my age, remember the vietnam war, that the, the so called left us become more more won like, whoa, who than, than some of the right not the whole right. of course that some of the right in europe, for example, in germany in particular. well, the more hooks of all the gains agree found us if use movement jeans may have to move into just the 4 sanctions that we've described to germany. we don't care less about the german economy. i mean, that's unbelievable, but that's the way we are. the see, i have only one of those is that this is want again, this up in line, this decline of the west. i mean, this new, i mean, this is a book which i know from spangler, which i'm not supposed to put in for today. but you see, this is a situation where he's not infection. there's no way to criticize it all to disperse. let me finish with one of them out. you know, everybody has been making fun of the slip of the tongue of george w bush when he's say that one of these, this one man put into the sides,
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unilaterally the invasion of iraq. i mean the chain. but what did he say before that is it in the heart of the new checks and balance in the us and in europe, there are supposedly check and balance was the efficiency of the checks and balance was the efficiency of our request. nothing, nothing. that it, that at such a good point because they say they're doing it all in the name of democracy as they rode democracy in their own countries. it's, you're absolutely right on that stephen. as i said in my introduction, the rational economy is recovered. i watched the roller coaster ride of the rouble . it's stable, it's actually more valuable now than it was before the sort of the conflict, obviously. and apparently they were prepared for all of the sanctions here. so when you have the, you know, lindsey grams of the world, you know that they know pollutant must be ra, take it out and all of this other rhetoric or it's not working. so if it's not working, are they going to up the ante? i mean, i mean they're looking, looking very,
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very full of the it's got to steven in minneapolis on that. go ahead stephen. yeah, i think certainly to me this, this is more about history than hunter biden. and, and read a lot of history. and this is just classic for centuries west against russia. and if we throw in there bismark, russia without the ukraine, that, that kind of says a lot, i'm at this point, at least economically, the u. s. and the, and the rest of the e. u in any event seemed to be going as a russian to tray would save a bunk there. they're going all in doubling down. i'm. i'm not quite so sure. you know, the state of the russian economy. i, i certainly have rubles doing well, well i'm a j. j. p. morgan came out with a desk note at the beginning of this week here. and i, and i will use the word brazilian because they used the word brazilian. so i'm not an economist. i go to,
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i refer to people who are okay. obviously there are dislocations here. i'm not painting a rosy picture, keep going. yeah. yeah. yeah. so i, and i'm not, i'm not arguing it's good shape. i think there's been a tragic now miscalculation right at when we remember obama saying we've ripped the russian economy to shreds. and you know, i am over quite frequently. i'm shut down lately, but it's funny because i get a snapshot couple times a year, way back them and, and the stores, you know, that the shelves and the stores were fine restaurants, everything. absolutely fine. so from that perspective, i think they underestimated the whole movement in russia to insulate itself, you know, shutting down swift. it's a big deal. it's a big deal, but they've been expecting that for years now. so however, i mean, it was even like, i'll have to tell you that, i mean, inflation is an issue the
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a lot of russians or have you have to deal with as well as everyone else in the world. or let me go to philip right now, philip, i'm, you're an old hand. um, remember during the cold war, keep the germ, keep the germans down the russians out in the americans in. i guess it had nothing to do with fighting communism because it's as exactly what these neocons the unit party is doing in washington. the thing is, the caveat is that we're supposed to be good for europe. it's not good for europe and it's actually bad for the west in general. go ahead philip. yeah, this is one of the great mysteries. the, this is, as i said before, i mean the most incredible con job because this whole thing is being sold on the basis of, of the, to a crunch word, you know, freedom and democracy. once you get below that level, you see that there is absolutely no reason for any of this happening. taken place and all that. this was a negotiable issue over a number of years. yes. that the west and the not pushed by the ice age was,
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was not interested in negotiating. and does so, we have had this situation where it will be the american people, the europeans, will suffer more than the russians and her russia will not to go through regime change. so it's a, it's going to be named as endless conflict. as i said in the beginning to weaken russia, whatever that is supposed to mean as a competitor, as a, as a force for a non american perspective of what the world is and should be. i don't really know . i talked to a lot of people, of the leftist or worse on this issue than or the conservative say has the people who are supposed to believe in all these abstractions are actually the ones who are pushing for stronger measures. i suppose they think that if there's a warrant, they or their children or grandchildren won't have to fight it,
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or get newt during it. but you know, that's a, that's a false perception, a couple of wrong steps. and all of this could go beyond the economy and into something that's a much more horrific. well, because philip, because you were, ukraine is important to russia, but ukraine has no meaningful value to europe or the united states. this is what is mystifying by all that, and you're absolutely right that it could have easily been avoid very easily avoided after the december 17th when the to ultimate him to send out at all. i talked about for 3 months and i kept saying it's going to happen. it's going to happen. we have to avoid this. and you know, i was unfortunately, right. john, let me go to you in paris. i mean, at what future historians are going to wonder why the european sold themselves out to the americans. because sir, i mean, the energy issues are global, hurts the united states. but it, it, it, it damages europe beyond repair. in many ways, i mean,
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how do you explain that this is a total edge that europe is playing along with? it's mystifying to me go ahead in paris and that's tool that you see going back to the u. s. and the canada, there is an intense, irrational element which i actually do with berkeley to descendants of emigres from the ocean empire is true and sent. you know, your question of their accounts either go down further, whatever, or great can parents. i mean they can be people talking about the countries from poland, from the chain and jews. it's not avoid saying that to be honest in training cannot . busy for example, do kings are very important and the king and love be pushing that we're seeing a new, a deputy prime minister. yes. and of course, in the years i don't need to explain anything figured. most does better than i do. and the, in your hope we have the same situation. and then because of the morning,
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the mediation that these people exert by, say, or yup, with in books. i mean it's no, it's impossible to react. and she said, she said, i think the government is actually got married to the left with no interest in 6 companies. and in fact, the, you know, losing the renewal, for example, has lost a lot of money. the french banks have lots of money and they don't, they can't do anything because of the major. a holler, don't know, you know, against the russians. but you see, i think also one should say that ever since 2014, it has been completely of use. that the only way to solve this problem can, would be to negotiate the ease of a chain demanded. a dunner me and they were hides and they should have gotten it. they didn't get it now they just don't want to hear about your chain after. now you trained as lost the east. there's lost the premier there last year. so that's a plan would be there, we lose more,
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the position of the king and government is still that they want to get back everything including crimea, will get back. dr. bit shout, it'll be jonathan. he was amazing here. right? you're right. but where does that come from? because a month ago, in his them ball that looked like they were some kind of movement here. and then it was boris johnson, the american administration said, no, it would, you, if you do not negotiate and that is the problem here. because the other say was out there, the problem is, is that the west doesn't want to negotiated end here. and that is what's really troubling because the only alternative is more conflict last 30 seconds. go to you . just go ahead in paris where fresh from the. busy feeding afghanistan, there, yes, things are going doing against russia to do training. and good luck. i am steven. i'll give you a last 20 seconds here. are the american people prepared for war with russia? i don't believe they're prepared for war. but i, i do believe that, you know, yes, we have inflation, we have some shortages that kind of stuff,
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but this financial stuff, you know, they're, they're down for it. unfortunately a bit and it's going to keep going. and at this point, we're not talking 40000000000, we're talking peter. well, over a trillion over the last 68 years. well, and on this the, the word on capital hill is the 3 trillion. and that's really amazing because that's just replacing the afghan grip. it's no coincidence in my mind, gentlemen, that's all the time we have many thanks to my guess in personnel, minneapolis and in paris. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at ortiz, see you next time. remember, cross stuck with for oh,
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is for philosophy, doubly new military numbers talk and just look up some of natalie a muscle around noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook go through 6th grade to somebody to look at that. i put his ashley of nbc. wanted to work with one to move for you. but of course, position the 2. did you bring out the key for the chino, i'm in the pro, furnished the right something. yeah. i've had that week. i had that with them with
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ah, the la guns republic is about to come under full control of russia and its regional allies, according to the russian defense minister who stresses than moscow is doing everything it can to protect civilians. from over here, it's less than 500 meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. i'll correspond and reports from the dumbass front line. why don't you as forces the defending that positions from the ukranian army? i'm preparing to advance a former french army soldier who has been volunteering as a medical work and ukraine crimes foul of what he calls. western attempts to legitimize keeps neo nazi troops.


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