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i for more news headlines. my name is peter scott and whatever you all to, i hope you all we can is off to a great start. mm. ah . a schools. if you look on the initial, be one of them not to get a, you can use them, but by you and you do do or to. but you also still with the done those a what i see the senior bus is the little gear medation says a gun,
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bob. a with
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new show modeling to me at the bottom you're gonna die yet. what do you think feel? i'm coming up with those of you went to bed. rails was a little what's likely to be a legend. worth of we should be able to keep them. yes, we had to put some one by one. yeah. either way. if actually it was initially a could put a work in unit 3 officially sheet. yeah. q b r pollution is reasonable, but the more is just what post continues to yield to the bill dot someone else that you are telling you lose like a with a
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like a lead in your one. remember gallery in new york globule, which to most of with forms with your menu, easily breakable, lots of people to store unusual green. and you could keep where you used when you to put in the bible that should go over the course. the new shows recently on yup, i'm a lot more than movable as a to promote the interesting i'm sure my book published a book my me about was if you read it was possibly no money, but how much you've been too much trouble with from new studies are beginning extra novels in you are, but you feel comfortable shoes. let me keep out 3. i'll leave you. a
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2014 was a watershed in the history of modern ukraine. the countries agricultural west and industrial east of always differed in outlook language and traditions. conflicts and contradictions exist, things are decades turned into civil strife. and then war. interesting and maybe get to saying that doesn't mean like i mean state comptroller. pumps are daneisha most okay. it was out, but i didn't i didn't want a from bull nose up. okay. it does have to say bekins or a euro my down movement, which again, is a struggle for ukraine's integration to the european union rapidly via to warrants
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nationalists thinking and radical groups began to play a leading role in my done with social studies. but it's pretty ski. look, the more load them up, push it back for key. what's gotcha bar on this got you play must got muscular. when he left we are pulling your seats. you'll also get lost. they mean, yeah. you just on the claim in your computer and frustration. i wasn't michelle. i spent almost what they called, you know, i spoke to kroger. good. oh,
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i'm smith. i'm a little a but it wants me to afford it cuz i forgot to mention it. ah ah, the regime change? my dan was seen in se ukraine as a cood at tar because the power that one in ki, immediately imposed a new direction for the nation. one of the ukraine parliament's 1st decisions was to cancel the special status of the russian language. thousands joined the protest
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in the southeast regions. don ed scarano ganske, but claim themselves peoples republics. the protesters copied my dan tactics. that was fine and worked for the protest is in kings, but it didn't work out well for the people of se, ukraine. the new authorities responded with force in the spring of 2014 key launched what then called an anti terrorist operation.
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a crystal smell coming out of me, i think we have a wonderful machine. you mobile disposal. some will take us with us. right. but i'm sure that it will come on and there's that a come on the it's for is it just all of our written you dont you decide to keep but there is delaney, a probably had to come neil's up on the 8th grade. if you please, could get it to us. i'm a process would be a while now from pulls to proceed. what is the, what from the other is delaney is lead. say, i need to stay with them. we'd be up with my car leon year, which reports for somebody to call the good to go, you know, told them you want to listen to somebody private, but you call them will privately be almost like when you buy the models,
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you'll notice we're human machine. more than a boy sport, which she fired, if not quite the multi what. what you were intellectual youth. you maria, paula. let's them all know um i'm a ship all my business doesn't list teeth that will store with the news portion that you store. i used to garage door to business there at the 3 by the when you get the original, really cheap my to for you. not there's that come on to stay let but come up with what meet. are she with movable as you? what year was shark? i knew was dealing with a lot. yes, there will clean the ship them last. i'm thinking that i'm cute, at least. i mean, that's a huge crate but i'd say, could you please read something? we need to know how you look what i don't have good to me system feel. look anyway
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sca you wish to part. no one of them. you're not listed. i keep, i showed it. so somebody from us just i don't come from a lender to just have a question. i don't go to school for the class. i just looked in the car wash in you work with me, i think would be a new as well in that because studies that they bought, which can you for the new authorities didn't just send the army to pacify the rebellious regions. far right. radical groups hardened and proven on campus. my dan became a major force in this effort in odessa nationalist rampage through a pro russian activist 10 city and hunted down those hiding in the nearby trade union building.
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then the building was set on fire. those who escaped the flames by jumping from windows were finished off on the spot. with a week later, radicals appeared in mario, but fearing uninvited guests dunbar organized emergency self defense squads, alicia set up road blocks. the city of slave yann's became a 10th hot spot. the militia control the city hall and the police department and
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locals had already elected a new mayor with a showing. yeah, we'll sort of don't with just a minute. walk . right. thank you, mr. bro. with these is a blue
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in a school might done. we've also got going to see both with not to go with a with ah, during the 2nd well when nazi occupied, poland valinda was a farming region today. it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by stepan bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted of aline,
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america is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history . why are ukrainian politicians still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of belinda us to divide people ah
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ah keep control and security forces, i'm nationalist battalions, tried unsuccessfully to retake slaves, and then began shelling the city on a regular basis. at 1st, locals couldn't believe their own army would open fire on their homes. nevertheless, key brought in and used heavy artillery i. yeah. it's almost like your fax number. so a
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lot going on. i'm just, i'm a lawyer with forced to do the, the good joining your words, refresh yourself. you with you and you put it for
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a flexible i see with with with her the water super duper union. in the early summer of 2014, there was still some hope the conflict will be resolved peacefully, that the bloodshed would stop. and they key would start negotiating with the citizens of the southeastern regions. it's what vote is expected from the new
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ukrainian president piazza parish ankle a gentle adults, which all of them do most of your still good to go. what else put on logic on his meal scale. so when you get book, you can begin what it's supposed to be the the, by the way, not that might be in the comfort. your wish trumps were unit. i'm decent, nino bill or you can, you can, you could really not please don't spend you have to provide you with any peer with . then you can talk about the values, the go righty about the police. let's see my bill talk actual social storage got killed. you have reached music if the she teach martial project associate teacher beneath school down start, the buzz wanted to be to you to him some a bit of some or he will give them a no brainer project number or she keeps up. if i were talking to push, teach them based for just prophecy, and we'll show portraits of, of sure, well, where you are from a company or contribute to a new britain, which wasn't still it, i just want to let you be
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a business from that other a with shelling and bombing of civilian houses and residential areas by the ukrainian army left the residence with no choice. they had to defend themselves this time with and so new recruits rapidly enlisted in the militia. ah, anybody holding it? cuz ultimately, totally get them when we shook with dr. joe, i'll see them in eula and for you, we'll talk with mother me of anybody heard him yet us, cuz we've got your locals read for you on blooming. i'm going with it. when you
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press teacher a key with when you usually, unless you swing it, unless it's because a fucking teacher should really want to that's whatever that must be nearly then you've got the more they don't get any custom work through each of flannel skips which mean we'll get to we'll get ok, but usually i have done this a mealy a good when you thought of course a give me a time with which it you will have especially lumpy and your 6 inches. oh oh yes. when the but the bus, the boy lived with,
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ah, with with with don ed sca new
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guns, peoples republics, militia squads, well far from being a proper army. you could count militia med with real combat experience on the thing goes. if one had the 5 was on equal. after 2 and a half months of battles, the militia were forced to retreat and leave slab yonce with his bull. across a couple of china. yes, and so when you go, when is over? let's move with is a new book, save a little. it's a lot because it's on the consult william stump took up a bullshit with burst from a wheelbarrow list. wishing that all we could do for you most was unusual, but you will show complying your digital going to where that all good musical poly a little bit with v she gives to you via she comes almost
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we vs just by your body away machine. you put the girl up, i'm your producer from cooper. sure. speakers garcia's enable. i'm in the marketing that gives us more. should you when you understood bruce wouldn't global go down to the bottom? where would you much look forward hearing from you as well as a new model? because you could talk a little more complicated, but you marshall kumato stop. you would move the dot org, your triggers. bullock up restoring will come up or not when you throw your, here's my most people double on this. as soon as key sources enters levy and they begin violent, public is in the city mass. how search is an arrest? every one came under suspicion. people were apprehended on the streets with
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the ukrainian forces and radical groups would be on the law by silly pross are of formerly highly placed with ukraine security service, smuggles documents out of the country to prove their crimes. he was the 1st to reveal a secret jail at night with ample ukraine. laura enforcement called at the library officially the jail never existed. so they could do whatever they wanted with prisoners for the quickly educate the vehicle and you know, come here and number should get the most medina, the walk me through of terrific dwaa alterman. and i mean, how many can you double to little bit pasta will to come up,
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usually as nice. jimmy motion had years a car wash, took a color. you make a promise. 90000 years, riley. nor yet until jubilee more leveling the machine boiler. let them teach you to come look at you what you are. but when you do the pros, d, a partially the process will, would she will go up adult abilities which i will, to new, portable to live coaching ocean. the system will leap key at the willy ocean rosky proposed as to the dealer, molly concluded mister, dumb words, a, you're sure all of the outcome, ball vs grove. usually what she'd at least hear me is set up on the norwood you gums because that tammy still caught up at him nearly a punch didn't still good ability and so she could be trick propeller wildly, but the most are not put my mute to bring to you what it was, who is born in your mealy, yes, now you could do it because i, li,
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crockett the dealer to come by to. but the gibber, i, you know, chillies, eyes can still, cooper. we've hold up of the top to bottom, a dear participant column whisk is ryan appa, cham unblocked. a continuous measured glance is a genuine. i get it to slow by itself. the pra, i said, can you learn is used to she was supporting committee is rescue. army is pittsville, ford. a new barajo was, was really appreciate, you know, cringed them, know what she took by till the problem. yeah, we deal with the cookie just as will. sure that you're comfortable doing. that is really each other in 2022 after the start of the russian and de netcom, his joint operation in ukraine, they managed to drive ukrainian forces out of murray, was closer and was unable to show the secret jail site. and the conditions, prisoners had been kept in local, wanting to go into stuff which was interesting to me. and when we should show this
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could be an issue. and i'd love me. looks interesting to me really what i need to call somebody over a residence. oh, good guy. i've been a prisoner in the library city, which is really good, which is faster. for them, you have to leave you up and you know that that will give you the older and you let us show that there's a way to bring that up. i need to see a couple though it was the only way to get up. but here's a we me you thought to show the girl in the brought the whole award. you live shooting politically, which you can you wish they do good deal it or both of it gives all those and that she can little you know, the progress earlier. probably going to
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need to show you who you are you for when you produce but really, the leach of which you have, you knew you were dealing with, all we knew will prescribe the only choice. there was a follow up a follow just there still will the annual with the show so it it, it is now yes. yes. i got us i you know with asking about the what that without this guy. yeah. either a bullet to get you it. ah . with
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with the you started the war against the dumbass republics in 2014, but the authorities didn't take civilian casualties into consideration. ukrainian armed forces moved remorselessly towards their goal. taking control of the rebel regions. capital was done as a new guns.


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