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[000:00:00;00] with as much net force as came full control over the last for told of ukrainian troops and the done by city of mario pulse county becomes the 1st international outlet to report from the scene. this as of style blunt was a success fit for the worst of the worst that well basically for the most radical elements of the ukrainian forces along with the regular soldiers this well, this block was occupied and will commanded by the neo nazi as old battalion me wanting to leave proposal for ending the conflict in ukraine received, luke warned the polled from e. u officials, despite simmering public across europe, over the backlash of sanctions with a change of heart and a dramatic political. you turn the world's richest man,
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said he will switch to the legions to the republican party. pass as democrats criticized the long musk for his efforts to fight with. they have changed from fighting for freedom to fighting to file as anybody who disagrees with them. they've gone follow hardy, of at least a social freedom to a party of social restriction and a party of social heat. a very welcome you're watching on t international with the latest world news that date, it's good to have you with us. now, russia's defense ministry says the last group of ukrainian soldiers hold up at the as of stone factory and mario paul has now surrendered. the facility had been under siege for almost 3 months and was the last hot spots of fighting in the dumbass city. let's take a look at some exclusive footage from the scene now with some of the russian lead troops sound guarding the area of the plans. earlier they ever saw the surrender of
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ukrainian so just to stop had to still work slattery, more than 500 competence, turned themselves in on friday, bringing the total number of captives in mario po, to 2439, just this week, russian and on yes, force is say that now in full control of the as of style factory, including a vast network of underground tunnels where the ukrainians had been hiding for months. ukrainian presidency, the soldiers that followed key abs order to surrender, to save their own lives. they, as of commander, have to let the defense of the factory has said that only the dead now remained inside. according to russia, all of the captured ukrainians will be treated in line with international norms for prisoners of war. when meanwhile, russian antonio's forces have started de mining operations in the grounds of this steel plant, r t seacoast. on off the fast journalist to report from the newly new declared plans is at the scene right behind me is the as of style steel works. these are
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exclusive pictures that you're saying it has been captured by the russian forces or by the forces of eden. that's a peoples republic. off to all of the as of south fighters of the neo nazi fighters have decided to surrender. they received orders to surrender, quite importantly, among those who have chosen to become prisoners of war. ah, well, the commanders of the as of battalion 3 most media friendly figures, there were dozens of wounded people in very serious conditions without access to proper food or medicine. they have been taken to hospitals and they are of course, a receiving treatment. now this comes after world months of a see here that we have seen that we filled out. we filmed the fighting here. and after months of heavy shelling of heavy fighting ivy prussia by the russian forces there, by the forces of the dentist people's republic, they have decided to surrender. quite importantly, nobody stormed them off to direct orders from the russian president vladimir putin
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to just lay siege to this place and make operation as humanitarian as possible. have a lesson, particularly bloom. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone in practical. i order you to cancel it. this is a time when we must think we must always think, but even more. so in this case, about preserving the live and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through. once again, invite everyone who has not yet laid down their arms to do so. the russian side guarantees their lives. well this as of style plant was a cesspit for the worst of the worst that well basically for the most radical elements of the ukrainian forces along with the regular soldiers this, well, this plant was occupied and well commanded by the neo nazi as old battalion. these
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are some of the most radical and right wing party of the ukrainian army. they are known to have committed multiple atrocities and while crimes against humanity and world crimes of war. so again, this is the same as a battalion that is now being treated in accordance with the every word with every article of international law applied to prisoners of war. they themselves did not bother following those rules. there's no secret as to what's going to happen to the, to the prisoners of war, to these people because according to the russian authorities to the local government here, those who will be tried and found guilty of committing these crimes of committing crimes against people here of committing war crimes, well they will have to face military tribunal and again, they will have face punishment in accordance with the law. many of the surrender soldiers have been spotted with tattoos of insignia infinitely brandished by hatless, nazis some have as skull and crossbones. a major on their hands mimicking the toes in cop symbol used by as,
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as troops. others have tatt is resembling. and i and cross a german military award also used by the nazis among those who have surrendered in mario paul is an as of battalion commander. let's take a closer look now at what house the notorious new nazi group is known full ah,
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with i was arrested by the as often as the human, the best me on the head and legs with a chain far as a gun close to my ear, threatened to shoot me the hands or to shoot my feet, they humiliated me and said they were going to write to me. they threatened to bring my wife and daughters in and talk to them in front of me. i could not beat for 3 days. was one of those many battalions did the key of when they are what they are. we discuss the latest developments with executive vice president of the your age a sense i think tank rasmussen as investigative journalist, edward. so here in the u. s. of every eat, turn on the regular news,
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but obviously if you turn on the main stream media and the newspaper to sounds like, my gosh, when is russia going to laugh? your grain is winning. so hands down why, why is this work still going on? and it's completely opposite it, we've got a very, very, very strategic, well plan, methodical writing approach being done by the russian army, you know, credit given here and it's lately the opposite direction so, so from immediate perspective, they don't want to surrender. so i think is a very, very, very good approach. the president took here and isolating the city, putting the, basically it's a prison. they are essentially in until they really had no choice either they star themselves or, or die of injuries or, or render some out. just,
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this is a move that their leader should have done a long time ago. several weeks ago. the defeats of the forces are in the eyes of sto, climb to install, and to send it to mary opal. they represented what could be considered to be the most trained. most zealous, most committed forces that the ukrainian army had. and also this is bits of victory that of the entire world can't deny. right. it's something that has been a question here on the west. we're watching the war from seeing social media post office. you seeing the statements by the west, the straightened by, the government of russia center wondering what the truth and smell something that is undeniable, is that when a flag is ready, the i guess at the elephant in the room is no one is able to factually journalistically denied that the group that's in place on trial, the leaders, the soldiers during placed on trial are neo nazis, are committed war crimes,
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the westward presented by ignoring it, down playing it. and of course, condemning russia for carrying out these very just judicial actions. we may be fighting domestic protests against the increasing age to ukraine. italy has submitted a 4 point pay plan that he believes could end the war. but while they use foreign policy chief judge that burrell has said they received the initiative, he stressed that is that to ukraine, to decide on the terms of any negotiations on to contribute to rachel marston explains him. i say italy's plan as unprofitable we may be finally witnessing the beginning of a shift away from war. and the 1st tend to have but concrete steps in favor of peace, italian foreign minister luigi to my o has apparently come up with a piece plan for you grange, suggesting that a lee may be joining france and germany in seeking de escalation of the conflict.
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despite pressure from the united states and great britain to keep it going to my was taking his plan to united nations secretary general antonio terrace. now this is interesting because keep in mind that 3 weeks ago ukrainian visually criticized the jettas for making a trip to moscow to discuss the conflict with russian foreign minister said a lot of people and president vladimir who do before heading to here. so dem i was decision to involve yet is could suggest an interest in leveraging the u . s. the radical debug and traditional role is the broker dem, i was laid on a 4 point plan, 1st, a ceasefire and demilitarization of eastern ukraine. secondly, negotiations on ukraine's neutrality and any potential integration into existing blocks, such as the european union. 3rd,
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a negotiation between ukraine and russia over existing territorial disputes involving crimea, done nets, and who guns and fourthly, and finally, a larger european security agreement relate to arms control, which no doubt will be needed after ukraine has been flooded with weapons from its western benefactors. but looming over the miles best intentions is whether washington will even allow you to push for peace. in light of its multi $1000000000.00 investments in the continued destabilization of ukraine to be economic detrimental europe is going to require strength of will. unity and determination on your smart clinical scientist even got check saying that it's least p initiative doesn't fit into the plans of some of the countries western allies. i think these 2 factors, one is a really wasn't hawkish to begin with. and daughter is that as not being hawkish is probably seen as
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a contra diplomat. that can start some kind of establishing relationship reestablish and relations with russia that it should come out with this sort of interesting. i honestly believe that at this point, these initiatives are going to anything because the west is not interesting. when i say the why fi, i mean the united states and let's say brussels collecting brussels in the 1st row . because their idea from the beginning was to try to economically economically suffocate russia to maybe provoke regime change. i guess they want to prolong the war and the other side of why would russia ever go to sign a deal? that would be absolutely,
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i guess it's interest you. k is reportedly planning to send weapons to mom those up to help the country protect itself from a perceived russian threat. however, with person already on the ukraine, a new media report claims london wants to keep the will going for its own political agenda almost unnoticed by the world. the past to a cease fire is being complicated by some long distance belligerents, 3 top members of the united kingdom's government. prime minister boris johnson. foreign minister list trust and defense minister ben wallace have all sat in the war in ukraine of boost to their political fortunes. the u. k. has been among the strongest supporters of ukraine, or as johnson has even visited keith to pledge his personal backing for the war effort. last week, london approved more than a 1000000000 pounds of military age to ukraine with some senior you cath issue leaving st. keith could legitimately use western supplied weapons to target russian territory when it comes as far as johnson's government comes on to increasing
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criticism at home over the notorious policy gave scandal. what has discussed these developments with the griffiths now general secretary of the communist party? of course, in many thanks for joining other programs. nice to see. and that was my make of the timing of this damning meteor article that claims london is seeking to profits here from the warranty ukraine. well, this is a growing suspicion, and at least some circles are capable of thinking rationally. here in britain. because clearly the tory government, though we have is in some difficulty they did suffer a defeat in the most recent local elections. and it's not just the policy gate scandal so called there's also a gathering cost of living crisis. here in britain, prices are soaring. not only of gas and electricity,
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but almost everything else that requires gas and electricity in order to be manufactured. i mean, we know have between 10 and 12000000 people who have to go to food banks in order to get a free supply of food because they can't afford to feed themselves and their families adequately. know all that bonus johnson can say, in defense of his records of his pretty disastrous reco, no role as probably minister as well. nobody is more firmly in support and insult dollar to with ukraine than i am. i'm afraid the media coverage in britain is so completely and utterly uncritically one sided that ukraine's cause is supported unquestioningly by a very large percentage of the population. so it's really much in the interest of bonus, johnson and those around him. in fact, to see this,
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this conflict continue in your grade so that he can continue to stretch around the place and appear on various stages around the world. persian, as a great champion of the ukrainian people. of course, we know from bonus junctions past reco at the moment, it suited him to pull the plug or not support for ukraine. he would do it. and there is, there is a say in this in circulation, in britain to some extent, which is the britain nato, and the united states. and the european union prepared to defend ukraine to the last drop of ukrainian blood. it's all looking ready, very cynical and learned nobody is really calling johnson very strongly at the moment. i think that could change, especially as accustom, living crisis gets worse,
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with government refuses to help people and resend in 3000000000 pounds or 1000000 military and other assistance to the ukrainian government. perhaps this our school by playing back, it's a sign that you know things changing the perception is changing, but i wanted to ask, you know, if far as johnson is, as this report claim seeking to use the conflicts to draw attention away from his own scan. those will it succeed. well, he might get away with it for a while, but in particular is the cost of living crisis worsens. len i think time is evidence. so we can cite, for example, as to right. you know, they may well be cynical, forces wish to prolong the war in the hope that it will weaken russia's position is the fact that in britain, at the moment, that is really no significant force that is calling for any kind of ceasefire negotiations that a peaceful settlement,
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we have no equivalent of the latest italian planning coming forward in britain, the monologue is all about. how can we inflame the situation further? how can we pour yet more arms into ukraine and more troops into eastern europe in the baltic states? nobody in britain virtually outside of you know, penalties such as the communist party and one or 2 small left to in circles and peace movement circles. nobody in the british government or even in the mail opposition. labor party is actually per closing that we should put at least some effort into a drawing for police. instead of continuing this, dr. prolonged war general secretary or the communist party person. many thanks for your time. we really appreciate your thoughts on this. thank you. and the pentagon said to you this military i crossed to bring baby for me to,
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from europe to the us as the country faces severe supply shortages from american power and say that desperate to keep their kids fed my child's right. a pretty big deal and got to figure out the baby doesn't understand shortages. she's she's 100, i usually get for these big tubs that will last me for the month. and so we buy more and i've started to see that there was a form of a shortage. i was telling my husband, i said, honey, we gotta go and find this formula because this is a crisis you saw everything is going to be all right. you know, all of us that a, we go to buy formula. everything is gone since been pretty scary to realize that he might not be able to feature maybe great. so we're power transmission and get some formula to that. when that went out. but we just
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don't know what to do. supplies have baby formula in the u. s. a reportedly down by 40 percent to the dismay of parents who rely on the product. the shortage began in february as the biggest for we, the production facility was closed by the us food and drug administration because of contamination problems. the white house has announced that the pentagon's planes will bring the formula from europe to alleviate concerns. the f d. a has borne the brunt of the outrage over the shortages undesirable, more time to help bring back maybe formula to stores. why do i not spring into action? why does it take for months to pull this formula? office? sure, sure. the store show how many more illnesses and that's because, due to the end of the a slow response, one problem i've seen over and over with the f d in my 10 years here is you guys aren't good at communicating. and you know, this is something a parents are asking us about, they want to know what happened,
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who was handling all of this in when it went to the f b, i am committed to get back to you as specifics about what happened. i'm just not prepared to go to joshua legal analyst, and if a breed and say it's ridiculous to see the u. s. government spending tens of billions of dollars to help me crane while americans are struggling at home. this is a horrible, horrible situation for millions of americans, for parents like myself for others. and you know, we don't, we don't know why this government, why this administration continues to shows the content for the american people. i mean, it was in a breath of us having this conversation, and as this baby formula shortage has been going on, we saw a u. s. congress passed the 40000000000 dollars 1000000000 dollar bill to funding ukraine to phone with going on here. craig getting money overseas ukraine. meanwhile, our babies are unable to get a form to our children are starting. we have gas prices nationwide looking between
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$4.00 and $7.00 a gallon. i mean, american families are suffering. this is a massive country and there are people that have needed this now for weeks and weeks and you're talking about, you know, maybe 12 shipments that are going to be enough to stop shells nationwide. i mean, when we say shelves, are they, are they are, they are, and that is nationwide the world's richest man, a long must, has been hit with sexual harassment allegations of the posting tweets critical of the u. s. democratic party. and some say the scandal could have emerged to tarnish his reputation amid the political bickering. in the past, i voted democrats because they were mostly the kindness party, but they have become the parts of division and hate so i can no longer support them . i will vote republican now which the dirty tricks campaign against me unfold. democrats have been criticizing musk the assets to by twitter, former presidential candidate, elizabeth warren has expressed faith that such
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a deal would be dangerous for democracy. while far left congress women, alexandria korea course has that claims mask. it has an ego problem. twitter has previously quoted controversy among republicans who say that views on the platform has been suppressed last year then president republican donald trump was kicked off the social network and is not only politicians, but also liberal media outlets that have been lashing out at musk bed to buy twitter. this guy has no experience whatsoever with any of the lines of business involved and twitter. he has no media experience. he has no experience with advertising. maybe what must cares more about now than ever is this role of influence, power and celebrity if you are, if you get invited to something where there are no rules, worthers total freedom ever ever everybody do you actually want to go to that party? ellia my colleague peter scott discussed the issue with
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a panel of guests who are by are really at the phone. the big digital. monopolistic i'm wanted competition. i mean, they don't want to have any venues that compete with their promotion of progressive criteria, like woke nests and political fealty to the democratic party. and this is why there's all this hullabaloo about, about taking over twitter. there's, there's the gatekeepers, the establishment gate gatekeepers are up in arms because this is a threat to their monopoly over information and opinion which they have enjoyed were probably a decade. the democrats started out a good culture or a cultural war about freedom of speech. freedom of expression and they won that war and then they kind of kept going and the culture wars become stranger and stranger more and more disconnected from any kind of reality. and more and more angry and
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religious or belligerent towards anybody who disagrees with their latest mode propaganda. so because they have changed from fighting for freedom to fighting, to silence. anybody who disagrees with them. they've gone from a party of at least a social freedom to a party of social restriction and a party of social hate. sexual harassment claims have been brought up against the law most gonna does, of course, deny them. we gets an into the realms of conspiracy theory. everything that through links or do you think it's, it's more than just a coincidence. i don't think any of us should be shocked that it suddenly happen. of course, that happened. he just went up against a whole political party, half of the united states of america. so it's time for him to get during the timing is suspicious and tell me not to say that that, that that's proof that the claims are false. and i think that, that any claim of that kind against a powerful person should be taken seriously should be investigated. but i mean, the timing does really beg the question. those are the last have critic sized,
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the billing as attempt to acquire, with the most, say, the free speech absolutist. do you think we could see a shift on twitter now or do you think it's going to be a fruitful nurley? his company is poised to bridge a i with the internet with live human brain. this is data mining. it's large and the more controversy the brings to twitter, the more people are going to go on, including me. i want to see what's going on there. he is going to cume a much larger audience and come home with the painter and everything he does is conspicuously contrived and well thought out by that genius creative brain is i think what you want to fighting for is open discussion, open freedom for all positions to be heard equally right now, the way the mainstream media is running in the way social media is running ideas that are in line with their narrative or artificially booted,
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causing people to believe that that is the dominant and only thing. one of the things that's being left out of this is that new un rules and regulations are being, are being mandated or will be mandated that will restrict speech and police. so call this information. and so there's a possibility that mosque won't have the opportunity to create this free speech absolute zone that he and that helps to create many thanks for joining us here in asi international. as always, you can find plenty more news discussion and analysis on our website, r t dot com i ah needs to come to the russian
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state little narrative. i've stivers i phone and ignore santini, div us mission, american house house lamps and equal in the 55 would be speedo. cancel 9 is $25.00 must be the one off the homes quasi about this. even though we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and school ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency roughly all branded on youtube and pinterest, and with the school that was indicative even close to chat with during the 2nd world war in nazi occupied poland valencia was a farming region. today,
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it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by step on bendara, could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific, and brutal villages were burned and property looted of aline. a massacre is without doubt, one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. why are ukrainian politicians still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view. this tragedy of the past and wide as the memory of belinda, us do divide people with


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