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ah, a do you live in the schools? if you look on the initial be while i pull up a scan used to put value a new one. do you do or check by y'all as to which the done those up even with him. okay. i didn't know how much of that going to thought that i've done wrong. please just a good you would you what i see the student bussey's dog room. you motivation says decent it done. boss
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with a go to the school i window so much more, much more month of good piece you're going to use for several weeks. successful russian entrepreneur, you're either gone or has been moving humanitarian cargo to the people who don't boss from moscow. and he's been doing it at his own expense. he and a group of like minded volunteers deliver aid to where it's most needed in the region. a
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couple of them to just look for a mr. dunn, boston, or jill is free effort to deal with all the commercial break. so good a you do. oh, i see the steve boss, his dog broke, you medation says this not to do done bossa. this 3rd could utilize madura produced, you support your another aspect of yury and he spent volunteers work is that they locate and rescue people from the water school actually on. i just renewed in bunker from ru, uniform all across up in the sheal, a dumb tissue show more. i was, i'm actually my media and that's what i like or not. so when you guys to come, when you are, you need to just more with the others in your show me like, where would you read all the more of the official otherwise when you go she does not want to put it on. what did it become? i hate to say yes and you're really with them because whether it's a little school bus done or not, and i have called to day,
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maria can only be accessed by special missions, escorted by the military. assistant fighting is ongoing in the city center. ukrainian near nancy resolve militants, have retreated to areas around the in each and as of style plants and are putting out finished resistance. although to provide new york because it gives of working with small what will be sh presley about only the world postcard button and what i'm just read them would always reaches normal business hours here. how about the one you know, well, i wouldn't be with him, but the doctor i read it than you do to just move way move or time glaser to put so much upon global tongue. he shot russia. not really jot tangleridge is because we little put an autobiography short or money. mm hm. as a telephone pro. so a place like a dealer must course get cookies, doesn't california initial develop club interesting. i thought so much if you like
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that i got a, did you a do it on the the getting you for so got caught up in your new job. it will be working on to ensure you moving to so we'd learn you talk with jewish ah, local slotskum always did the follow board river, but just for the spot on nicholson and use logo plugins. cuz plugins with the expeditions main objective is to do the food and medicine to one of mary you both districts and to try and find the keys, sales family, maria and alexander from what they understand. alexander isn't able to move around on his own. a couple must be of actuated we arrive and
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see some local us by the underground parking garage, which for many has become a real life saver already. when i got 3, i had doyle, i thought i would shy m lab wall. mostly because, you know, if we missed your call, even though this area has been liberated, most people are still living in basements, all the flats and houses have been destroyed or a breathing. a photo of the food, water and candles. was there waiting. gold who has some nice, lushly l. you been through with people from murray who both basements and courtyards on high alert. they see and hear everything in minutes, a crowd gathers around the humanitarian, a truck. i think the rumble of artillery increases. this fighting and water exchange in the nearby center. maria put on the as of style plant. because you reach to spice.
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you watch any by you show a figure is not functional features free. i didn't get it doesn't look good, but i just love moves. absolutely. thank you, melissa john and your last post piano walker. no, actually sort of the church connected that it, it can the multitude really which clearly more which was nature you which quickly you wish to process though, alexandra cheaper was to go with dr. jackson. we try several times to find the brother suit of a mother and daughter. yet they are going you, are we a promotional, but valuable? a chicken dish at the final cordon. so just stop us from the on further lunch or if you were a lot of up to work to my food up shooting the work, we're on the phone from bush lost a honda funny you know what your walker why one grew,
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distribute humanitarian aid. the other searches near by streets for the key cell family will pockets won't, it won't got done glitching sheila almost beginning on that you'd be sure that these special white markings denote friends there to avoid getting hit by friendly fire goes to start use and he wants to check with it would coin still a good also gonna delete gene divide that even those of you don't buy sure. transform will not hold a lot of him. so was the garage julia got thin white toys? sure. what i'm doing is you're good to put on with them but the while it was a book, had you ricky morgan, dumb ross. just do it. super easy here. pilot program, running a horse to mariani. go on at a yeah. ma collision last. ashley flores. not sure what he thought yet other book i did last week to watch a lot of my like i didn't, you know,
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my like tosha with hello steve. hello. hey. long if you didn't want to go get started. somebody may push it for jose delegation so so more of the dra alexander is seriously ill with diabetes and can't move around on his own. he couldn't go down to the basement. since the shelling started, he's been living in the hallway on the 3rd floor. all this time, his wife maria has been at his side. the flat below them where a ukrainian spotter was station was completely destroyed by direct hit from a shell. it's a miracle that maria and alexander survived from offer for your offer would be willing with her for that we take maria and alexander to
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a temporary accommodation center in busy manet in the morning family. friends will take them to target rogue in russia. but not everyone get so lucky. many people simply have know where to go. and they're left to build a new life in the ruins of the old one. was for did you just did with his or it's always like wanting voucher or magnificent with over. mm hm. just leave i, it's just a choice for them. gerald of what you've got a model. change dodge, or you could have rena marciano is uri's main. associate, an assistant in the dpr. she coordinates local volunteers who pack and ship humanitarian aid. atlanta, which k a for a sampler, from how you speak muscle, but that is more there's a lower lower to see for a box of presence in a letter to
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a soldier from russian. children is special humanitarian cargo. today during the mission to don bass, his remote villages will try to deliver it to the dpr delicious front line food ring on those f r roads. you're reaching a road line through villanova. the city was heavily damaged during its liberation, and the locals had foreseen that since the 1st days of occupation plans go when they are below the talk association doc. lemme laughlin scottish to free us to bring in blues and goods for the growth potential diseases root mean, i didn't really do anything. i didn't i. yeah, because i'm a satellite for a long while. she thought proper, you know, for also cool. well, well i watch a pause in the modem that could fuel exec would have done got video says yes, but didn't, will still voice sorta yet,
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syria. we still help you could you call you on the phone. so if you will, of this is billy bruce that see merely a, do you nearly as easily bloody me as yoga, a well known sponsor, dpr militia commander, died, protecting civilians in this neighborhood of al nova, we delivering food supplies, some residences, still living in the basements, i dont battalion nationalists use these houses as vantage points and gun ness. saginaw meters id as audio should be able to more shortly. monica de, la costa, zoe, while it being you can use them, but value a new one, you know, grow and scale. always capital. where we put that in with to listen. if you're actually correct, 0 chicky button. while other we shall go month to crimes. peace night very will when we play a blue you these are really all my you look done to football pretty will good on principles of the apartments. i'm supposed to reload this with approaches from
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world war brampton. you little plug in la with on the dongle. sonata. door but there's one bump a dump on the other crochet. he not for the love of beauty, the declared existence may aggressive up already for, for the world in us was sooner sooner. broader who was procedures were you doing good and daniel should have sent it earlier to read your motto. my welcome scholar shot us. the usual cordial was a lot of stale gruesome, brazil taquila leash olive oil that's i wanted to get in the back of the canada. and now the idea was how much energy kaji, though, i believe what managed hosting plan was, could not start with a be charlotte to liberal, uses the gym, vulnerable. we've sure of that and i am still focusing on how that plays a sure do you or ching by yachts as to which the don, those are your lowest crane ah ah, during the 2nd well, when nazi occupied, poland, virginia was
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a farming region today. it's part of ukraine between 19431945 members of the ukranian insurgent army led by stepan bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. the valinda massacre is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. why are ukrainian politicians are still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view? this tragedy of the past, and why does the memory of aline, us to divide? people look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your items of contagion
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for should be very careful about of personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to grapes trust, or lindsay, a job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with a road from bol, nevada is bad, it's dangerous to drive off it or even get out of your car. and maybe mine's i, y z. ease of use of alexander e. katrina's husband, businessman and volunteer with the humanitarian. com boys maneuvers watchfully and
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carefully ruled which a little closer would we reach a destroyed bridge? just 2 and a half kilometers ahead. the dpr malicious frontline positions about that your presence and letters from russian kids will be delivered to the front line soon enough. we don't stay long along the way we distribute food supplies at militia checkpoints, lab work, it won't cover for or not amount of loading the feel. the chart at one check point there's an unexpected encounter. but you said you were your lawyer here in a trip to place you from a little for the wondering when you are still gonna
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wash each lower cuz i've been worth a couple of. oh, fun book. as a new baby and 3 nights, video snack. more with her through ah, no guesstimates of room. you deleted mother, stated to speech to love is miss lana available for you in the ears of the honda was multiple. yeah. which is like as though today, people in dunbar so recognized by their actions. they defend the republic fight in the trenches, save the wounded and sink, did of a humanitarian age, liberated areas and front lines. they help in any way they can on the constant stress often risking their lives. we think us edge started with
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the stuff with all by that williams fish. and then you might say he's just for those on to slum approval. mumbling asked the dollar m. yes to not from the little dogs really interested me to set the yeah. you still up about the blue ball us history, both the europe was most nest, but my gut messaged for motion with america and to pass. but the julius attorney's agreement sentenced for you. yes. yeah. yeah. with the hots east child care center homes is 17 children of various ages. they mostly come from so called dysfunctional families, among them of those who have lost parents in all law possibly on the procedure goes
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there. my employers possible zika enjoyed the image, lots of positioning, mental health sandra from the hordes did a void fortunate diesel or more and once among them, she's come, sustain it did to cut that open taylor, i need to look at the reading assignment was i'm it 7 year old dina survived. shelly and mary jo paul, his parents, sheila, tim with their own bodies and the boy miraculously survive on ashley cell dot that one. well, it's gone up watching the program just i'm a guy, vision my in the plaza theater. where does go water boat? rusty, come knocking my door by lit which in ceiling us to lie. it was covered. it fell, beat, sail, lay. i'll nuffin ye shot in did eve yet. doors renisha for quote, an image. i love the contractor le, with a whole lot though stumbled baglan founded to ship. i'd done in the hornets of some
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authority, another dame yesterday night, the serenity lemme thought thus, which i had said door besides, and now they don't stay, said beryl throats. can you get them away helen? go she i do want you just get me. oh though, you're gonna get everything made up with careless washing machine. well, i don't care. yeah, sure. i guess you're gonna get that. got that, and you're saying josh did on bus is good to boy. oh boy is mostly wooded. the mortgage a new. so my go to them like you, one of these people. i get a way in these. do you have the puzzles, log waller near the music? i want to do with dish. nope. when you more do soon less of staying
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a d d. the moscow was now still can you afford to start on the 3rd submitted adam? oh yeah they are we working with? oh, we just use with bridge here. last year, no longer a year ago, his loyal kohler please his but national, the depot, malicious famous, international brigade, a fighting force that includes don bass, mileage, steelworkers, students, teachers, actors, businessman and foreign volunteers. marshall pacific covers transfers this boykin. boy, you can plan your amy unvil by businesses on the nursery is actually banishing entity
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so and i should be in the it would be helium, with shipping message from sheila bishop at national volunteers fight on the front line and also escort humanitarian deliveries. shortly before the expedition said sofa murray, who posts most dangerous and exposed to fire area, the commander himself gives us instructions. but the worst orange is on what it is for them and event with them. boca raton, total chicago, we'll hear from you, store lot to do it on mobile. have plenty to receive. just because i stole cardinelli with pneumonia, take their way, has this fostering shiny going even then new, or did you replace some of june? every missile to push me did you does a set of pseudo beach several again, a few pet nash got fighters soldiers to murray. you both were distributing food and water to those have gone without for a long time. well, so visiting several addresses to find people and evacuate them for
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a 2nd. you know, just wanted to give you a, a go. we pull them off all my media about. and i want you to work with all of them saying that they're not going to flow in a border. here's your that if i give them your stories a multi i didn't talk to like wanted a
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little hard to work with or needs in which it was shorter idea too. sure. yeah, getty, did your general idea a what he's suddenly got a sort of a sure let me with that over to pretty died. pretty good feeling while you're unless you're getting all those for you we're, we're suddenly her sure you're in. yeah, i'm dealing with but like you said, you would already to just go get jennifer world and she was right when i should be a different carriers. now, if you got a a pretty good example, you're pretty up a whole lot of houston. what would one be billed another year? law school, a b movie summer school. and that older you put oscar last. i wanted to see
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if you folks didn't fall today. good to know that really falls nice. nice more discuss. it's a really wants to all come to look like we did. at least the boys need more spoke when to pull it up. but you up with, even if it's good to hear, to will not have missed a dinner with somebody while the trucks on its way to another place here. he wants to check an address in each county area cleared of nationalists just 2 days before the last little they need to find alexander carroll and his daughter and take them to russia. commercial one on the, on the, on the other call with
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the solution. good with noon when william systems, again, a dr. if you do, it's been a little bit on me. i feel that you can you somebody is a year for us to finish asking lots of camaro ali founder a thing to do i go up was on did was just the local cobra small bus on the x on the motor show. the journalist a similarly with you and you don't try to you by you to go out of school lawyer, the commercial got more division today is couple dollars to build life. well, but it is, we will go, you put village, go there,
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so much fun to let you a cost. i used to work with a lot more. she'll know my name is they both some on this because it will support healthcare. hello, natalie. those repairs on your son, we hurry to another address. we need to evacuate the media and turnover and her sister tomorrow from collegiate street boarding. it's more than quite all for fortunately or to might the book or just look up all to wanted to follow a
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lot dealing with a video recently. some of the stroke a might couldn't do that. no. and you've been a joy to to good. we've got them laurie for mine, a book job would never mind. i with
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the explanations of you is way back to moscow. his business colleagues say there are many issues to attend to the game with respect to yes. just discuss that some of which the web is clues on distribution. dan doubled up my dad for good look at what he's got to look at them. it's a really good ah ah, and the united states definitely has the ability to get ukraine to the
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negotiating table. for some reason, they're not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because the feel that rushes capacities are not here and we can sufficient with ah a
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with one of the fiery positions that the eyes of battalion you fire back. you may look like a regular fuck so, but in fact, it isn't because it turned out running all the way under ground, under the guise of all corresponded reports on the as of self i treated. now do you pull that? what the last pockets of ukrainian fighters in the city has surrendered. pushing underneath forces now in full control. the way ukrainian troops have been hiding for months. joe biden signed legislation to send $40000000000.00 to you create enough despite the u. s. struggling with its highest inflation rates in for decades by didn't blame the price inflation on russia, but not all americans are binding with. you can thank the activity vladimir putin.


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