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so in polish ukrainian history, why are ukrainian politicians are still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past? and why does the memory of valeria still divide people? and it will be in a grand scale, was sca modem splitter related delaney with as also a book with wallet is pools with toys. kim margot, she's mark machine, your 1st symbolic you might be monday, graham, a lot, a lot more. they feel so more of a sub one know think die with lee about zone me and i was even just alone in the gym. will your vision
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i do still not to free or she is not gonna use what maloof will not put me is to put money will, will come by your money lose coverage for politically give up on a bulk or a political jewish portion of boston. if i'm just using the war boston in the frontier learning, but i can go to the lawyer, little mold. i went to school to the hutch a political smarter store of chima. but now coke told me not for his loss near ripple quite in the communion i do tomorrow for tom do sneer now come to referral's little scholar. hitler, when she got cordial to lord you could she, after my really concluding a show for whether to put 2 years or more yesterday was a proposal opportunity to rely on the short term performers to me. oh, here mental money am for graffiti boulevard at costa st. by your from fire
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should he's caught up scott immune. tom, ask you a job in the new york a. yes. you have a smart tv or a show or grab a pen? grab a snack for me. my me with us to pin on the show is a for the year screen belong to the switch from where a show that the garden way a with
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her which in login gt; but i was no upset level. there they go. nikki: a whole step other off give lizzie, 4 years old, a dollar for the most team. bush, a gee,
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any of you are the only for any of those for per year, which is just what i showed along with the show usually have a spot tomorrow afternoon. yes, no more than i do. let's see what we're ineligible as will i say we're simulating over to jessica to least put up feel for the dish comes from the go through it. i'm going to go to lunch with buick love 1st or the lease. would us live? never in your initial career, provide me. your love. us all. don't last york regular. just wanted to to talk to paul, did you read cable?
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it's just a rule on believe. believe bob skin believe what still mom peter where with digital opinions still disappointed in now to secured your so we're all close if we built in editor because i knew the crew g g a leash name in there. nope. they probably did some i look at it actually is place for just a to play. now why your yoga book ear. ok. go read it. dave shows a show or ha liberally. jack lee. bob,
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a star by the violent evil toilet was you suppose someone would say it cost to ship you me and then of course, you know what it is. they does kill a block on its own rails low money children with her or other sort of money. sugarloaf, you can put me in the yawn yaeger motion if she didn't miss torres from m oscars, source, proposed jolla because or so you reason on waller, you, genius, b, or cooking was old. how can you those of these to scale from or color is for use lawson wrong? oh sure. your portrait sir. you put coverage in so you flores, the horton, u. v. you called girls christian criminals. walters william.
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yes. said the floaters. but oh ye of what was just none. yeah. or yeah, that was his good. yeah. it says he did. well, i do. i had you go via install that you do to show stuff and he says he's moodle to the device. be unable sledge, so i still would mute shem my break strides. and niche lavish, just focused on machine. you know the shame like any degree of michelin you? sunny was gone. yes. oliver knew it was time we'd see what, what i need. but i would never go to watch again, but i wouldn't talk with them or no, doesn't put it on style and go to one, you perfectly know, dorm is still in gravel show machine. you're real up. i don't was an ottoman the
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sheila rush has gotten great brian a short while. don't you deal with why scott provides for me in the selenium hoyt required to talk to connie, because my china barbara tire. i need the zip code for the chest, the sector. uh no. do you have any weight torch cab? crepey doors got all the man you can provide you with your company with butcher, which i have not gotten most go space with the change. especially criteria, especially them are percentages are quoted just make sure. cuz then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua. can you spell the dorms upgrades, pasco, challenge tonia life and you bought a haunted meal, but how much data she's not brushed worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like
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a deal. is it exactly a big dumb move? he got a cute part of those. are mcgee, oscar english natalie beach spin on. but the only sort of thing is order kimiko. couple of getting digital double. i was a, she was a resilient neighborhoods. good. and yet i was just calling to see how to reserve good people. we've got a mission. i mean, i mailed them avenue and with additional if you are here for me more that way to put more stuff isn't pulling them. is like with the back to go couple to skip and you'll spears live? no, i'm not as much on the field on the 5 year one. i'm not feeling. and as i said, giving you unions. maggie, them just to bring you my body to probably of i'm the soil is bull nose nor summer toxic army. jordan, is that jag you one year we were just here by the german you pretty would not say go for a sleep, forgot or possibly you of our senior got
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a tina with them off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with pushing boilers. sure. it was a rush. it loses a did. it is a bad the machine, the corpse and was yeah, what was holla, does disney own little in some way? we can. yeah. well, i was pulling article visualizing really invoice a g,
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a shit off. as offer book with son is on your mind, lucian, this is paul with a grand scale was, was 2 modems, fully red delay, and you wouldn't really when you throw those middle, when you're ready to look at the room with her though her deal and the most to relate new with who, who had any political sons 0. when you put on there was a distributed level that will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which explores that on a machine due to the way with will you use junior, blue sky, a person established for you with
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your credit? does she need those? i used to read pages for them. so we're kind of tune quote, still with those kids to read plenty of them for the tournament, of course, over the summer. and you could throw this report over north georgia football with almost a curriculum believe when its stores and then you will go, you can, you could go to for you to look him. we should, would you please indicate the like it? oh boy, they took a look of can will viola last night? sure, absolutely. working with vote such. great. now press said, you look for the harley. he was motion of will execute much. you would have a bus $130.00 just does not. mueller, a supernova, you stop or you will, so gosh,
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double the stay able to see and we missed you thought a recovery so god bless you. yeah. was it a book that i missed? so social with changing with for me? sure, sure. the last quarter here. so are you have this with your husband on hold on for me to answer them when you work ideally. but while i, but there was to s thrash that avoid loss of so much that if you chance to come credit and i show you on, look about that is which is fine with and yes, this is the british name. well, let's see, to just say it, i see any bizarre items on your policy. that was ridiculous. so give me get the short of seals, but see what,
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what was your idea to ah, ah, need to come to the russians state patrol never. i've stayed as i'm phone and the most 19 div, asking him then i'll slap them up for a group in the city. probably. okay, so mine is $25.00 must be the one else with we will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machine. the state aunt rush up to date and school ortiz spoke mckibben, our video agency, roughly all band to on you to share with
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me ah, this is for so they'll ship it completely new industry to restock and just look up from one of normally muscles runyan noon she doesn't beating train, she's on a nurse to me as close to mamma cook as goose creek suddenly tamika but to his ashley. uh, this one of the was the 2 pieces goes down to come here from one to 3. if this sort of cool position did, did you bring out my, put the key for the chino drones to network for furnished or something like that. and then we got that. was it that might be worth anything like that. i have a little grain lisa.
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ah oh like a bull sheila christmas that shell i didn't didn't with will chase of ashley the sport xhylia with them when she chance me about mr. bradley them b t 1st, who made ashley pal which i so therefore support vala that she's not really i'm awfully the should you last particular with never go in the probably a giving them a bulk of the you'll be good soul for which i suppress. pick the need to the cards are causal. i ever more you can go to the what made the buys a bigger movie? moderate no, residential group, 0 securities. all that all with no garden mean? yeah. pretty clearly. yeah. it was all that. all good tom with me and for a little thank the but there are more school people with basel
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no diet. we're human or really thought martin or smart level because i was just a lot of the bottoms rational now to basel report, awkward for support on park. no malisha by show college for nazi still with the circus molecule. a bar that this one got to last my shavers huddle show for tomorrow, or slightly. a new with more go. we complete the with school, a couple of them afterwards and bottom. will prevail show nationally short in school, come to the church with them all, nor each room. jimmy was a bottle of the pos leading couple of good movie. tamara shooters with
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william with source from got orders for us to professionally cause value to drop ashley, or chess know the facility will require a stall noise, partially walk, a literally cut bite. she's asking me at the don't post on the pair i'm with years of light needs and i'm with the engineers discover eligible for she didn't go mean you go when you're 40 is a strategic bigoted to put on july. the move on our for i was a pretty monitor shane your store from a medium size, a condition with disabilities to grab a,
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a, a with a garage or the or a mr. carlos time to cheat the nibbler. ah 2000 in a picture to just she is mar bob machine. your 1st question,
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really care for floor the door. keep silly, really no start with the machine or she had to look for them with no longer media told us besides even them a post or a little key when you really are being no grind ski hob shaquille or find me with a solution, maybe show me your wires you've done proposal for a new shot record or a multiple people will show the se in this up. she is a gamma supposed by me, which is also a place uniform. what she laquita with me. i see
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you there in your source of a you just go from the states a settlement coming up with leslie group honestly no m a with a boy goal is because i don't know that is a little unfortunate or upset before september to chelsea by you for roach and the lawyer jones quarter in lubbock, i needed one which one number more evil just varies with a personal money. probably he's your machine please. and the need for a
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public that either he is privately mobile or wish to although the legend storms all sleep away, laney the like, i teach the way. yeah. nobody can. will she be? why not the label what she did? let us tell you what she said it already. it's us talk about all read this by the song. those will be teased by using our store. okay, let's look at the july e all small part of the city. for people north of the 4th quarter of this tim with no,
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it's a little, it's a little door. i'm almost up to one of those 5 stores of got me a new boy. yeah. you're good lloyd, a show me where i've missed ourselves with jasmine. sure. when you're dealing with switching from motions utilize a lot, then you might be an issue with one year to put how much the computer will be the source, the collector, if it wasn't valid or should be stamped on the mercy, to upgrade them on it. the least used to live with simply in your local pro, stand it or a family you thought well which is new york lunch and you did it correctly and you've got to leave him a leave of got water to mark them up with
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a miss lou chair so the phone with me, my finishing neighbor, but if you that say you all that she was on a little more a family reunion in stone. mute we build it very much for us. the mountain of this year is the fact that with our money, it's on me. you masonic on yours numbers him with amended ship when you march schools, reason the followers unlimited. sam alice looked back about the bush with work full . why the why you pretty much gave a boy more of the bus or does she for, for that old believe me, i did there by did the bus course go for this is shana
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with a bomb? i could be there for good, but it, well that's good up. she called b one. moscow will to which and i'm pretty do yes or cheaper for you on with or child more little. yes. live with him when you marginal cuz they gotta go years with no what that what those 3 will with like a lot with any of us of ship when you march to what the, what uses for given your c v h. remember the more with questionable reason last? no cars, the thing we're still not hearing. you mean? yeah. he got the doom was to bleed the derivative. god of them from here. look out of this are all just when you might, she was going to come up with today mode because the put it is all do, but it's not necessarily design listed on the list metric a little by it was like really
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a lot of a thought, silly but a, a van bicycle for them to pass mortgage must pop the college. the gym with donnelly got voted on personal schools in westport. are you boy packed little pussy? a blue? should you see a factory stores or did you have to post the loop with? is that sure i'm talking about moving with us or, or throwing ocean. we're giving us parcel disposal with them to look at
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a total busher, roughly level of could you look between what you could put in that used to speak with a level that much of the marble without the when the puzzle with they're just thinking about us. i am merely included for follow religion will usually with yep. so like you just can't because you do you think welcome. i gotta get a get a feel of each of the, the more or anything i've been the spice more than or, or another was the last b, u e at the board. go get a fatty gee, the bus. and i thinking the whole with gym of
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a short over the phone so she can national mas. yep. for sure. you sure. i see. mm hm. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. when who are
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oh, a notion completely new initially normally stuck and just look up from when i'm not only a muscle around noon, she kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nice to me as place you mom cooked as goose if critic suddenly tamika. but i put his ashley uh this morning with one to move please. this sort of cool position with you, but he has not put the key for the chino bryanston, that'll work for phones or something like that. and then we go with that
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with brain lisa. ah, and the united states definitely as the ability to get to ukraine, told the negotiator to do. but for some reason they are not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because they feel their rushes capacities. i'm not geared we can sufficiently, ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on, often very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk.


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