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i'm to sit down and talk with you all to hold on for just the labs will come. yeah, occasion policy the off even more of the volleyball shirts pumped on each mix with you. got a response on the score, a new new, not sure how it works. you lose your comes up with the holiday and still might be a possible way. a yearly group, we are going, you only have, i'm assuming that somebody sent me a bundle of movies, a couple of those to some of them with a huge to meet with different order, like you know, because i'm screw also to focus a lot with
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chris young explicitly with ashley cheerfully. and i should double o'clockish thing of us marcenough wishes to me that come with a bully. and the reason why it's taking a lot of new and different and i rode shipping out in the crowd or job change to look not hey, skill crank. it just you chose to my ceiling, your brains, could you give you a tick subway different, don't you say you dog do not see the blue book. graham. moscow clearly admitted to it, which i'll pass now. i see it's about almost ever but with it's too much, not a grain skin, not old, but on. mr. osgood, i'm with up with copper on your own to new motors which are huge. the community took a total. i will go was
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a pretty new edition. you're finishing them with doors for you to not sure which must talk soon. romika produced when you were doing my me and sarah's orders. mister folks to use the dish, gibson, nutrition, they're good because that there's 2 more evenly nuclear feel co due to late kings. go post them scared me of the me. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time you pay a desk, wants operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages. suggest them such a medical care deny the anxious as the commercial. e g. diesel sort of a somewhere by friday. a
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. do you lost a deal with that? yeah, i mean one of us in some ways with global and you go to some of the construction id has to have that he lost his up. i'm not all guilty as a shield so you think you'll be good up. listen, you got a lot of money orders. i know i was just with them on the when you're because a lenient a customer a and i see now. yeah, but i'm already come on you for, i'm on. so here to really sort of a but i'm those are the ready low bye with said the philadelphia,
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a bully valley to scold me if i figure them all. humphrey was not. it was before the end of the machine. okay. okay. all righty, printer maria. if she celia for you believed dino, she sponsors u g, a mazda, gonna see if it was the she bullish grey emma clinical, low grains of but we're a hungry mosley cochran. you know, so i had a pillow for she's in february, she is a mass where coordinate to run it by foot. the professor scheduled it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u n and u, p. a leaders served in the octagon and roland battalions all with the as, as kelly, sand divisions, and with collaborating auxiliary police unit. some were also trained at nazi military and intelligence schools. oh got the book, women thought 1st, all of them but got a document, thoughts they got to read because we all fucked so truly just when you minutes away
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and there was the upkeep, drama, avira, so you pick if contrast had a own walk her mouth without a very is vivian you connery on them and she wouldn't have to walk out the old today. you p, i apologised, claim the conflict stemmed from poland, centuries long expansion in to ukraine, couldn't lloyd edna scheduled it in about they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria, it is quite pointless in their opinion to question the ukrainian insurgent armies. methods. army ross dunlap leicester knew him yesterday period this interpret them through to develop a good old bullshit bullet. did it that alan is porter p. jewish juice where he exceeded what we had to assume in so because of the wireless. oh no group rosky diligence, you're going to stop. so krinski, not felonies to login are familiar. digikey alex is that's like a tourist. i mean the fingerprints of us the yep. and he passed through to graham's kennel my legacy, but i did put her teachers could choose to please what with what,
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what wept. i'm still convenient. oh, crane. scala. what somebody is my push go to court. shaving is mean, cuz what garbage do it to me come now me what actual set up i'm not, you know, just to completely perform well in this case is near to get all slew chavaris. yep . or is it is ground floor. it is very frustrating for losing a chill. coase causes a noise or maniachi, the not fatal by a show. she was a, by dietrich with the are you shopping up with you? more of manage? is that your group at the studio? because we're going to push get, especially with the $1000000.00 middle we're way down. we're
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come when you mean you could was took you used to play in your to play with the just and ready to to get the ball to will much though bruce loosely will is, could you give the deceptive issue to do what has been done with ox it was media give with this issue with the un documents left behind by insurgents contain compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to purge of anemia and late again, the seo of outlanders, to hardway my killing tens of thousands of coal news with the true for new freedom, so
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a she'd been that would be a series of german defeats such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made the o u. n. b leaders less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine if that were to happen. local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. ice fight against the soviets, even honda. these were the underlying considerations for local o u n. b leaders in valencia and felicia with claim service in charge. when they decided to de polonaise, those regions here will permit no claim with some work authority prostitution. as we ask them you, you will, you will put pc is used to reduce 2 attempts to wonder. well, come on the right. absolutely. even if miramar could be really difficult for me to set the pieces for you, but the subdivision with your sister stayed by meetings the conclusion that no such thing would have push carrier to chest in the tour stillness persuaded seriousness
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. juries that seem like euclid, euclid, if such a good not to do. i am daryl genius asked. i will put you on a lease. well and with your bundle, she political, she's matters which you will. you will be cheer natalie. yes, he likes polish to let william wise pool a, but i'm gonna have no food stamps for the last hour. and somebody says that you all will get a yellow vehicle when you say, you know, i'm just going eager. i saw a snugly young pizza mcgill's out there, put stuff over, but i would exchange my in their official document such as premium guidelines on o u. n. combat and activity and war of i in the band. a rides refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight has led to by stepan bandana bung. do they called their supreme leader in cleansing territories of the enemy presents in times of chaos and unrest. it is acceptable for us to eradicate hostile polish of ida and jewish elements. we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia,
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make sure that they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education. choose colds and must combines must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on o. u. in combat and activity in war. double out guy. he's out. seattle g show mogley, bishop another we're allocated to you again, that's your daughter. as a group, what we see with them as well either or judy sherry stewart and he's also saying you've got a yellow with brains. are the name of all of i bought, one of them, you talk when they did a deal stop before my dismissal one. i mean it comes from up north and she has a full mirror at the middle, the going in the products with brands. so she left his towers,
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fundamentals of some ashi, not a lovely which in turn off the fundamental mazama lasagna grains, or what rang meeting. she has missed all of that. i did. so we bought a picture on to go. yes, but of the w. a g like a yellow? oh sure. are you keep on doing, i just put in my t. today's id. not that i missed a little too. i do apologize. finacialow the committee kinaski these key knacker part. so no contract. it's your bundle. strong lu, kind a hub despite what contemporary supporters of the o u. n. u. p. i often like to say, like many ukrainians did not approve of the band to write methods and actions, and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population, usually risking their own and their family's lives. that's confirmed by multiple witness accounts, venue or bleaching national historical ulysses. how today is the spearson she would
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on the nasa goosey story garcia's gift duke must hold himself somewhere to the well, i mean when you see me just to pieces, you brains offend you, jesus. i enough, some i still saw you grow? yes. well, you know, the worst story that shows go. what? oh, casella should not club in east with eagle dom up and ship little not so my like why me to pull should will be cool. when i go put, not one you will just be do with on up because we 2 weeks, gosh ukraine who, who, who poor, he doesn't what's up, which is a little bit of hostile of only strategy. but let me be to prove that by lack of knowledge on the progress of just the pl mcgee bush, come associated with schermick movie. is that possible you can skim solution? mm hm. ah
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ah, ah ah . mm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on a fence. very dramatic and development. only personally, i is this. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time. time to sit down and talk with he finds unique or she has to go. you're going to go dorothy, where your mom, i'm a my mom of was on i just not only are with on the flu shot in my own, which i was to lunch. daniel decided with melanie couple questions. craig, when we unusual with i'm not what i'm looking at the in fiji. why not go to the, you know, shut it off completely, but it studies long range. governmental yeah. i 90 rosalyn harrison who carries with apple our core dice, ready rules. my mama love my mom on the vaughn utilization i. e. e e e w.
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a solution is nicholas one shot of grey sky. he sort of because pertains far cranes keep a frankly army slogan to supporting the wound gotten bullet, but he goes with black of chris macintosh to willis. i see a credit orders that he's got so easily. so she, you also guardianship of already you on you why she would have to help us think she's my mit books. the most coverage this the rules were using for school cleans being switched to a previous she had done muscles. i'm with the a little bit of furious. my god, i'm rivalry garza beautiful. brains. got a report mclaughlin at the pdf she to a single sheet on yours on that of my lab will not put on my go ahead, gary, just keep us to bubble eyeball a previous meal. i still owe you a combo bottle, shook about she should take to report my galle pollock on violins except with
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a polish film director. will not say whites asking news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary. there was once a town with the film tells the tragic story of one polish family in the valley village of killeen who fell victim to the massacre. a documentary was recently broadcast by bolan's 1st tv channel needed and caused a massive outcry. well, but that didn't stop another polish studio from working on a similar film, oriental script writer and film director yourself, but nashik says that today's youth knows very little about the events. and by lena, recently, a small action group in poland has launched historical reconstructions. but
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a veil has been drawn over the truth of what happened in valencia for too long aiming. however, strange it may seem that the topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles with the dish on jimmy's not, they're more bizarre. schanzer schanzer, she's a dvd player and he's a bit of trouble my portion of his job. but i'm giving you a follow up with those note mala with a son, italy, depots, the need to disappear from the sky. it's a problem. it's a small putting it is olu fluid will not see them from years ago. probably whiskey seems a problem with the question is of no great union got through. he thought you guys had somebody at mom was supposed to play with lemon yet a up sort of them when i don't know how to my deal at all. the same computers being switched from 4 to any of those. but other than for familiar
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with gina melinda, as we approached her 70th anniversary of the violin young massacre, the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party, m. p. a sort of an issue with the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who saved poles from the o u. n. u p, a, despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families. the idea was welcomed in poland. when you so many in ukraine, simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill id and have their reasons for that with ukraine's for both party issued the political successor to the o. u. n. u. p. a holds $36.00 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over the ukraine, which they seem to regard those who slaughtered and burned on armed women. children, old people and priests as heroes.
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storms of vocal as immediately for flora trying to pull it parliament guess who boss, fiscal see was it was get your money at the boy gilson as possible beneath him with a barbara in the suite number you and you are calling for crystal, blaine. m a bravo at crystal, plaintiff, and you are coming in the shopping for a walk, nor the samsung galaxy ish there shall. thompson will. not among them our little shoes up a male green it should by the roy miller decompose a charlotte youth musician muscle model crane sco on the other. furthermore, because that was with as glen, the grass, that are the mclean scheme for present corona said that they're gonna of thought those of a go provide you that ability each nose you still create you grosso crane scheme. not all of them are but junior, that are not all the privacy when that is new, but she approved, he would,
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he hasn't value of it. you people who did seem decently extend mavita chip to state for glow your party. some are border your but it's only about a shirts, a cautious j e d l. would you not like a tourist for me at all? this yellow gear before the fuss is starsky. de la, gifted as the gyla organs, as you please you mention that you'll know by the state by me keep on bleeding. she took lunch, goofs. come will you be login with us? nice to daughter as bad as no garage? no. me. it was all. yeah. his dishes canoe will reduce of all when you book a leach in an agent who just knew or put them on bull mouse, not even actually much excuse me, crazy neural net mosley dida with but your booster whatever. when your whole grain, you venture out of state roller was a bit take on your bill it let the capture, let the vitamin a bit. i'm good. i mean you go very low, eat asylum, will you get it? all is pauline name it our still doesn't build a variable cycle again, but somehow are attached to
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a genetic procedures area. there is no employee, so shadow run her. yes, you post it or to approach you should go go back in about the details. 9 not, not all the non video, one of them which is on a charlo store still because i part of the molla georgia, had a machine with us portrait of trump, or moving up rather than reach me. and you can share it on another on proposal. so bookish shall change crunch and i think the mistake i'm going to throw not a shower sion of when you the booster asked as a just a bill on the following. you bill us rosena. i see just rush managed to be white climate, which is probably one grain to coin it was because, i mean, yes, but when yes, one year to the price locks, if you could, could watching stages can continue to mutual have each other commodity supanik. in other words, on your way, we are instantly get away got a shuttle. alicia's name is avoided. those in escrow audio version control post by his traffic levels. school is through school, proper doubt across national somehow throughout the country over wouldn't to
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brainstorm with his but it will. i will not pause the news. interviews with kathy to rome. pop back in on the incident that over there was an army in year 3 things equal grain school and not all that will not me another shadow, still grain to carol, she go to the knowledge of washing machine with a new model to stick to be well at of see what an imprint edible i didn't put some sort of jumped up like she would get it as you presently, yet my views to cranes came out of the products. i didn't roz monumental crane support your con, your son of worst it's t o m c b a r t. i get a bill for answer unclear boys, usually bubble up. if you didn't, i get results a get rid of 60 people. you see, you stop this room, you like a little i'm an ogre, almost got him counseling, getting our ability to keep it across. and then we start, union do, do muggy about our boards are about a junior kept. the problem is the middle of the scandal. i am a strategic go, so user to credit like polish is the amount you will, does the price for you to move up
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a new grain. just verify me the company you don't give will be some follow up or pretty to an issue with the really or your roku. but i, we ship what it is to millennium, you know, for use could vote the bus and they were here for 3, and they could send me a sample at 4 am. we'll talk over all over. is different risky, few exists for bought a new company for which i finished really, but it better. uh, because we just said reach this with the liberty center as go ready to talk to will you repeat c for to, to euro mutual po, holes over for cheaper said through news through it, but it will take you, it is pick technical issues will probably move your opinion, if the new as much. ok now for pub in my based she had those who need a grain of those in of each of years. herschel does use the kind of wolf brains come on our order this morning. got me musically because michael bopper was a stylish experiment, was not a sheet of gross one was the beach. so i mean he kept mazacco for his up atlanta.
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top suggestion i picture bash models and she sumptuous washed. so when you go video games on the bottom, you can you the video solution, you the video, you? one is a slight increase that impossible sheet i listen yet mac reaction. stop this for algebra beach. so we're still shuttles in each so called because when you go online and go to reports of the member id, please 9 or 3. as soon as the company secure of 3 of you to get a policy i could set up yet, mac says none of them. kathy etha, either in the me such lesson post helps saddle mood. obama proud of them, was throwing it on. why me think maybe it's 30 to laura she's going to put in. you might just just by miss mc middlebury at yahoo, you got a letter from proposed the study and user id jewel protocol, most with his grading above supports, the years he's the extrusion. you should always stem in y'all's grain hospital, but one kilogram pritzky scholarship. and yet any 2 of them come from
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trusting up. i mean, i saw you guys and others and i'm sure follow up with you. i'm all cheated up in october. you signal so you should hilton universal normal chief cook the style by with you got one b as much of the rule, marseilles on the far shoes. but the rules are that you are open. you for you my, it's to be grades, you see a walk around the whole use of stop at night. grain. you are quite, you know, eve, but on the grading the got the right when you might still the quote for shoes water . we didn't you shift your nadia shamperdeen almost all over the m s. w role for getting a little hard to a terminal. the question that does it assume inch buffet is fresh to glen box to let the finance with him. he is, will be summer full night than upwards. come now the valise goes yamil and we get your opinion of span financing premiums this year. and this is the asking when that was in the balance is in distress then. yes. press a cd. chill on. good school should worry and also annual legal
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finishing out and yeah, through the black, your mining who lives with me. so you'll be able to do that on a national label on january. saint martin says he is preserving unusual mind, you know, we said he'd be using this margin. are very dunedin collaborative elizabeth zealand and put your men just seen the are still we visited with national capital vision. the graduate dental directors cannot get his phone. i many people do ah, ah, ah, issues with the stock and just look up some of natalie muscle around noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green show on
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a nurse to me as close to mama cook go through 6th grade to summer tamika. but i to his ashley of a d. c. wanted to work with one of the cool position with you, but not, but the key for the chino drives to network for phones or something like that. and then we got that. what did i see with grain? lisa l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear
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i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a the, the, me, the me ah hello, welcome towards the park some 30 years after the collapse of the soviet union. russia is once again at coast, trying to choose the path of its development, going west no longer since an option,
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especially after the event in your brain. but going east or turning is not that either. it has russia past that point of no return, and where is it likely to go from here to discuss it now joined by an undone christian, distinguished fellow at the observer research foundation in new delhi is great to talk to you, sir. thank you for inviting in one of your interviews, you said that you feel like an indian customer, polite with russia being your 2nd motherland. you spend a lot of time here as a child and as, as an adult, as a professional working here. how do you feel about the current state, about the current circumstances of the, of the country that you, once openly cold, your 2nd motherland? well, we have to keep in mind that my 1st motherland is india. and i look at the world through indian eyes. and what is happening today in eurasia, particularly between russia and ukraine, puts india in
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a very difficult situation. it increases the pressure that india is facing from multiple direction and narrows the space that india has to take decisions. so from that perspective, of course, india is not very happy. however, india at the same time recognizes that it is not a binary question of your either with us or with them. and therefore, india needs to exercise choices which reflect its national interest in here has had its own fair share of neighborly disputes. let's put in diplomatic terms and when it comes to the russians and ukrainians again, i want to rely on your personal expertise or.


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