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nourishment by you of society should he's got up scott, me. tom, ask you a job for the new york a. yep. a small property deals for a short trip. bornea. he's done. yes. can you pick the top of clear? because i already bought them for smart in last year. this next to me my, me with us to pay the initial is living for the years. great. belong to nascar, instead of switch from where a show at the garden with
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which in the lower d t. a most other off give you 4 years old. although left with almost same bush
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a g, e, v, a for me about the city of any of those to per year, which is what i show a lot of people don't let me show you a spot for tomorrow afternoon. yes, no more than i did before. ineligible like you were similar to jessica or denise put up feeling for the dish girls to go to work. i'm go to lunch with buick love 1st or the lease would have never in your initial career of i leave me alone last or oh don't last york regular just wanted to check on it or did you have anybody else just what's
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my role on believe believe or skin believe what a digital i believe still cook dead is just punch it in now to do it. sure, so. okay, so we built in editor because i knew a leash name in there. nope. they probably deleted from i look at it actually this place where this is a to play now. right. so you're going to need for coke. ear. ok. go read it. the show slide. yeah. the lady i show your bowie jack
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a stover by the violent e. doyle. it wasn't supposed to push them long, would it cost the shade? mueller. and then of course, not what it isn't. a darcy kill a block. i'm in chrome grills, little money, children with her or others approval time money. she call our tickets early in the yawn. yaeger washing up, she didn't miss torres from them. i was cousin, suppose jolla because i was so you reason when waller, you, genius, be cooking was ruled. how can you the rules of mr. scale from work always for use lose on wrong or she cautious sir you because of it in so he fills the court any he to called congress christian criminals. walter's lawyer, yet looked at the slaughters. but oh yeah,
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of what we just none. yeah. or yeah, that was is, could you hear this kind of it was word you did install, they do it yourself, who says reason, moodle for peters or vice? unable to lunch. so my night the other school near to chim. my right strides and niche lavish, just focused part machine. you know, the shame, like, i need to go out here with michelle in you. so it's, jenny was gone, you know, it's all in it was time would see what, what i need. i would never go to unless you're going to probably to talk with them when you that's of that with them or no doesn't put on style and go to one. you put
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lynaya dorm is still in god was showing the ceiling. your wheel a bottom was an ottoman the sheila rush has go with a don't you deal with weiss copy provides the 1000000 millennium zacotta criteria. talk to you because much hon are pressed by me. does accordable for just me sector? i've no idea of any we thought kept creepy to scuttle the man. you can probably with butcher which i, if not, we must go space. you. the key change, especially cartoon, especially them are, percentages are quote, it's just my circles. then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua, and you smell the dorms, upgrade to charlie and you don't, you have to wipe, and you part quoted me obama spreadsheet with my post worth of moving. yeah. close
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to us also like a is it is like a big dumb move. he got a cute part of those are my gaped oscar english natalie beat speed more. but daily said again his order kimiko. couple of getting digital dollars to yes. all night. as long as you will do still in your bra hoods good on, you have to watch this quite see how to reserve good people. we've got a mission. i mean, i mean the money on with additional be right here for me more that way to put more start today is i'm pulling up them is night with the back to go to sleep in your spirit live? no, i'm not as much on the left saving on the 5 years on i'm not failing them as i tell you and you can use that or give them geez, to bring you my body to probably of i'm with soil is blue though. ignore somewhat tactic. are major, was that? yeah, given year we were just here, i'd be german. you pretty wood? not saying go to a sleep forgot to post lit you of our senior. got
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a tina with them off. charlie, a corporate chair globally with pushing boilers. sure. it was one rich and boy of russia loser. federalist a was with only light, but still on the phone number. what about a bad the machine, the corpse and was yeah. local. we love all of those disney own little in some way we can. yeah. well, i suppose on particularly invoice a g,
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a shit off. as offer book with son is a new lucian 1st. is paul with that. yeah. i mean, you can close this one actually will be in 2 grand scale. was war 2 modems fully rigidly and you wouldn't really when you throw those, no, don't both. when you're ready to look at the, remember with a deal, any of the most thoroughly with who who jenny was political sons 0. when you put on, there was a distributed level that will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which explores that on a machine due to the way we did. will you use junior, blue sky, a person is limited for you with
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your credit? does she any proposal history that page and i'm supposed to cut a tune quote. so with those kids that had plenty of them for them could have shown on but of course over the summer. and you could throw this report with paula, almost ready for you to believe when its stores and you find you will always go, you can you, could you please you can, we should, would you please indicate they like it or they took a look of can, will viola, last night. sure, absolutely, but we've got some great new off rest and you look for the barley, he was, was not, will execute much to ask me, but i think you're still similar to
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a supernova. yeah. let's stop or do a photo stop with us. yeah, he would assume mr. you thought i got a book that i missed, so i searching with changing with mutual short ross could hear. so are you with me to the answer when you were cardelia, but while but the most to us trash award no losses. so much that if you chance to come cleveland, i show you on look a findings with about the can you switch to the british name, alexi chin. see, i see yang bishop, it was a let me proceed. it was magical. but so give me the show because she was pretty
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well. but what's your idea to the youth to ah, a no show with only stock and just look up some of natalie muscle on noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nurse to me as place you mom. ok gosh, 6th grade to summer tamika. but i put his ashley of, of this. it wanted to work with one to move for you. but of course, with putting up with brian's to network for phones or something like that. and then we got that with brain lisa,
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have them look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings. accept where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. we'll somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with with
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or to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms, race this on, often very dramatic development only personally and get into disease. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very critical time. time to sit down and talk. no, i'm in the back of all sheila's christmas match l. a choice of actually the sport
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exactly. with marcia, cut them was to chance from about with mr. bradley, them between 1st who made ashley board chair so therefore support vala that she will not really. i must neither should jane. last particular with never go in the probably a developing a bicycle deal bigger. so dawn which i suppress picked, manipulate cards are causal. i am, well, you can go to my room, your bosom, the way it might be buys a new record. sure. there were no. you might at no additional level of security. all that all. no, got me. yeah, pretty clearly. yep. it is all that all the time. with me and for a mortal bank the but they are marks with basel for diet. we're human or will it mark off to leon smartly? well, because all it's just a video come, hollywood, florida, about transactional, mental boston boulevard was for support from dr. no
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malisha by show college for not cisco isn't the circus molecule a bug that this one got to last my shavers. hobble show, former for slid b. a i've spoken with for mortgage. when complete, the with school is a bottom, will prevail show nationally short of them come to the church with them or a to possibly new couple of course a move to new to so from what i'm got on the list for some professionals daily to jump ashley for sure, it's not associated will require a buzzer as well,
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or the requirement literally cut by to commit to them. first the pair i'm with years of light needs and i'm with eventually me as discover eligible for shooting blooming. you go when you're 40 is the position last week you did a premium. i to restrain your store on a quarter. right. i mean him said a man. i was also probably genius. initial video was going to minneapolis visibility to grab a, a, a, a with a garage of the or find a mr. carlos,
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i'm to cheat the nibbler. ah 1000. ah, my piece of my 3, a 4 in more go quicker features. she's more pop machine, your precious kachimba oily care for floor the door key. silly renewal start with the machine or she had to look for them, especially in order to wash him longer. media told us, besides, even though i'm
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a tossed or at the brown with the little key, when you really are, did know grind ski hope chicky are fine with it, but i'm was to talk a solution. i mean the show me your wires. if i'm proposal mr. i'm with the corridor or in multiple people will show the se in for this up. she is again, most posed by me on which is also so i believe i can put it as a place uniform with me. i see you there in your school is a little below the car for a moment a you just go from the state to state. i'm coming up with us the group,
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if honestly with a boy goal is because i don't know that is a little unfortunate. absolute for forced to plan with for will roach in the lawyer jones quarter in lubbock. i needed one which was fillmore the table. a with a pool. more money, probably he's your mushroom, but it isn't the but he needs a splint public that he, that he is, but i really wish you, mr. did well, that was legit. stolz will be totally got away when you the like,
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i teach the way you pull money can, will you be why not the label would you didn't let us, would you what you see the 1st talk about all read it. there's a button on those leeches by year or so. okay, let's look at the july e all small part of this year for pretty long or to the 4th quarter. and others came in with the little boy, i'm almost up to one of those 5 stores to me of them. you boy, you don't have
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a good lawyer. a solution wasn't utilized. it's like a law. then you might be an issue with one year to promote a free resource nika, luckily, if it was finally my mom wasn't comfortable. listen to downgrade my mom here to least new used to live with. just like to play in yet of started a family you thought would just me and you're like lunch and a new like leave a post, a check for the phone with my finishing neighbor. but if you that said you propose that she was on the computer or just a bunch,
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and they don't mute very much. of course the mountain. yes. yes. he is the fact that he made some money. it's on me. it was a sim, moving a lot of ship when you march those disney followers immediately a bullish of with on the front gun years. we've worked for the why the why you've been you much for one more of the pos need for a new high bid. there by did the bus course score british in your work with the bomb up with? well that's good up. she called the water moment us go. what vh and i'm pretty do. yes. don't cheaper for you on with or chance more. little yes.
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live with him when you marshal, cuz they got to go yes. yes, the do what they thought those 3 will with michael had with us of ship when you march to that to what use this for given your severe sure. lemme way. the more is with a question, you know, we last thing, we're still my getting you mean? yeah. because the doing was to pull the derivative. god of them from here. look out of the said, oh did you, when you might, was going to come up with you there mode because the put it, it will do it unless the only design was put on the from the classic prescribe right here. so they'll buy a lot of them, they should give you a list of the id. now let's go back a quote from the past.
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what was must pop the college football game with america? put it on this hosting. national. pretty new boy packed people to put it a more of a pollution. you see a factory stores or the proposed to loop with. is that sure i'm talking about ah, a store or give us an ocean. we're giving us a total with the low quality rochelle level could you would, you could put on that used to be as the by don't physically. you could get that with a level that much of the marble without throw in
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a puzzle with digital. you can you but i am merely in beautiful phenomena and then jim will years, it will be up to you like you just give because you do you think my guys again, sorry just is the lawyer. so i was the nephew e spike mores accord that there was the last 2 v, a, u e at the board, boy, instead of a g, the bus. and i can go over them with them. i see it within the near sure, over the phone. and so she kind of myself, i'll show you show, especially with me
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oh, my profile with her hi. what are your thoughts when who ah,
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during the 2nd world war in nazi occupied poland, valencia was a farming region. today is part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by stepan bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. the valinda massacre is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. why are ukrainian politicians still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past? and why does the memory of belinda still divide people ah
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ah ah, and the united states definitely as the ability to get to ukraine told the negotiating deborah, for some reason they're not exercising that i can only imagine the doctors because they feel their rushes capacities are not yet weakened sufficiently. ah ah, ah
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ah, this is one of the firing positions that he has a battalion. you fire back may look like a regular foxhole, but in fact, it isn't because it turned out running all the way under ground on that because up . so we report from the still work, thanks for the city of mario paul, where the remaining ukranian garrison troops rendered to russian lead forces this week. administrative faces backlash in the he went to talk to sign a $40000000000.00 a package for ukraine, despite spiraling inflation and product shortages at home. well, some ukraine at some american will make it not buying the excuse, but it's all rushes help.


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