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a hello. my name is one that by the full of and supposed happy or sad owner ups and downs and the rest opportunities and glorious achievements, misty in the historic sense. so he 70 years, his new alley and instantly g. listen, you were you live with the to july 13th marks the 70th anniversary of events, the meaning and significance of which still debated in poland. and you grain them up just ah bill with the teacher the announcement of a gone april. the 8th 2013 is just before the 70th anniversary that divided the ukrainian nation with an ideological stand off $28.00 senators with the law and
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justice party. they submitted a draft to the polish senate film proposing that july. the 11th should be a memorial day in poland. i'm to honor the memory of the victims of massacres of poles in virginia and other parts of western ukraine in world war 2. he was with you, published ours up at the unit. on april. the 11th in the same year 29 m. p 's from the polish people's party submitted to poland, lower house of parliament, a similar draft titles on the genocide committed by the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army against poles on eastern polish territories. by lack of cooperation against the key purpose of both these documents was to recognize the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army as criminal organizations. which according to the authors, had committed genocide against the polish community in western ukraine. and in the $212.00 representatives voted in favor of the proposal to designate the massacre of
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poles in berlin. finally, o u n and u p. a. well, the genocide as while 222 voted against the proposal was defeated by a majority of just 11 votes. and the genocide issue was lost from the agenda. the opposition voted to classify the o. u. n. u p. a crimes committed as genocide against the polish population, but the party in power supported softer wording for foreign policy reasons. but america, when it well known that the polish government is actively lobbying for ukraine to be admitted to the e. u. it was to that end, that the polish foreign minister, ratliff sikorsky urged polish mph not to exacerbate the situation with a bottle in, in the end. on july, the 11th 2013, following heated and prolonged debate, poland approved an official statement describing the volume tragedy as ethnic cleansing with marks of genocide with
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a brand new deal. if i deal with, she's mostly sorry i'm could you list it is i mostly got whatever idea of it was great and i saw my list of i'm looking for something ocean grain than you had sent me. my daughter would not somebody's if the only just recently bought a own a home in the construction of recently in hamilton to william cannot see that if we have only further move reduced to him, hold on for edible. do not suit you by like any form thought you knew, mumbled sagal shots of the communion gutters would shoot above schubert studiously it would be. why do you believe we had the usually not suitable lack of doughboys, while alcohol aconia to up going at sea level. however, poland to lower house declined the opposition's initiative to have the violin. tragedy officially declared to genocide and to make july the 11th memorial day in poland to honor the victims of massacres in eastern polish territories. the decision provoked a wave of discontent in poland. vishal ki, very exact. you with a voice cookie, cable b,
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g. what the affordable team on each is gauge. nice, gosh, i mean, so are you not said mimi didn't you cook well, can we still have a previous issue problem for s. s for like about luxury model of alaska vegetable. is this a she would be supposed to meet you not to do the cooking gigi? my mom had to prove that you shared the love you matter. my number to be is the one with your vehicle. so not many ship with will here, not a man like go to the cities about because i think of the young she closes coverage through and slumber slower. yes or so on. young navy, i'm almost always be seen but shield use with the same vocal. this school travel, not that much of all the boys, but you in the balance which in your community you can should issue seeing yourself on almost again, a 5th garage it at the political border are but younger alliance, but bulky us, i guess, from boston. nice cousin portion, you're going to means like of somebody on the scene yamil any more computer on the
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show offices for your money. um so you can see use them. but them question you can call uniform was going to give us a new product. a new principal polish print media have led us somewhat blood discussion on the subject. the majority of publications denounced the polish authorities lack of determination on the matter that there is also a regularly repeated call to allow bygones to be bygone skin and to fetch the volume tragedy to rest. get back, at least for now. ah, we will only be able to get back to the volume tragedy when ukraine becomes a stable and prosperous country within the western sphere of influence. trying to address it now would make no sense any calls for restoring justice, apologies or compensation, can only aggravate our relations with key ev, at a time when you cranes future and its association with the e, you are being decided, it would make sense to revisit the subject in about 20 years from now
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a doing it now would be more than useless. it would be politically detrimental, under telecom genocide, as political leverage. judge bus polydor, poland, that i like it. can you just say the ceiling and to me consider the installation process? says smith. john, they're far more of a little worse than when you're listening imagery to cranes coaster in my and ignorant thinking of the rep, phillip urged considerable, and se emma to blake and jessica. she is the machine, the broadening and that would you sneer her. oh, just a little bit with something that i faced with with all kinds of possibility of delirium. i am and only if he has killed the sri profane mirror, vanya for look, see me pull up a book on those words visibly. i'm looking up to them. yeah, do you mean younger than you know as well? sure. virginia could you, couldn't you go start with
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a premier. him, he needs a 5th grade book study in your bundled mix. you go, mr. yes, you will. you will lose you from that? yes. oh. as a b is it, when you look back, you click web movie and the portal. on july 14th, 2013 elizabeth dickson peter impulse cathedral in louis western ukraine, held a memorial service for victims of the valley near massacres, which was attended by the polish president bananas left komarovsky. ukraine was represented by the deputy prime minister, the constant in gresham with the old with but there was only watch the video, but he didn't come with gray husky after we met at the ball of each of which nice cover on got your state or book or viewed, somebody, me or not, i don't mean i was, it was the growth in your store. one bill goes over it. so she's up. i walked through it will take a break. not even gonna get the bullet. it's gotta be in your global little dust.
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yeah. not to just, they were thoughtful browser and you want to thank you grange parliament displayed a curious response to the 70th anniversary of the volume tragedy. nearly one 3rd of the value of nevada was not 148 members who mostly communist and from the ruling party of regions were signed an official request to the polish parliament to recognize what had happened 70 years before. as genocide against the polish people, with that request triggered a strong response on both sides of the polish ukrainian border. the initiative was heavily criticized in ukraine and described was tantamount to treason. with new break your school to get a sense. wiscoe with using clean eastern menu. so she was she, she was next to each school. the got a new thing, no matter what pro deal to it, talking listed on the clinician after mcdonald's living and was double in the peers watch for school, stored on a switching and be staying in crane. so,
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spice greater and then also somebody decor convertible as if exceed one wilkins capacity of the command, because it won't be away. the 1st attempt to build a bridge between ukraine and poland over disagreements regarding the volume tragedy was in 2003 by the van presidents. if leon had coach mark which manned alexandra wasn't epsky in 2006, the reconciliation process continued through the efforts of consecutive president victor yoshika and less kuchinski who jointly opened the memorial to polish and ukrainian victims of the volume. your massacre, you been fabulous. kobylinski, yes, it was then that former president yoshika. he spoke the memorable words died. we forgive and ask for forgiveness, but i think what i said no later than 2000 to night when we got the ocean got issued a decree posthumously conferring the title of here. olivia crane on the ukrainian insurgent ami leader rum on shaheen, which was the 2 years later in january 2010. so that will you should get awarded the title here of ukraine to step on bendara also posthumously. he'd been the
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leader of the most radical nationalist group. so you, in the western ukraine celebrate show here which and been done, i, by erecting statues and naming major streets after them a, a ah, and the united states definitely as the ability to get ukraine told the negotiating deborah, for some reason they are not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because they feel that rushes capacities are not geared we can sufficiently,
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ah ah, with ah
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ah but yet we should get the hold of the beetle siesta valuable. mickey scott, when we are possible to get a dispassionate. com, a little dog slow yesterday, tanya, does that show us your carina on you poor? he did. ching that by seal crazy polish and ukrainian historians have the different assessments of the numbers of victims on each side as well as different accounts of
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why it will happen totally. but all agree that the volume tragedy was the bloodiest, ukrainian polish conflict in the 2 nations shared history helped us as to yet, or took a certain proceed from the oval in school. so we can see a dish and i can put up a name according to leo because taking place, taking speaking, i'm sort of due to what would the other than that. so consistency still being able to figure all a muscle, excuse me. not saying english teachers should also listed in, you know, an engineer valencia, you can't publish it as a teacher, but the teacher submits a human ski a sort of thing to look at a book. but to us, the yeah, cut or a bill in natural south. i'm children, who did a good a for them the on some bush, the matchless stick nor were applied to us. diana mitchell prolactin was the one with the bully, are suddenly bruised deluca to have biddy?
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celia poyser, previous of the worm 0 that the worst of black palsky, olympian williams come, come, push them. so just a couple it used at the booth co. cobra was possible to complete nisha toward sea level, which is new. near puts korean enters the milk atoria. grades are recorded. laurens, for both sense, guided me. could we do all of your current school in the summer is michelle is so easy. is she telling you what you and which is needed to do by lack of some witches in sociology with him semester? at the depletion, i need to schedule a visit with us for by midsummer in 1943, they seen the volcano massacres had reached their climax. they thought noon, they feel only hundreds of polish villages were leveled her thought with okay, still willow, the counts mary, but from 42100000 civilians, she women and children and the elderly, one brutally killed them. but after them yet it's known that up to a certain point it holds and ukrainians,
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lived side by side quite peacefully with spears. nobody's little girl graham, that it was quite normal for them to work and celebrate together in winter marriage was also commonplace with miss neil hilder them soon as i can shoot that as soon as of our he says, but you also need, if you can huge if i'm in the 585 guys available for the body build, come nibble that you did it with your blood work through z granules for you really more just like the ball on our mile up with almost a dd of a lot. i think. so when you choose to, when you, when you noticed anybody, i think of the fresh unit that was in thomson your floats. i was like they were at madison. yeah, friends are blow. does that answer? tar. finance another we're she ok is i miss you rally rolling or is i leave it on us on my list. you so on of owing you. bye. yeah. give grades in yet so sky g here, me and you could, i am with the guy neatly packed earlier. you got your formula,
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what some of our senior you put us cousin, but ideally look, i'm over. you mean, you could keep conflict of yours debates, even on my list amenable nibble, like a conflict of copper imaginable, because if it's 0, it's gotten us on. i do. if i do a google wanted to circle conference, i will show up in the hundreds of places in mountain western ukraine, shanda, common and bloody history story. cassie leon and lip, nikki. for example. where on march the 26th. 1943. by 179 poles were murdered, mainly women was an elderly people, more than 50 children under 14 at school. every year, the polish and ukrainian delegations come here to honor the memory of those innocent victims with many who lived in ordinary valinda and witness those tragic events managed to survive to this day in general. little love gush epsky la collins 1st astronaut is one of them that you're going to put in 1943. that future space conqueror was just
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a helpless baby to miraculously survived. kill them. loss is here then the shelf hold of nick lane. little doctors, i wish my asked which one of nice these each bottles of the student belong of. no, great. nancy been rational, uniform. you. if there were some you bullet bolt, are a border, political part as cousin. what did you need to see me? yes, ma'am. there are they for blanche shoes category of always gonna voucher, spoke about a few of them, both of us. each of them are russia seem here that i give you on the whole week and i will about show smith our bus. i am the mom of us are show us can you was, i mean i knew we have been watcher or is that that i get the overshoot as a good hour. and we just think of you don't take a lot of issues to monitor that just to go sugar up village me. but it does good news for god knew in the state level in your issues of research on the recording. so no, just not sitting down to one another. sure. marford this song threats you are actually stated that i get your ski dea, mushy. seem you subway chair mostly of media the star yet. and i will also,
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i see the grains my did by digital simi, karlesha machine, jablonsky. yes, no mom of sick daughter this year, but i'm spending all my movie, ross tech will. psycho rather show you. they could use walkers at them jewish by long them more loyal company. could you be some people will be struck by you. steve did not go spoke i have, i'll go but hillstone was the of all new himself. you've been on the shore block or when he's deal it grains. i'm not sure, but i don't know because you're a new dealership up last year and i even, i still not you on board. you see a lot of to come with genius that has happened with all the other the other trip, what you reach amber donuts. bush and that the impass tube. thus though she hadn't been out of parish danella video within half yet, anne's mention everything in the pot said that she came monday. august. hygiene is machine. some video card, national, deescalate confidential mendera. it's get the bull emerson, the bun wash, he seemed our phones deal,
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my laugh key attack last pound fact you will actually nothing to she didn't on pecosy the a losing that own family. the alan was deciding to come up with bonded. um, so i thought a marketing divided among your morning or something from our ticket says thank you for us. thank you. mind ramos did. i wasn't the one that other stuff . so if there's not some jog my own, i'm is a bit also. so the study should always kind of got a relational deal from amazon, of all in his thrush, and it will be social stories near a one. i mean will away glover, virginia to be i was jam mendoza. but tonight vehicles, tammy, pretty broad, eatable museum. otherwise i will go with the lawyer about a hold. sure, thank you. a duck pot as a on sir? yeah, you could just go after the, at the buckles rosemont, since you already know
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a full time, we will show that the yes you, it will show you the policy with national guard no acre this. felicia, 2nd of october, you will get you covered. um we're sorry we got to with simone legit, but it will stop showing you one i'm already sure so not sure. who when you some sheets across mammograms, did you show up with sleep? nasty school boys, pdf can get you was all nice, kind of what get closer cool. show on your own little search to the g when you will . a similar that done that. she was a home near a bottom broad, which is gonna open up is a little bit of tea in hotels more than july. if i'm a piece i, we don't see under sales that my sister outdoors are more yankton, yoko approach humor shows that i don't see this favor. they were giving you
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a just don't eat your own. you know, dealing with almost a lot of accounts are still unusual. video with is not the design. i was the mad matthew gave it a good idea. but why did we decide to keep up with him? more to reading each is nanny. come on, you know, tuition of letters. i was your call to get the villages, dominique. i'm a spill. zillow, was he okay. he come down of a visual, it is dormitory bandito. when i go to bring it to washington, i was dying. my lawyer, attention was the bill comes up until you buy might, could actually, it was kind of lenient on up when you are looking at the grades iep. not sure. what will be a black limo? hutto kerry. i mean, like he was, did he to speak a little video on that? she wanted to do it to please iep acknowledge the style. that's how you're going to
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be a 15 minute. you can do it while you're deal of the afternoon, but you will not see this. do you need to pause you? he's not. you see mute with some of you know, a thing that she still with him to him because will think there's nothing they do share with you. i'm not sure they will be for a few minutes of just to go to pick up a screen with barbara marginalize i see on you digital know now photos give you'll skip need to load will be done. most of the site in a boom and you still don't possibly senior for them. so what i need to buy, like i d, okay. tool a suit in the costume with question, a step to change. do call in there. could i use novels you choose to cranks machine,
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you could put a yeah, i knew a little get an idea. i mean, one of the most popular theories is that innocent blood was spilled as a result of a so called popular uprising that women, ukrainian farmers in those areas turned against their polish neighbors who lived in the same area at the bellagio beach. a couple. so based on a boat that was put in my water shall send the shimmering gift of an issue because you may cross that come one of those of i to not susan my mom or someone, a bleach a company suddenly or
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brain. so from a new new quarter and is on the product here in union city, because switches from greens, i'm just them will up some of them. but the way you could give them up, some excuse, can you care. but if you choose to put that way on with, you will also see up the one on some on my schedule, but got up on me for my shoes from missouri. um, but he is a little been using a push through ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is very dramatic. that development only really i'm getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk
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with only one main thing is important. not to some internationally speaking to that is that nations, because that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind, the nation. so all the slaves, americans, brock obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. and international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so some of it on your own, i not leashed off, did zebulon and tablet block? nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us, hey jim, it is. so this is in the law. the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses in its international war planning is one of
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the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato, what is bad shareholders in united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion with out hold on. we just love to come yet each policy team on the front on you speak to joseph should all be
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on the school. you know? sure. how would you come up with the whole idea because of the way you do when they send me monday on monday morning to some of them show up until one pretty much from people in the near me pretty young. not all of them screw up the book pocket. it's because it's not not you know, the speech to christianity. explain it is only the nation. the little thing about motional shifts but not much. splitting it over. my opinions are terrible enough from the previous


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