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you know sure how you can always be a cause of a customer. a yearly got we are going to do when they send me a call on monday morning to some of them that show up until august. it was pretty much from the people in the near me. it's like a pretty young not all of them screw off the bucket. it's because there's not nothing to improve christiane excluded any nation. the little thing it was martin associates with my partner, master splinter. my opinions are terrible enough for me. you know what? the not picking up and across out change to the school just
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to my feeling. you know, you know, when you feel it's going to just seems to be different. don't you say you board you my brain more clearly me to us and i was ever in the brain scheme that old but the most i wound up with got what i've done yet to numerous, but i knew he used to come in to protect us. but anyway, just saying your name david and his phone, you mentioned which mr. simon crowe and the cook at the price. can you question my me and what i was and mr. next to use just at each gibson because there's 2 families in the new the post ex
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gardonia therapist. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time u. p. a death squads operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages. here suggest them such a miracle can deny the anxious agent look on the right thing to do. useful sort of a, somewhere my friday, the following it as a why am i a, should you to talk that easy was to go out of each of those on that you lost a deal with one assumes beauty, me to down the i mean one again, lawson somebody's look global and you get a russian id has to have that he lost his up and that will get it as a shield. so you think you'll be good. okay, listen, you please give a shit
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out of range, you know, but even of the audience that was on the, i was just with them on the when you're because of alina, a customer, a senior there. but i'm probably, i'm already come on. what i want to hear, you really sort of a to see what we still want to see now with questioning galaxy things easiest plan . yeah, i, but i'm closer to my deal with the football doesn't show you how it goes. teams are fully volatile company actually. we have them all without food. now that was the should be able to cover the shuttle. okay. okay. all righty. printer normally she she usually more. yeah. for you believe to be, you know, she is sponsor with the she village green go. grains of a must like on you know, so i had a pillow for shoes. shaneesa slow. thomas aquinas early. he faced with the
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professor's giggle. it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u n and u, p. a leaders served in the not to go and roland battalions all with the escalation division and with collaborating auxiliary police unit somewhere, also trained at nazi military and intelligence schools. oh, got the look, women thought all of them but got a document thoughts they got to read because we have talked so through just when you means to william, that ozzy of keep your mazda avira, so you pick equal trazadone own walk. the up up very is vivian, you conduct the on them and she wouldn't have to walk out they own today. you p, i apologised, claim the conflict stemmed from poland, centuries, long expansion in to ukraine. canadian lloyd edna scattered about, they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria,
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it is quite pointless in their opinion to question the ukrainian insurgent armies. methods. army ross dunlap knew him yesterday period. this is deborah pitts, a developer would own bullshit military threat on his porter. so pit you switch to swear, he exceeded what we had to resume. it's that this gets us demolished. oh no group rosky diligence, you're going to stop. so gretisca and felony, subdural hematoma is digikey, allegheny, that's a catalyst having the fingerprints of us the yet them he passed through into grain skin. some allen angus will barstow. credit to her teachers could choose to place, would work on a webcam store, convenient, crane, scala. but suddenly, as my point skeptical, we're showing as mean pm, cuz what got good news do it to me come now, i mean, we're perpetual set of them, nor sienna vista kentoria, perform in rollins kit, is near to get all swollen. chevy raspberries, scram for
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a place without this last satisfied, lose my job cuz cuz i she had in the month and you with a and when you actually do not pay so by natasha when you buy it, they don't even show. she has a budget with your judgment about briefly more money that you have to look at it at the studio because we're going to push, get with the $1000000.00 mit away from where you come. when you mean you could was to get crystal been able to play with and so it down that just don't get it. that's also so the get the ball the will much though bruce loosely will is, could, is near or give the deceptive. be sure to do, but i haven't done them with will to ok, so it was made here are you with this issue?
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with the un documents left behind by insurgents contain compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to fudge of anemia. and late again, the seo of outlanders, the hardway, by killing tens of thousands of coal wiscoe a custodianship him with a check for new freedom with a series of german defeats such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made the o u. n. b lead as less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine. if that would happen, local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. ice fight against the soviet steven honda. these were the
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underlying considerations for local o u. n. b leaders in valencia and felicia with claim service in charge. when they decided to de polonaise, those regions, hilton criminal, came with some work. a tory prostitution is yes, there's time you, you will, you will put pretty yes. history did mr. dumpster wonderful? come on. the right, absolutely new. even if mira could be really difficult on the deceptive pieces for you, the subdivision with your sister stayed by meeting 16000000 mother. no. such like would have push character chest, you know, to less persona seriousness. jerry, that's even at the qc logically. if josh, good. not to do am daryl gene is just, i will put you on a samuel euros gillian leaf. well, i'm with your bundle. she political, she's matters which you will, you will be chilly unless you like us to little mice pool. or i said it was grossly plenty of romker newly hero christiane. settled on our terms on the list that you all will get a deal with. i saw
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a nominee yankee thermal guilt helped to put stuff over providing safety my in their official document such as premium guidelines on o. u and combat and activity and war of i in the band to write refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight has led to by stepan bandana bound, who they call to their supreme leader. cleansing territories of the enemy presents in times of chaos and unrest. it is acceptable for as to eradicate hostile polish musket white and jewish elements, we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia. make sure they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education, jews. coles and moscow bites must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on o. u. in combat and activity and war double out going south. seattle, g show mowgli bushman as over to allocate to the organs. that's your total is still
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a good as also to prove when we see with them as well either or judy sherry stewart, i was, i was saying you got a little more with her, a inside the naval, blah, blah blah, blah bernard, and really pa, coordinated foolish about he'll start before my dismissal one. yeah, i mean it comes up with each of you that will mirror at a miracle. the coloring is our product. premier delicious towers are fundamental or some ashi natalie, which in general, hostile fundamental mazama lasagna grain. so background meeting and install the wash as a picture on to go. yes, but of the w a bridge unit of a unit. also, i wonder if i just put in my t. today's id. not that i sent an email, it'll guide you online as a financial the committee kinaski kind of these key yackel pazzano,
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her phone tablets have been that are strong blue kind of hot despite what contemporary supporters of g o u n u p. i often like to say, like many ukrainians did not approve of the band to write methods and actions, and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population, usually risking their own and their families live school that's confirmed by multiple witness accounts, riddle or breed to national historical uses, but today is the sedition hold on the national course. 50 story. got your seized. you must hoard himself somewhere to know well, i mean when you see me just to precision grains of him who jesus, i'm a enough. so my last year saw you grow? yes. well, you know, to the works for you. i've shown scott turow cuz i washer club with eagle, them as up until little not on my like why me once
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a month when you pull this part of a deal with on up because we cheeks kidding me. gosh ukraine to report. he does what's up with, she is a hostile ally strapped to a group off. as long as i let me be to prove that i was on the progress of those to pull my, the boys come associated with and the united states definitely as the ability to get ukraine toward the negotiating table. for some reason they are not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because they feel that rushes capacities are not geared
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we confusion with industry to restock. and just look up from when literally a muscle is around noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on at nash dominion, press seal mama go through 6th grade to somebody to look at that. i possession of a dc one. it was a duplicate piece. it goes down to come here for the one to look please. of course jason admitted you but not, but the thing, but a change in mental pro furnished or something like that. we are at that point. did that with that? had that
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ah she's by she had me call me. she has to go. you're going to go to my mom, my mom of the bubbles a sama saved. we shall see. my eldest alanis, daniel da da with some confusion with auto in fiji. why luca? actually, you know, she wanted to create a new case with the,
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for lack of data. grady rules new maria mama, not my mom on the phone. you will as i soon i eat a solution. it's a switch out of cranes keep he sort of because your face for cranes keep, frankly out of me and got him bullet pretty guys will be right back off, chris, macintosh to willis. i see the orders that he's got so easy. so she, you also guardianship of already you on you why she would have to have possibly my mit but is the most underrated rules were yeah, any possible things being charged to a previous young thomas was i'm with peters, my god, i'm rival or he got a group on mclaughlin at the p. a minute on that. are my little not about looking for my girl. i try to get you to skip a super bowl. i will a previous meal. i still owe you a combo bottle through,
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cut it out. so you should take to report my galle polanko valencia except with a polish film director. you will not say bye to husky news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary. there was one so town, really happy with the film tells the tragic story of one polish family in the valley village of killeen who fell victim to the massacre. lmi, my gun, the documentary was recently broadcast. nolan's 1st tv channel needed on hand caused a massive out crying as well, but that didn't stop another polish studio from working on a similar film to get us a script writer and film director yourself. but nashik says that today's youth knows very little about the events and violin. recently,
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a small action group in poland has launched historical reconstructions, but a veil has been drawn over the truth of what happened in virginia for too long evening. however strange it may seem, a topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles, with dish on different spots. they're more bizarre, shouldn't be shown to her. she said vividly, a bit of subordinate portion. i'm here, but i'm giving you a note molla with a salmon. it'll you, depos needs it from the sky. it's a problem, the new will. it's a new smoke putting it is a loser. blue with whisky seems a problem with the new garage. it's a video mom was supposed to play with sort of them when you guys allow her to make a computers being social support. so he's done with
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aberdeen, belinda as we approached her 70th anniversary of the vital union massacre. the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party amperes. the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who saved poles from the o u. n. u p a. despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families, the idea was welcomed in poland. when you, although many in ukraine, simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill like you and have their reasons for that. or a cranes for both the party issued the political successor to the o. u. n. u p. a. hold 36 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over the ukraine, which they seem to regard those who slaughtered and burned on armed women children
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. old people and priests as heroes the forms of poker was immediately for flora, trying to pull the problem and guess who boss, fiscal see was, it was just get your money. it the boy used on his boss of beneath him with a barber in the dar this feature number you and you are calling for crystal blaine . m a probably wipers the plaintiff. and you can bring in the shopping for a walk, nor took a samsung galaxy ish there shall thompson. i'm among them. our little shoes up of nail crania should buy the roy modica for as a shallow youth. musician muscle mortal grains come on the water. but the more because that was waves again, let's see that those glen grass that are the maclaine skin for present corona so that they're going out of photos of a go provide that ability. each nose you still care, you grossly cranes can not all of them are but junior that are not all the stuff of
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privacy will make new. but genie doug approved, he would, he hasn't block of data from would it seem decently still mavita chip to state or gloria part of the small border you but it's a brochure. it's a cautious great deal. we'll give muslim taurus for me, all se delegate, well, the fastest does go law. you could as the gyla organs, as you please can mention that you'll know police late by me. keep on b to political. come will leave you login with us, nice to to water as bad of their garage is nice, it's us. yeah. me. legit is all year. yes. dishes casino will you just about when you book a leech and simple joslyn pulpit on one bill, malone will actually much excuse me, that there is a little bit of us to deal with. but your booster, whatever. when your whole grain is intra, about of 60 while a wizard that they're gonna do is let the capture. let that wire them a bit. i'm good. i mean, you go by really deciding will even it all
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a sparkling jamita, our still doesn't build a variable cycle and you know, but from you or attach a genetic procedures area that has no m, toys or shadow, was an issue, toaster it or to approach you should go garbage does not have not all non video on other machines on a shallow store still because i part of the molar. georgia had a machine with us portraits of patrol a movie enterprise, which means you can share it on our nozzle on proposal. so bookish, chartina going to nothing, give me a station. i'm going to throw dr. jordan of when you the with thrust as it does double on of are when you bill us rational. i see just rush not used to be white climate. would you expect we do a hot grade to coin it was coming out, but when one of the prize locks, if you talk of watching stage is come, continues to mutual, have each other coming up pretty supanik. in other words, on your way, we are eastern lead getaway. got a shirt ali, she's name is avoided. those in this crowd. boston, you control those. but as traffic we're level school is through scoop up or down
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her class nationally. somehow through with the cut over with little grains group with love with his but it will. i will not pause the news. interviews with kathy to zone will pop back in on the incident. there was an army in your 3 things equal grains corner or that will nothing. you know, your shadow grains. carol, she go to the not what she's the sophomore, she stick with a new model to stick to be well at of see what i didn't present at a book. i didn't put some sort of gym to preside, she would get it as you present filiette, my views to cranes came out all the products. i didn't put some private, says manual cranes of use your con, your son of worcester. yeah. instead of him c, b a to be a beautiful, so unclear boys. so use the bubble up. if you do not get results, they get sort of ccs, pre police, you gustavo ss a room. you like explained to them in august all was gosh, i'm constantly getting bullied to keep it across. the me start, look you daniel. judy monkey part of what is the genius of damage on the problem is the level of misconduct. i. mr. the teachers can also use us to crate. it pushes
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them all to will those, the price for you to move up a new grain just by meter bonding. you don't need to be some political operator to an issue with the interview roku. but i, we ship to millennium euro from, you could vote the bus. nowhere near her pastry is nika, could send me a sample at forum. we'll talk over all over is different risk. if you look at the store bought a new company for which it finished, really better. uh, because we just said reached us with the liberty center as go any thoughts to where you repeats, if a to, to euro new chew up or hold over for cheaper solution to a deeper than ridiculous pick, technical issues will power move your opinion. if the new as much ok now for the in law based she had those who need a grain of those love each of years herschel, the just use the kind of bullet grains come on our order this morning. got me when school because my corporate astonish experiment was not a sheet of gross formal studies. so i mean, she kept michael for his up atlanta,
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top situation. i picture bash models and such sumptuous washed. so when you go graham's on your bottom, you can you the video lucian, you the video, you know, and he's a slight increase that improves from russia toilet. yet mac reaction. stop this for algebra beach. so we're still shuttles in each so called because when you go to the woman's club, cody poses a minute, i see please 93. as soon as the companies that you have 3 of you to get a police officer, yet that says manage on the model, the captain, eva eva, can make me such posts of saddle nibbled of, i'm not proud of. some was thrown at some point. it started to nora. she's going to was to bring you, michael, just just by midnight middle, but he at yahoo, you go quit or some proposed to study and yourself. psyche jewel protocol most is grading above the pop. last few years. you situation you to sheet always stim gaming, y'all's grain hospital, got one kilogram ski scott ocean noodles and 2 of them has come from
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just up. i mean it's, i found you guys, now there's an option of follow up with, you know, pommel cheese up, and i know that your signal, so you should hilton universal normal tooth. the started off, i read the got one b as much as you've almost lost on the far shoes, but the old rules up. i know that you are open you for you my, it's to be grades you see a to walk. i thought on the hood of stop night grain, you are quite, you know, easily, but computers, you writing the got the right one you might still to go for shows water. would it nisha nadia shamperdeen almost all over the m s. w rule for getting a little hard to gray, you know, could you know, you could see my daughter a ton of english that does it assume inch buffet is fresh to glen books the by the finance with them he is. we'll get some, we're still not an upwards come now the valise goes year, me only teacher to being out of span finance president. usually just at this the asking the knuckles in the balance because, you know, just hadn't yet
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a dish. reason 11. i see the amount of chill on gillian sco soon larry and most wagner vigil, finishing out and yeah, through the black you morning, a little hopefully me. she'll be with national label. jeff shows him much. says he is performing unusual mind you have we said he was jewish merger and very dunedin, collaborative elizabeth zealand and put your men just in the us that will we this i vision a little vision the grass through canceled years. it, there's nothing for many people do ah, ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with russian state will never be outside as i'm phoning those landscape div s. mm hm. then i can also send up for a group in the 55. we did okay, so mine is 25 and speaking with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube said, with
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me, hold me is the aggressor, today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future. when was the course renewed as you speak, i'm believe senior mostly mind the we're, we're ship, we're branding, all imports of russian oil and gas. new g. i suffering the price for. i know they said she spoke with her. she had sent us info letter from, you know, were given regarding joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia who has destroyed the american economy. so there is your boomerang
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ah, i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our professional intelligence. the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protects its own existence with
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a with mm long welcome to work for quite some 30 years after the collapse of the soviet union, russia is once again at a crossroads, trying to choose the path of the development. going west no longer seems an option, especially after the event in your brain. but going east or turning is not that you either have to rush past it's point of no return and where is it likely to go from here? well, to discuss that i'm.


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