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and the united states definitely as the ability to get ukraine toward the negotiating table. for some reason they're not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because they feel that rushes capacities are not yet weakened sufficiently. ah, with a grand scale was more don't split. i did delay any with wallet this pool with more go just she's mark machine your process because symbolic you might be a sub
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with us alone in the gym will usually do you stream up to 3 years. is you know, gardner is what melinda? britney is to put. money will, will come by your money will be more coverage for politically, give up a critical jewish portion, or possibly, if i'm just using boston for chil, any number, i typically don't worry. everyone will though i just got a political smarter story structure more. but now go, you know, for his was near cripple quite in the communion. i do still market on those near. now come to referrals or was foller hitler. but she got quarter to load year. good,
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she, after my be like a good image shows for whether to put 2 years or more. yesterday i was a proposal for a short time for a cd boulevard at costa, strangely by your society. scott, i'm scared of me. tom. ask your job. you know the new york a yes. you have a smart tv or a sure grip. boring your keys on your screen shot record of i don't have to clear because i'm trying to smarter in from last year. this next to me my me with the pin on the show is a for the year screen belong to the master which doesn't switch from where a show that the car down with
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which is login; gt; does know absolutely hold on to stay. they go each year or just going over there or skip lizzie, 4 years or a dollar for the what same bush a key you can have for me. what the for any of those still per year? what, what is it? what i should a for from can we show usually have a spot tomorrow afternoon? yes. no more than i do not much less likely were similar to jessica or or the lease, but up still put it on the dish girls from little to work. i'm go to like i'm sure
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you're like, love 1st or the lease with well a year initial career. provide me your life. last or oh, don't last york the regular shows more. do you know? i don't want to do a table is just i roll one believe, believe bob skin will eat. what? still mom? where with digital i believe still dead is disappointed in georgia. you your so we're all close if we built with you to a leash name in there. nope. they credited for my look at it actually is place where you have a to play now. right?
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so good luck call. ear or go. we the div, she'll slow. are the warriors so sure to walk home live always i clear bob or a start by dividing e toilet. are you supposed to post them or would it cost to ship? you then, of course, not what it is laid out to kill a block on it. so rails low money children with her, her other sort of money. she call our tickets early in the yawn. yaeger motion of she to the miss terez from am rosco's with source proposed order, because were so you reason, when waller, you, genius, be our cooking was ruled? how can you, the rules of mr. scale from work also is where you slow down wrong
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or she caught at sir you because of it's in. so you florida horton. you he too called girls chris john cornel from alderson. yeah. yes you did this not yet. but oh yeah, of what we just normally or yeah, that was is, could you if there's one word i had you go via install that you do to show stuff who says reason moodle to the device be unable to lunch. so my night at the other school meal shem, my break strides and niche lavish is just focused on my saying, you know, this is a shame. like, i need to go out here with michelle in. you said he was gone. yeah,
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it's part of oliver, knew it was try, i would see what, what i need but i would never go to west. you're going to probably get back with them or no. doesn't put on style and go to one you perfectly know, dorm is still in guy was showing the ceiling wheel up. i don't was an ottoman the sheila rush has gotten credit problem. a problem when you deal with why scott provides in the selenium quote required to talk to connie, because my china barbara tire, i need the zip code of the chest, the sector. uh no. do you have any weight torch cab? creepy. to cut off the man, you can provide you with a company with thought, sure which i, if not we must go space with the key change. especially card especially them are.
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percentages are coded, just make sure. cuz then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua. can you spell the dorms upgrades, pasco challenge tonia, good life, and you are quoted me obama spreadsheet with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to also like a deal. is it exactly a big dumb move? he got a cute part of those. are mcgee, oscar english natalie beach spin on. but then he said again his order came meeker couple of getting digital dollars a with resilient neighborhoods. good. and yet i was just calling to see how to reserve good people with the machine. i mean, i mean the money on it. i just noticed be right here for me more. that way to put more stuff isn't pulling them. is like with the back to go to skipping, you'll spearson if no, i'm not as much. and in the 5 you don't, i'm not feeling them as i tell you when you use that or give them gifts to bring you my body to probably of the soil is bull nose nor summer toxic on the edge of
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them is that yeah, given year we were just here, i'll be down and you pretty would now say go for a posley your of our senior got a team with them off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with bush and boys on the show. it was one day in building a rush, a loser. federalist a showed him that the machine, the quote was yeah,
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no problem. what was all of those disney own little in some way? we can. yeah, well i just pulling article visually invoice a g, a shit off. as offer book with son is a new model that doesn't lucian 1st is paul with that. yeah. i mean you can close this one actually will be in look around, scale was war 2, modems fully ready to learn you willingly when you throw those. no, don't book when you're ready to look at the number with a deal, any of the most to relate new with who who jenny was political a. will anybody? there was a distributed novel who will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which
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explores that on a machine due to the way we did. will you use junior blue sky with 1st thing is time it is for you with your credit does the proposal is through that page and i'm supposed to got a team quote store with those kids to read plenty of room for the tournament. of course, over the summer and you can throw the support of those as possible at the most of the curriculum when it's a pleasure, will always go to school. it can you, could you please you can,
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we should, would you please indicate the like it or they took a look of can will video with not, not sure, absolutely working with thank you are pressing you look for the wordly wise motion of will execute a new dealership on a soap love idea. are still pretty well. so gosh, double the guy he would assume missed. you thought i said recovery so god bless you . yeah. was it a boat that i missed so so she got with for me. sure. sure. to ask you a tour with it when you what her deal is, but uh, but that was to s thrash, avoid no losses so much that if you chance to come credit,
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let us show you on look like it is, is finding william about the christmas list of the british name alexi, cham say, i see young bishop allow me to proceed. it was musical by so give me the short of shows, placebo, butcher, is your idea of the value there. so ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very care to kill time time to sit down and talk ah, during the 2nd world war in nazi occupied, poland, virginia was
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a farming region today. it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by step on bendara. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly her if they can. brutal villages were burned and property looted. valinda america is without doubt, one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. my al ukrainian politician, the still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view, this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of aline, us to divide people? no. oh, in the back of all, sheila's christmas much o r g g. i apologize and freshly the sport zoller books were fragile scissors.
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marcia cut them was to chance from involving mr. bradley, them pretty fast for me bachelor pool chair, so therefore support valo that she's still smartly in it. honestly, the she didn't master kid would never go in the probably in the development bulk of the u. d. good civil door, which i suppress picked, manipulate cards are causal. i am well, you can go to my, bring your book the what made the buys a new record. sure. for google review. mark nutritional group 0, securities. all that all good. no. got me. yeah. pretty clearly, yes, it is all that all good tom with me and for a little punk the but there are more school people with basel for diet. we're human or will it mark off to leon smartly? well, because i'll switch to video, come hollywood, florida, about homes lashona to boston. police force for contact on. no
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malisha by show college will not see school with the circus molecule a by got this one, got to last my shavers, hobble show, former or slid the as a student with no good way. complete of school, a button will prevail show much lee short of home come to the chairs and you get them or nor each room. jimmy was told me about one of the pos leading couple of good movie. tamara shooters with william with some really results from got on the list and you professional calls daily to drop ashley, which has no other facility will require a stall noise. partially walker dash, a very big basel, or the boiler. missy barrel is quite. she's asking me at the don't post the pair
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i'm with his teeth, but years of lie needful. and i'm wish national engineers discovers profession blooming. you go when you apply for a strategic a new monitor, sharing your story from a medium size, a printable genius initially with disabilities to grab a, a with a, with a garage at the point a mr. carlos, i'm due to the nibble ah,
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2000 a petition. just she's mar, machine, your precious question. really care for floor the door. keep silly renewal for i'm with the machine or she had to look for them with the wash human auger. media told us, besides, even on the, at the plan will look at the little key when you really did know grindsley hawk
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chicky or find me with it, but i was to talk a solution to me. show me your. i asked you tom proposal. mister, cuz i'm with the corridor with multiple people with shoulder. he has to move this up. she is again, not supposed to put me on, which is office. i believe i can put it as a place uniform. what she marquita with me. i see you there in a little below spits a, you just go from the states a settlement coming up with us. the group, honestly with
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the board goal is because i don't know this to give you more details. unfortunate. absolute full source diplomacy chosen by you for roach and the lawyer jones quarter and a replica needed one. which one that the more that to you or one does player with more money? probably he's your machine open. isn't the need for a public at that it is private level of which mr go that was legit. storms only totally get away the like i teach the way. yeah. well i think you will see beauty why not?
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i see waiver when she didn't know what you, what you see the d test talk about on read it is by so those will be by use so, okay, so let's look at the additional r e, all small part of the c political nautica flores, of course with, [000:00:00;00] with the little boy i'm almost up to one of those. are you? yes store. you bought
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a motion. she's going to say it's like a lot. then you might be an issue with one year to publish. the computer will be listening correctly. if it was a study, i most would be something on the mercy to upgrade them on the lease you used to live with simply in year a started or a family you thought which is new york one shouldn't be a to protein. exactly. but when they leave a bit of got water groups, you mark them with a mislead chester the phone deal with my fishing neighbor. but if you that said you before, was that she was on the computer or just for a question,
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i don't mute very much of the mountain. yes. years the fact that my name is sandy, i live in with santa conyers. number simm with amended ship. when you managed to reasonable was immediate family protect about the bush with on the front of gun years. we've worked for why the, why you've been you much for one more of the possibly a hard there bye. did the bus cool score. this is shana with the bomb up will be there for the day. well that's good up. she will be water moment us go well to be it should i'm pretty do. yes. boy cheapo. pop you down with or child morgan the will
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did with yes. live with him. when you marshal, cuz big i was go. yes. yes. the do. what? that'll upholstery will with a genial, really think we missed a lot with any of us of ship when you march to the what useless for given your cbs . remember the more with questionable reason. last. no cars. the, the, we're still not getting you mean? yeah. you guys the do much the believe the derivative, god of them from here. look of this are all did you, when you might, was going to come up with to that mode because the put it as well. do you suddenly around the run a little worse, but i'm late from work metric. prescribe live. yeah. it's a little by, it was like really a lot of them they should give you the special a thought but. okay, sure. which for a little advice more must
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pop the college football game with tony lucca all the time. cuz we're still in westport. but he lou boy, facts people to push it to the family learn. this is her asking more than a $100.00, that the who should you see a factor which those are the plus the loop with? is that sure i'm gonna lose a horribly coin ocean. we're giving this process started with them to look over the euro. bushera roughly the could you look like you couldn't they used to speak with
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a level much of the level without throw in a dentist leaking about us. i am me and i was in with a fellow in years who generally understood society. yep. cl, like you just give because you do you think you'll have a choice of the moment or anything i've been if you spice more according that there was the last 2, b, u e at the board or a g. them buffer. i'm like, i can go over them. they of a different thing if you're on the phone. so she kind of mas. yep. for sure. sure. especially with
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me. oh, for a profile with with who are
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oh i and the united states definitely as the ability to get ukraine to the negotiating table. for some reason, they're not exercising that i can only imagine that that is because they feel that russia capacities are not yet weakened sufficiently ah, with a, with a pool
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ah, with ah, so right now we're moving deeper into the hands of so we're moving towards one of the tunnel. so what is actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it are correspondence exclusively report from inside the as of steel plants getting access to the former high doubts of ukrainian troops after the last group of them surrendered. on friday, ending 3 months, each quarter of the world is said to be on the verge of farm in the war, in ukraine, on western sanctions against russia disrupt global supply chains. we discuss the issue with a panel of guests. it's the united states actually refusing to take into account


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