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ah ah, so right now we're moving deeper into the hands of so we're moving towards one of the tunnel. so what is actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it, or correspondence exclusively report from inside the, as of the plans getting access to the former high doubts of ukrainian troops after the last group of them surrendered on friday, ending a 3 months each quarter of the world is said to be on the verge of farm in the war, in ukraine, on western sanctions against russia disrupt global supply chains. we discuss the issue with a panel of guests. it's the united states actually refusing to take into account russia, security concerns that has led to the present situation,
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pinpointing russia again because they're looking for a scapegoat they want. this was a shortage of russian fertilizers in mexico. takes its toll on local farm, as you call out to the growing disaster, losing more and more call, it would basically mean death. what would happen to the people in the whole country without agriculture? with this is gone for i am here in the russian capital. this monday morning. my name is peter scott, and welcome to 30 minutes of news here on the international last of the ukrainian forces hold up in the hours of style steel plants surrendered on friday. the site had been on the scene for almost 3 months. now the crew has been the 1st 2 weeks for the plants and see what was left by those ukranian troops. russian underneath forces. how starts at the mining operations are the as of style fight tree exclusive footage shows the explosives left around the facility. the d mining of
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the pruitt, so it will take about 2 weeks. you go to john of census this exclusive report from inside the still works where he accessed the very heart of ukrainian or just hide out. so right now we're moving deeper into the a found my is left by the ukranian forces. in fact, what we're doing, we're moving towards one of the tunnels, one of the entrances into a channel that they used to well move around to move around supplies and well to move around safely because this whole area was shelled very heavily this. so as we move it, you can see you can just check out this year. we can fit more than just one person . whole truck could potentially well fit in here. so they weren't squeeze this stuff like a foxhole or anything. this is major. so what is
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actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it. we've been walking for well for at least 10, maybe 15 minutes. and i was asking those who were with us special forces of the dentist people's republicans to use that and they're like, oh god, no miles there's kilometers of you know, this tunnel going and sprouting across it all direction. just look up this look about this was one of the ways that we use. well, this is obviously used for ventilation, but again, you can kind of key into what's above the ground into one of the warehouses of the as of self. see works is as we keep walking, as we walking ahead. so making you so becoming any better frankly. i mean, this isn't actually impressive. it's an absolutely amazing you can really
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easily get full of it. if you didn't bring a map over, this is the part of a tunnel that the as a feel fighters, the neo nazis and ukrainian regular soldiers used to relax at what translates as relax, how they spell relax. you can see quite well vividly over here. i'm not going to comment as to what it is because, well, if you know, you know, and if you don't, then probably you shouldn't. but yeah, this is the room where they used to. well, there's a lot of practices latency. there's even a couple of it doesn't look fancy displacement, certainly try to force muhammad ahmed place that go in the vest, doesn't leave anything to imagination this place and it provides all the answers as to how the result is. open. talent was fighting and what it was consuming to keep up the marolla. early of my colleague nikki,
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are and discuss the latest developments in the war with journalist and also thomas roper who's recently been in the dorm bus. as usual, we have 2 different exertions as the events russia is referring to ukrainian soldiers leaving as of sol as a surrender. while western media are referring to it as an evacuation. why do we have the, the 2 narratives here? this is the old game of war, propaganda. look at the facts and if you can, if occasion would mean that you create insight sends buses, they're jumping to the buses and go on ukrainian control territory. this will be never changed, right? we have nothing. we have who is surrender, and they're jumping into buses and going in prison and internet's so there is no, no discussion about the question, whether it's a surrender. the problem is that the west, once to look the things successful for you, when i can say i was in the headquarters of as of right now several days ago in merkel. and i have seen all the attributes that i'm list if this is not near nazi, i don't know what they were hitler icons they were. but the books mind comes there
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were so many things which absolutely clear what they are the west. well, i think they will just tell it because some denied would complicate. oh, well you with that, did you meet anybody here and told you they had been held by the as a battalion? and what did they tell you if i was in rural and i had time to talk to the people only already a month ago. so in the just came out of the streets again. and i asked all the people to get an impression. and there are some things that can summarize. so the 1st thing is when i ask them of the behavior of soldiers, nobody complains about russian soldiers. i was, well, if somebody should say something, but no complaints confronted with russian soldiers, but many complaints of ukrainian soldiers. this was the general picture i got and, and yes, people told me and i have this on video. they told me that they will help as of in the, in the house is right in the, in the, in the sellers why of the, as
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a for sitting upstairs and fighting. so they were you really human shields for the as of and they told me themselves and they were wondering how to leave the sellers who tried shot. and i talked to a man who just just escaped and that, and that is conditions. so these are things that are happening there and, and the people tell you x u. s. and basses to ration michael mcfall. he's acknowledged that u. s. diplomats were lying to you trading of a possible nato membership. do you think that was the goal of that life? i think they were lying because when i, i remember when the wish russian operations started, when you remember the declaration from keith, they were really expecting that nate was coming in with forces and they were about 2 weeks. they'll screaming every day, but they're waiting for now. to force so i'm quite sure that they promised keith that they would be support like it was in georgia and to funds. and the not didn't want to go that they just did not want it to a proxy war. which could we can russia, which could be used for sanctions and so on. and ukraine is just the victim. and so
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i agree, i'm sure that they promised key after told that they will come and they will help achieve will enter the matter. but you see it doesn't happen, they're just use and as well. that's the thing. i don't understand what the people in key if they're responsible, don't understand that they are just used abuse even. and this is the thing. what's happening. ah, the serbian president has warned that the impacts of the war in ukraine could leave a quarter of the world on the verge of summon. if something does not change in the conflict in eastern europe, almost a quarter of the world will be in need of basic quantities of food, which will create new problems. earlier, the un secretary general, antonio terrorism, singled out russia accusing it of amplifying the facts is called the global hunger . and the un isn't alone in blaming the war for soaring prices. the bank of england, which is currently battling with the highest inflation rate in the u. k. for 3 decades warned apocalyptic food prices could have a disastrous impact on the world's poll. over in the u. s. consumer prices have
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risen to a new 40 year high. we president biden blaming the russian offensive for this. now russia and ukraine have long been significant supplies of grain, the global market combined, the 2 countries supply the world with almost a 3rd of all traded wheat and barley and more than 75 percent of sunflower oil. we prices have jumped more than 50 percent off to begin with the regents major trade route, the black sea blocks. meanwhile, russia has blame sanctions falsified shane disruption. i think it's ready to fulfill its trading obligations if it's global partners americans and europeans, after all, will not remain without food, even its exorbitant prices. moreover, it is ordinary europeans who will pay these prices and not those in power. our country is ready to comply with its obligations in full, but we also expect assistance from trading partners, including those on international platforms. it is
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a logical they imposed sanctions against us and yet they demand food supplies. that is not happening. we are not idiots. malaria, my colleague, nikki, are and discussed the skyrocketing prices on the west, singling out of russia for this, with a panel of guests, the un chief antennae, a terrorist, as we heard and said that rushes actions in ukraine have worse and global food shortages. do you think it's fair to single out russia for the food crisis? absolutely not. any. somebody used to be singled out if you, if you agree, if you do so far as the war has caused any destruction and it's certainly test. the fact of the matter is, it's the united states acute refusal to take into account russia, security concerns that has led to the present situation. so in, in i have argued many times that in fact, the current war should not be seen as a war being waged by russia against you grange, but far too much longer wall of the united states against russia,
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which currently takes the form of a war over ukraine officials from kiev and europe, and accused russia of trying to destroy ukraine's agriculture sector in an effort to limit his export earnings and, but the hurt is war ravaged economy. and if i'm realistically a tactic that russia might employ anything, no, slightly hypocritical, there's european countries on the u. s. a still supplying weapons to ukraine and prolonging this conflicts in then further destroying the economy from a military perspective. that is, it's false because we know that the russian army and it has been taken care attention not damaged. a lot of the fields were all that, that the wheat is being the road today, and that is a good particular attention. so that's not true for military perspective. there pinpointing russia again because they're looking for a scapegoat, because because of their own mismanagement, to try to kill the baker and other ask could read this, they had to think about this before and by applying sanctions. definitely ukraine
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is do exporting some of it. so some of it we've seen truckloads of we're going out of the ukraine from the, from the west. of course the situation is complicated. of course, it's difficult to apply sanctions on a country and then acute that country, according this week. this is if the west wanted to have started about this before, we would not be in this situation rather than giving $40000000000.00 us dollars. joe, biting, giving 40 of us $1000000000.00. ukraine with arms, and then think the at the same time, but we may be facing with the biggest i, with the fruit 4 digits of outside of our active, modern time. it's totally crazy, hypocritical, know, $40000000000.00 will vote or american defense industrial. it will lock you in for 5 years. so it is, they are feeding their order and just be on the site, their reading, their own water and us be on the other side for the word, they're giving $1000000000.00 vote for subsidy. now this is really funny to look at
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it so, so here i think we have to understand the reality that there are many people in this work. those will feel that she knew what is proper for them. but the main thing they care about is the profit and the privilege of a tiny capitalist. european political policy has been centralized. it is not logical people who are deciding what which french char farmers should be selling to the west to the east are disconnected with what is happening. and really in the, in the farthest out there, a technocrat, they're very far from the real life of the farming. they want this war to continue . it is important for the european leaders because they will be the facing heat of all this conflict shorts it together. and find out a solution because as a lawyer i can see their end of their day. every solution only comes back to their table of negotiation, not in water field or not in conflict. so when we know, sooner or later, we have to be on the discussion day. but why not?
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we start now why we're dealing with the far reaching effects of western sanctions on russia has now made to latin america with russia. one of the world's largest fertilizer exports is accounting for more than 12 percent of the global market. sanctions on exports operating the whole region on the verge of an agricultural crisis. ortiz alix pinion reports and mexico cylinder puzzles. in the last year, i planted 3 hector's but this year only one year, due to rising prices for raw materials, and especially due to the shortage of russian fertilizers caused by the impose sanctions. sergio garcia has had to play less corn and tomatoes this year. over the past decade, mexico's agricultural sector has become more dependent on russian fertilizers, particularly uria. according to preliminary estimates, mexico needs about 6000000 tons of fertilizer this year. without us going to jonathan, not getting these problems are not related to a long standing friendly partnership, but are explained by the difficulties in transporting goods on a global level,
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which arose primarily because of the situation with russia and ukraine. therefore, it's currently difficult to import fertilizers into mexico st. but i think that the growing crops with our fertilizer could be a real disaster from mexico and if the moment villas at the moment farmers are considering different options to get out of the situation. for example, it has been proposed to use other types of fertilizers or apply smaller amounts to reduce costs. sir ju garcia's buying less fertilizer, where he previously used 5 bags of fertilizer. now he only uses 3. length is unit number month. i will try to grow crops. i can only hope that i will not lose the money i have invested. but i do not think that is possible. i think production volumes will decrease. elicited my sinister meter is also a shortage of fertilizers and warehouses in it. in general, 20 per cent of farmers costco to fertilizers. but amid the shortage that figure has risen 50 percent according to forecast by the end of the spring summer cycle, farmers may lose part of their crops, in some cases up to 50 percent. lily bottom,
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ayana with the price may change from day to day, particularly thought any issues with the weather. as the saying goes, don't count your chickens before they hatch. the mexican government has said it plans to triple fertilizer production to support the agricultural sector. so far, 740000 farmers and 9 mexican states have taken advantage of free fertilizers to feed their corn beans, wheat, and rice crops. the problem is there is not enough support for every one jeopardizing employment for hundreds of thousands of families and driving of food prices. a major crisis is brewing. so yet under control, it would basically mean death. what would happen to the people in the whole country without agriculture? the trade turnover between mexico and russia may seem insignificant in relation to other countries. but as we see, it is of strategic importance. to sure this situation will really harm our economic relations and trade turnover, which has been on the rise. of course,
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it must be taken into account that due to the conflict in ukraine and the sanctions imposed against russia, this growth will stop and the trade turnover will decrease economic sanctions against russia, imposed over the conflict in ukraine or having macroeconomic consequences. a mexican farmers are already feeling their impact within just a few weeks time. one of them alex pinion, 40 mexico city. molly's foreign minister has met with his russian counts about said gala rove in moscow. and during that sort of russia's top, diplomats accused friends of having a quote colonial mentality. it's was the african country, the rove, was responding to french opposition to russia, helping molly with his security capabilities in the fight against terror groups in the country. molly requested military help of the un general assembly after paris decided to pull its forces out of the country. earlier this year, manuel micron announced the end of operation barking there. and we spoke to the
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molly and foreign minister after his talks in moscow. ah, was over in no excellence or less on it. we have a wonderful partnership with russia, a long term cooperation, which is only become stronger over the years. we have close cooperation in the fields of security and information. and we expect that the partnership will be the same in political cooperation. and we also want to create some economic vases with russia. molly, as a country under sanctions, opposes the sanctions and embargoes imposed on russia. such a policy is not a solution. it is no secret that more people die from food shortages than from terrorism or insecurity. the shortage of food that is being observed in the market can lead to an increase in poverty as well as tensions in our society. and this is undesirable. and i think that the international community should demonstrate common sense and applying these measures in such a way that the most vulnerable and poor groups of the population do not pay the
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price it a little. ah, with a for sale process. good, that is, sam bit is france that will sum up the results of operation bach hain. but i can say that 9 years after the operation which had a goal of liberating molly from terrors groups and ensuring security, the overall results did not meet molly ins. expectations because we only fought against terrorism in the north of the country. now we have an unsafe situation in many other settlements across molly to day we think it is necessary to talk specifically about the problems of molly. firstly, our armed forces should be more autonomous. and secondly, we need to establish cooperation with neighboring countries in the region while remaining open to cooperation with our partners. you force it over to africa now where oil producers have hit south at western countries,
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accusing them of double standards when it comes to the transition to green energy coming. they've abandoned their plans and demanding africa now supplies more oil. a lot of things have be happening in the world today to make us believe that they are not serious about energy transition. because when the national interest security, the energy security threatens, they forget any transition. and they come asking for more oil and gas and even coal africa recorded 330000000 tons of oil reserves in 2020. but the region generated only about $7000000.00 barrels per day, which is the lowest production level since 2000. the move towards the green energy forced african producer to cut outputs, but that's having an impact in poor countries like mozambique, where coal is the main export commodity, political and economic analysis for africa. loans, freeman thinks the green policy has been used to slow down the development of africa. you have to understand who answered by the west to tell africa not to develop the hydrocarbons in oil and gas and cold air isn't it?
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can. is a floor with attempting to do is to prevent african countries from using a natural resources to industrialized nations. they are really using the so called energy global warming crisis as a means to keep african nations backward under developed without energy for industrialization. the african countries will not make progress, and therefore the west has been for doing it totally hypocritical. now they're looking for oil gas and call from africa, but they refused to let the african nations use to resources for the wrong development. the lack of energy in africa is killing the population, is preventing industrialization to very much narrow, preventing manufacturing from development. and therefore, african should not be used in this geopolitical warfare by the west. the energy and
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after they should be used primarily to the i n g for their own account. there is no real development of how thick and the countries in africa because of the scarcity of energy. phil and is pushing ahead with this bid to join nato, but it seems that not everyone in the country supports the move. the chairman of the association of independent journalist ju, her conan, a, burned the nato flag right in a sense of helsinki and he claims that many people in finland are against the alliance. although alias are portable is all the swarming nights, i will not increase phelan security. there are many people in finland who are against nato, especially because the block is increasing tensions with russia. we have a shirt long border of 1300 kilometers on the fence of learn to live in harmony with russia here to years and do not want any tension. we don't know exactly how many friends are against joining nato now,
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but before there was 60 or even 70 percent of the population, therefore, the fins have taken a civil initiative on a referendum in record time, and this initiative is receive the necessary $50000.00 votes. however, the parliament has still refused to take this into account, which is unprecedented. this referendum of the finished people was ignored for political reasons. the finished politicians just wanted everything to be passed very quickly. villainous sweden's beds for nato membership have been almost universally welcomed by existing nato states. only turkey has expressed opposition them in the country is harboring terrorists groups to her colon again, claims people aren't allowed to say anything negative about the alliance they was on or they dallas are we live in finland at an unprecedented time debates and from london in the media and now completely under the control of nato. the finish media is completely one sided about nato, but in fact, the more serious problem in finland, his social networks were if you say something against nato,
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you will immediately be called an agent of a foreign government. that is, in this case, a russian agent about what people are intimidated at work even found and yell that in social networks are not allowed to speak out against nato, or simply express their own opinions. my generation has never witnessed something like this. when people are being completely gagged and this is just sad, in my opinion, this is absolutely killing the conversation on social networks, but by burning the nato flag, i wanted to show that finland still dares to express its own opinion, even if they are trying to silence had in every possible way than finally it could take ukraine 15 to 20 years to join the ethos according to the french government minister. meanwhile, president micron has said quotes, the european union cannot be the only way to structure the european continent in the short term. germany's chance there also express uncertainty about keith swift, a session to the block the they not until mid to ukraine has applied to become
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a member of the european union. and the commission is expected to give its assessment of the application before the european council at the end of june. at the same time, we all know emanuel and the crown is right when he points out, that the assessment process is not a matter of few months or even a few years may medicine. but even if we grant ukraine candidate status tomorrow than the instruction is done, and i hope that we will quickly move to european union membership. however, we all know perfectly well that the process allowing them to join would take several years in truth, probably several decades. meanwhile, must go now claims the kia should maintain a neutral status, both when it comes to nato and the european union. that's according to russia's deputy envoy to the u. n. and earlier we discussed the issue with political commentator john brickman. you see there are other calculus as you dating the idea of a fast track. but then of course, is all these other candidates, like being and all that macedonia, and all these other countries and about going to want to join. and i've been
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waiting for years and some countries like cliche thing has been waiting 22 years to join the hoping union before they are going to say, well, we need to dig so much for us. i mean, you see, mitchell, these guarantees joining do you when they'll speak to or see the american or that the joining you, you mean to getting money from the you and also getting possibility for their workers to immigrate to the you have obviously doesn't what you can do into the european union because the different economy is different wages and everything and they would be use reaction from the population. i see nobody video kind journal you anytime soon. that's how the world is looking at 4, 26 am moscow tie? my name's peter scott, and i'll be back again with more of the top of the hour. thank you for watching. ah
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ah, ah ah. ah. during the 2nd world war in nazi occupied, poland valinda was a farming region. today. it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by step on bendara. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. the valinda masika is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. why are ukrainian politicians are still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past? and why does the memory of belinda still divide people
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ah the the in the me a welcome towards the part, some 30 years after the collapse of the soviet union. russia is once again at a cultural, trying to choose the path of development. going west no longer seems an option, especially after the event in your brain. but going east or turning is not that
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either it has russia past that point of no return. and where is it likely to go from here? i'm now joined by an undone christian distinguished fellow at the observer research foundation in new delhi is great to talk to you, sir. thank you for inviting. in one of your interviews, you said that you feel like an indian cultural, polite with russia being your 2nd motherland. you spend a lot of time here as a child and as, as an adult, as a professional working here. how do you feel about the current state, about the current circumstances of the, of the country that you once openly hold your 2nd motherland? well, we have to keep in mind that my 1st motherland is india. and i look at the world through indian eyes. and what is happening today in eurasia, particularly between russia and ukraine, puts india in
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a very difficult situation. it increases the pressure that india is facing from multiple direction and narrows the space that india has to take decisions. so from that perspective, of course, india is not very happy. however, india at the same time recognizes that it is not a binary question of your either with us or with them. and therefore, india needs to exercise choices which reflect its national interest. now in here has had its own fair share of neighborly disputes. let's put a diplomatic terms that when it comes to the russians and ukrainians again, i want to rely on your personal expertise or personal experience of the region. do you think that you did in.


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