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ah ah, so right now we're moving the back into the hands of stuff. we're moving towards one of the tunnels. so what is actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of our correspondent reports exclusively from inside the as office steel plant getting access to the former hide of ukrainian troops after the love group of them surrendered, ending at 3 months, which jo by the states, the u. s. is ready to intervene militarily. if china takes military action against taiwan. also head on the program, turkeys president won't say again. expresses his opposition to finland and sweetens accession to nato,
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accusing the countries of supporting terrorism. now says the bid also faces some internal opposition. we speak to a finish journalist, who burton the military alliance is flag in the center of health with devices and then in the media now completely under the control of the finished media is completely one sided about night. but in fact, the most serious problem in finland, his social, a group of pro russian hackers declare more on government, they c. as on friendly to moscow, we have a one on one with kill net about their goal. we want to open people's eyes to what's happening. the u. s. has placed a huge battle ukraine and he's afraid to lose that drug in more and more countries into this conflict with just after dixon evening. here in moscow this monday may the 23rd. i'm una,
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leila. you're welcome to the global news roundup on our russian undone. yet forces have started d mining operations off the as old style plant. the site in mario upa had been under seed for almost 3 months. of the last stronghold of the ultra nationalist, i was off battalion until the last of the trip surrendered on friday. our own footage here shows explosives left all around the facility. the demining of the printer will take around 2 weeks. ortiz e course on following the surrender and sent off was among the 1st to enter the plug. this exclusive report from a found mine is left by the ukranian forces. in fact, what we're doing, we're moving towards one of the tunnels, one of the entrances into a channel that they used to well move around to move around supplies and well to
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move around safely because this whole area was shelled very heavily this the tunnel . so as we move it or you can see, you can just check out this, we can pick more than just one person. whole truck could potentially well fit in here. so they weren't squeeze stuff like a foxhole or anything. this is major. so what is actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it. we've been walking for well for at least 10, maybe 15 minutes. and i was asking those who were with us the special forces of the dentist people's republic. i see that and they're like, oh, got no miles this kilometers of you know, this tunnel going and sprouting across it all directions. just look this,
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look about this was one of the ways that we use. well this is obviously useful ventilation. but again, you can kind of key into what's above the ground into one of the warehouses. oh, the as of self see works is this, we keep walking as we keep walking ahead. his filmmaking is still becoming any better, frankly. i mean, this is actually impressive. it's an absolute may well, you can really easily get pull off that if you didn't bring a map over. this is the part of a tunnel that the as a feel fighters, the neo nazis and ukrainian regular soldiers used to relax at what translates as relax, how they spell relax. you can see quite well vividly over here. i'm not going to comment as to what it is because well, if you know, you know, if you don't, then probably you shouldn't. but yeah, this is the room where they used to. well,
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there's a lot of practices latency that even a couple of it doesn't look fancy displacement, certainly like mom and he's an arm, a place that go in the vest doesn't leave anything to imagination this place and the price all the answers as to how the result is all battalion was fighting and what it was consuming to keep up the marolla. italy has come up with a piece plan to end the conflict in ukraine. moscow was currently reviewing the key points of rome's proposal at lee earlier, reportedly submitted a 4 point plan to the you in the possible deal between moscow and kia includes a cease fire and the demilitarized section of western ukraine, as well as negotiations on the countries neutral status with security guarantees. the document also calls for a bilateral talks on the status of crimea and don bus, as well as a staged withdrawal of russian troops and the winding down of sanctions. the
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story to bring you today, china has condemn remarks made by president joe biden over taiwan, stating it will take firm action to defend its sovereign c on security interest. earlier the u. s. president said washington was ready to intervene. militarily, if china quote invaded the island territory, you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily. for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made right. just go through it all. then the white horse afterwards said that those comments did not signify a us policy shift. it claims to abiding, simply made clear the u. s. commitment to prove by type pay with military assistance. under the taiwan relations act, washington said it stood by its so called one china policy and didn't accept that
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tie. one could be quote taken by force beijing stress. that's right. to defend its territorial integrity should not be underestimated. lucia can senior fellow, the chung young institute, believe the u. s. has always been on big us all, not one china policy. 3rd, the united states is always tried to contract or explain different ways. now, the one china policy has window or mendham or the years ago how center before that the united states has already announced the greed, the basic code in there, one china policy. and also there you are not nations, the resolution to a 1758 also has clearly declared it that there weren't tried in our policy. but the reason years we funded some america official always try to contradict or it's a problem miss. and also try to miss your spirit. interpretation of the word
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turn, the polar said, i think the pigeons are rick. the comment is quite normal because it is a reflection of the principal idea of the whole nation. so we should say that they're trying to government has already announced that again. and again, that was kind of policy is the main stone and the base stone back to retrieve all countries who are willing to hire people, american, a religion we're trying to move our religion who turn out to when china policy can not be shaped, cannot be sure and the president of turkey has once again spoken, i again finland, unsweetened a session to nate. so saying the block is failing to address suncrest concerns over terrorism. as turkey accuses both countries of supporting kurdish middleton's, we believe that an enlargement policy,
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which disregards the fundamental aspects of security won't bring benefits for us or for nato. turkey is currently blocking sweden and finland from joining nato. that's all members that need to agree on new members. it accuses stockholm and how think of harboring members of the kurdistan workers party, which anchor it considers a terroristic issue. it also wants the nations to little sanctions imposed over turkey's military operation against kurdish militias in syria, global affairs unless you subvert them, leaves the public and turkey supports the government's position on the matter. generally turkey as a government and as the people have supported the open door policy. but right now this is beyond an open door policy. there are very legitimate national security concerns. a switch sweden, especially more sweden and finland with the swedish government support for the p k . k, the public opinion is definitely in support of the government right now that turkey does not want to be sweet, enjoined nato,
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until these security concerns are address with the nato summit coming up in madrid at the end of june. i don't think this question will be solved until the nato summit. i think our one will seek a broader, grander bargain, and be able to sit down with the full leadership of each nato members state and be able to discuss it there. because these concerns are broader than just finland in sweden. i haven't seen pragmatism from the sweetest side and the circus president said that unless the compromises, there's no use for the swedish leadership conference or anyway, he said that before, when the deputy foreign ministers, we didn't want to become and said, there's no need to come to the country, so the circus presidents holding very firm in this position. you suffer him at the same time, phil and faces some opposition at home to its bed to join the military lines. the chairman of the association of independent journalist, you ha, corolla, recently burned the nato flag in the center of helsinki. we spoke to him about the
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public perception of the u. s. lead organization in his country, otto, he, lisa durable, is will the swarming knights. i will not increase finland, security. there are many people in finland who are against nato, especially because the block is increasing tensions with russia. we have a shared long border of 1300 kilometers on the fins of land to live in harmony with russia here for 80 years and do not want any tension. we don't know exactly how many fins are against joining nighttime now, but the full though is 60 or even 70 percent of the population. therefore the fins have taken a civil initiative on a referendum in record time, and this initiative is receive the necessary 50000 votes. however, the parliament has still refused to take this into account, which is unprecedented. this referendum of the finished people was ignored for political reasons. the finished politicians just wanted everything to be passed very quickly. the same will finland and sweden's beds for nato membership have been almost universally welcomed by existing nieto states. but there is opposition,
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as we just heard from turkey and croatia also appearing as a potential obstacle. you. harker holland. again, faith finished people are being allowed to say in one of the countries biggest decisions for decades. they was on, on a dallas or we live in finland, that an unprecedented time debates and fin on that in the media and now completely under the control of nato. the finished media is completely one sided about nato. but in fact, the more serious problem in finland, his social networks, where if you say something against nato, you will immediately be called an agent of a foreign government. that is, in this case, a russian agent. people who are in mandates to work even sound and yelled us in social networks and not allowed to speak out against nato, or simply express their own opinions. my generation is never witness something like this when people are being completely gagged and this is just sad. in my opinion, this is absolutely killing the conversation on social networks by burning the
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nighttime flag. and i wanted to show that finland still dares to express its own opinion, even if they are trying to silence it in every possible way. yeah, and just to keep attention on the country, russian goth, supplier gas from has completely suspended energy supplies to finland. does the country refuse to pay for energy in rubles, as requested by moscow? the russian gas giant issued a statement saying that it has not received payment from finished company. guess them for april supplies. since the beginning of that month, european countries have to pay and roubles for energy deliveries from russia, which finland was informed by just to point out that payment request occurred after russia was refused access to its foreign currency reserves held international law. another european country. poland has also cut itself. busy from russian gas today, monday, the country terminated its supply, deal with girls from the russian gothic sports halted at supplies to poland in
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april, when the country also refused to provide payments in rouble. but warsaw may just end up paying a higher financial price for its decision, according to moscow since poland continues to use russian gas that it imports from its neighbors. well, amid the ongoing economic tit for tat between russia and e, you states following the series of sanctions imposed against moscow. some european emma peas up decried the policy against russia as being hypocritical, since no embargoes have been imposed on other countries involved in numerous global conflicts. may react, may losh elite him, it's an incredible lie and also hypocritical that sanctions against oil and gas from russia will help stop the fighting in ukraine. see it. but if we were really fighting for peace, then we should immediately impose sanctions against saudi arabia. really, which has been fueling the war in lemons for several years. the saudis, it would also be necessary to impose an embargo on oil and gas from the united
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states. the small which has participated in more wars than any other european country. good, so, so deal ovalo and i will say of upon gets much traction. we also heard from economist ikea hummer, who thinks that western countries, despite the rhetoric won't be able to fully replace russian gas applies. russia doesn't out the gas for free. if those countries don't want to pay russia gas from, of course, doesn't, doesn't hang out and you get the, which cannot meet the demand for the big gas and the oil. the western european countries neat of northern european countries need, without their supply from russia. because the not the diminishing, the big area from holland are diminishing. so there is not enough. and if they refuse to take the boy and the gas from russia, they were just, they don't have any. and then the economies will break down a group of russian
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hackers calling themselves kill net declared war and the governments of 10 countries, they consider us unfriendly to russia. the collective claim responsibility for a series of cyber attacks and it's silly romania, moldova, and the czech republic targeting state website. we spoke to the group which described its members as quote true patriots on denies being affiliated with the kremlin. we should point out that any hawking activity is a criminal offense in russia. we are a simple of russian people who have stood out to the fountain, our country. we are in devotion, secure to service agents, nor american ones. we are ordinary people who don't like the situation around russia. the thing is russia has always been hated. first, it was a fearsome empire, later, the best soviet union. and now it is evil, russia, if we are a bone in the west's throat d, those attacks are the face of our project. a benchmark of our mites, and the last resort behind them there is enormous work,
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calculate in the ukraine and army positions. heck, in its system, gathering information and taking over control systems. we don't talk about this publicly because it contradicts the idea of intelligence. does live, which will sense the start of the countries offensive in ukraine, russia's face, and increased number of cyber attacks. according to the kremlin, vladimir putin has blamed lacking attempts on foreign countries stating that they were clearly coordinated. that may, 9th victory de commemoration saw hackers display anti war messages on a russian t v schedule page, as well as russia's version of u troop. the kill net group denies being linked to the russian government unsafe it will continue its activities. this with the cyber war started way before the russian special operation and ukraine, on average for a one pro russian group. there is a dozen of pro ukrainian ones. this is an uneven flights, but we are fighting on equal terms. we are outnumbered and where we stand our
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ground well enough and haven't taken a step back 1st to what we fight against was the phobia. we target those who support the u. s. intervention in ukraine because this conflict should be local. it is so lily between russia and ukraine. we want to open people's eyes to what's happening in the u. s. weapon supplies to ukraine is a, me, a business and reality. washington doesn't carry a little room about a situation inside the country. they are supporting the u. s. has placed a huge bed in the ukraine, and he's afraid to lose or so. it is dragon, more and more countries into this conflict. the effects of western sanctions on russia being felt across the globe, including in central america with russia, one of the world's largest fertilizer exporters, accounting for more than 12 percent of the global market. sanctions on exports are putting that entire region on the verge of an agricultural crisis, as we heard on the ground and mexico cylinder plus holes in last year i planted 3
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hector's but this year only one set of year due to rising prices for raw materials and especially due to the shortage of russian fertilizers caused by the impose sanctions. sergio garcia has had to play less corn and tomatoes this year. over the past decade and mexico's agricultural sector has become more dependent on russian fertilizers, particularly urea. according to preliminary estimates, mexico needs about 6000000 tons of fertilizer, the summer select. without other school, nissan is not getting good. these problems are not related to a long standing friendly partnership, but are explained by the difficulties in transporting goods on a global level, which arose primarily because of the situation with russia and ukraine. therefore, it's currently difficult to import fertilizers into mexico, sam, but i think that the growing crops with our fertilizer could be a real disaster from mexico. and if the woman villas at the moment farmers are considering different options to get out of the situation. for example, it has been proposed to use other types of fertilizers. we're apply smaller amounts
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to reduce costs. sir, jew garcia's buying less fertilizer, where he previously used 5 bags of fertilizer. now he only uses 3. length is eunice nama month. i will try to grow crops. i can only hope that i will not lose the money. i have invested almost, but i do not think that is possible. i think production volumes will decrease. i don't know, grill, innocent montana that meter is also a shortage of fertilizers and warehouses in general. 20 percent of farmers costco to fertilizers unit, but amid the shortage that figure has risen to 50 percent. that's according to forecast by the end of the spring summer cycle. farmers may lose part of their crops. in some cases, up to 50 percent. there we bought a monona, whether the price may change from day to day, particularly thought any issues with the weather. as the saying goes, don't count your chickens before they hatch. oh, the mexican government has said it plans to triple fertilizer production to support the agricultural sector. i mean this ever so far, 740000 farmers and 9 mexican stay has taken advantage of free fertilizers to feed
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their corn machines, wheat, and rice crops. yet the problem is there is not enough support for everyone jeopardizing employment for hundreds of thousands of families and driving up from the prices. a major crisis is brewing and affiliate them for go more. it would basically mean death. go out to the people, the whole country without agriculture see the trade turn organ between eloquent. russia may similarly integrated narrative now in relation to other countries in it . but as we see, it is of strategic importance that he does you. this situation will really harm our economic relations and trade turnover, which has been on the rise. of course, it must be taken into account that due to the conflict in ukraine and the sanctions imposed against russia, this growth will stop the trade turnover will decrease economic sanctions against russia, imposed over the conflict in ukraine, or having macroeconomic consequences seen him. a mexican farmers are already feeling their impact within just a few weeks time. when buffy?
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my alex been yawning. the party mexico city will indeed all not subject the serbian president has war. not the impact of the ukraine conflict could leave a quarter of the world on the verge of famine. if something does not change in the conflict in eastern europe, almost a quarter of the world will be in need of basic quantities of food, which will create new problems. and earlier, the un secretary general antonia good terror as singled out moscow accusing it's of amplifying the factors causing global hunger. russia and ukraine have long been major exporters of grain to the global market. combine the 2 countries supply the world with almost a 3rd of all traded wheat and barley, more than 75 percent of sunflower or russia has been functions for supply chain disruptions. it's ready to fulfill its treating obligations if it's global partners . this's, americans and europeans, after all, will not remain without food,
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even at exorbitant prices. moreover, it is ordinary europeans who will pay these prices and not those in power. our country is ready to comply with its obligations in full, but we also expect assistance from trading partners, including those on international platforms. it is a logical they impose sanctions against us and yet they demand food supplies. that is not happening. we are not idiots. earlier my colleague nikki, are in discuss the sky rocketing prices on the west, singling of russia as the reason for that. with the puddle of guests. the un chief antonio terrace, as we heard, has said that russia is actions in ukraine have worse and global food shortages. do you think it's fair to single out russia for the food crisis? absolutely not. and if somebody is to be singled out, if you, if you agree, if you, in so far as the war has caused any destruction in it,
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certainly test. the fact of the matter is it's the united states, absolute refusal to take into account russia, security concerns that has led to the present situation. so in, in i have argued many times that in fact, the current war should not be seen as a war being waged by russia against you grange, but part of a much longer wall of the united states against russia, which currently takes the form of a war over euclid, officials from k of and europe of accused rush of trying to destroy ukraine's agriculture sector. in an effort to limit his export earnings and for the hurt is war ravaged economy. i mean, is i realistically a time to take that russia might employ? and he said no, slightly hypocritical is european countries on the u. s. a still supplying weapons to ukraine and prolonging his conflicts in and further destroying the economy. from a military perspective that this is false, because we know that the russian army and has been taking care attention not to
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damage a lot of the, the fields where all the we did being the road today. and that is a picket particular attention. so that's not true for, for military perspective. there pinpointing russia again because they're looking for a scapegoat, because because of their own mismanagement, they tried to kill the baker and other ask them for bread. this they had to think about this before imply applying sanction. definitely ukraine is due exporting some of some of it's, we've seen truckloads of we're going out of the ukraine from the, from the west. but of course the situation is complicated. of course, it's difficult which cannot apply sanctions on a country and then a queue that country have not exporting a sweet you can, this is if the west wanted to had thought about this before. we would not be in this situation rather than giving $40000000000.00 us dollars. joe biden, giving 40 of us $1000000000.00 ukraine with arms and then think the at the same time. but we may be mainly baking with the biggest the fruit shortages of our time,
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of active, modern time with totally crazy people. critical know, $40000000000.00 will vote for american defense industry. it will not come to you in for fighting soldiers. so it is, they are feeding their order and us be on the other site. they're feeding their own water and us be on the other side for the work. they're giving $1000000000.00 vote for subsidy. now this is really funny to look at it. so somewhere i think we have to understand the reality that there are many people in this world, those who feel that this year and what is a profit center for them. the main thing they care about is the profit and the privilege of a tiny capitalist. european political policy has been centralized. it is not logical people who are deciding what which french are farmers should be selling to the west of the east, are disconnected with what is happening and really in the, in the part of their technocrats. they're very far from the of the real life though the farming they want this war to continue. it is important for the european
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leaders because they will be though facing heat up all this conflict. the shorts are together and find out a solution because as a lawyer i can see their end of their date. every solution only comes back to their table of negotiation. not in water field are not in conflict. so enemy, nor sooner or later we have to be on our discussion day. but why not? we start now why we are delaying it last year and he's helped it for not but coming up and ideology and focus stuff. we may have thought died in the 20th century fascism next week. chronicle. oh, that's not the case. stay close for documentary beginning in moments i forgot. ah, ah, ah
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ah ah, ah . awe on november the 3rd 1945, just
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a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s o was devastated by well, it either states last about 400000 people had the brit sloss less than the americans did. as the soviet suffered 27000000 deaths. what is 7000000 is an incredible number. mm. quite. john kennedy gave us american universities convinced that address back to 63, he said that what the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united states. east of chicago. have you been destroyed?
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mm hm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time it evolved into pincher bush, lack of crankshaft, halfmoon, cold wheel, off tackle, and cherry idea. december 19th, 1949. so the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviets operation dropshot, date of attack. january the 1st 1957. mm hm. the plan outlines.


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