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all imports of russian, oil and gas news. i know they pay a lot with regard to joe by imposing these sanctions on the american economy. you. so there's your boomerang now, right now we're moving. we're moving towards one of the tunnels. so what is here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it are correspond reports exclusively from inside b, as all steel plant getting access to the former, a high last group of them surrendered, ending at 3 months. each also ad on the program, joe biden states, the u. s. is ready to intervene militarily, if china takes military action against taiwan. turkeys president once again expresses his opposition to finland, unsweetened succession, to nato,
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accusing the countries of supporting terrorism about those that bid also faces some internal opposition. we hear from a finished journalist to burden the military alliance is flag in the central council along with those devices. and then in the media now completely under the control of the finished media, it is completely one sided about night. but in fact, the most serious problem in finland is so short, a one on the entrepreneur, ellen musket market. the key tenant of hillary clinton's 2016 residential campaign, naming her intention to create links between donald trump, russia, and from moscow to the world. this is our take, great to have your company today. my name's you know, new russian and done yet for in some started
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d mining operations up the sprawling adult cell metals factory. the site in more you had the number seats for almost 3 months. that's the last stronghold of the ultra nationalist us off battalion until the last of the troops surrendered on friday. our own footage here shows explosives left all around the facility. the demining of the per mature will take run 2 weeks r t z course itself was among the 1st to enter the plan following the surrender incentives this exclusive report from inside the seal works where he access the very heart of the ukrainian soldiers highlight. mm hm. so right now we're moving deeper into the a found my is left by the ukranian forces. in fact,
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what we're doing, we're moving towards one of the tunnels, one of the entrances into a tunnel that they used to well move around to move around supplies and well to move around safely because this whole area was shelled very heavily this. so as we move it or you can see, you can just check out the deal. we can pick more than just one person. whole truck could potentially well fit in here. so they weren't squeeze like a foxhole or anything. this is major. so what is actually shocking here is not the place even itself, but the sheer scale of it. we've been walking for well for at least 10, maybe 15 minutes. and i was asking those who were with the special healthy dentist,
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people's republic, i see that it and they're like, oh god, no, there's miles this kilometers of you know, this tunnel going and sprouting across in all directions. just look up this, look about this is, this was one of the ways that the youth. well, this is obviously useful ventilation. but again, you can kind of peak into what's above the ground into one of the warehouses of the as of south sea works is as we keep walking, as we keep walking ahead, it's not making so becoming any better, frankly. i mean, this is actually impressive. it's an absolutely amazing that you can really easily get full fed if you didn't bring a map over. this is the part of a tunnel that the as of steel fighters to the neo nazis and ukrainian regular soldiers used to relax at what translates as relax, how they spell relax. you can see quite well vividly over here. i'm not going to
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comment as to what it is because, well, if you know, you know, and if you don't, then probably you shouldn't. but yeah, this is the room where they used to. well, there's a lot of practices latency. there's even a couple of it doesn't look fancy this place, but certainly like this is more on his arm, a place that go in the vest doesn't leave anything to imagination this place. and it provides all the answers as to how the, as over the years old battalion was fighting and what it was consuming to keep up. the morale italy meanwhile, has come up with a peace plan to end the conflict in ukraine. moscow's currently reviewing the key points of rome's proposal. italy earlier, reportedly submitted a 4 point plan to the u. n. a possible deal between moscow and t bank's c fire and they demilitarization of western ukraine as well as negotiations on the
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countries neutral status with security guarantees. the document also calls for bilateral talks on the status of crimea, and don both as well as a stage withdrawal of russian troops on the winding diamond frictions the china has condemn remarks made by president joe biden over taiwan, stating it will take for an action to defend its sovereign c security interest that was in response to the u. s. leader saying washington was ready to intervene. militarily, if china quotes invaded the island tertiary, you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily, for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made. afterwards, the white house claim, those comments did not signify a u. s. policy shift. it claims show biden's simply made clear the u. s. commitment
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to provide type pay with military assistance for self defense. under the taiwan relations, washington updated stood by so called one china policy, under which only one chinese government is recognized facing, but which allows for all the official relations with ty pay, including the sale of weapons. while china stress, it's right to defend its territorial integrity, should not be underestimated. asian offers on the list, lou, she believes the u. s. has always been on big us on the one china policy. united states is always trying to contradict or explain different ways about the one china policy in america. official always try to contradict or it's a problem miss. and also try to miss your spirit. interpretation of the word turn of policy in china. us government has already announced that again and again
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that was kind of policy is the main stone on the base so that we can all congress what ready to have people, american religion, we're trying to move make relation. we're trying to when china policy can not be shaped, cannot be sure and can other if a headline stories today, the president of turkey has once again spoken it against finland, sweden session to nato, saying the block is failing to address anchorage concerns over terrorism. that's tricky. cases, both countries of supporting kurdish militants. we believe that an enlargement policy, which disregards the fundamental aspects of security won't bring benefits for us or for nato. call. turkey is currently blocking sweden and finland from joining nature was all member states need to agree on the addition of new nations that accuses
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stockholm and hopes. thinking of harboring members of the kurdistan workers party, which chris considers to restore. it also wants the countries to lift sanctions imposed over turkey's military operation against kurdish militias in syria. global effort unless the use of earth believes the public in turkey is firmly behind the government's position on the matter. generally turkey as a government and as the people have supported data, it's open door policy. but right now this is beyond an open door policy. there are very legitimate national security concerns, a sweet sweet and especially more sweet. and then then link with the swedish government support for the p k. the public opinion is definitely in support of the government right now that turkey does not want to be sweet, enjoined nato, until these security concerns are address with the nato senate, coming up in madrid. at the end of june, i don't think this question will be solved until the nato summit, i think,
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are guar. i will seek a broader, grander bargain and be able to sit down with the full leadership of each nato members state and be able to discuss it there. because these concerns are broader than just finland in sweden. i haven't seen pragmatism from the sweetest side and the circus president said that i must have compromises. there is no use for the swedish leadership to come to turkey. anyway, he said that before when the deputy foreign minister of sweden wanted become and said, there is no need to come to the country. so the circus presidents holding very firm in this position, up the same time, both finland and sweden face some opposition of home to their bid to join the military alliance in sweden. second largest city guttenberg crowds came out to demonstrate against nato membership to crying. what they say is the country being dragged into nature wars. that's the government's and both north nations refused to put the issue up for a referendum. yeah, and infinity and support is also not universal terms of the association of independent journalist, you call it recently burdened the nato flood in the center of helsinki. we spoke to
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him about the public perception of the u. s. lead organization in his country. not only lisa portable is all the swarming nights i will not increase phelan security. there are many people in finland who are against nato, especially because the block is increasing tensions with russia. we have a shirt long border of 1300 kilometers on the fence of learn to live in harmony with russia here for 80 years and do not want any tension. we don't know exactly how many friends are against joining nato now, but the full though is 60 or even 70 percent of the population. therefore, the sins have taken a civil initiative on a referendum in record time. and this initiative is received the necessary 50000 votes. however, the parliament has still refused to take this into account, which is unprecedented. this referendum of the finished people was ignored for political reasons. the finished politicians just wanted everything to be passed very quickly. bully nissan of finland and sweden's bids for nato membership have
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been almost universally welcomed by existing native states. but there is opposition, as we just heard from turkey and croatia, also appearing as a potential obstacle. you have chrome and again, is angered that finnish people are being allowed to say and one of the country's biggest decisions for decades. they was on off a dallas off. we live in finland that an unprecedented time debates and feminine than in the media. now completely under the control of nato, the finished media is completely one sided about nato. but in fact, the more serious problem in finland, his social networks. where if you say something against nato, you will immediately be called an agent of a foreign government. that is, in this case, a russian agent. people are intimidates, that work even found and yelled us in social networks and not allowed to speak out against nato, or simply express their own opinions. my generation is never witness something like this. when people are being completely gagged and this is just sad, in my opinion,
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this is absolutely killing the conversation on social networks, but by burning the nato flag, i wanted to show that finland still dares to express its own opinion, even if they are trying to silence it's in every possible way. dumbing revelations about hillary clinton's presidential campaign or emerging after her former campaign manager, testified in federal court. he stated that clinton herself orchestrated the plan over alleged links between donald trump and a russian bank in 2016. the story has not escaped the attention of entrepreneur and the world's richest man milan musk who tweeted about the alleged boats clinton oaks that most people still don't know that a clinton campaign lawyer using campaign funds created an elaborate hoax about trump and russia. makes you wonder what else is fake. hillary clinton, former campaign manager, is now confirming that she was at the center of russia gate all along robbing the
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testified in federal court that during clinton 2016 campaign, she agreed to a plan to leak a story to the press, claiming that donald trump has secret ties to russia, i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation, but notionally, the discussion was pe, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter. she agreed with the decision. this testimony was made in the trial of michael sussman, a former clinton campaign lawyer who has been charged with lying to the f. b. i. so far, prosecutors have presented evidence that clinton team didn't just go to the media. but that member such as sussman, actually worked with cyber researchers at the firm fusion gps to make it look like they had evidence to back up their claims. and they then leave that information to the f b i. now, former president trump has responded to the latest revelations, and he said that this gamble has had a lasting impact. this is one of the greatest political scandals in history. for 3
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years. i had to fight her off and fight those crooked people off. and you'll never get your reputation fully back. where do i get my reputation back? and it's not just trans reputation because also the reputation of the f, b i the d o j and every single man, stream media outlets, their ram with the russian gate story. as they proved to the public that they didn't need to take the time to find out if the information was accurate before they presented it as fact. now as for hillary clinton herself remains to be seen whether or not she will actually take the stand at this time around. however, the focus for now remains on her team. will journalism color miss bradley blankenship believes that the revelations about hillary clinton's campaign tactics will impact the democrats who are currently going through the turbulence in the port. i think it's pretty clear that there was 2 main motivations for hillary clinton and her team doing this. the 1st one was the dealer to fall out from the
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wiki li scandal about her campaign and the very obvious conspiracy against the bernie sanders campaign. and the 2nd thing was to influence the foreign policy, the trump administration, to make it so that way. trump's foreign policy, which was supposed to be more restrained, couldn't be so, so that, you know, if he were more relaxed with russia, are willing to be diplomatic with russia that he would be considered, you know, some kind of mentoring candidate. i think that it will impact the reputation. you know, there is a very important mid term election coming up. and joe biden knows that the democrats are slated to get absolutely destroyed in selection, potentially both houses of congress. and that will essentially destroys presidency and usher in trump again. i think that, you know, people calling the blowing the west on this is going to really upset that election and ultimately democratic politics general. now, despite pressure from the west, saudi arabia is aiming for a new opec plus deal with russia's participation. the statement was made by the
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study minister of energy. saudi arabia is the world's largest exporter and defend the leader of opec, or the organization of the petroleum exporting countries group. the countries coordinates oral production quotas with russia through the opec plus initiative. riyadh has find itself under pressure from western nations since the beginning of the conflict and ukraine, but has so far resisted calls to attempt to further isolate moscow. well, to get some more, all no less cross to london to entrust an oil, an energy expert doctor, mum to solomon, you're very welcome to the program. so saudi arabia has made it clear that it will have dialogue with russia within opec plus and won't stop cooperating. with moscow, why does react maintain such a strong position as regards those ties? saudi arabia and ration out of the parameters of the global oil market.
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they might, you had i vents in different markets like china, india, europe, and many parts of the world. nevertheless, they care about the she unity of the market, the sat video remarking, and they want to make sure that the market is balance and that price is then sure higher than what the economy guarantee. and from that angle, that is a mutual impasse for them to pull it and that has been vacated and strengthen. oh, big less in the market as the most influential lay in the market of good sound and that it has its own in tennis. and when we can
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empower us, do p s a working. if you are russia high, do you think the u. s. lead pressured to isolate russia is going to impact on the r a world. could the tactic actually serve to bring the countries of the region closer together to me, the experience, that's my personal view. the experience of the united states is not a good experience from that. and they have some at the, she ation of what russia has done, particularly in here. and so we are doing a national regime there, i guess that they have some grievances against the united states. and of course, that makes them stop. and at the same time,
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take it by take you what's happening in your crashes and what size they should date. they can see that the world of them is a ruling from a you don't need for that system. enjoy, right, let's just them, i'm that the okay. and the conflict is but an aspect of it. that's right. sounds good. yeah. and many other gulf states are looking for well, good and bad. but if you can't move, they can't then distance eat distances from birth so far, which is china and russia as well as united states. yeah, as you've been going through, washington has already tried to apply pressure on saudi arabia and indeed other
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opec plus members to abandon their cooperation with rochelle, increased oil production, which has failed. what do you think is the main reason that these the months have not had the desired effect? well, you and i know that i blush, ames to cube the amount of kids balanced in o. b less if you vision or monica. despite the blended, he can upheavals around us, the market is still balance and they have very limited sphere to production capacity. so room to pin that capacity, tumors room. and if the amount of can becomes imbalance, that's why they haven't been in this funding to the bargain, had the ministrations,
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allow them to arrange for election. we're your european martin asked them to do the scene, was that the market has to be kid. that hands and they all ensure realize that it has to keep it to take decisions without extern for pressure on it. i was always very interesting analysis. plenty to chew on international oil and energy expert. dr. mom, do sell me. thank you. thank you. while rushing gas supply or gas problem has completely suspended energy supply to finland after the country refused to pay for energy and rubles, as requested by moscow. the russian gas giant issued a statement saying that it has not received payment from finished company for april supplies. since the beginning of the european countries have to pay in rubles for
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energy deliveries from russia, which finland was informed about non payment request occurred after russia was refused access to its foreign currency reserves held internationally another european country. poland has also cut itself off from russian gas. the country terminated its supply deal with gas prom on monday. the rushing gothic sports halted its supplies to poland in april, when the country also refused to provide payments in rubles, but warsaw may just end up paying a higher financial price for its decision. according to moscow, since poland continues to use russian gas that it imports from its neighbors. when the ongoing economic tit for tat between russia and u states following the series of sanctions and post against moscow, some european emi piece up to cry. the policy against russia is hypocritical, since no i tried, buttons have been imposed on. busy other countries involved in global wars name is
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up in a large elite him, it's an incredible lie and also hypocritical that sanctions against oil and gas from russia will help stop the fighting in ukraine to see if we were really fighting for the speed. then we should immediately impose sanctions against saudi arabia, which has been feeling the war in yemen for several years. the saudis would also be necessary to impose an embargo on oil and gas from the united states. the small, which has participated in more wars than any other european countries. sou deal as well. we heard from economist like a hummer who's saying stud western countries, despite the rhetoric will be able to fully replace russian gas applies. the russia doesn't hand out the gas for free if those countries don't want to pay russia gas from, of course, doesn't, doesn't hang out and you get the, which cannot meet the demand for the big gas and the oil. the western european countries neat or the northern european countries need without their supply from
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russia, because the nazi is diminishing. the big area from holland are diminishing. so there is not enough. and if they refuse to take the boy and gas from russia, they were just, they don't have any. and then the economies will break down well with the conflict on going in ukraine, the white house is not seeking to strengthen its ties with asian countries. with joe biden, making his 1st trip to the region as president or t contributor rti to cruise st. how's being taking a closer look with the u. s. seeking to strengthen its position in the in the pacific. the u. s. president joe biden is going to attend the guard summit in to appeal during his 2 day trip to japan. the visit assumes extra significance in view of the ongoing war in ukraine,
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which has led to washington pressurising its allies and regional partners to side with the vest rather than russia. we believe that this summit will demonstrate both in substance and in vision. the democracies can deliver and that these 4 nations working together will defend and uphold the principles of a free and open indo pacific. a highlight ask job aiden's visit will be a meeting with india's prime minister, nor in the more be on the sidelines of the site. the u. s. expects india support not just in condemning china's expansionist policies, but it also hawks to convince drams to more the to say with needle on the ukranian issue. however, under prime minister, moby india has so far stayed neutral, dismissing pressure to condemn russia. and he has chosen to redeem strategic independence in both international relations and foreign policy from delivering
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vaccines and medicine to the world amid the covey crisis and scattered supply chain to the role of a capable nation for peace in the midst of global unrest and conflict, india is the new hope of the world today. during the summit, the u. s. is likely to focus on beijing asking all the guard members to stand with it against china. it is not clear whether it will be in complete agreement with the u. s. on china. india has a stand off vit china for the last 3 years on the line of actual control. however, it has elected, do engage with the aging to find a resolution to die love and to diplomacy. india participated in the bricks, meeting of foreign affairs ministers, where india asked china to live up to its commitments on sovereign equality and dated total integrity under law. given trends so far,
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it looks like india is going to maintain it. strategic partnerships with the western block. as well as the eastern rock, instead of building the one or the other site. this is out the decal far artie shaw new delhi. or if you'd like to delve deeper into any of this, our stories to head all over to r t dot com, plenty of content to keep you informed and entertain to. i mean, honestly, if i, for that, ah, putting is the aggressor today. i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing, but i figure which of the problem was to constrain your, does he speak on the bill in your senior? mostly mind the was sheila were banning all imports of russian oil and gas news.
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i suffering the prize parade. it had been in another country bubbles with liquor. we're pretty good regarding joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia. you has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang self with ah, north atlantic alliance, recognizance aircraft washing cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace. along with military hardware redeployment and
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large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders. mm. every year a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of naziism. the outcome is always the same. the u. s. votes against it, and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically the u obtains. ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted, but it's only advisory blue liter causing a writer in history. professor with the american university in washington summarizes the usa official position.


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