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a subpoena for losses come with the mining works, continue at mario pull steel plants is almost 2000 ukrainian soldiers surrender. and russian and d. p. our forces gain full control of the area applied by president zelinski, off a polish citizens in ukraine. a special legal status is dismissed by the russian foreign ministry as an issue of sovereignty. a chinese delegation of the devil's economic summits refuses to applaud the credit president speech where he demanded, sending more weapons to country under the isolation of russia. entrepreneur, in most marks the key part of hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, came in her attention to create links between donald trump and russia.
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with this one minutes past 4, i am here in the russian capital. my name is peter scott. so welcome to 30 minutes of news here, not the international russian suppers continue to the mind. the other style steel plants in mario, paul, and art see had a chance to film the industrial zone from the air. as the territory of the plant is now fully under control of the joint, russian and dpi forces. more than a 100 explosive objects have been destroyed since more than 2000 ukrainian troops surrendered. that's following a 3 month siege ortiz egon don't have continues to move further into the plants. and he says, this exclusive report from its depths, the catacombs underneath the, as of sal steelworks can be explored endlessly. this maze of tunnels doesn't stop
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surprising. you get from one tunnel, you go straight into another than there's this era of well ladders and staircases. and you have no idea what, right around the corner. this used to be the headquarters of one of the many units that used to be stationed here, that used to shelter here underneath this plant. there still a heavy stench of ash in the air because before leaving, they burned this place. they raised it to the ground. not only did they burn the place, but they also had to drop some weapons. and basically they made them useless. like over here you can see rifles, you can see sheen guns. they did their best so that nothing falls in the hands of the de nets, people's republic militia. but right now scouting this place. they have all ready? well, got some trophies we had to climb about 2 stories up to get to this massive place and get what we're still under the surface. we're still under ground. so you
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can imagine how deep the tunnels go here and they really could have stayed there. and i mean, even bombs dropped from jets, can't get them here. i mean, look at all the concrete. so it is one of the safest places in the world from the catacombs. we finally see the light of day. we had to get some 5 stories up just to get here to the ground level. on the surface, you can very clearly see how much damage the russian artillery, the russian air force mortars. how much damage the cost to this place. i mean, look at it, it is li, devastated, and you can see where the bombs fell. the roof is caved into this building into this absolutely, truly massive warehouse over there to. and also you can also get
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a glimpse into how much the as of neo nazi fighters and the ukranian forces, how much they had in between them and the falling bombs, not just not just concrete, but here, hard steel. all of this kept them really, really safe. and now i'm going to give you one of the most vivid examples as to why the as of style fighters could have sheltered in full safety, complete safety for however long they wanted. this is a crater left by a truly massive bomb, likely dropped off a jet. and you can see how much damage it made compared to me. it's massive. it's absolutely colossal. but have a look at the concrete there. this is just the upper layer of all the dungeons that, towering down there under ground. so they, it managed to destroy the concrete plate, the very top one. but there are several more each and single floor each. each
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single floor there is separated and protected by plates exactly like this. imagine how many bombs have to be dropped in one particular spot in a one concrete spot which is already impossible to get to the as of style neo nazis and regular soldiers. which, who are hiding and living on the very low level craters, the size of a truck and burned down military vehicles as of style is the epitome of utter obliteration. and a metaphor to the fate of every one who was sheltering underneath the places annihilated by the russian jets and artillery of the de nets people's republic. ukrainian president followed him. his zalinski is planning to submit a draft bill on the status of polish citizens and ukraine. saying their citizens have deep rooted ties images, now my discipline in there really should be no borders or barriers between us. no one has divided the ukrainian and polish peoples mentally for
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a long time. so we agreed to implement this in the near future in irrelevant bilateral agreement. policy people in ukraine will be granted especially legal status, but it comes a month after russian foreign intelligence services claimed poland was developing a plan to establish control over quote, its historic possessions in ukraine and send troops into the country to protect against russian aggression or claim denied by warsaw as dis information. meanwhile, the russian foreign ministry spokesman said the legal status move will hunt polish people. everything that really rarely happens in history has happened. zelinski at the legislative level, formalize as a special status for foreign citizens, poland, and ukraine. the president of the state asks the national parliament to approve the special rights of citizens of another state, essentially allowing them everything according to media lakes. the speech is about equating the rights of paul's with the rights of ukrainians, with the exception of the right to vote. as cos live now to radio hosts on
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political commentator, steve gill, steve, welcome to our see international. no, it's no secret that poland has taken on the bronze of the refugees from ukraine since the start of the war. is this move to recognize the status of poles in ukraine, a token of gratitude? what do you make of it? i think it's kind of ironic because a part of the justification that president clinton has laid out for the invasion of ukraine is for the citizens that align with russia in eastern ukraine and now after zalinski and the ukrainians have denied that that was a reasonable approach they seem to be doing the same thing with soleski, if this is true, reaching out to grab the polar citizens and ukraine, the same kind of rights of citizens in ukraine. i think that this is interesting because it's, it's going to be interesting how it plays in ukraine, but also in the, in the western world. first of all, i think you koreans have been standing up and claiming that they are boldly protecting their country. i don't think that they are doing so so that there would
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be and maybe we'll coin a new phrase. the polling does ation of ukraine. ukrainians are standing up proudly . i don't think they've done this for you for zalinski to welcome open arms. poland in to the borders of you right now. moving on, the russian foreign intelligence service claim to the entry of polish troops in the ukraine, which was proposed several weeks ago would be to protect against russian aggression . do you think that would make it justified? and if that were to take place, if you had come true, what sort of effect would they have had on the war? i would have been an escalation, you know, pull them being in a to remember everything. yeah, i think if russia was in gauging poland directly, whether it was with missiles, whether it was putting troops on the border and moving into poland, i think that you could see poland and nato draw into this conflict. i'm concerned that what this does is, is bring poland and ukraine closer. and so much of this conflict has been based on ukraine's promises and the world's promises that ukraine would not be
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a part of nato, that russia would not have to worry about a militarized ukraine as a part of nato on the border. and this does seem to be a provocation, i think intentionally by zalinski to continue to draw other nations into the, into the conflict of the time that it does appear that russia is finally making some games in ukraine. and it looks a little bit like a desperation moved by the lensky to, to further bring the western world into this conflict. and do you think it's still a red line, though that nato would intervene in this conflict? i think nato's not keen to intervene at this point, and i don't think that zalinski play is going to work. i think the other places, again, depending on how the reporting goes and the rest of the western world, americans are really getting pushed to their limit in the amount of money that is being put into ukraine. and just this week we had one of biden's cabinet officials, pete furniture, the secretary of transportation claim that there is going to be
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a marshall plan to rebuild ukraine after this. i think the american taxpayers are pretty much on their last nerve of how much has been spent so far and aren't going to be really all excited about spending even more billions to rebuild ukraine. and i think if they see this as a move by lensky to, to broaden the war to expand the war. i think again, you're going to get pushed back in the west among american taxpayers. if they get this news and information, you know, especially given some of the domestic problems facing the us back at the moment and domestically now the bill of russian president, alexander lucas shanklin is no secret. he is quite a character. he claimed that western countries pulling nate, so i'm trying to dismember ukraine. what do you make of the given the current circumstances? well, i think if the intent of poland was to dismember ukraine, zaleski seems to be the one that's pushing that forward by essentially embracing again, i'll say the polarization of ukraine. again,
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there's so much mixed messaging. there's so much propaganda being thrown on all sides. and so many people have their own interest or, or different interests that are, that are conflicting with trying to resolve this conflict in a more or less peaceful way. and i don't think that does a lensky or beller story more fuel on the fire is going to be helpful. already host and political commentator, steve gill, thank you very much. feel take on ukraine, giving legal status to polish citizens in the country. thank you. while polish people in ukraine wakeful, their special legal status of poland. prime ministers taken aim at norway, saying this all slow should shed the profits made from its oil sails from a 3rd account. not the matter of as norway indirectly lives on the situation related to the events in ukraine, but they must share it the surplus profit from oil and gas exceeding the annual average. in recent years on all of the small 5000000 state of norway will exceed 100000000000 euros, that they must immediately share the surplus gigantic profit. this is abnormal and
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unfair. no way has rejected poland coals. although said the, despite an increase in norway's income from oil exports, the country's economy is suffering due to stock market falls while citizens are faced with increasing prices for electricity and gasoline because of sanctions against russia. journalist and author daniel lazar, save poland once the current burdens to be shut out. of course, as the energy crunch bites. people are jealous of the advantages enjoyed by certain allies, such as such as norway, and therefore they want. they want to better greater sharing of the birds, but of course, nor ways in no mood, to oblige. and then the more the deeper this energy crisis goes, the more painful the results become and they will be very painful to result will be a very deep recession. throughout europe,
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the more conflicts like these will multiply, i think i see further divisions on the horizon. i think that that europe has enjoyed a period of unity during the 1st blush of the war. but now as the war, the war, the war goes on, the longer at last, the more painful the economic fallout. the more we'll see divisions arise. meanwhile, saudi arabia signaled it'll continue to support russia's role in the opec plus group of oil producers. undermining us, lead efforts to isolate moscow over it's offensive in ukraine. saudi arabia is the world's largest oil exports and defects the leader of the opec group. members coordinates, oil production quotes, as with russia through the opec plus initiative. the u. s. u. k. did bon oil imports from russia back in march, but we said politics should be kept out of opec plus international opec plus international oil economist dr. mom would sala solomon explained the current moves
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of the organization. oh, big slash games to keep the market balanced in. ave, must you senior market display? did you can upheavals around us? the market is still a balance and they have many units for production capacity. so room to appeal that capacity news room. and if the amount of can becomes imbalance, that's why they haven't been in responding to the bargain administrations. lemme for election to review european union. i asked them to be seen there. i was that the market has to, we can that ends and they all should realize that it has to
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keep it to take decisions without extern for pressure on it. in the news dumbing revelations about hillary clinton's presidential campaign are emerging after a former con, pay money to testified in a federal court. he claims that clinton herself, orchestrated upon to smear rival donald trump over legit links to russian bank in 2016. the story quickly called the attention of the world's richest man, ellen mos q tweeted about the quote, clinton oaks that most people still don't know that a clinton campaign lawyer using campaign funds created an elaborate hoax about trump in russia. it's you wonder what else is fake. hillary clinton farmer campaign manager is now confirming that she was at the center of russia gate all along robbing the testified in federal court that during clinton 2016 campaign, she agreed to plan to leak a story to the press,
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claiming that donald trump has secret ties to russia, i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation, but notionally, the discussion was pe, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter. she agreed with the decision. this testimony was made in the trial of michael sussman, a former clinton campaign lawyer who has been charged with lying to the f. b. i. so far, prosecutors had presented evidence that clinton's team didn't just go to the media . but that members, such as supplement, actually worked with cyber researchers of the firm, fusion gps to make it look like they had evidence to back up their claims. and they then leaked that information to the f b i. now, former president trump has responded to the latest revelations, and he said that this gamble has had a lasting impact. this is one of the greatest political scandals in history. for 3 years. i had to fight her off and fight those crooked people off. and you'll never get your reputation fully back. where do i get my reputation back?
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and it's not just trying to get onto the reputation of the f, b i the d o j and f 3 single man stream media outlet that ran with the russia gate story. as they proved to the public that they didn't need to take the time to find out if the information was accurate before they presented it as fact. now as for hillary clinton herself remains to be seen whether or not she will actually take the stand at the time or brown. however, the focus for now remains on her team. journalist on column mister bradley blankenship believes the revelations about hillary clinton's campaign tactics will impact the democrats are currently going through turbulence in the polls. i think it's pretty clear that there is 2 main motivations for hillary clinton and her team doing this. the 1st one was the dealer to fall out from the wiki li scandal about her campaign and the very obvious conspiracy against the bernie sanders campaign. and the 2nd thing was to influence the foreign policy, the trump administration,
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to make it so that way. trump's foreign policy, which was supposed to be more restrained, couldn't be so, so that, you know, if he were more relaxed with russia, are willing to be diplomatic with russia that he would be considered, you know, some kind of mentoring candidate. i think that it will impact the reputation. you know, there is a very important mid term election coming up. and joe biden knows that the democrats are slated to get absolutely destroyed in selection, potentially both houses of congress. and that will essentially destroys presidency and usher in trump again. i think that, you know, people calling the blowing the west on this is going to really upset that election and ultimately democratic politics in general versus top diplomatic said that russia will decide how to deal with the west quotes if and when it comes to senses. so again, level of claim the actions of the west are only leading to increased economic corporation between moscow and beijing uses. jessica goes up now that the west is taking the position of the dictator. our economic ties with china will grow even
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faster service. in addition to direct income to the treasury, this will give us the opportunity to implement plans for the development of the far east and eastern siberia. the majority of projects with china are concentrated. there would be, this is an opportunity for us to realize our potential in the field of high technology, including nuclear energy, but also in a number of other areas. however, the west will eventually recognize reality on the ground that it will be forced to admit that it can't constantly attack the vital interests of russia or russians wherever they live with impunity. we will use with those comments by sergey lover of coma as the world's richest and most powerful meetup of the annual world economic form in davos. there's no surprise that ukraine thought the agenda was present zelinski ruin remotely. taking to the podium, he again requested more help on weapons to be sent to ukraine and saying the west is not doing enough to sanction russia. his speech was given a standing ovation, although the chinese delegation refused to applaud and left the whole. beijing has
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repeatedly claimed western policies, and enlargements of nato has led to the ukraine crisis. nevertheless, ukraine, president said russia must be left completely isolated here, which nice in euro, i believe there are still no maximum sanctions against russia. there should be a russian oil embargo. russian banks should be banned, no exception, that there should be an abandonment to the russian. i. t sector. there should not be any trade with russia. ukraine needs all the weapons that we asked for, not just the ones that have been provided. well with care of demanding even more weapons on money from the west to funded conflict with russia. r t contribute to rachel mazda asks, if enough, is enough. or you know, those people who remove the vaccine, dozy modi's from her social media profile and replace them with you, granny and flags. have you been poor in your russian setting lock of brands that aren't actually made russia down the drain? do you call her muscle mule? a key of mule, have you been taking cold showers to stick it to russian president vladimir putin
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and his chief rush? yes. or mean even eating less meet just as in german agriculture minister, told spiegel magazine that people shouldn't be doing as a contribution against putting have you been generally accepting the lower standard of living at a higher cost? there are western leaders are trying to guild us into all under the pretext of supporting western back ukrainian fighters against russia. well, this is you get ready to be disappointed because ukrainian president vladimir zalinski beamed into the annual meeting of the world economic forum in dallas, switzerland, from an undisclosed location on monday. any questions you our commitment? the request comes at a time when italy has just tabled a 4 point piece plan for ukraine while france and germany are also changing their tune in favor of de escalation. but so let's use the ad or global as pilgrimage to
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dallas to call for even more weapons and more funding to that unit, at least $5000000000.00 per month. washington just gave zalinski $40000000000.00. so what's going on here, where all the money going at breakneck speed? does anyone know or even here is anyone counting hello? who's zalinski israel audience when he's calling for more of the status quo, rather than a shift towards piece? is there also some kind of pressure being exerted in the background that maybe needs to be handled as well? that's the place on, at this point, unless you sounds like the candy store without fear, the stomach whose parents don't say, you know, giving him everything he watches, reckless, disregard as to what's actually good for him. or in this case, for people with ukraine and the rest of the world. ah,
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the president of turkey has once again spoken out against finland and sweden's a session to nato, saying the block is failing to dress on cars concerns over terrorism unclaiming that such disregard won't bring benefits. neither for turkey, nor for nato. tell you that we have already said that these countries need to decide between defacto and political support to terrorist organizations and a yes from turkey to their nato membership and that they need to present concrete evidence. jackie, it's currently blocking sweden and finland from joining the military alliance that accuses stock comb on health. think of harbouring members of the curtis on workers party, which on car are considered a terrorist organization. it's also ones, the countries to list functions impose over 30 minutes. opperation against kurdish militias in syria, global affairs unless the use of aaron believes the public in turkey is firmly behind the grooms position on the matter. not generally turkey as a government and as the people have supported data, it's open door policy. but right now this is beyond an open door policy. there are
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very legitimate national security concerns. a switch sweden, especially more sweet and then then link with the swedish government support for the p k. the public opinion is definitely in support of the government right now that turkey does not want to be suite enjoined nato until these security concerns are addressed with the nato summit coming up in madrid at the end of june. i don't think this question will be solved until the nato summit, i think ard one will seek a broader, grander bargain, and be able to sit down with the full leadership of each nato members state and be able to discuss it there. because these concerns are broader than just finland and sweden. i haven't seen pragmatism from the swedish side, and the turkish president said that most of the compromises there is no use for the swedish leadership to come to turkey. anyway, he said that before when the deputy foreign ministers, we didn't want to come and said there's no need to come to the country. so the circus presidents holding very firm in this position. the same time both finland on
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sweden face some opposition and home to their bid to join the military alliance. in sweden, 2nd largest city of golf and berg crowds came out to demonstrates against nato membership to cry. and what they say is, the country being dragged into nato was that says governments in both naughty nations have said they won't put the issue up for referendum. ah, maybe no, no, china has condemned remarks made by joe biden over tie one state, and it will take firm action to defend its sovereignty. unsecured to interest, it came in response to the us presidency in washington was ready to intervene. militarily, if china quotes invaded the island territory, you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily. for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made. the whitehouse however,
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claimed those comments didn't signify a policy shift. the claims job didn't seem to make clear the u. s. commitment to provide high pay with military assistance for self defense. under the taiwan relations. i'm washington added. it stood by the so called one china policy under which only one chinese government is recognized beige ing, which allows for unofficial relations with ty pay, including the sale of weapons. while trying to stress that it's right to defend his territorial integrity should not be underestimated. asian affairs analysts lose quinn believes the u. s. has always been on big us on the one china policy. united states is always trying to contradict or explain different ways about the one china policy in america, official always try to contradict or it's a problem miss. and also try to miss your interpretation of the word, turn a policy and try and us a government has already announced that again. and that was kind of policy. he's
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the main stone on the base. so that the between all countries who are ready to have people, american religion, we're trying to move relations we're trying to, we're trying to policy can not be shaped, cannot be sure. and the conflicts continuing in ukraine. the whitehouse is now seeking to strengthen his ties with asian countries. the job i didn't making his 1st trip to the region as president ortiz ortiz to crew thing has been taking a closer look. with the u. s. seeking to strengthen its position in the in the pacific. the u. s. president joe biden is going to attend that god summit into appeal during his 2 day trip to japan. the visit assumes extra significance in view of the ongoing war in ukraine, which has led to washington pressurizing its allies and regional partners to side
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with the vest rather than russia. we believe that this summit will demonstrate both in substance and in vision. the democracies can deliver and that these 4 nations working together will defend and uphold the principles of a free and open indo pacific. a highlight ask job aiden's visit will be a meeting with india's prime minister, not in the more be on the sidelines of the summit. the u. s. expects to convince drams to more the to said with needle on the ukrainian issue. however, under prime minister mode, the india has so far stayed neutral, dismissing pressure to condemn russia. and he has chosen to redeem strategic independence in both international relations and foreign policy from delivering vaccines and medicine to the world amid the covey crisis and scattered supply chain to the role of a capable nation for peace in the midst of global unrest and conflict,
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india is the new hope of the world today. during the summit, the u. s. is likely to focus on beijing asking all the guard members to stand with it against china. it is not clear whether it will be in complete agreement with the u. s. on china. india has a stand off vit china for the last 3 years on the line of actual control. however, it has elected, do engage with the aging, to find a resolution to dialogue and through diplomacy. india participated in the bricks, meeting of foreign affairs ministers. their india asked china to live up to its commitments on sovereign equality and dated total integrity under law, given trench so far, it looks like india is going to maintain it. strategic partnerships with the western block, as well as the eastern block. instead of building the one or the other site,
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this is article far artie shaw new delhi. well that's how the world is looking for 30 am moscow tie? my name is peter scott on the back with more in about half an hour. see you then. thank you. lou. lisa hunter, russian state will never. i've stayed on the most landscape div us. mm hm. then the king also samson, me could been 55 when a kid on and he's provided speedy when you're calling about this evening. we will van in the european union the kremlin. yup, machine the state on russia.


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