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one sale swoop and it won't hurt the russians, they would just fly their stones to do by that despite is pussy incredible warnings . so different industries, it seems as the e wants to do a full steam ahead with further sanctions. it's already saying that. ringback look, set to approve a sick set of sanctions. hopefully in the next few days. ursula bon delay and the commission president saying that putin has lost his best client in europe. if we would completely cut immediately as of today, off the oil, he might be able to take the oil that he does not sell to the european union to the world market where the prices will increase and sell it for more. now throughout the war and ukraine, as the ear has been announcing new sanction package, often new sanction package. it is said, one thing pretty consistently that the packages of sanctions must harm the russian economy more than they com, the economies here in europe at the moment that doesn't appear to be the case with
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the russian economy being far more robust than expected. however, care in europe, many people are really feeling the price squeeze. and of course we're now getting those warnings from many industries about the devastating impact they could be if there are further sanctions. meaning that many on our questioning, whether the sanctions themselves are even doing their job. charlotte davinsky on a busy news. they keep writing the know by giving us a follow on twitter will make sure you don't miss any of the updates that mater good bye for now. ah, for the new business and you will clean a, b e l does not assume zine jamita comes green when you
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go through it is just such not critical to no ceiling and provide you with stuff such and for emergency operator to consider info with you thrown the with them the probably you're still with she whistle with the system that i'd lose talk to them was shirts not says joe, of you, you live slaves in your productivity a message and not as q, gillian, you speak to you for cuz you always knew was brand new maya took it offline, which was which thorn was put in with nisha bothering you speak to including a j, a c, a provider. got that. okay. i could give her a call to get the provision utilities. i'm assuming, you mean? yeah, i knew well now the postcard from institute always refused to lead me on the claims
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on all of nazis. cooper, student configuration and losing pals to points. briefly call on a should we wait, you wash and you when you call and then when i see them now, but then the but i'm on if it's a honda with that, well, the thing is that the settlement rigor ah, what was happening in the ukraine before february the 24th 2022. and what's happening now was a result of consistency. and systematic planning. blue is to presume as a blues in your stony illnesses, cree, joe, a group. are you listening, caring of dogs, which i am not a whole lot in your throwing up? let's see. sleep, let's see. sweet, big, easy. let's get you. when you get
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a moment put you in the wrong, i think as a bonus that we will cover on, and nobody can throw all of the 1st. i just thought i would live with it. if you seen yesterday, graffiti discovered about commercially, if a new project was worthy repeatedly when they picked up, so that the ball a ripple in with national guard, and the only me ah, this is voted from that in that region shell by the ukranian forces. this is 2014 a. this is 2015. a 20. 16. 2017.
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a 2018. 2019. this rally took place in cave in 20. 19 people with flags and posters went out to protest against giving don bass special status. the protest is present to the president with a letter demanding a will continue lumen me. it's been, it hasn't been guarantee stay i them i at the my little side. oh, you see you do. it's just the things i take. ah, you can, you can when you can watch another demonstration in cave in 2020. the country's leadership welcomes the protesters. ah,
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if you ask home when the people were killed and don bus, people will question, was there anybody killed it? or if we watch now, what happens in the social media and things like that, that is a guided communication mattel, against the russian people ah, which you know, the certainly dealer as a revised invoice if that will trust your school to perform. kelly, i don't really want to keep me, i'm your fear or feel, quarter 0 residence in these regions can identify the munitions, then a shout with just by their sound. she would hear my video. 2 doors near pistol, printer latasha, near rigid and buffer them to distribute the we're brushing is sob still initially . in late 2013 and early 2014, a huge protest was held in keith and it went home for 3 months.
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the end result of mine and 2014 with a kuda chicken homes to move order my dinner. hon. just touching the cereals now got on message his new nurses organiser got rings, courtesy georgia greens grew flustered over him in new york on personnel dollar. daniel prince published process of got all of them and so 9 him are bushes up on them and talk to them for to skip a bully. he got over and was possibly there but he just to go to the speech too. did she get moore's mom? my mom, a new printer, a jewel, with sure newspaper reopening, purchase orders in your source or the video or your online. yes. downloads, or can you read about their instrument, the sawyer implement? that's not a shot of me. nationalist battalions began forming with the banking of right wing
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parties. having started on my dan, they continued their activities at auntie. my dad rallies in a number of ukrainian cities. for sure. for sure. sure. now, my church can trust to you, is it? oh, the people in odessa came up against them all to right group and it resulted in tragedy. working with humans, 3 or 4 different, been a roster, and they were for producer could any principle that is a
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really key here for you to work with this? the chase will be socially need. you said go to g. it opens up the nuclear at the smallest need you got that disability. so you said you put a grassy sweetest and you might use across the dock city can was, wasn't at the time world opinion still considered neo nazi act as crimes against humanity. but it's not true today. for 2 years after the events in odessa, the world remember the victims. but by the idea europe considered it had fulfilled its anti fascist duties. you will find you late to be insured on you. let me try it a new you are not safe. when you those dates on the year. you wrote a book washer by it's on you switch up. many of them was that you still in your body and mrs. look like to know when you, when was with you most people to will push lovely story. you sublist in when you
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said we didn't come until you could put it in on a given my doing is like, oh man he might and rallies also took place in dentist. they called gibbs of the constitution and demanded that the people who protected from fascism on april 7th, 18 president of ukraine to kina made a speech for the disposal of his blue wood which but it was this under tourist fishing as a hood fear. mm hm. um you probably dont have glove cuz you get a book book fair. my station was one of the gift but i was doing the proposal for some norrick. i still grants got to me, i could use to pro issue that you're talking to where i'm supposed to use you, but are you on the $5.00 off a dollar we're going such here, so now work of, oh, scuse me scarlet, but that is dylan. you was so dorothy, she'll erica, go to sleep. it seems that you start to rush each a stop to it loosely. oh, in april 2014 ukraine's leaders started to divide the country's population into us
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and them were krajina, buford kara, or standing the and the coachman still greater than yet i see a little cluster. well, could you to joe or your schedule? carter sub sheila, you store or credit your dose in your i see it got the ru schuman i see, are some, marcia furnished a bull good. that's a studio to turn your show of issuing these photos of people grotesquely tied up. can be seen by anyone, middle to middle mythology, a brunette, register him all the jewish workers, 3 cough. he paused rosco, previously with coast albano lips though, just a woolen i believe i was younger, he would be well, but toyota's wish and when you join him in the bucket, according to your nazis, my okay, he's go bunder roscoe, chillman masika, dora a video of any normal person would find these
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peaches shocking or but any pam this is just mute. you must hear. i genuinely course. a dory sign that says a, a with she mormon crane squab, metalli's more for meal fills. your fresh reason. it's her shoot up. should you was there are both in the studies come summer after world war 2, the atrocities of fascism was still vivid in people's minds. and hearts were heavy shocking documentary film, and photos. exposing naziism was shown at the nuremberg trial for the 1st time with the documentary of unspeakable crimes are now widely available. people who haven't
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forgotten the history can compare the events of 80 years ago. with those of to day . 1934 germany adolf. hitler was appointed chancellor and 25000 stormtroopers. moved in torchlight processions through berlin. vans is his contemporary footage shot in cave. these torches were left in honor of stepan baldera, whose famous for being one of the leaders of the o. u. n. a 1934 the o u n's headquarters became a department of the gestapo. band air, as track record includes plotting the murders of a soviet console and poland minister of home affairs. in 1941, the o you and organized a massacre of the jewish ghetto involved in wishing 87000 people were killed. with a 1943 after the turning point in world war 2, the o u n decided to start gorilla activities and established the u. p. a. flag and
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remains the same. mendera was the mastermind behind the movement. during the war about 100000 civilians and 15000 soldiers fell victim to the u. p. a. and 2010. ben dare was made a national hero of ukraine and such torchlight processions take place every year. used to use the queers to chew area code with tom you to show you are the associates quote on pretty well. i choose which one you put, you might, which will eliminate thoroughly deliveries that will not suit kim's version of this can been little ski, marsh. i was in it, i was doing associates upon a bundle bill. so soon if logan so soon, melbury walton pushed the quote closely. children flucker to crawford porch for blood on their new meds could, don't know at the bill. and i piece in no joke at the river though, i just young and give you union
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a with 2 of them. so they're also in the scenario, you just all know grading. yes, she had bodies at the worst bushes for us, margaret instead of the bushes. oh, sure, jim would association. i pursued bundles not by gears. would sick. i'm sick bundles, not a boat that we can assign is the capriciously. manase is good at the new season.
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you put a she'll, she'll pull shoes, hit the slow gondo spray billamore with the mr. laportia jamiracle with me 70 percent religion percipient putting in my list of jag, alicio all your tutors, abrazzo, and she is sick or muslim from opposite. ah proved to be not the middle wishes images from las vegas. kirk coach don't use gotcha. to moscow? her muscular coma her look what the muscles in washington says, so who so for no good. i was good. i suffered because we didn't business and zines your i. c q u, a garage him. are you herschel blodgett maldonado, nevada, to sure you come on. the cooper georgia. we're close to go to europe. i should wait until i see these children's cam founded under the auspices of the as of nationalist battalion,
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youngster went toward hand to hand combat and more well with children received the same rhetoric as adults. but the explanations was simplified so they could understand them. oh gosh, i thought it was legitimate glasnost long. you want to feel that you part of those are sonya, but all the so what more to go into there is did you meet the more you most chose to more than just all wood and i'm almost crushed to children to be a liability to children. a 3rd, yet it abortion with ability. glory, glad to with again, with the buddy. it will not experimental technical book. italy use is described in detail in history. they didn't have to come up with anything new. it's a time tested method of working with young people who should all come cell 9 you. there's 2 according to go from your corruption from newton,
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each from sage and passport it. but i would say, yeah, now without knowing yeah, the assess of soccer actually. so let's go so that us will body to the sheet and the pre moist. let's do that though, but she was off till day tonight. but the c douglas but coordinates boards with the to assess exclusion world in as one that super r e as a which in it does surely those destroyed an apple install. anya, blemishes, full dumb solution. the shall not dazzle buzz daniel crane. i need the hood new man, keep but you turn you up to the shadow carino. i've gone beyond my boy's court stylish ah. such events hasn't been seen in ukraine for a long time, but it's impossible to forget the courage of the people who died for freedom and the $200.00 plus death camps in ukraine where fascist massey, good people of all nationalities all the people of the soviet union liberated
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ukraine together. they hoisted the banner on the rice, thank together and grieve for their fallen comrades together. victory and 945 over the world's greatest evil united people. and it wasn't questioned anywhere faith. he is a current me cases for michelle's that compatriots and don't bass were killed with a now given to children as souvenirs, a boy pushing you forward with like show river. but i before you just group or sure of mutual gnostic with
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in logan ukraine. they decided to honor the memory of those who earlier been considered traitors. collaborators in u. p. a members only recently acquired some young if don't talk. this would be nice. i would, you, in the chicago, tory british will not look them talks to bill, social depriving ah, nick dor newkirk, the music bureau. so crane some still to though it but i couldn't material meet to a new credit i was eating as he but i'll see you though. i mean, you could give me the school you can you prov, music wolf chemistry, sharon, on to the comment of cut doris nemea came in as to running a parent if she walk. i'm on the when you send me classes and you so hernias could put it in the put them jordan, and by bill them of bishop 3 at the when you will, you think it will she'll when you started up. but the young people have to day on told about the ss command as real plans. the rest is copied with amazing accuracy.
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with the commit that bleach come in like a door hooked at the legalities, gears all to go william from that is. so i'm stuck stretching, my total mortality was my to reach out to cut the broadest lloyd video local but see what the 2 medical sit diploma gene williams wiggly did the joanne key, which is nike the shit. the dumpster on. and me assist with some of the sea build that the doctor. could you not see the would be still meeting on the sienna katara m scenarios? oh yeah, i'm not gonna put those in all a sub boy newgate in the zillow, because i grow you, they, to affiliate the parallel between those principles and current events is clear. are you broke with cd shooters? don't bust bullshit through switch him. you see, keep these huge, which has to go up to suppression. so the, jim's critical procedure to you, which in prostate, you can, over 6 years, i, grove, you or below cortina. kodak stillia will note that did yoni stutter eugene. it
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thumbs up. bill looked at the door to cranes. kish was mankowski battalion, but you more grades can it's and there is teacher. but the young peter brochure, matilda not suitable for his at cro. heaviest of the biggest. so it, it droves neural gam, logged in and said, no, no, she could not a word of you. so he escaped. william, it was flood zone molecules. most of the kid rules will grow unitary. but thanks are now in the open. how the not, oh, somewhat logic. you wonder if some of that the but it's is arnold busch, luca mutinies each the me yeah, it's a b m, you've woven your money. i be of them. the was a sheet men as each of the lead. so a pretty good on them. see, it's them. this dizzying in the, in your god is as sheet nicole, korean them, julia. she would you please fuck the youth. them the creation? yes, it should be nibble it would dug up the more doable year. you see ya to so you put a credit wise and you so that you'd still be of school at all. she,
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julia. yes. let me see. yes. place here. you thrusting through your twain the smeared young ye and let me see them go to roy. she, this is footage from 1941. and this from 2022. the zulu guns region. the ida assault battalion was formerly based here before 2015 . it was a volunteer national battalion, but it later became part of the regular ukrainian army. there are many others and their own alike with the same slogans and cause to action. the main focus is on military and ideological training. such base is not only trained fighters but also kept prisoners. the s b u secret prisons are quite similar. this isn't fiction. to many people have been through them. such crimes are impossible to hide sewage maloof. ah, he energy to live on vasa,
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still dollar. a new toner cut up. still moved on to slips. no, not suit the frequency sampling. anything. what i do was through it to be story coded stature. sure. and little gets histone glued me of thunder solemnly. pillar image of molly opened of prison. awesome gal. her studies, hilaire was officially russia unions. us her eyes off. oh really. why was clues on the dumb odd the approach? surely his boiler and these color kirk of the missouri. it's a booth those sir. put off. would each address, nickel, tory was you know, she was, she nichol from the state of california produced him. interesting because when you also was bul crew martel to go sir walter shows julia the shooting every national took years of art. tiffany his most or on the sound you to is vulnerable to it. mm hm. sure. beauty beach, pretty much should be typical machine learning. your glowing g initial curve also look like. oh, what stalker beach stood out from ago. repugnant. there's also
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a multiple is in your muscle here in the loose or triple spiral composed of t of sucrose for you or to anyone who precaution ease, seals, delaware, route to flu. we'll send you a digital nego. they already original books. we are unable to any journal, so he with us, we didn't me issue for my gun will be the beauty building will to coral, to the q curves. the v producer coaches, will you thank you lucy of thank you, chris. the blue new point of chillers thought it was coming to the on off on the home currency to thought it, which, which human olga it would should chest as nuclear shall not people push teachers to you to put a mon, because a linear snowy divorce look, you school goal was to look at these, but the previous plots is camara saw jeremiah's criteria, which in chastised port is william, don't cla i miss name that's are not enough for marijuana. really douglas is, will claudia glitch in on the post? you not. e exposure will. yeah. when you book and then you'll just leave me
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a little, little clinical. oh sure. go away from premier with video. make it easy, deal you anger and you missed assistance, could control a youth appeal of care. you rushes, kobus. daniel, decent. your bulk of b, b. m. process, the crush mart went to lou discriminating a bus up. i give clarity. could you let them go over the q pushing these to them? still only read them again. you're writing a proposal, gray intervention order. now she goes sure could control them when you loop was to, you'll go over, you. cough is, but tell you on the data. not at the magenta. quit at magic yet. we'll go over it. but she shania bleep cute will be stella. ah, rushing in yet them prosper, could keep the peacefulness that she isn't with me. and that might any trivia can you think daughter, can you deal with what the drum? no, we did any longer, but also i don't know which teasley i know paula doesn't know is that should that jesus don't give me that in the neocons to do so. and then if toyota mean is a cool new with the 2 guys, not able to bonnie, it, in the privacy of the mazda 3, he approaches them. that's his key that says from your own annual mug to diversify
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your shots or just some of you know real old nazis. they had against jews and the fans in the new type of nazis, wagons russians now and one to national life. so to say make, i didn't the red hot burning nationalists of the people we mean deal us result in finance you too and you b, u. s. baton ukraine. got going to that she would though it is granted that there were still but she just was speechless. neither. so philip mclean, ya till is concerned. the persona group, propagandistic nikoto was gonna see to help lumen for months without that additional shooting a bullet. wishing i b. m e animal, a guaranteed on the star only the to put it on you said, you know, shop to make. it would never have grown that far. and that much if the americans had not paid hundreds of millions of dollars to sponsor that. you will. pablo
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though, frequencies director honestly about 32 of those took asa claims calling you and i see them on the roper shatara brenson. your call in us is when yo, yo could have been better. nuclear shared sher near to her quarter of i'm do easy. so good in that. oh great. in the past i will, it's down. it was up with next mika closure for e. it was a such as keep. but jessica has thrown his up and that's trump suddenly, mu chesney can process for me is up in an accordion opportunity, but just given an ssl certificate, but then you cut out a uniform you of to something other promotional stella, jason. oh wisdom. but usually good amounts cannot says, ah, close to the be who 1000000000 she dumped on. she, you know, she could have been that was, can you describe them both personally, but when the actual cream you kind of in your below my check and you clean the
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a does not assume sonya americans grey you, when you are audio video boots, nasa approved in ciocca system, there are a bunch of new chandel riveted monitors up to date. now as long especially about new products as more competitors to though in the booster. ah, a school counselor to push for a situ college, which is sort of shows a trick shooter, which should book an initial brain. pneumonia was done when it was over. she goes, national. susan chicago has crackles in room for sugars. real. mm ah
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ah ah braces the size of a truck and burned down military vehicles as of style is the epitome of obliteration r t films, exclusive drone footage of the devastated landscape of the martyr. you, paul, still does. russian on dpr forces gain full control of the area. also coming up industry leaders predict turbulence for businesses and thousands of lost jobs in egypt as a result of a possible 6th round of sanction said to be imposed by brussels on russia. wimbledon political decision had been russian on beller, russian, tennis players leave. the grand slams reputation, severe.


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