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tv   News  RT  May 24, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk with the size of a truck and then down military vehicles. as of style is the epitome of obliteration r t films, exclusive drone footage of the devastated landscape of the modern both steel plants as russian and dpr forces gained full control of the area. with industry leaders predict turbulent for businesses and thousands of loss jobs in the e as a result of a possible 6th round of functions set to be imposed by brazil on russia. also ahead on the program wimbledon political decision to bon rushing on, beller, russian tennis players leave the ground slums. reputation severely bruised,
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those high profile stars ploy. calcium in the quad summit of nations takes place in tokyo. we look at why the u. s. seems to be the main fishery of the for country organization with broadcasting from our international new center in moscow. this is our t. my name's eton o'neill. good to have your company today. ukrainian fighters who recently surrendered out the adult spell plant will stand trial for the crimes they are accused of going back multiple years. according to the leader of that done. yet republican, the group includes members of the neo nazi i was off battalion. the territory of the plant is not fully under the control of joint russian done yet forces who are currently carrying out a dean mining oper. of course lorry from the historic steegal factory is deemed
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beyond repair, but the city itself is to be restored with the help of st. petersburg. as the 2 were declared sister cities, rti got the chance to exclusively film the sprawling industrial zone from the air and explore that on the surface, you can very clearly see how much damage the russian artillery, the russian air force mortars. how much damage the cost to this place? i mean, look at it. it is utterly devastated. and you can see where the bombs fell. the roof is caved into this building into this absolutely, truly massive warehouse over there to and also you can also get a glimpse into how much the as of neo nazi fighters and the ukranian forces, how much they had in between them and the falling bombs, not just not just concrete, but here, hard steel,
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all of this kept them really, really safe. and now i'm going to give you one of the most vivid examples as to why the as of style fighters could have sheltered in full safety. incomplete safety for however long they wanted. this is a crater left by a truly massive bomb, likely dropped off a jet. and you can see how much damage it made compared to me. it's massive. it's absolutely colossal. but have a look at the concrete there. this is just the upper layer of all the dungeons that, towering down there under ground. so the, it managed to destroy the concrete plate, the very top one. but there are several more each and single floor each. each single floor there is separated and protected by plates exactly like this. imagine how many bombs have to be dropped in one particular spot in a one concrete spot which is already impossible to get to the as of style neo nazis
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and regular soldiers. which, who are hiding and living on the very lower level, the catacombs underneath the as of style steel works, can be explored endlessly. this maze of tunnels doesn't stop surprising. you get from one tunnel, you go straight into another than there's this array of well ladders and staircases and you have no idea what right around the corner. this used to be the headquarters of one of the many units that used to be station here that used to shelter here underneath this plant. there's still a heavy stanch of ash in the air because before leaving, they burned this place. they raised it to the ground. not only did they burn the place, but they also had to drop some weapons. and basically they made them useless. like over here you can see rifles. you can see sheen guns. they did their best so that
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nothing falls in the hands of the nets, people's republic militia. but right now scouting this place. they have already. well got some trophies. we had to climb about 2 stories up to get to this massive place and get what we're still under the surface. we're still under ground . so you can imagine how deep the tunnels go here and they really could have stayed there. and i mean, even bombs dropped from jets, can't get them here. i mean, look at all the concrete. so it is one of the safest places in the world from the catacombs. we finally see the light of day. we had to get some 5 stories up just to get here to the ground level craters, the size of a truck and burned down military vehicles, as of style is the epitome of obliteration. and the metaphor to the fate of
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everyone who is sheltering underneath the places annihilated by the russian jets and artillery of the nets, people's republic. oh, okay, so i'm breaking news to bring you this are police and emergency services in the u. s. state of texas are currently heading to an elementary school in the city of you vall, they were there has been gunfire. reported, law enforcement is on site right now. the district is secure, they say, but at warning to parents to not pick off your students at this time. no information as yet on possible casualty numbers in the city of you've all day in texas will keep you updated with any news coming in. as regards stops and when we get it on our french clear and has become the 1st pro to openly boycott, the prestigious wimbledon tennis tournament that comes after the sports. all this
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grand slam was stripped of its player ranking points due to its decision to ban russian and bell or russian players from this years event over the conflict in ukraine, ortiz don quarter told me more. a lot of high profile tennis players are very upset with this. with the fact that ranking points are going to be dropped at wimbledon. this year after the former world's number one tennis player naomi soccer heard that heard this news. she decided that perhaps she's going to bow out of the tournament altogether. this year. i would say like, the decision is kind of affecting like my mentality. going into gross like 100 percent. sure. if i'm going to go there, it's kind of like, i don't want to see pointless, no pun intended. but the other reason these ranking points were dropped has to do with wimbleton ban on russian and bell russian players at the tournament this year . and based on what we heard from osaka,
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it looks like this could have serious consequences for the sport as a whole. and that's why the men's tennis association expressed regret when it said it had to drop these points. the decision by wimbledon to ban russian and bella, lucy and players from competing in the u. k. this summer undermines the principal and the integrity of the a t p ranking system. it is with great regret and reluctance that we see no option but to remove a t p ranking points from wimbledon for 2022. and it looks like that regret is warranted because wimbledon is now because of this decision facing a boycott. top french tennis player lucas actually became the 1st player to outright refuse to participate in this year's tournament. he said that the dropping of the ranking points extended what was originally just an injustice for russian and bella, russian players who were banned, that this extended, that in justice to the rest of the players, were still allowed to compete. i was in no way associated with his decision, which i do not agree with. i understand the frustration of the russian players and the injustice of it. but now there is an injustice for $240.00 players instead of
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12. it was never unanimous decision that i know we don't even know if there was a vote. in any case, all the players i have spoken to are against it. now on top of that, the world's current number tennis player, novak joke of, ich said that wimbledon came to the wrong decision. he said that the torment administration had other options i could pursue, but the side decided not to. we also heard from the u. k. is number one, tennis player cameron, norry, he said that this is going to really discourage top players from participating this year and make it look more like an exhibition that was the all his own words that he used there. so clearly this is upsetting a lot of players, this mixing of politics and sports, we're going to see just to what degree it's going to backfire on tennis as a whole. lie spoke to sports column as alan mercer on this story. he believes wimbledon reputation has been damaged by its decision to bon russian on ballad russian players. to fact that then they bond with you real basis. just know based
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on law of finding these players come better osha and from russia. it really said a huge shock way to attend the community. and as you know, i went to work for monday when use in rational times players. i've had feedback from 30 pros, past and present from different countries, including ukraine and of course course as well on every single one of you see, for people who would probably get a game just like our co park is where you want to be. players are going to follow differentially a lead and they might just actually pull out because when i find the point, you can other story we're across to day a summit. so the sodium coordinations, japan, the u. s. s. trillion and india is under and reiterated their goals of establishing a, quote, free and open into pacific. the leaders of the 4 countries agreed to work closely on the framework, essentially a that's kind of drink growing chinese influence in asia. the paper is jo biden's,
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new economics says international rules on the digital economy and supply chains among other issues. earlier i spoke to ortiz worlds apart, who stock some the biden administration is pretty clear that they, they see this initiative as a sort of, an alternative to the difference is that the americans are only talking about values, primarily, do political values present button and specifically said that side countries share our values in order to oppose governments that don't share our bellies. but the way difference from the chinese in initiative is that the chinese use they come with real resources. they do projects that actually benefit people's life and whether or not it benefits china, your political agenda, of course it dives, but it also offers something to people on the ground. there is some element of the win win. whereas the new grouping that americans are suggesting is going to bring is an open question. it's like, you know, it's,
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it's all very abstract at this point. india pm moody, standing up as he has done for quite some time thing. we're not taking sides, it's indian interest 1st in terms of mutually beneficial cooperation. therefore, between the u. s. and these countries, it's not going to, you know, combat against the test of time. is it going to last up because that's a big divide at the moment? it depends on how the americans will proceed. and the problem with the american approach is that they always put that interest 1st and never consider the interest, so not only their enemies, but even that the allies and as abstract as the framework seems to be again dividing the ministration stress, and that it needs to bring huge benefits to the american families, to the american businesses, in many observers in the region for the fact that it is primarily designed to make the american goods in the region more competitive. because it's hard for the
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american producers to get into the asian markets because of the high value of the, your dollar. but again, this agreement doesn't offer anything concrete to those countries. it doesn't offer a privileged access market. it's not the trade agreement. among the reaction we heard on this story was from former indian foreign minister conwell sybil, and say, new delhi will continue to resist imposing sanctions, which are being pushed by the us against any country. and has never sent from us. but left a sanctioned us for years and years and years critical issues. are there no best of india joining in anything against russia? our policy is very clear that india will abide by any sanctions which are approved by the united nation security. so if at any stage against any country,
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sanctions involved with the approval of the united nations, india will not be a body too much short of that in thousands of jobs. last than major jolts for european factories bouts the worry of industry leaders and the precious stones and car production business all they say with little to no consequences for moscow. that's us. you leaders prepare a 6th round of sanctions on russia targeting fossil fuels. ortiz, europe correspondent, charlotte dubin ski picks up the story. when he saw the surgeon house sold energy prices was bad enough, and then to add on to that, the increasing basic goods. then you may want to walk away from your screen right now because the warnings coming from certain industries about the future of the european economy. if the block continues with its sanctions against russia is
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pretty devastating. this will start off with, with the car industries with manufacturers such as b, m, w, and also volkswagen. suggesting that further sanctions could see the entire industry grind to a halt or industry accounts for around 37 percent of german natural gas consumption . not just b. m w, but the entire sector would come to a standstill. i think we should do the utmost to really stop this war and get back to negotiations and get back to trying to open up the world again when it could be time to slap up a call before those production holes. but it's not just that warning from the car industry. we're also hearing a pretty similar warning coming from the diamond industry. now at the moment, there are new sanctions against russian diamonds being imported. but sanctions that have been imposed by the u. s. a set to cause a problem already in the supply worldwide. so much so that the heart of the diamond
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industry here in europe in am to up in belgium is suggesting that they could be wide by bankruptcy and major job losses. and all experts say, for new reason, by banning russian stones, we would only be cutting our own flesh. it would cost $10000.00 jobs in one fell swoop, and it won't hurt the russians. they would just fly their stones to do by that despite is pussy in quite a warning. so different industries, it seems as the e wants to do a full steam ahead with further sanctions. it already saying look, set to approve a sick set of sanctions. hopefully in the next few days, ursula bon delay and the commission president saying that putin has lost his best client in europe. if we would completely cut immediately as of today, off the oil, he might be able to take the oil that he does not sell to the european union to the
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world market where the prices will increase and sell it for more nuts rotten worn ukraine as the e u has been announcing new sanction package, often new sanction package. it has said one thing pretty consistently that the packages of sanctions must hom, the russian economy. more than they calm the economies, hey, in europe, at the moment that doesn't appear to be the case with the russian economy being far more robust than expected. however, here in europe, many people are really feeling the price squeeze. and of course we're now getting this warnings from many industries about the devastating impact they could be if there are further sanctions. meaning that many on our questioning, whether the sanctions themselves are even doing their job. the 3 baltic states along with slovakia, calling for $300000000000.00 of russian assets currently under sanctions to behind the to you create according to media reports the quarter want the funds to be used
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to rebuild the country and boost key of military capabilities. we must now identify legal ways to maximize the use of these resources is a source of funding for both the cost of ukraine's continued efforts to withstand the russian aggression confiscation of state assets. such as central bank reserves or property of state owned enterprises, has a direct link in effect. in this regard. the key village is $600000000000.00 is needed to rebuild the country. and frozen russian foreign reserve would cover half of the mode the european commission that said it would look into the possibility of seizing russian assets canada the united states. so previously called for this same measure german politician out. so she ologist martin, doctor said, if the seizures go ahead, it'll simply lead all sides, donna, dead end instead of solving the issue. if you bring something forward like that, it's a new step of escalation, the conflict. and of course,
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it's kind of he's, he's ation in the normal order. it's leading into a dead end and. busy to my mind, if you want to solve the conflict, you're now listen to the transatlantic ideas. if you think in the european way you're doing own policies. and so the french and the german government to protect the european society of comical crisis, which is all ready to writing in a very harsh rate. and they shall start the honest dialogue to stop the war and not follow ideas which only lead to into the next that and for their own economy in europe. and which lead into that. and in the way of closing the negotiation, which is not really open, but if you want to open a threat to take measures of dialogue and not measures of escalation on russia is
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not the only target of seeking to seize the revenue of others. poland prime minister has taken a slip at norway saying about the expected 100000000000 euro and energy profits this year for a nation of 5000000 people is on just to, to the call, not the me. i drove as norway indirectly lives on the situation related to the events in ukraine, but they must sharing the surplus profit from oil and gas seating the annual average in recent years. you don't know that the small 5000000 state of norway will exceed 100000000000 euros, that they must immediately share the surplus gigantic profit. this is abnormal and unfair. norway has rejected poland goals, those low se, despite it increase in norway's income from oral exports. during the conflict, the country's economy is suffering due to stock market falls while citizens are facebook rising prices for electricity and fuel. alexander, publish again, say such calls them from western faith needing more money to keep financing. great
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. they want the norway to contribute to, to the war f. one more. and since poland is since poland is spending a lot of its own citizens money, i mean the polish government on helping the war and stoking the war in ukraine. i'm sure that you know they're feeling it and they want someone else to help them finance this very, very expensive adventure. they need money and not just poland, but you know, the americans, the british d, e u, they all need more money for in august this ukrainian adventure, which is setting for disaster. so they are pretty much racketeering. whoever the gang, norway, norway, of course, they're part of law. they're part of an excel and they're, you know, they are not innocent in all this, but, you know, now they're just paying the price for being part of that club. and, you know, folks, definitely i money is needed and they're trying to get it from wherever they jack.
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ah, well, throughout the conflict in ukraine, kiev has repeatedly accused russia of committing atrocities. but despite often being unable to verify the claims, western media outlets have been all too willing to run the stories. here's our senior correspondent, morocco, steve. ukraine, without a doubt, has become a public relations superpower at designs. fashioned spreads narratives, information and beef information in such volume and with such reach that it is simply astounding. and less than governments and media which enabled us have become willing megaphones for this propaganda machine was shameless as it is. the dead boy is among dozens of alleged child rape victims, which include 210 year old boys triplets, age 9, a 2 year old girl raped by 2 russian soldiers and a 9 month old baby who was penetrated with
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a candlestick in front of its mother. according to ukraine's commissioner for human rights and don's pass journalists would ask questions like, did this really happen or is this as it appears? war, propaganda on steroids. but that's in times past these days, whatever you cry and says, you just reprint with an ident up. we can't check, verify, or confirm any of ukraine's claims somewhere near the end. like the time that you can claim that russian troops booby trapped children's beds all like the claims that a ukrainian grandma down the russian drone with a jar of pickles or tomatoes, which made it to the front pages of once. reputable media outlets. the thing is with propaganda, as on the hinged and unquestioned as these while it card last. eventually people get tired of being treated like idiots and journalists to look,
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i respect those who take ukraine side in this war. they have a valid point of view which i happened not to share, but what i object to is the holy one sided nature of public opinion. here it is so bad that it is a positive disadvantage to know anything about the subject. unlike russia much as required to check and approve and verify, thrice. and using that, it says the brilliance of ukraine's propaganda machine is that it is shameless. it knows that whatever it says will get reprinted, it knows that it can get away with saying the most unlikely. and outlandish things . as irony here, ukraine lies to the west, which is only fair because the west lied to ukraine in 2021. we kept reiterating that ukraine was going to join. we kept saying that, so our diplomats are line. yes. so yeah, that's the real world guys come on, but you know,
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when say our diplomats are lying all the time yet the russians who trust them when they offer assurances, we can only wonder what we will be in this mess. would this conflicts even have started if they hadn't lied, hadn't lied to russia about not expanding nato, hadn't lied to ukraine promising it membership. but they did, and somehow they must now make it all rushes fault, the media in the u. s. and generally speaking, the propaganda of the department of state is maybe the only thing more powerful than the weapons. the pentagon themselves have access to. we understand that in this country, the press is entirely owned by a small group of very wealthy individuals. and those people have connections to weapons firms, to the gosh, an oil industry, and all the people who really stand to gain from
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a longer and more intense war in ukraine. joe biden has written a piece on flooding or zalinski for time magazine, written him as one of the most influential people of the year. the u. s. president says his counterpart has left his mark on world history in precedence. lensky, the people of ukraine have a leader worthy of their bravery and resilience as citizens across the country. shopkeepers and soldiers, tailors and truck drivers fight for their homes and their freedom. but maybe should be pointed out that ukraine's parliament recently studied a draft. phil, which would have allowed army officers to execute their soldiers if they refused to follow orders or abandoned their post. it was proposed by an m p from mister zelinski political party and was later rejected. does it lead to an i cry inside the country? the idea came against the backdrop of a growing friend of ukrainian soldiers flaming kia for providing insufficient
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training and equipment. would you political as john mark to getting, say, western media outlets would be unlikely to investigate that story. that doesn't fit the normative us regard. mentoring media is going to do whatever it can to, to protect the landscaping, to protect the bye, didn't ministration. they are absolutely complicit in the crimes of what has been happening in ukraine because you know what, the, the media, they are supposed to be. watch dogs of government. ok. they are supposed to be the people that hold government accountable and they are absolutely not doing this very, very important role here is absolutely nothing that has been real journalism about what the west is written about the war and ukraine. there's absolutely nothing, i mean i,
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i've been on 5 trips to ukraine to verify information for myself and on us, on none of those trips, if i ever met a western journalist because they don't want to come, they don't want the truth. oh ok. returning to breaking news, this are police an emergency services in the u. s. of texas are responding to reports of gunfire at rob elementary school in the small city of u. valley. that's some 77 miles west of san antonio. both police and officials in the school district have confirmed there's an active shooter under asking people to stay away. there's reportedly been at least one person injured while the shooter is said to have barricaded himself inside the school. building the city civic center will be used as a meeting point where parents are expected to be able to pick up their children. okay, website will keep you abreast of all developments on that website. just
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a click away as always, fresh content like the discussions to be fun there as well. why don't leave a comment or 2 while you're there. always good to hear what you're thinking goodbye from ah, with ah, north atlantic alliance, reconnaissance aircraft, and walsh's cruising close to russia's borders have become commonplace.
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along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders every year a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of.


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