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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 25, 2022 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ah, ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . while the west maintains its anti russia rhetoric and backed up with evermore sanctions, the position of official kid is not so clear when addressing the davos crowd do cranes zalinski called for negotiations. one of his chief negotiators refuted this . so where does he have stand with cross talking official care, i'm joined by my guess, margaret kimberly in new york. she is executive editor of black agenda report in paris. we have rachel mars and she is a political columnist, strategist and talk show host. and in hong kong we have angel juliano. he is a political in financial analysts or across sac rules in effect,
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that means he can jump in any time he want. and i always appreciate, ah, let's go to our guest in hong kong 1st here. i mentioned day davos in my introduction, zalinski talking about there has to be negotiations. also. his chief negotiate refuted that immediately after the ukrainian president said, henry kissinger is someone i usually don't invoke in this program. but he was also at davos. he said, the conflict with russia must end in 2 months, or it will spiral out of control. so negotiate or not to negotiate. and someone that i don't have a whole lot of respect for, for his political history, but his intellect is something you have to deal with here. so a, where do we stand and all of this here go head in hong kong. ah, well, peter, this is olga rhetoric. we should look at facts, not, not the words here. and in these knots is says ellensby is clearly not willing to negotiate. and we have to as actually challenger, easy really, the one our we all know that these pressed by neo nazis. and you have
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a soul washington that have the last say, so he's, you know, the power has been hijacked since 2014 in ukraine. ukrainians have no say ukraine is not a subbing state. it's not that democracy. a, you have a part of the population. a russian population is a 2nd. our 2nd grade citizens death by and parties to have been made. yes, it is clear enough that democracy is so we need your challenge who's, who is in power here and it's probably the decisions are taken in washington. zelinski is never change. his job is still the same. he's an actor, he's a comedian. and he is a script and the script is written by the ca. okay, well ours pretty sustained there and that's something i've been thinking for quite a long time. let me go to margaret here. i mean, one of the interesting things is that we have a riff with a, with within the western ally. and so with the bow, a french president, a crown kind of on his own. but ineffectual, i would say largely, um,
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is that no negotiations and the french presence has always at least keep talking here. all along events are playing out. western media doesn't want to talk about the true state of a military affairs and ukraine. the vast majority of the ukranian army is in the east and it's being absolutely crushed, though that's not being mentioned. i suppose that $40000000000.00 griff that's bit there. started with washington. they hope will change it. but are all in this is where we stand, right? now, and i'm really glad that we heard this is not about democracy because we know light austin, the defense secretary said his, the u. s. position is to weaken russia, so the mask is come off. this is where we stand. we stand at war without anyone invoking it yet? go ahead, margaret. yes, it's some. yeah. you're absolutely right. i anyone really knows what they're talking about. knows that ukraine is losing. so we, when we hear about this equipment that's going to be sent there and, and we have to point out, you know,
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a lot of this equipment takes weeks or even months to learn how to use. if the army is being destroyed, ukraine is taking huge casualties. so it's turned into a big surprise, a cash cow for the military industrial complex that was never really about carrying about ukraine. the object of this war is, as the defense secretary said, to try to weaken russia, which is not going to happen. russia's military is stronger than ukraine, obvious, of course, they were a going to win all this talk of russia being a gas station masquerading as a country. and all these stupid comments obviously are untrue. they are impoverishing the entire world in a futile effort to try to weaken our russia economically. there has to be negotiations, but i worry because biden, and his team of amateurs don't have a plan b. it let's, let's expand upon that rachel here because what i do see here is mission creep.
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okay. and it's when it really no coincidence that the griffith of afghanistan was over last year. and now, even though that the sums of money are getting more and more similar, there are people in washington talking about $3.00 trillion dollars. that should light should go off in your brain there. that was what the afghan griff cost is here. i mean, it did, it seems like there's very few winners in this at all, and mostly people on the ground all across the globe are the biggest losers. of course, the arms manufacturer is a lobbyist, the, the hunter biden's ups. it's world. they make money off of it. go ahead. rachel, you know, i think peter, that maybe mission creep in the ultimate objective to this whole thing. because it seems like the objective on the part of the united states, which really has no interest in putting attention this party. this party is to divide ration from the year and seems to be working obviously and also
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prolong this complex so that russia is tied up and can't get involved in other activities when the main focus or at least that's those are the objects. but i think the reality is that this is going to all be dictated by economics and largely from europe. because my whole is already starting to ignore the 2 are friends of all the fact that the capital on forever. we saw that the italian prime minister at the foreign ministers meeting last friday, trends table of 4 point plan per piece here doesn't seem to be too interested in it . but the fact that he even brought that up just that he's probably disgusted with his counterpart here. in europe and there probably some work for it. and the fact that he presented it officially to antonio gutierrez, who secretary general, the united nations, who's already made a trip to moscow to just that maybe there's some interest in having him bring it
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forward and see what can be done with it. the fact that he doesn't seem to be interested in it right now, it's probably largely a factor of just the reality that united states and you're seem to still be somewhat behind it. but that's all a dairy. and unity we can do is keep in touch on that point. this solid area is each of this week. i think we could see things started to change. yeah, it says it's interesting. the point that i'm, let's go back to hong kong and angela. it's very interesting that this whole idea of solidarity there are, there is a level of western fall dirty. but if you look at, you know, you're in hong kong, i, by the way, i mean it, this effort to isolate russia. but if you look at it broadly, it's the europeans and the american allies are getting more and more isolate people just not on board for this. okay, i'm sorry, maybe a came out in the last news. i will say we're not getting involved. we're not get involved with this. you know, this is your fight. ok. the indians feel that way. obviously the chinese feel that
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way. um, if the issue is to isolate itself, isolation and europeans were never supposed to be hurt by sanctions. there are being hurt more by site these sanctions than russians, at least at this point. go ahead. well, what the leading here is. busy i think we should look more globally, this transition between a, from a going from a uniform, a world she a multiple, a worth in. i think this was her. those countries day they were the didn't improvised. the position of india probably was talked. they did talk to each other in i think this is the time the timing is, is and how can i say i could, how can i put it? i think it's a combined effort from the global soft, the reaction the hair is, is coordinated. and i think i think china worked a so closely with russia to prepare to what we're living here. keep in mind that or, or everything that we're living right now, the in ukraine enter. so in taiwan,
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you have, i think that the papers and for example, the rank operation, they already planned that they talked about of window of opportunity between 2015 to 2025 where they. ringback contain china and part of containing chinese contain russia. so the 1st step is, contain russia. so you can actually, so you can, um, because russia is, it gives a lot of oil and gas to, to china. and then the last, the last goal is china. and you see, i mean the stutter coincidence that you have by than no, that is are going to sell korean and japan, she begged and she's ju, ju, ju, had them in she containing china. well, i think go to margaret. i think binds trip is very comical. i mean, they, they, they want to get the chinese on board against russia, but they're going, he's going around the pacific rim, the rim to trying to create an alliance against china. i mean, this is a childish,
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a juvenile thinking here. i really don't know who's coming up with these plans here, but i mean, i don't think the chinese watching all this take it very seriously or whatsoever. go ahead in new york. well i, of course, they don't, no one does. i. i, i find it amusing that the u. s. can spend all these years accusing china of having concentration camps and all manner of things and trying to a cause, a disruption in hong kong, and then turn around and expect china to turn against their strategic ah, partner. so yes, this trip is going to be a failure. none of these countries wants to be used the way ukraine is being used. excellent point. excellent point. yes and, but you're trying to do that to taiwan. it just astounds me that having had ukraine blow up in their faces, they're now trying to replicate their failure with tie wine. this administration is
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incredibly dangerous biden. his i did not vote for him, i never supported him, but he is 10 times worse than i thought he would be. that he has gone from creating one disaster to trying to create a new one. but i think people need to see it's the u. s. that's isolated, it's not russia. the rest of the world is telling the u. s. know, you have little vassal states like the u. k. and the other european countries, they're the only ones going along with this calamity of washington's making. well, if it's very interesting, because very few people and particularly in western miti, whatever i'll describe that is the case here. but, you know, the, you're absolutely right. in the 2nd part of the program, i want to talk about the costs and sacrifices that have to be made for this policy and the dangers that are down the line here. i'm gonna jump in here. we're going to go to assure breaking up to that short break. we'll continue our discussion on official can't stay with us.
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ah, ah ah, nice to come to the russian state will never be outside as i'm phoning most. 19 davis with 55 with will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup, machines. the state aren't russia today and spoke r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest and
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with a with, with you. i'm with
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royal hope to talk with ah, wage and still the we would you cause to political credit is going to boot beach still easier for this patient, but in the border with b e. l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human
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beings except where such order is it conflict with the 1st law, show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is too great trust, rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a welcome back across like where all things are considered. i'm peter, let's remind you. we're discussing official kids. ah.
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okay, let's go back to rachel and parents. i used the term official care because a genuflecting to our guest in on kong is it because of the result of the illegal change of power and i in care of in 2014 as why i call it official care. i, rachel, rome, russia must not be allowed to when this is the mantra that we hear through the halls of power in the west, but they're not going to lose this. that's for sure. why? because it's considered existential here. and this is what the, the part, the problem of western policy is, is that they don't want to see russia when, but russia knows that it cannot lose. that is a situation that is direly dangerous. go ahead, rachel. well, i think at this point, all they're interested in doing here in the west is just tying up russia destroying the european economy, which obviously europe isn't willingly going to do. why re telling how i,
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i want to know why, why? i mean, that is the question, i can't get my head around god. why? well, because the people who run the showing brussels have an ideological ax to grind against russia. and for some reason we have this, we're kind of math, syria, math courses on the part of our leaders, where they are no courage on the part in any of them to really stand up and say, hey look, you know what? we shouldn't be doing this, this might be american john the america. why, but it's really productive for us. instead, they all just pop more like we've seen and it was pretty much everything else and we're going to be stuck with the bill. well, the big economic and military engineers of the you, frank, germany, and that doesn't mean the leader that they have no problem. they get advice, cars, they get there, you know, there are a lot of salaries,
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they don't really have to worry about. much like there's so much the ground, they're not ready about their prices. stephen, here in the french election, running for office, couldn't even tell the media when asked what the, what the latest price bag. yet what you think people really care about, what we're doing, what's on the ground and average citizens. and you know, all they care about is their id, like the judge, and they are really hell bent, achieving it. yeah. rachel isn't quite curious that, that i would agree. but you know, the united states it's, it's rubbing his hands with glee that they, at least this point in time. they have had gemini, over a year, a big, you know, they got everybody in line. they get to get rid of sergeant chilton, germany real quick. they don't like social democrats. ok, we'll get rid of him. ok. and we'll see what. ok. but then what's it worth? what is the price worth when its productivity will go to 0? what is the price of europe if it's worthless? rachel? well, well, i didn't know about what's going on right now,
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is you can learn by looking about what happened last fall when france got screwed up in the summary and your summary, you know, with australia united states, which john didn't grab that you were talking tens of hundreds of billions of dollars over many, many years. huge deal price economy. and so that price military industrial complex . and at the time they were fresh, young girls who are telling me france should really just pull out a desk. they should really discuss because they just read over by the united states and realize what the background you he's that was for a little bit of help in this region where they're trying. yeah. anyway, has to just be kicked out of molly's actually got empty handed and what do you do that they're in charge. so that's all you really need to know about european leadership and how they're handling everything. these of, you know, well, angela, me go to you and hong kong dukes and to continue with rachel saying, you know what, why didn't sergeant schultz, that's what i call them in germany,
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because that's how i essentially, it comes to washington. d. c gets insulted to his face and he smiles. ok, then he got, it comes to moscow and he says, you know, words of genocide and, and ethnic cleansing and don bass is laughable. well, what kind of german chancellor talks like that given germany's history? but anyway, is so, you know, we have the french really agree about that deal, then you know, you, the americans essentially want germany to turn off. it's, it's an industry. so why don't the french and the germans say, yeah, we're out of nato. what this is your gig, we don't want it rachel's right, there's no courage, no intellectual courage in the european union. go ahead in hong kong. i think it's very important to, to put into the context. i mean, what is the you, how was the you created your, the e u. s. a u. s. initiatives after what we're, we're to a gentleman who us oscar c. that should be the father of the e. you was on the payroll of the cia. so the
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e u was an initiative from the us to better control europe. so you see the process after what were you, you had a gradual loss of sovereignty in democracy because europeans had no say the elect, some people that go to brussels, but then you are, we don't elect vaughn de leon. she was nothing like that by me as i'm italian. no, i didn't elect the line is done behind closed doors. so it's a, it's an entity which is extremely undemocratic, which is controlled by the lobbies, or they have no say, normally normal times you would have france and germany to take the decisions when it takes when it comes to foreign policy. here we see clearly that the e we sticking to the, the decisions well, and i mean, if you can do that, so we should respect the, they're not democracy in ukraine and ignore democracy in the european. now, i mean, no one is ever voted for the super state that they want to create. they will never put it up for
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a vote because it won't pass. okay. and when they have referenda don't pass, they have another one until they finally get what they want. that's their diminished understanding of democracy. margaret were wrapped rapidly running out of time. you know, one of the things that's happening and maybe this is exactly what these leads want . they want to complete breach of breaking russia away from europe. well, that's in the cards. and irrespective of how this military operation in ukraine is settled, there is a breach here that will be a, a new cold war for generations within s here. will rush has got other things to do . the world doesn't to stop for, for the west. okay. go ahead. no, it doesn't, and i, you know, that's part of the, the danger of the united states. we have these people who are simply delusional. they think that, and i'm, i'm sure the sections of have aren't sure. but if not with a things going to happen, ah, the value of the ruble is going up. they have increased pain all over the world, rising fuel prices rising food prices,
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food shortages throughout the global south nations will, who can least afford to go through this. and for what, for a vein dream that they can weaken russia or break up rush or contain rush, or their big fantasy is to get another yeltsin in power. so they can uh, pick rushes resources apart at will, none of which is going to happen. and there has to be someone in this world who is thinking clearly, who knows this is all of us really dangerous fantasy. and that will stop this destruction that the u. s. and b, it's vassals in europe are, are behind. and yes, this break is irreparable. but russia is prepared now to turn its back on europe, and we'll see how well the u. s. takes care of europeans, even those that do whatever it wants it to do. you know, rachel, it, we've been out the food shortages have been brought up here. this is
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a very real thing, so i suppose it's a rhetorical question on my part. so to weaken break up russia, it's, it's, it's, we're seeing the world starve. and that, that as is the level of cynicism. ah, well we, we've seen what's happened in worms where it be nice day security. we saw what happened. let me pull that back. gamma scan, a rush. and what's happened there since we saw the state which they left to rock and other countries in latin america. i don't think that's really a big consideration, the higher key priority with rachel. i thought it was the rules based order and the west is morally superior to every one, you know, and they invoke, well, they do it sporadically. international law. i mean, it's really quite amazing. let me and go to hong kong here it's, it's, it's really quite amazing to me that they put on these errors all the time. but it
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only when it serves their political, economic, and financial interests, it all the rest doesn't really matter. rachel brought up a huge great examples of western virtue when the world go ahead. well, i think the virtue should be, it should be about tangible results or the west. they, they sell you the idea. you know, it's, it's just a, it's a, it's a fig democracy, a democracy should be, the legitimacy should come from, from the satisfaction of people. i've lived in china 27 years. i talked to chinese, they're happy with the system. it doesn't need to please me. it please needs to please them 95 percent according to howard university study. 95 percent of people are happy with the c p. c, y, because if the livery is the living, you know, people are looking for tangible results in the west is premises. it's about showmanship is above the politicians that he's going to make the, the promise i'm expecting. and he's never gonna delivery. and that this is what
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we're living, the faith, democracy of the west and in asia, they're not naive. they don't want that system because it, it doesn't deliver it. margaret did that. i'm glad that we were witnesses. what we heard from angel here. i mean, the way i look at very broadly is this is the, the failure in the end of neo liberalism. and this is kind of a last gasp here. it's really a when you, when we look at this gambit with ukraine, which is all intentional, this could have easily, easily been avoided. and we're talking about i a containing china. this is their last throw of the dice here because they are a multi polar world is here and it's something these people cannot except go ahead margaret, you know, they cannot accept it. and i, i just wanted to add about this. they, they love to use the word democracy even as they undermine the people at every stage. you know, here in the u. s. biden has broken every campaign promise. every single one. they are so cynical they know what people want and that's why they make the promise. but
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when they get into office, there is, there's always a dog and pony show and a good cop bad cop to explain away their failures. but it is a unit point polar world, there is no turning back. but i again have to say, i fear that these people who are running u. s. foreign policy. don't know that they don't have a plan b. this is their role of the dice to try to keep the game going. but the only way to keep it going is to do something dangerous. we need people who have common sense, who can say that we must have peaceful coexistence with other countries. this notion of controlling the whole world will doom us all to failure at the very least and war at the worst. yeah. yeah. we would, we don't deserve these leads that that's for sure. are and all the time we have here many, thanks them i guess in new york, paris and in hong kong. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at archy, see you next time, remember, articles?
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