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assist ukraine with more military power, they'd like to see more sanctions past. so we just feel as if there is this big disconnect at the moment between what many states want and what of course the new is trying to do. we also heard from the european commission president davis this week. this is ursula on delay in saying that you know what happens in ukraine. it must result in ukraine winning. all of this, of course, could come to a head as you members meet next week for that summit. once again, the war in ukraine is likely to dominate those discussions. a recap of the momentous events of 2014 in ukraine next, when a crew on seated the government alone, least 8 years of conflict in use or documentary might done wrote to war, gets going ah,
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well, the west maintains its anti russian rhetoric and backed up with ever more sanctions, the position of official kit is not so clear when addressing the davos crowd ukraine zalinski called for negotiations. one of his chief negotiators refuted this . so where does he have stand? dude and my daily liquidity for what was shown a portion of my down, you know, pretty shy a court. where did you wanna do a shuttle not to work with a question, not in the totally she really surely was new. please know. i put the most of them will be stupid with the free i'm to consider. so only goes forgot to send it to me . so home like will you be for me for that?
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it took them quickly unicoi without us because she she knew me yet. oh. the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the coups outcome people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities. there had been protests in krakow odessa. mario pope and zappa irosia mass protest broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crime me and citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. i did march 2014 crimea, rejoined russia. oh, chester screaming. you splitting your one too much, was miss corridor cross, which is your there is a d, a g, or is it there with a seasick? can you remember little dog anyway? criminal muscle or chest of crackers or patrols, care or dish. tuesday badger floods. mantle his port orange,
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a call from us on a nationalist trying to surprise pro russian public sentiment with extreme violence. on may, the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bloodbath. here with logical fit. all my with move about a fee of 9 years. fulltime would your credit? no. would you mind if um would you put you in? is adrica no, for the most of the year. holla, harkell squire, we talked a year for your car. one you proof of the bulk of it. i just thought you mean the show pawn from watch a,
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a delaney board. you're on to my la, you proceed to live this here because all my apologies to the national is masha pro russian activist, 10 camp at cooley, cova feel under hunting down those hiding in the nearby trade union building. mm all they sent the building on final being finished off. i radicals would be killed and about $300.00
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with us we can do for them. so grading procedure, unless the will be a has done you know, your order to book with us. daniel let when you move, that is no draft abrazzo to what i'm telling them or whatever. so my getting them is that only meal stories like are they are a few teaching. yeah. yeah. we get to pull just a really voice. what american history for you? yes. new phones when he got a pop off, what you put the most a nipple chart because it took a month from now both both cheated. pick us up, don't store. i mean, you're sure to weapon you the listening good. that the quick us,
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when you want us to read you post a little b, w, a live person who do you call a couple of my to a brochure? goes on, which means when you get on, boom, boom, boom would get those would be what on board with a bunch ridge, zachary, i'll pursue them where you have you can you by meters or what do you see a little bit? okay. just want us to stay in b as a vehicle or will in the problem. oh, you know, when you seen a pro, now this is tammy, is born, eat come cues, collect your leaves to it. losing of the deal in the bill as
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a nightmare. that the washtub, we use the juices of the me to just good price. you can us to stay in your muscles . good little to peach carry with buffers, honey, which shall not the bullet because much she will you give us talk or story short czar new pediatric you can watch that. you could just has to be a fellow postal parts. soft moist. she is this. michelle. when you're
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a multicultural bescham motion to look brazilian push to reduce the georgia tech. so grass coaches for which will that the credit group are going to his shaw scope or machine usually will get to for programs. kick go out, is just play at them for you. give me a shout, kramer kramer. i'm with smith for i got wanted to share issue use a visa with when you get my done the most compelling you pretty good. you can keep it as possible in the middle and he may also, but just thought of to him is like a graph of your machine is going to, i'm going to do so when you, when you might, you confess, you said you wanted to create a new preview then your son, you put, you will be what not. by that time, alexandra hust special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups. i,
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i hm. mm. mm. mm. mm. with when you go to school, when you get over a not a resource for you, what's the medical? if you come over to me a so much in the senior should me. yeah. but also need you for one year. what you want you to also let us do so. nick told them he does. put you at no, our coordination with somebody. she's good was new to all the people who will,
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if i can go over them a bunch oversize ukrainian, the professor saw my fight them when i give them bussey's style. what do you normally look or that was them up when a store was a muscle to push them to a new solution? effect are full of rows of flesh and little spark i, which were almost your daughter. that was look on your stuff, but you really show up a couple of are going to get to pretty what i'm sure about this. when william swindle my williams a shit, williams, a sugar, was it the militia sent some checkpoints on the road to await uninvited. guests with dental vision will be handled, bought the new government decided to
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subdue the pro russian regions where they held my dans radical activists. who were not only officially trained at military camps, but also arms. and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country. i mean, he wrote dreamily pro logic. i shall bullshitted each way. why in your mind, i'm sure they just put the colors around when we're done with a new style. every word. so get off work with me. just old. when you deal with the mother would she did a lot of mr. it more was critical. i'm going to project college, so i don't. what are all next? she'll take issue on monday. relation garbage on yesterday. yours. are you still at least on some of the blue, originally balk, i mean could fill in them or don't or, and i'm a new building. so cool, i'm, i was,
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i'm with you with these radical groups were ready for such a turn of events by at the more collaborative floor, but enough, somebody way me end up with dish speak about initially stuff for could a more numbers once again, your house like you could, in order from the blind, you will you help you move mine up a new mile is shown. i'm the only you got no none of us to place. but the more, but by the way, know, when you put up a pile in sun, then you usually blown them yet, but you chewed up because i'm scared out. ah,
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if the bumps along the bundle was completely good is i want the bottom darya. g dalia on the flash dog, scoggins sure mother, which will need to move to georgia. moist gruggs more. did you stay, legible, to be watch, watch at long elementary school? will, did you? ah, you can put me to mood uncles than you will to watch. so much of yet come through. i'm will you stories. i'm grab your sure. my just you thought it was the job. sure still will though she'll special form she'll by states. then you push the on you the old killers or phone. don't rush amberley militia for order to cough. shall explain. julius troy up a school muscles. can you balloon beatrice? does your invoice come through? but it would be 2 minutes on your number and i was fuck campbell of revenue melissa, just from elderly, no crimes communion solutions for your student or q. will you be to do me to send
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you off the line diane, what's her go? florida ah ah ah
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ah, my silly prose thereof formerly highly placed with ukrainian intelligence and who had recently left the country, managed to smuggle out some documents. they proved that my dance leaders had started planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. commute category would still be the process to create a political abuse, more or nuclear. assuming mr. regina to another wife that on here, i will go washed all virginia purdue. mr. roberts, would you mean on the selina would show me to serve to see me on the sodium unable up on the i text or a ni, a zoom ship or blood journey stuff. she put a t stuff e can when you send your rubric,
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the quick put those to near more villa its don't store unusual dam. did you support it? you said you made me go. then you can go to school bush where she's been going go nature. i need you guys from chrissy to live a surprise, a little bit. don't book for the less you should students can go to new york. she you know, she does go to canada to bus. go any is not boy you. so if we would be to lee, have keyed in a minute, we're starting to go to peace gets in misty. i would love to come and trinity, when you might just my listing, cause like when you end up with the, with the little push because it in your school. do i mean it's a huge doing like a week to sure. what's going on, the story of don bass residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state level. this point of view is still popular,
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particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions of symptom of lawns can then scale missed it. you just load, which is uniformly mostly due and you could cut them. you wish up for me mostly. and you should be okay. not a lot. no, i think i think by the way the most because i think there's no need for the other one. it focuses just kind of go from, from william was usefulness in wasn't with way. when you question you fellow, going from some of those a little bit of source you jamica total storage way. but if you could for a storage is i wanted to refresh our listen. if you look, which is no way and controllers which i was on north shoot off from that will get that the way to ship them is up with no car even from hard. cuz most of the legal issues, payables will get upset. so sleazy many ah
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keep announce is the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine, at the same time the electoral royal race is housing up. the main presidential candidate is b auto per shameka. one of the leaders of my done doing debates, he underlines that the crank down on protests in the regions won't take long actors, patient products in the border in the book that are what they brought to me when i my able to throw up their hood beaman, i don't know, but when shall away what they could show or how to move a little bit of your home must be what's bringing my electric, sweet, sweet ladies, where you've got some of what got them. there were little character or conditional coldness to lower with lower cure with
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the yeah. come on. so she was a yourself, that was what was one if you will call you focus your she has a life as well as a story. okay. you live? yeah, i do so glad you said it is there, you'll say you is that affordable ukrainian soldiers aren't enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict on the east by politicians. many soldiers, desert depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the militia. ah, yes. some schools on school are ready to let you to go to lunch. sco cheryl, so you can always yes. nicole, my, are you my thought the young always tickets are over. i said you live lucille in the store in their project or my down the my done up putting spits a lukewarm lead brought you was take up dora style about them today and approach to
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visual also gets a little bit our little music one up almost to believe that the west yes one will approach it with the opening alicia? yes, that's so about when you when you write jordan i wrote a book you don't want to go to it. just a leave to post just on my i'm bushel going
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with with me soon. goes into combat actions, the 1st to come under attack west 11th residence in trying to out the militia from the town. the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account . but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas
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with ah, is this to with, with, with with, with, with,
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with oh no, i mean, yeah, i yeah, but if you look at it or did you actually have a chat with to go go, the ability to pick a good beach, got up sheet in there for you and we should you look at the way you need them. time is really cool. but, but i mean, yeah, out new york city is a facilities that we still tell me. so would you either show was go already,
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proposal from us, when mortal to pull from even a book to teach it is done quite a dreamy deal. so what's a good when people got full glass campbell, let me use patsy lucian to quit, not giving money at the school. so the still easier not to keep this much on you bring it up this new district or region, we're still keeping doctors and you reject from 0 to the 4th year i spoke with. but you might have to put the order that was a b, c or the proceeds to put me starts up with an article from the upper school to the school. my you partial month at the blue, should you be come down as opposed to you to give you a police, a room, please police the women should bother should give you a much easier sugar when you stop so much. of course the when you some board you humans giving you the full beam will be,
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but someone can talk about the liquid up. it's not showing up almost with a little more. a group of people don't know. part of that you have to read, you'll still look at the price quoted up, it'll be $1.00 with about that there's some level to pull up is gonna be the me start a huge sort of thing. protested leo, publishing, appreciative bush with a with a shanker, was inaugurated on the 7th of june, 2014 and keep up the man who had come to bow with the pledge to be the president of
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peace turned out to be the president war a a workers always told some chrome dom credit indirectly with engagement phones from one of the little more mobile cranial shania show orders showing a conflict but are shown with on the one the lowest in you to move on. so let me join us and you were good or evil, to pull through minimal storm away or conflict with
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with a with with
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with a that i mean sure with b you with monday apart. yesterday i thought that my not a form you
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a, a a rush. i say it has sufficient funds to pay its foreign debts in revolt. it's in response to washington barring,
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must go from fulfilling its obligations in dollars with media outlets. once again, touching the default, northrop, the russian president visits wounded russian soldiers in moscow hospital wishing them up fast. recovery also had on the program party next to which the bunkers all the adult spell steel planted. marty useful for female fighters.


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