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tv   News  RT  May 25, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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ah, with our headline stories this, our russia phase, it has sufficient phones to pay its foreign debts in roubles. it's in response to washington barring moscow from fulfilling its obligations in dollars with media outlets. once again, pushing the default narrative, the russian president visits wounded russian soldiers in moscow hospital wishing them a fast recovery after having served in ukraine undone bucks. party explores the bunkers of the old style, still plant in more useful for female fighters. sheltered during this match,
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found weapons, guns, equipments, well, i'm a cetera. and this bunker here used to show to women, look his, their beauty products over here, over here as well. on the south african president signs the alarm saying that anti russian sanctions are hurting quote, bystanders states, particularly african nations, with many already impacted greatly by the pandemic on drugs with broadcasting from moscow. this is our t. my name's unit o'neill, in 30 minutes of news and views start. the u. s. is pushing russia to announce a technical default after washington bard moscow from paying its debt through american banks. moscow say that the fault is not on the cards, however, stretching it has the cash to pay investors on this simply being stopped from fulfilling its obligations. our senior correspondent, murat garcia,
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told me more earlier. what the united states centrally has done now is by revoking this license, that means russia will no longer be able to pay in dollars. it's bondholders operating through us bank. so paying americans, institutions, banks, investors, who have throughout the past few months, who have all fluted all the russian debt that they have very few still hold on to russian debt. and we've seen this, them press trumpeting about a potential russian default. how's russia going to get out of this? but ultimately it's, it's all a show because what do you, what do you think when you hear someone's galant, a default, or bankruptcy, or bankruptcy, it's that they've brought out of money was to pay off their obligations. in this case, that isn't the truth. russia has plenty of money. it's just american bags of have stopped russia are for, for mar paying out those loans in us dollars. that makes it the opposite of what
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happened in $1098.00, for instance, which people might be thinking there's parallels to merit in terms of the dollar k, then being shut to russia. what does it mean for moscow? while the united states is made no secret of this very little change, because ultimately this isn't a default in the classical sense. russia has said that the, it won't call this a default, whether it's a technical default as some pundits and financial analysts of have come to call it . but ultimately, russia says it'll continue pain yet it's obligation. so coupons, monthly, payments in rubles, and the united states is pretty much said the same thing. you know, not a whole lot will change if fresh is unable to find a regal way to make these payments. and they technically default on their debt. i, i don't think that really represents a significant change in russia situation. they're already cut off from global
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capital market. will by the way, change is, is in, in this type of energy crisis across the world with, with fuel prices in, in california, in asia, you know, in a, in africa all soaring fu pies for dees of gasoline for electricity. and the issue here now is that because a ver, what some u. s. financial institutions and pundits will call a technical default. russia, russian ships, for example, shipping as well as air air. freight will have to pay a higher premium insurance premium, which will be included in the build for russian fuel. and eventually those same western consumers, they all go to have to pay more even more for their fuel, which they will keep by. i imagine russia has anticipated such a moves by washington. what are they doing to shield themselves from those sanctions? willis, as putin said, russia had spent years preparing for
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a sanctions onslaught. the suit we're seeing now, which, which has been unprecedented thousands upon thousands of sanctions, which have restricted russia away from western capital markets. and let me putin has said now is, is the time to adapt g he to were you, i've already said. and i would like to emphasize again today that in the new conditions the russian economy will certainly remain open. moreover, we will expand corporation with those countries that are interested in mutually beneficial corporation. the actions of some countries into isolating themselves from russia even to their own detriment, shows how important it is in the modern world to diversify traffic flows and expand corridors in the direction of responsible partners. time and time again, we had heard biden officials and in europe all come out and say that we are willing to hurt ourselves to hurt our people's for the sake of getting that button. and this is, this is the case a with,
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with these bonds because ultimately it is by the investors both in the west and e nature. but it's suffering because of the sanctions because of the effects of any tactical default that they might declare. and it remains to be seen how far they will go and how, how much they're prepared to hurt themselves and their people in order to, to be seen as getting that putin, if the aim is to punish russia is very strange. because essentially, the u. s. to say, oh, russia doesn't have to service instead of preventing them from, from servicing it rolling because the u. s. is put a lot of resources into the i m f and the world bank in the last 70 years in order to get countries that borrow internationally to, to make sure that they really pay their coupons in time. so we see that the international finance is very much political to essentially, i think the real story is that, trying to make russia look bad,
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which is kind of childish, really, if you think about it, i mean we've got a serious international situation and they're playing games like that, russian oil giant, luc oil has announced its acquiring british multinational shells, plants and stations in russia. luke all will now own all the stocks belonging to shells, russian subsidiaries, the u. k. energy company, thus seeds control of some 400 petrol stations across the world's biggest country. the move is part of an ongoing policy of cutting business ties with moscow. amid the conflict and ukraine, we've requested coming from look all on the latest developments and will bring you the response. here's economics and banking specialist, richard berner again on this. for the company is not a good thing. and for shareholders, it certainly is not about maximizing value for shareholders. and that's quite interesting because for, for decades we've been told that western capitalism is about shareholder value
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maximization until we find out it isn't. if you go back to the 1st world war, the 2nd world war, and at that time, both on the level of finance, banking system and industry companies, investments by medical companies, you know, all that continued throughout. and, and so it was even, you know, american companies producing military equipment in germany during the 2nd world war. and so that, that is an interesting angle that really and rushes being punished in, in a very ran unusual way that didn't even happen when germany was the enemy. vladimir putin has paid a visit to a military hospital in moscow for a wounded russian soldiers are receiving treatment.
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it's the 1st time the president has visited soldiers personally since the start of the ukraine conflict, together with russia's defense chief, he checked on recovering soldiers, spoke to medics. and thank them all for their services. it comes of the russian ministry of defense states, more than $200.00 low calories sees in the next people's republic has been taken under control of the russian army since february. now on the ground itself, russian suppers have de mine. the water is off the maria pl. coast, opening the city port for civil shipping. the ministry of foreign affairs says 5 foreign vessels left the port to day, which could be significant in terms of green exports. not at d. mining works are still in progress on the territory of the absolve style steel plant. it's under the full control of the the nets republic forces following the surrender of 2000 ukrainian soldiers last week, including those from the neo nazi as off italian officials say those who are
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accused of war crimes will stand trial in that. and yet, republic ortiz eager to down of explorers. now what life in the sprawling factory was like during the siege. this is the room where we found weapons, guns, equipment, well, armor, et cetera. and this bunker here used to shelter women, look his. there are beauty products over here over here as well. but judging by the amount of well milk he paraphernalia that we found, they were no civilians. in fact, in the back of this room, there's a rocket launcher. so not only did they live here, they also fought here. they're still more of their clothes hanging on the rope after they washed it. these big reserve was they still have water in them. and well, here's how they slept. for example, there's another little nook over there with beds more beds here,
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mattresses. it's obvious that women who used to live here some of them had children . and it's puzzling at best as to why they weren't allowed to surrender. and to get the kids to safety earlier, encouraged damage without look for us. and later in the program, poland points the finger at germany over our leg broken promises to replace tanks that the country sent to ukraine. anti russian sanctions are hurting innocent countries that have remain neutral non the ukraine conflict that's according to the south african precedent. now the sanctions that have been imposed on russia are going to have in are having an overarching impact. even those countries that are either bystanders or not part of the conflict are also going to suffer from the sanctions that have been imposed against russia. african states only just beginning the recovery following the pandemic are among the most
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vulnerable cove at 19 savagely damaged their economies pushing millions into extreme poverty to russian sanctions have led to disruptions in supply chains with food on the fuel prices rising. in recent months, many african nations are highly dependent on russian and ukrainian imports. as those 2 countries produce nearly a 3rd of global wheat and barley on 2 thirds of the world's exports of sunflower oil. the direct and indirect impacts of the conflict and ukraine were recently underlined in the united nations. the war in ukraine is threatening to derail development, progress in african countries. the direct impacts of the crisis in africa include trade, disruption, food and fuel price, spikes, macroeconomic instability and security challenges. there are also the direct impacts of the crisis to consider, which include imported inflation, difficult energy transitions, and a potential geopolitical realignment. while the negative impact of anti rushing
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sanctions was reiterated by the south african leader during a meeting with the german chancellor. all of shots is on a visit to africa to try and gain support for ukraine. this by many countries, they're entering close relations with russia, notably south african russian times go back to soviet times when the u. s. as are supported, the anti apartheid struggle in the country. so africa has refused to condemn rushes offensive in ukraine. investigative journalists, moody bit mood dba, believes western sanctions will only lead to protracted global crisis. ready session stood, history has never been up. i just never be about, you know, they've always been that cause more stability. they've always been to cause more harm to sharon crisis was the intentional changing post us to follow. they are one sided approach with the cost. what's happening in your grid, you know, without looking at the facts and evidence with regards to this issue. you know, and the only reason why the germans counselors inside that is because they was all
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coal. so this is just there to do, to push their own agenda to push their one sided approach because what's happening in the end to try force. so that get into condemning russia. i feel that i listen with catches feel that you know, with an african kind of feeling. and so they feel that they're rushing into the anti rush and sentence on their own coaches on their own people. they have no choice, but essentially the law with intentions and they will continue with this. and she was with this entry russian sentiments. the law is going to be for the rest of the country. i mean, for the rest of the war to recover or african russian relations have developed significantly in recent times. so done, cameroon, and molly all signed military agreements with moscow. this year. the increasing cooperation between russia and african states was further highlighted by a meeting to mark africa day in the russian capital. the russian foreign minister met the heads of african diplomatic missions to discuss the future of bilateral
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relations. cameron's ambassador underline that russia can't be isolated from the rest of the world. a country like russia cant be isolated or disappear from the world map. it's the biggest states in terms of its territory. it has the largest number of natural resources, energy carriers, precious metals, and minerals. moreover, in the country with huge scientific potential, we, the africans realize that the world is moving is changing. but we're also aware of the fact that russia has played an important role in it. you mentioned the russia, africa summit, and the preparations for the next meeting. we will listening and watching everything that's going on very carefully. and you can count on us. we'll be ready to respond to your call, very much hope that the 2nd summit will be able to strengthen the foundations to avoid the been laid. we know the africa can count on russia. you have reiterated this. we are happy that you have such a vision pool and how the cues germany of breaking promises on
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replacing tanks, warsaw sent to ukraine. it comes amid mounting tension between you states as the attempt to balance domestic interests with foreign policy. ortiz, europe correspondents, charlotte dubin ski picks up the story from their once again. we're seeing massive criticism from poland, against germany, and against city policies. this time, as you mentioned, this is to do with a broken promise that's all over tanks. this is because germany apparently promised to send brand new tanks towards poland. a for poland, sent it. so bits era tanks to ukranian forces. poland says it's done that, but it's still waiting on those tank deliveries. and the polish president is pretty furious about that. they have not fulfilled this promise, and frankly, we are very disappointed about this. a spokesperson for the german government says it stunned by these accusations. in subsequent negotiations, poland made
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a specific request to supply modern tanks of the leopard to a 7 type. the problem is that the german army itself has a small number of these tanks about 50 units and the rest must be delivered later. they are not ready but must still be produced. and this will continue for a long time. things also not looking particularly rosie elsewhere in europe. either we had on tuesday evening this declaration by victor opening hungry of a state of emergency in his country. he said that's as a result of the war in ukraine, but also the crippling economic impact that, that's have a not just in hungry but essentially across the european union at the moment. a hungry, me know, has been a major obstacle for the you getting to pass it 6 set of sanctions. this is a set of sanctions that would see oil band. this is russian oil band in for the next year or so. and hungry has been really clear that that would have
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a big problem. freight economy victo opens said it would be like that the roping, a nuclear bomb on the hungarian economy. like we see the war and the sanctions from brussels have lead to massive comic upheaval. and drastic price increases. the world is on the brink of an economic crisis. hungary must stay out of his war and protect the financial security of families. this requires room for maneuver in the ability to act immediately. the government is exercising its right under the constitution to declare at war time, state of emergency from midnight tonight. this will allow the government to respond immediately and protect hungary and hungarian families by any means possible. hilda is also question about the timing of this announcement by victor over not only is it just a few days before there's another you summit where you crane will be discussed. but it also came just a few hours off to present zalinski of ukraine, announced that polish citizens in ukraine would get reciprocal rights mirroring.
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the rights that at poland has just given ukrainian citizens. now, there are quite a number of hungarian citizens in ukraine and it could be that victor open is perhaps angling for that kind of deal to now hungry as well as italy and cyprus. of all. also, apparently, behind the scenes been urging the e u to explicitly call for sci fi in regards to that war in ukraine, they want russia and ukraine to put down their arms and to start really negotiating peace. this puts them at odds with other e. u. member states, particularly poland, but also the baltic members as well, who have been pushing the you to look at more military assistance for ukraine. and also they won't harsh us sanctions against russia, not just an outright ban on oil, but also an outright ban on gas to. now we've also heard from the commission
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president to is pretty hawkish. she's been talking at dab or saying what she wants to see is that there is a clear outright win for ukraine. and of course all of this could come to a head in the next few days as you need is meet at that summit. another summit where we will see crane being the main discussion on the table. when we spoke to political commentator, john brick mon 2 thinks the e u is showing its limitations as it stretched by opposing warsaw berlin objectives . well, let me start with the general mark is that this is saying that victor, he has many fathers, but the defeat is an orphan. so i think everything depends on what's going on in the ground and you can, if russia is defeated, the whole in crane is winning, as they say. then of course, everybody would be united. but if the opposite going on, which seems to be the case, as far as i know, then there will be
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a lot of divisions. and the polls are be trending because of the one hand, they would like germany to get all their energy supplies with russia. in order to crash the german question economy, why did we actually cash cash, the german economy? and at the same time, they would like to german to be to give them the most advanced weapons. i mean, they are guns of the bose is just beyond belief. no, there's never been consensus on any on a day on anything. if you look at it, it's always, you know, a negotiation and then the thing and i don't know who is going to treat them of whom i don't see the germans being 80. just in that you see also the conflict between turkey in case i mean talking, he's out book member of nato. and they've been out of all kinds of issues in particular say police and nothing is done to overcome that. the unity of need to and the you, there's not really is the fact that these are different people. and these different
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people have different interest. and there's something which they always want to forget. they always want to ask you there. so you have be a nation that you have people and that's not the case. so they will be have these divisions all the time. and especially in the given situation of war. turkeys president has place to cut all ties with greek counterpart, accusing the country's prime minister of deliberately antagonizing ankara in an address to u. s. congress. recently tennessee. they go to stick in our meeting with the greek prime minister. we had agreed not to include 3rd countries in our disputes. despite this last week, he had a visit to the u. s. and warned congress not to give us fighter planes. this year we were supposed to have a strategic council meeting, but from now on there is no one called mid. so touches in my book that i will never accept meeting him because we only walk on the same path as politicians who keep their promises. who have character and who are honorable,
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will you please also note the last thing. the last thing that made to neat out a time one or focus is on helping ukraine defeat russia's. aggression is another source of instability on nato's southeastern flank. and i asked you to take this into account when you make defense procurement decisions concerning the each submitted to read. well, as you'll be aware, they to nato members have been at loggerheads for decades over more time and energy issues that defined it island of cyprus and most recently migration rich of ty, berto on, also expressed concern about nato bass is being built in greece, turkey sticking a stance against sweden and finland, 2 currently opposing their nato membership. bid it accuse his style, common helsinki of harbouring members of the curtis on workers part which anchorage considers a terrorist organization. and it also wants the countries to lift sanctions imposed
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over turkey's military operation against kurdish militias in syria. geo politics consultant here emanuel tomor believes the rift in nato is forcing the block to tick a defensive stance. the united states on the one side used talkie as a oh from state to, to count in russia in the south. but also they dont trust, aver, or tarkey, which is 2, a balancing between united states on russia and united states is opening new military bases in greece or to to make greece there are made ali, eastern mediterranean and content turkey as well. so this is why there will be more mo, or rivalry between greece and turkey, maybe ease herb increasing is defend defensive position, but cannot play any more and offensive her position. it was
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a tune for united states to export american interest to were or to continue enlargement of nato to end cycle russia. and because of a crisis, you could, you couldn't, you will not be able in the long term to enter your name to. and then it means this is a, are a defeat for nato. it's me serve a need talk, cannot expand and is not able to be expansion is to order of the united states and other story to bring attention to today. a runs islamic revolutionary guard corps is to remain on america's terrorist organizations list that's according to and media report, citing u. s. military officials. the guards are an elite units of the iranian armed forces . find it after the 1979 revolution and operating within and outside the country. in 2019, there were included in the u. s. list of terrorist organizations by then president
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donald trump, as a part of his maximum pressure policy. iranian officials were furious at the move found retaliated by designating the u. s. central command as terrorists. the is really prime minister is fully behind keeping the guards on the american black us. i welcome the decision by the u. s. administration to keep iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps on the foreign terrorist organizations list, which is where it belongs. well, the move could further complicate the process of restoring the iranian nuclear deal, which was already on hold after the u. s. withdrawal from the pack in 2018 with little progress made on it since then. we spoke to political analyst side mohammed mirandi who's not optimistic about a revival of the nuclear agreement. we have to have a nuclear deal which is fully implemented and the nuclear deal is the j. c. p
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way that was signed in 2015 under obama, the united states constantly violated the deal. and under trump the united states toward the deal. so the bad actor was the united states and their allies, the american allies of course, joined them. and the iranians were the only side that was implementing the deal. so this time around, the iranians are saying americans, the europeans, they have to implement the deal in full. and the issue is not just about the guards . it's also with regards to assurances what happens at the united states suddenly under, by then pulls out of the deal. what happens to, let's say investors, and also the issue of sanctioned entities and other issues. so it's not just about the guards, americans like to make it about the guards because they want to hide the fact that they are not there so far resisting full implementation a deal that would be that would be able to bring about the full implementation of the nuclear deal. well,
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a 3rd dive into any of this. our stories can be found on our website all the mid week updates. you need on a, for a bit with an a real good buy for ah, ah, ah, ah, mm. while the west maintains its anti russia rhetoric and backed up with evermore
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sanctions, the position of official kid is not so clear when addressing the davos crowd ukraine's zalinski called for negotiations. one of his chief negotiators refuted this. so where does he have stand ah ah ah, with
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ah ah, yeah, she's going to use a registered green either to use this done on a posterior composite.


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