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she whistle with this is jim meadows. i'm those connected almost shirts. not says joe, of you. you lose some slides in your pottery a message and this is key. jogan you spook newkirk was always too well knew it was printing wire, took it offline, which was which thorn was printed. pictures are nisha d brother you speaking including flick. so you may have a j, a, c, a c, a call to get to provision. you need your luggage. i'm assuming, you mean? yeah, i knew well now on the postcard come from institute always refused to let me on the plains come out of not says cooper. still think of regarding the losing pals to points by you flip column a recession. when is it like a new way? you wash and you and you call and then you're going to see them now, but then put him on if should it's a honda what is the,
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what is it thinks you actually see me that. well, the thing is that the settlement with what was happening in the ukraine before february, the 24th 2022. and what's happening now was a result of consistency. and systematic planning, i used to presume as a boys in, you're still not as crude. yo yo yos including a dog, which i am not a whole lot in your warning. yes. the screen let's see. squeaking easy effect. let's get you. when you get a moment, put you on a double and nobody can throw in all the questions. i just thought i would live with it if you didn't use the regular if you don't discoverable
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commercially. if your credit was worthy a bit of leeway in that garage at the bell. whipple in the machine, you're going the only me? ah, this is footage from that in that school region. shel, by the ukranian forces. this is 2014 and this is 2015. a 2016. 2017. a 2018. 2019. this rally took place in cave in
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2019 people with flags and posters went out to protest against giving don bass special status. the protest is present to the president with a letter demanding a will continue lumen me. it's been, it hasn't really garnered digging them. i at the, my little pi. oh, do you see a delicious things i'd say? ah, yes. can you go when you tune which another demonstration in cave in 2020. the country's leadership welcomes the protesters. ah, if you ask home when the people were killed in danbury, people will question, was there anybody killed it or if we watch now, what happens in the social media and things like that? that is a guided communication mattel,
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against the russian people ah, which are the foot on the dealer. right? unless if the rest your school to perform kaylee, i don't really want to keep me. i'm your fear or feel, quarter 0 residence in these regions can identify the munitions that shout with just by their sound, which she would know. my video should durish near pistol printer latasha near redid and buffer them to distribute refreshing his soap stolen selena. in late 2013 and early 2014. a huge protest was held in keith and it went home for 3 months. the end result of my dan 2014 with a kuda chickens. the more would look my donna who shibel just touching the cereals now got on my seat. who's neo nazis. morgan. he's also gatherings girls with
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georgia green school for the us to look over him in newkirk. i am personnel dollar daniel prince published across us, got older women, so name your abortion is up of them in stock tournament factors globally. got over on bruce possibly, or the key just to, to the research to be cheaper. get more upset, more tricky. a little bit to a jewel, with sure newspaper built on liberty, orders in his worst or the jo, again, unannounced on north spokane new router, but they're going from in the foyer improvement. that's not a shot of me. nationalist battalions began forming with the backing of rifling parties. having started on my dan, they continued their activities at auntie. my dad rallies in a number of ukrainian cities. for sure. sure, sure. no, i'm sorry. my church truces to you. is it?
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oh, the people in a dance, they came up against them all to right group and it resulted in tragedy. working with humans, 3 or 4 different than a restaurant, they were for producing them or principal, that is a really key airport you to with this is patricia beesley. so she need to go to g. it's all things done. you can you at the smallest need you gotta do so. so you said just
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a grassy sweetest and you might use a post. the book city can was, wasn't at the time world opinion still considered neo nazi act as crimes against humanity. but it isn't true today for 2 years after the events in odessa, the world remember the victims. but by the idea europe considered it, it fulfilled its anti fascist duties. you will never delay to be insured on on you let me try a new you are not safe when you are dates on the year. you wrote a book washer by it's on you switch up. many of them is going to be a basis for that. now when you, when was with you most people to will push lovely story, isabel let us in. when you said we didn't come until you could put it in on a given my doing is switching. oh man, he might and rallies also took place into next. they called to observe the constitution and demanded that the people we protected from fascism on april 7th,
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18 president of ukraine to kina made a speech for it at the sto. lucas, blue which but it was this under tourist fishing. as a hood fema. mm. you probably dont have glove cuz you get the coyote blue book with my station manager. but i was doing like a little your move from middle out some norrick. i still grand scott used to prowess ship that you're talking to where i'm supposed to see what are you on the $5.00 off a $1.00 point such here. so now workable. scuse me scarlet, but that is dylan you was so dorothy, she wanted to go to sleep. it seems work that you start to rush h a stop to mislead. oh, in april 2014 ukraine's leaders dotted to divine the country's population into us and them will krajina buford, kara, austin, the and the coachman still greater than your i see a little cluster hero, a cricket to delegate tissue carter sub shill. you still credit your dose in your i
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see it got the ru schuman, i see as a marcia furnished a borger. i thought it was the videos to 10 years to of issuing these photos of people grotesquely tied up. can be seen by anyone built middle mythology, a brunette from register, him all the jewish workers, 3 cough. he paused rosco, previously with curls tall bon outlets though, just a woolen blue eyes. you don't, it would be well, but toyota's wish and when you join him in the bucket accordingly and not sees my okay, he's go bunder rosco, tom num masika dora that she to new scheduled and he's not pretty deal with any normal person. would find these peaches shocking or what he put on this is just human mute. you must here. i genuinely course. the dory sign that says he a
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with to norman crane squad, metalli's more fundamental social fascism. it's a suit up to you. we are both in the studies concerns man after world war 2, the atrocities of fascism was still vivid in people's minds. and hearts were heavy shocking documentary film and photos. exposing naziism was shown at the nuremberg trial for the 1st time. ah, susan documentaries, of unspeakable crimes. are now widely available. people who haven't forgotten the history can compare the events of 80 years ago. with those of to day. 1934 germany adolf. hitler was appointed chancellor and 25000 stormtroopers. moved in
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torchlight procession through berlin. vans is his contemporary footage shot in cave . these torches were lives in honor of stepan baldera, whose famous for being one of the leaders of the o. u. n. a. 1934, the o u n's headquarters became a department of the gestapo band errors track record includes plotting the murders of a soviet console and poland minister of home affairs in 1941 the o u, and organized a massacre of the jewish ghetto involved in which 97000 people were killed with a 943. after the turning point in world war 2, the o u n decided to start gorilla activities and established the u. p. a. their flag and him remains the same vendor was the mastermind behind the movement. during the war about 100000 civilians and 15000 soldiers fell victim to the bay. in 2010, been there was made
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a national hero of ukraine and such tortured processions take place every year. the issue used for queers, chewing gum. you to show you are the so she just went on pretty well. i choose which one you put. you might put it in thought only to reason it will not susco immigration officers can been little ski marsh. i was in it, i was doing your sources upon a bundle bill. so soon if logan so soon military walton pushed the crow class in the children flucker to crush porch for blood on their new minutes could do you know at the bull and i biesen nazarov with ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah a ah i was just a guy, but i wanted to with this with you, i guess with you i'm
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with ford credit is going to be out of wood from beach but still easier for this patient. but in the board
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with well, the west maintains is anti russia rhetoric and backed up with ever more sanctions. the position of official kid is not so clear when addressing the davos crowd ukraine's zalinski called for negotiations. one of his chief negotiators refuted this. so where does he have stand with a broker, sarah, with thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline show. her jet brick, why do they call this area the gray zone?
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do you get an idea of the really early found that of course pretty me what that was only about a you had to come with the village. olivia vale. don't know why it was funny to the city was him dumb or is it a new director? she'll be la la la roy through and where she has 2 or 3 alexandra who will be a little more. she'll let us that. she made us feel pleasure with that. with that. that'll hit thunder. yeah. what video leslie was jeff before? he boy feel cool. here scott, your quality grow your favorite them with. i just didn't, didn't the global white gibson is in regards barnett. music with one engine and
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like other than you should be in the room. so what else can this megan michener still know? canadian yeah. shit by this at the worst, versus for us margaret instead of the bullshit. oh sure, jim. what association? no. at the sea levels, not my dears would say him sick bundles, not a boat that we can assign is the capriciously mama. she is good at the new senior, but she'll she'll pull, she was hit the slogan, don't spray billamore with the mr. laportia jamiracle with me 70 percent believe, you know, percipient putting in my list of jag alicio or your tutors, but otherwise, and she is sick or muscle in from opposite, ah,
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through 3. not in the middle wishes, amir junior, so not sure his coach don't use. gotcha. to moscow, her muscular cooler, her look what the muscles in washington says, so who? so for me? i was good. i suffered because we didn't business them. zines your i. c q u, a garage him. are you herschel blodgett maldonado, nevada? to sure you come on the cooper, there's a word close. did you go to europe? i should tell you until i see this is the children's cam founded under the auspices of the as of nationalists battalions, youngsters were taught hand to hand combat and more well with
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children received the same rhetoric as adults. but the explanations was simplified so they could understand them. oh gosh, i thought it was legitimate glasnost long. you want to start the 2 part of those are shown you, but only so what not to go into there is did meet the more you most chose to more than just all good and i'm almost crushed to children to be a liability. the children are the 3rd huge. it's a bush, went to go out. he glad he, glad to what again with the buddy it min, august experimental. the killable use is described in detail in history. they didn't have to come up with anything new. it's a time tested method of working with young people or should all come cell 9 you there's to, according to go from ya, corruption from newton each from sage and past portage. but i would, it's a year now around noon. yeah. this is of soccer actually. so let's go so that us will body to the sheet and the pre moist yet to it though. but she was off till day tonight, but the citadel spa coordinates boards with the 2 sets of squish. and would you not have an answer for any as of which new dishes?
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surely those throwing up restoring blemishes for consultation the shall not dazzle buzz daniel crane. i knew the utan uminski. but you turn you to the shadow carino. i've gone beyond my boy's court stylish ah. such events haven't been seen in ukraine for a long time, but it's impossible to forget the courage of the people who died for freedom and the $200.00 plus death camps in ukraine, where fascists massacre people of all nationalities. mm. all the people of the soviet union liberated ukraine together. they hoisted the banner on the rice, thank together and grieve for their fallen comrades together, victory and 945 over the world's greatest evil united people. and it wasn't
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questioned anywhere. 30 is a me. cases from shells that compatriots and don't bass were killed with a now given to children as souvenirs. a boy were pushing you born with like show live about either for work. so critical boy show of mutual masika with in logan ukraine. they decided to honor the memory of those who early had been considered traitors. collaborators and u. p. a members only recently acquired some young if staunch towards this were given as i would look into chicago. crucial. not looking. i'm talking to bill
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social number. i'm ah, new door, new cars and you see that also grain from store to know it, but that's what the material needs to a new car reading is a bit of senior village. i mean, you could, you need his book. you can, you provide me the course to mission on the command of authority. me as came in the running the players, use your commando in your semi classes and you saw her news contorted and children and by bill mcneish when you, when you think would ceiling your daughter. but the young people of today on told about the s s command as real plans. the rest is copied with amazing accuracy me the give me the ability to come in look at the realty sky to go from there. so i still stuck to my total mortality was not rich, but i can provide you this would be wonderful. but see what the written? maria stood diploma june williams. so we're going to get the jewish and key inches and key should be thrown and me assess some possibility that the doctor could you
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not see the would be still no machine. you know, i'm serious. i'm not going national, but there's, you know, i was a boy and we get to know the korea, date of the power level between those principles and current events is clear. you preceded shooters, don't bus push it through. so she may think he pieces. we just need to suppression so she was critical procedure lead, which in prostate, you know, or 6 years i could you are the levels consulting in kendra staley will know that the engineer when you, when you started you g the tangible. what at the door to graham's case was mon shasky battalion, but human grain skin it's no use. teach him. would you be a brochure to the notch developer? his clothes are still the bitter sewage and the dog. oh my goodness are not in a ship cannot order if you will. so he asked me it's a flood zone molecules. most of the kid rule will clean the tank. so now in the
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open, how or not, oh, someone will get you on that of some of that the but it's his annual busch, nica mutinies each. the, me yeah, it's a b. m. you've woven your money. i be of them. the was a sheet man as each of the lead. so a pretty long m. c. it's them. this is in the, in your god is as sheet nicole korean dumped. you will you she would use fog thicker. radiate them. the creation. yes. so when you blue dot up, the more doable year you see you to so you put it could have wise and you so that huge w school. that's all she, julia yellow, you see your splash here, you thrusting through your twain the smeared keania louise. she took a golden rule she. this is footage from 1941. and this from 2022.
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the zulu guns region. the ida assault battalion was formerly based here before 2015 . it was a volunteer national battalion, but it later became part of the regular ukrainian army. there are many others and they're all alike with the same slogans and calls to action. the main focus is on military and ideological training. such base is not only trained fighters, but also kept prisoners. the as b u secret prisons are quite similar. this isn't fiction to many people have been through them. such crimes are impossible to hide sewage maloof ah, millionaires which lives on vasa still dollar a new total cut ups 3 of moved on to slip. so neo nazis to free was to plan it thing. what i do was through beast toy soldiers that sure, sure. and little gutters don't glitter me, of thunder. solemnly put him in the family opened of prison. austin gal, her studies hilaire was a push only that i see organisms, her eyes off oh blue while exclusions demoss the brush really his berlin and these
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color. kirk of the missouri it's a booth those sir put off were due to address the contrary was you know she was she nichol from the state of california for you mr. justine, cause when you also was bull qu martel to consort, will do shows you the shooting every here. so pictures of art here for his most or on my son due to her is vulnerable to it. mm hm. sure. between beach pretty much should be typical machine learning, no glowing that initial book or if also the local work. oh, what stalker beach stood out from ago. are you putting those little multiple? is your muscle here in a little trickle spiral composed of t of sucrose for you or to anyone who book is seals, girl will work to clear will send you a digital me america. they already original books for we are unable to. i need to also he with us are we didn't me issue from
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a gun will be the beauty bullying will to call hold of the queue curves. did you bring in a successful you? thank you lou. she of thank you, chris, to bring your point of jewish thought. it was coming to donna all kinds thought it was jewish human olga. it wouldn't chest as nuclear, shall not people push teachers to, to put him on. because, i mean, you know, a divorce. look, you school counsellor at these, but to please put off his co bus. so grandma's criteria which and chastise port is leniently club. i missed an answer. not enough for marijuana rid docusys with cardelia glitch in on the post north east boy. yep. when you book and then yours in a free amanda bristol pinnacle should go away from premier with video and easy w anger. and you know, assistance, coca cola you the appeal of care you rush us co. mustang decent, your bulk of b to b. m prost, the crush mart went to lou discriminate and put bust up by give clarity. hi dee little gullow. when you keep pushing these to them still only region again, you're writing
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a particular gray intervention order. now she goes sure with control when you loop was till you go over you cove. these but tell you on the data nodded down magenta. quote, that magic yet. we'll go over it. but she's shania breathe q will be stella ah, rushing in yet them prosper. could keep the peacefulness that she's not doing in that might any trivia can you think daughter can you deal with what the drum? no, we get a little longer, but also i don't know who she is. you're, i know paula delano is not sure it just don't give me a nuke institute cylinder if toyota mean is according to me, what the 2 guys are about to a bonehead. the probably see after to mozilla, see he brought, she doesn't, that's his kid. that's this for one annual. my god, the divorce would just i would. yeah. that's in the real old nazis dad against jews in the it'll fans and in the new type of nazis,
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wagons russians now and one to national life. so to say make, i didn't a red hot burning nationalists of their people. we mean deal of the result in finance you too and you pretty you was bit, darn you. great. in the cochran can i? she would though it is granted that there were still, but she just was pitiless needles to phillip alena, to listen suddenly of someone in the group purple then use the new d couturier was gone. yeah. so since you're helping women from us who took that additional student bullet wishing i, b, m. e, unable of guaranteed on start on the vehicle, but attorney senior showtime inc, it would never have grown that far. and that much if the americans had not paid hundreds of millions of dollars to sponsor that, you will pablo their recruiters directing this new pathway to those took asa claims calling you and i see them on the roper shatara brenson. your call in us is when yo yo could been better new quote to sherry sher near to her quarter of i'm do easy. so good to not okay in the past hour,


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