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ah, does jill area where you crane your fights is a sensitive break the siege of as of style, but fail to leave in debris, arms and the bodies of fellow soldiers behind the us government is keeping a close watch on americans traveling to ukraine, filling a spike in terror and crime rates on their returns. here on august on deployed the army again, supporters of the ousted prime minister. wrong. com that says march buckingham, and violent amid the month early election with committee alive the russian capital this thursday morning. you will speak to scott and welcome to the program. don't you have officials claim the offensive in the republic will now
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advance faster. that's after the surrender of the murder. you pull a steel plants. while the area is being cleared of mind, sheeps being inspected. ortiz eager is done have continues to explore variables, industrial area. now heading break the siege. so this is the place where the as of new nazi battalion try toppled and fell into they did in the beginning. you can still the couldn't escape. and here you can see all sorts of weapons and equipment scattered around the place, like there's a rocket launcher over there. a, a vest and arm address. not only is it loaded, but it is also locked. so one careless step, one careless push. and this thing will open fire. all these vehicles around me were destroyed, full of armaments full of weapons, machine guns, sub machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, you name it here. you can also see plenty of cases like this case. what from some miss our launch and for the can made stinger. so some sort of armaments for the as
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of battalion. and quite interestingly enough, this one is a civilian under the seats here, 120 and caliber. so they were disguising themselves as civilians. and they were shipping, transporting weapons to the as of new nazi battalion at the plant. well, and here a group of as this is where they rested, what you can see stretches he treated the wounded, special medical scissors that were designed specifically to cut clothes on an injured person. also lot of bullets and even grenades scattered all over this. again, the donates republic, a local resit, dpr tank driver at his unit was wiped out during a battle for lavaca in the south. west of the republic saw april between the dpr and kia forces ah
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freshman, yamuna, bertram. i wasn't scared to have survived that. i saw jenny when he was running down. we saw him through the window. he had frightened eyes, and i was interested in where he comes from. he said, help me, let me cite i let him in for a while. it was difficult for him to think as he had a concussion. i couldn't figure out who he was and where he was brought and gave him some sedatives. ah, was going to being asked me if it was possible to stay for the night. if anything happened. he understood that if someone sees him through the window, then both of us will have problems every evening with stoked the stuff together. for this is where the park. i brought him stumps and up them there helped me to heat the stove. and in the evening we cooked together dirtiest and other food. but
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we always had something for the mendes ah ah, the u. s. government is gathering information about americans troubling to ukraine . that's a mid fears about what they might do upon their return. the authorities are worried, butterfield experience could result in a spiking crime on terra ortiz broadcast. df reports the u. s. department of homeland security. as it turns out, is secretly very nervous. far from the pro war bravado you might see during white house press conferences or on c, n n. american border and customs agents have realized that there's going to be on american volunteers and ukraine at back home. what kind of training are foreign
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fighters receiving in ukraine that they could possibly proliferate in us based militia and white nationalist groups? an advisory intelligence note disseminated to airport security and border god's wounds agents that many of those americans heading for ukraine are of the unsavory sort the far right sort. the buffalo shooting happened just 2 weeks ago. the crazy murderer who believed that shooting african americans and a supermarket, proved that his race was superior, had this symbol on his chest. the black sun symbol, a neo nazi symbol, also featured in the flag of ukraine's infamous as of battalion. and the department of homeland security is well aware of what's going on. ukrainian nationalist groups including the dissolved movement, are actively recruiting, racially or ethnically motivated, violent extremist white supremacists,
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to join various neo nazi volunteer battalions in the war against russia to join the various new nazi volunteer battalions in the war against russia. that's the u. s. government official assessment behind the scenes at me quote, what the u. s. intelligence note describes as of as, as of is a far right military unit whose members are ultra nationalists and accused of harboring neo nazi and white supremacist ideology. engaged instead of phobic and new nazi ideals and physically assaulted migrants and people opposing their views. ah, things
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get this previously just a few months ago as of was expressly forbidden from receiving any u. s. financial military aid. but that clause has now been erased. now american, money and weapons could openly be transferred to as of even ass. the u. s. government keeps tabs on those wanting to join ukrainian nationalists. they have a bunch of examples. the sorts of folk volunteering, which includes members and affiliates of far i tend to anti government malicious, which amongst other things, one to start a civil war in america. subject one stated he intends to hitch a ride to levine ukraine, and he will be working with a local militia group who will provide him with weapons open source information indicated subject. one was a vocal who movement leader in virginia adherence, se bogle and movement, or preparing for or seek to incite
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a 2nd american civil war. subject to stated, he served 4 years in the u. s. army as an infantryman, and previously served in afghanistan to obtain a work contract with the resolved battalion. when they get a crate, they go to learn all sorts of things. they go to learn how to make bombs, they going to learn how to hide and plant them, how to stage ambushes, how to conceal their intentions. they go to learn how to wage war, and they're going to learn from the best. the massive number of ukrainian neo nazi battalions and fighters who have run free and grown wildly powerful over the past decade. and then if they survive, they access to florida to washington with all that knowledge and hate in their heads. you can probably see now why the u. s. department of homeland security is concerned ah, and over to pakistan now,
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where the government's authorized the deployments of the military to protect his headquarters in islamabad, following the arrival of thousands of supporters of the allies to prime minister iran con, processed quickly and violent. ah, authorities tried preventing the rally by putting up road blocks on the outskirts of the city to stop crowds from entering the capital. but despite dark cons follows still managed to break through the former p. m. i had called for people to gather near the parliament building, vomiting a court order that allowed a demonstration only on the outskirts of the capitol gun organize the march demand early election vote by the countries parliament last month. but earlier in the day, security forces resulted to fine tig gus and scuffled with stone throwing protesters who were attempting to march to the parliament. the guns had attempted to shut down the plunge rally, but the supreme court gave it the green lights laid on wednesday. how am i con,
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addressed his followers on the way to the capital, claiming the current government? how many can servants in pakistan's, most corrupt people are government, are afraid of the people i go on. they had blocked the roads with the shipping containers all over pakistan, stopping our people, and the local journalists sent this report before him on cons. arrival in the capital on how his followers removed those road blocks. you can see the content as the ord was blocked from that site. ah, but they have quints, they have a cucumbers, they have all 4 of my workers. so they are removing that. are grands and of clearing the doors that are tons of pablo for his supporters along with him on a thousands of beacons. so this group you, you can see are these people now they have the support us from our nearby areas. so they have arrived as, as the mas force, to remove these trucks. so they are raj billiard data chanting slogans. and they
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say that they do not accept the important garment and they need elections pot i stuck with. no one can stop us. the government is like a bad, which appears only at night. if interior minister is brave, she must come here in daylight. we will go to islamabad, will reach de check. we will throw out this imported government. then we'll come back. we will send this interior minister to a brothel house where he got married. we'll send him there about our demand. well, we don't accept this imported government. this government must resign immediately. and even on now, russia's representative, the united nations, is accused at western countries of waging of russia. phobic information comes russia is being smid online and in the western media by a collective ministry of truth, we got to take a vs deputy permanent representative to the u. n to meet you polanski the we need to speak about. so the new iron curtain that is being imposed upon us by western countries because they don't need any object. you're fed through
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information about what's happening and the decent formation campaign. the ministry of truth is the number of a number of things that the west is doing. for example, they are, they are inflating this bubble of lies about what's happening on the grounds about the different situation on the ground about such things as a boucher for location. grandma tours, publication and the others. i believe that these calls today should reveal what, what lies beneath the geopolitical exercises of the west town. a lot of countries have really understood it with all clarity and we feel that there is good degree of support or at least of understanding what we are doing. and a lot of people here in the cool, ours are encouraging us and seeing that they understand the reasons defines our
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special needs or the ration ukraine. this is the only way the national c looks situation can evolve in the light of what's happening. and of course, the world will be different in a, in a couple of months or so. so we are witnessing this very profound transformation. and unfortunately, our western countries do not want to accept it to accept the reality. and they try to act as if nothing has changed on these be good geopolitical picture. of course we will try to promote our positions, but we'll try to promote the truce to push the tools over this new iron curtain. it's not an easy task, but i think is the only way to bring at least some objective pieces of information to, to western users who are now not totally in blockades. o u
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. s. is pushing russia to announce the technical defaults after washington bar. moscow from penny's debt through american banks. now moscow says default is not on the cards. however, stress, it has the cost to pay investors and is simply being stopped from fulfilling his obligations. we will pay our external debt in roubles. this is a sensible choice for the united states. they themselves band payments in dollars. today, the rubel has significantly strengthened and in this sense we have a good market situation. washington announced it will no longer permits moscow to pay foreign debt in us dollars, which potentially could force russia into default previously in an exemption to sanctions against russia had been allowed to pay bondholders in dollars through u. s. and international banks. this had made it possible for russia to meet previous debt payment deadlines. now though moscow has been stripped of its ability to make payments to u. s. investors. and as despite having the funds to settle the arrears professor of
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banking and finance at de montfort university, which one it believes the west is simply trying to undermine russia's image. if the aim is to punish russia is very strange, because essentially the usaa saying, oh, russia doesn't have to service. instead of preventing them from, from servicing it rolling because the u. s. has put a lot of resources into the m f and the world buying in the last 70 years in order to get countries that borrow internationally, to, to make sure they really pay their coupons in time. so we see that the international finance is very much political to essentially, i think the real story is the trying to make russia look bad. which is kind of childish, really, if you think about it, i mean we've got a series of national situation and they're playing games like that. us climates and void john kerry. speaking of the world, economic form in doubles, want against using the energy crisis as an excuse to build up more fossil fuel
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infrastructure, both at the same time, cold and or production are rising over in the u. s. fuel prices are also rising, and the white house is now considered relaxing some environmental standards on petrol to make prices more affordable with all the details, his ortiz, rachel blevins. the world economic forum is the annual sun that is tackling a range of issues, including one that has been all but forgotten in recent months. climate change. that's why the united states top official on the matter is warning the world against using the current energy crisis to forget about plans to transition away from fossil fuels. no one should believe that the crisis of ukraine as an excuse to suddenly build out the old kind of infrastructure that we had. we can meet the crisis of ukraine in the energy crisis of europe and still deal as we must with the climate crisis. john kerry, who was named the u. s. climate envoy, when the role was created by the, by an administration said the technology to combat climate change already exists. it just means more investment and he's worried that won't happen as the u. s. and
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its allies are instead focusing on trying to replace gas supplies from russia. we have the basic technologies no already deployed to get where we need to in the next 8 years to meet the goal of a 45 percent reduction. but we do not have yet the technologies fully. we can't do it if the new theology is going to become. we've got to build out a massive gas infrastructure without regard to abatement and mitigation of that guess. and is concerned, you're becoming a reality despite the 9 administration plans for a transition to green energy as oil production you asked is currently on the rise, we forecast that production will increase to more than 12800000 barrels per day in 2023, surpassing the previous annual average record, if here is the u. s. foreign policy and u. s. energy policy are at odds as a report for the thing to influence map shows that oil and gas companies are capitalizing on the concerns that energy supplies will be impacted by the war and ukraine. and they're promoting ads about american energy and energy independence in
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response. as well, the white house, they may also be forgetting about that green transition as report suggests they are considering waiting some environmental rules on us gasoline production in an effort to do storing prices across the country. and it's not just the us, despite broad commitments to address climate issues. the u. k is also launching new oil and gas projects in the name of, as john kerry continues to call for more money to transition away from traditional sources and the name of fighting climate change. it appears that many countries, including his own, are headed in the opposite direction in washington. rachel blevins, r t. ah, the russian defense minister says the 5 formed it comes up to the opening of to humanitarian car doors for the exit of foreign trade vessels, from ports on the block and city of mario pull in to next. how russia is recognizing its energy supplies and indeed,
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this is an emerging in food security. and russia worship in the black sea hating ukraine and ships full of wheat and sunflower seeds were host of the day to the conservative de podcast. jo altman, for his guessing ukraine to export his grain could lead to food shortage within the country. you know, i don't think vladimir putin or any leader out there wants to cause any sort of rural hunger issues. i think that the united states is always the outside in and not recognizing some of the, some of the risks to the ukrainian people. and frankly, i don't think the west makes decisions on what is good for anyone other than themselves. this elitist group, the kind of permeates our society across the nation. that's how the world is looking at 6, 23 am moscow tie money's pizza scott's on the back again with another look at today's biggest stories in just over half.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with over here. the other issue is doubles are going to put forward talking about with the bus like isn't middle pulled up, but it did, it did with julia. does she somebody over that? i'm wish that you can you will discuss. it is water. them, you like with him to lot of video with. look out to me,
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you up for you, look at your school that it is the vanya with the and i do so as you know, that way. i don't like oh, the wrong. oh, just don't hold any world. yes. to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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yeah, she does a uses turn on a posterior responsive via bill, but i need to get pull up with you me a call when you so your doorstep book on when you've gotten this suddenly agreement almost on that because all emilia, with low grade, a thought if you will not. when will she with? of course, why he, why not? you throw you away now i'm frederick is dying you way. not teaching your way, not i will be can you tell me grandma me, i will not need your school choice. you're not winning. you come down, you know, at the session a stronger solution, but the most a, c, p u h. it will not the keys or family could not,
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ah, december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end. the year a, my dance movement is gaining momentum in key protests to prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh, there are so much you must do. you'll see such as new york res paper. yeah. ah let y'all osha lincoln always cooper. this one we took we made on other show up at below silicon and all to see why let no bottom jojo a storm we will answer. we'll negotiate the queer with the us as the sheen.
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kimberly, you'll be useful, but he could, you could put a pistol as it was of i was send them my brother. i name any bullets initially. i knew my mirror was silly, so be damn wrong.
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