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[000:00:00;00] a pool. they sent the building on fire. people who jumped to other windows to escape the flames. being finished off by radicals with baseball bats, 48 killed and about 300 wounded. with us we can do for them. so clean up also, just a will be
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a mistake. you may have done, you know, your all yet vocal walker, there was dentist let when you move, that is no, i will drop the brass able to walk them or whatever. so my, getting them is that only meal stories are they are a few teaching it yet to pull just really voice. because what i need a full, you know, when you go i propose what you put the most a new polish out because it what the most for now. but with both she to pick us up don't store. i mean, you're sure to weapon you the listening almost that that to quit bigger company minus the would you like to be a little beat up or street? i'm, i'm not really my major reasoning. you store, i'm g o l, if you would, you put up a live person who do you call like a porter, my chip or children's, which means that on board with some student fees,
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interest we got those will be worked on both got those beats. you worked at the time when you get to pull, the ball will get them. and you get a bridge, zachary, i'll pursue them with me. ah. you can you by me still. what do you see? all my students still go to prom? what did you couldn't group? ok, just wanna be us via them or i was hold on. i'm still east. they took a week. family is bought. you come, keeps good. west yohina still losing the steel and the bullets of magnet let the
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wash told me to do so. so the me to just good price. she's a senior morse code. the peach care with us, honey, would shell not the bullet because like she will you give us talk of story short czar. new pretty yet you can watch a lot better than that. just has to do a postal parts source. she is this showing which always measure it from both. of
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course we're sure to look as you want to push to reduce as well. yeah. so grass coaches for which will that the cartoon group into his shaw square, one machine resumed to her annual progress. q go out is just a at them for you. you could shuttle craner craner gun smith for a gun. wanted to assure issue use it because these to with star we need to fix my dummy most convenient for you. be good. you can keep it as possible. in the middle than anybody else that just thought of to him is this like a graph of your machine is going to, i'm going to, when you pretty much of the concepts. you said you want us to create a new preview, then your son you put, you will be witnessed. by that time, alexandra kosky had already quit the alpha, a special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups. oh,
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i hm. mm. mm. mm mm. with both with when you go to school, when you get over a mobile device, you are almost not a resource for you. what's the medical if you come over to me a so much millennium should me. yep. and also when you do one year, what go when you one, you'd also let us do it for nick told them he does put you at no our coordination
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with all new employee. she's good was me told them people who will print over them before the 3rd party oversight ukrainian muscle professor saw might bite them only given them bussey's style. what do you normally look or that was a look when a store was a muscle to push you to a new solution effect are full of also too much of a little spark guy which was former schroeder thought. and i was looking for somebody to show up a couple are cisco, excuse me, to pull it up. sure. that was my williams, wilma williams, a shit, williams, a sugar was supposed to get the malicious and some checkpoints on the road to await uninvited guests with a lot of movies and will be handled, bought them the new government decided to
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subdue the pro russian regions where they held that my dans radical activists will not only officially trained at military camps, but also um, and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country. i mean, even dreamily project color shobel, jared each way. why in your mind on children just sorta comes around when we're done and you spend every word. so good system for room with me just a moment when you deal with the lead model of what she did. a lot of mr. sheila more was critical. i'm going to project so so what are all next? she'll take a sheila, jewel, zation garbage on your summer, yours. you say what they saw on the list, the blue element, balk, i mean could fill them all at the door. and then by shows that she's in the new building. so cool, i'm, i was, i'm
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a grammar to deal with these radical groups were ready for such a turn of events by, at the more collaborative floor, but enough, as somebody me now from acumen they speak about initially stuff for could a more numbers, whole hundreds of how to get your house like you clean water from the blind. you will your home. you move me mine up and you miles sean, i'm the only you got no none of us to buy. but to move by snow. i know when you put up a pile in sun, then you usually bloody me. if not, but you chewed up cuz i'm scared up.
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ah ah, the bumper going at the bundle was completed. he good is i want it boom! dalia g, danielle, danielle logan. sure. not that will need to move. did you want to move to grad wanted to stay, legible, to be what wasn't long as a bunch of stuff. what did you do? you can put me to mood uncles than you will to watch much of yet, but i'm throwing some wheels towards i'm grab your majesty to put it with the job. sure. still with the wife she'll be should. so she'll buy seats, then you push me. i need the deal killer was up in west berlin miller's of what i wanted to cough. sho, explain, just throw a choice. not a school bus was, can you will, you would be interested in participating, but it would be to minutes and your number. and i was fucked up. everything was list system really no crimes. community from a little student with me and you know,
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my dying and what's happening with with i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where such order is it conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously, is to create trust rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with
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a robot must protect its own existence with a talk about a week with a ford edge that also produces choice issue. somebody over there,
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both of those with 2 of our video, we've got a new a, b, and i do so as you know that way. i don't mind. oh, what else seemed wrong when i just don't know. i have to say proud to say, because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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with all my silly pros thereof, for many highly placed with ukrainian intelligence and who had recently left the country, managed to smuggle out some documents. they prove that my dance leaders had started planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. commute could thought i would still be helpless, has to create a good political piece more. or you could assuming a stick, but i mean, you know, one of them boys that are near i will go very washed. all doesn't you could,
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you must reserved. so did you meet on, on the selena? show me to serve, to see me on the selenium. hon. up on the white text or a ne, utilize south june shipple, let your he stuff, she put a t stuff. he could when you some your rubric, the quick put those to near or more. you know what? it's gone so unusual. damn deer. how would your sister, what did you say you made me go, then you have kilograms cube list where she's gonna go. nature. i need you guys from chrissy. to me the surprise a little bit. don't book the graphic. the less you should students can go to new york. she knew she was go to canada to bus, go any. is that not to spoiler? you? still with me would be g, g, g. even though my daniel, we are starting to give it a piece. kicks in the city. i have good luck to others, carolyn, trinity, when you might just my listing cause of when your story along the end of the one with the little push because it in your story,
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my me so usually could week for sure. what's going to cause a good the story of don bass residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state level. this point of view is still popular, particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions of symptom of lawns campaigns go with that. you just know what since you know from when you mostly do and you could cut them, you wish up for me? mostly i am going to get a lot more. i think those are the one you are the most because there's no need that i don't want to focus has just been go month from from william was usefulness in wasn't was when you question your fellow gordy from some of us a little bit of source. you push to simulate couple storage way, but if you could for
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a storage is i wanted to sort of social is an issue really quick just the way i'm controllers, which i was on north shoot. awesome. i wonder if it the way to ship them is up a new car, even from high school students from at least allegories tables will get upset. so. so easy me ah, keep announce is the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine, at the same time the electoral race is holding up. the main presidential candidate is peel to approach shameka. one of the leaders at my done doing debates. he underlines that the crank down on protests in the regions won't take long practice patient products in the border in the book that are what they brought to the receipts. well now my able to put it up there who didn't. i remember when show way where they could show how to move the total video home must be what's bringing my looks where you. so if somebody wants
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a love to share what kind of new or little card or like a wellness to lower with lower cure with the yeah, come on. so she was a yourself, that was what was one if you will call you and then i'll go in your shoes. i started college. are they still are you there? yeah, i do so glad you said a you is that affordable. ukrainian soldiers aren't enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict on least by politicians. many soldiers, desert, depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the minutia. a yet some school done school. you're ready to let you to go to lunch. go, cheryl, so you could always. yes. nicole,
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my or i knew my thought didn't always take appropriate regular lucille in the store in their approach or my down the my done up putting spits the look warmly. brought your west, you've got dora style about them today in approach to visual also gets a little bit our little music on the bonus to believe that the west. yes one will approach it with the opening. it was shown. yes. that's so a bunch in you when you all right, jordan are with
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a just a leave to post just on my i'm bushel going with with the army soon. goes into combat actions, the 1st to come under attack west 11th residence in trying to oust the militia from the town. the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account
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. but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas with ah, you just do it with, with
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with with, with oh no, i mean you got a door didn't was you actually i got a chair with to go go the ability to pick
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a good beach. gotta up sheet in april. yeah, we should you look at the time is really cool but, but i mean, yeah. out new york city of w because of the ladies to them. we still telling me that we do either, either she'll let us go already with us because all from us memorial to pull from even a book to, to teach it is done quite a, doing the deal. so what's a good when people guns full gas cable and use patsy pollution to quit luckily money at school? so the still easier not to keep this machine you but you know, this new district or region, we're still keeping that. there's a new version from 0 to the 4th e i spoke with, but you might have to put the order that was a, b, c, or any procedures. the board starts up with one part of that for sure. what the
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additional might be partial month at the blue should you be come down as opposed to let you? well, you said you have you up with several mcneese police. the women should bother. she did area much easier. sugar are when you stop so much. of course, when you some boys do humans giving you up to the full beam of what the but someone who can talk about the liquid up, it's not showing up almost with a little more book. a group of people don't look at it out here. we'll still look at the price. what about this before with bob up, his thumb looked it up is kind of down because of me starts with our core logic sort of thing, patricia, listen, we're publishing, proceed. a bullish with a
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with a shanker, was a new wiki rated on the 7th of june, 2014 and key. the man who had come to bow with a pledge to be the president of peace turned out to be the president. it was a a worker's always told some chrome duncan credit, when did i jojo, engage from fulfillment along with the window opening. you'll shania show order showing the conflict but are shown with linda and i was needing a shot for somebody to join us and you were good at all to put the minimal start on the way. i'm
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a conflict with with a with
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with with a let me show with the you with the apartment. yeah,
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so the graham i'm not up on you for ah, a doubles are going to put forward talking with the
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school. i hope i hope with a, [000:00:00;00] with a choice issue. somebody over there,
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both of those with you up for you was up with the idea raise, you know that way i don't. why ah ah oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any you have to shape out. this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, ah, they were disguising themselves as civilians, and they were shipping, transporting weapons to the azure of neo nazi battalion at the plant party explores the mario pl industrial area where you, cranium fights is attempted to break the siege of also stall, but failed to leave in debris arms on the bodies of fellow soldiers behind us intelligence documents suggest keeping


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