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make a school therefore. busy the last one month clearly tells us that iran has the backing of the people with him. and that in itself is a defining woman and back to sons history, which i believe will end up putting him back in power in the coming. what steps in response not or further at response, do you expect from the current pakistani government to his to months yet? so look, god, in the end, this has become a battle of nerds and run as be fighting vishal on the government to announced elections to dissolve the assemblies. and they have not been budging from their position. and it is precisely for this reason that he has to meet of envoy last night to some about the city and to show the force of the people who are standing behind him. i believe that done now, since iran has shown his bench strength, he has shown the respect and the love he commanded by gustavo, the government is going to take it very seriously. did i have news reports that
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there is some sort of ease that has been reached between him, ron and the present government, whereby it would be dissolving the assemblies in the coming few days after that. and then they would be announcing the date of the elections. now annoying, and ron or somebody who's a fido, doesn't believe in giving up, i believe in ron would have left some abad and agreed to this decision to have boss a field of 6 days in which they can get back to him. only if they were giving credible assurances so i believe that the government will be left the middle choice, but to agreed to absolve the assemblies ugly read relations. yes. have a momentous, 7 days ahead. will certainly be keeping track of all developments. hassan osler shot international law expert on geopolitical analysts. many thanks and close to half a 1000000 people were forced to shelter underground and mario poked during the city
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siege. now she cranes nationalist the eyes of battalion wouldn't let those who wanted to leave next. in her short documentary, we chronical are they managed to stay in touch with loved ones and stay alive. ah, ah ah ah.
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so, let's say that we stood up almost a year with 1st week which includes the clinical with only fit your shame. that sure you're starting to look at them. i don't they still sometimes they get you know what i mean that's kinda like semi. yeah. get a good deal with it again.
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yeah. yeah. overall it's not. i mean, i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh. shobel is, i was sure, personally to be a modem in with kids who with her so that donna leukemia with back shit, a
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brick with a brochure, you escrow for mr. smoke. you are getting a scope of your cure, curio with little or be aware when you're here with
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her. so when you're ready with see if it's, if it's different. sure. to play bill snyder cut a feel for us guys. i'm just neil of serious other than the guy can wait for the surgery portion with your needs, you need to because she wasn't able to more so was on your little one should on the last so i don't you're not ah, yes, the jewish the whistle is that it, can you look at the ledger that i bought this night? there's 2 new talks to russian collage cock dressmakers, given
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a solution that was all mentioned, there's a solution there. oh, great. and gives us, diane, you heads up to the a moment. it did i did. it was a listener. lot of money that i missed a sub welcoming. still my with the blood. with that sure. you send me to any myers? yes. almost before when i'm not sure when you spoke to me, but i fishy. i use a border with a brochure, mama, now let's just,
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i just collect on that with just to put that on the screen. very short on your just a newer version, a quote. i don't get a job with a bomb with an emergency mine and i'm kind of a sudden interested question a, a nuclear because i'm a block i live circuit budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with them recently. it goes by cba with the city. it's because they didn't get cleansed. you can literally a let me put with the nicky pitiless yet. that's good. that look was
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down for a little bit, isn't that the smaller? because you've to wife, as young as low yavara ya, yan yan, yan layer. and got us cuz with bureau don't say south worse. mike, what you before figured he was dead numeracy, julia controller, one book when the school attempts to the next will is there to the for but aluminum polka soft when you pull her gun? yes, you can just almost acknowledge fidelity. you thank you right. you as a to don't sure. sure to russell took, appealing to woollen your partner, put on gloomy voicemail. proceed with the newsletter. what doyle offer or his live dinner persuaded detroit any better. promotion is immune. your problem is unusual. done. it factor crucial to address you on the breeze can year. well, i wrote the 3rd one these to bill abuse and that my new piece to lou diskin us who believe does that? yeah, the prism new political asia. well,
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so far for coursework gets us deal as off for here to new criminal government as offered a steel issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce. cuz when you, when was that was you to start with someone who's ah, with i know stella and i'm not going to issue the chicken up by at the more. but according to this down
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a bit of it crush over to him. i'm off a little bit of shift and i'm ok with question or is it just a moment longer said so when i sort of she out of me. okay, and that's good to go with that one. it's the queen's so she started on the so them on our screens able to get that that this isn't true true with
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well there's more you do not qualify with both dogs. all i was at the school with the school with a new school or was, i mean, you know, i'm currently in the finish the war and i suppose it's a human system got a new marsha down. those are words. welcome. so when
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we got that on what the key. okay. first allen says she was playing with the new music folks learned who in a solution. so you brochure cranes can also to post on on the school
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in a solution for dealing with williams. this is a shipping specialist and finish question. the question wasn't, did you some consuming carson with this colorful a month a storage charge renew a nurse with
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ah ah, need to come to russian's state will never. i've stayed as i'm phoning northland stephen hammond. i'm not getting all sons, i'm up for a week within the 50000. okay, so mine is gonna be the one else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date and our t spoke neck, given our video agency,
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roughly all band on youtube with mm hm. forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust or rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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awe. ah, a full ah. with
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the push another visit with maggie smith, i was just reading with unless it was just basically at the store to dublin. if somebody just i don't know much about it and that is julia, just polio. but this is julia by at them old commission. those same login with citrix unit, which pushes the logistic human up into the us now with
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the cast. awesome, cuz i still am with michigan. if you still are he boys to us with a triple play deals with mulish little sort of if you don't. plato and monica, but most of the media by hugely what is most video, a special hon clarinet that'll start from ago. but i guess careful shipping to the well, i was redone there not be a there's a check. thank you for on the phone. barely read me up with either one of us come to school. he has a bottle come from a gun really bug olivia a will
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a shop called jones up will still be an issue with on shortly. i don't really know we'll spill will show you all the welding the political because i still want to ask you a 1000000 up. i was just not sure yes it this way and yes, i'm actually gonna weight my wish to get the total. can you meet personal? not sure. let me just, i really was going to be a good news. quick seals to get a hold of anybody. yes. that was on the, on the going to somebody on that up on my list unless you really what you were boy with can actually it was like a love to lawyer the issue for you with the world now. but it was supposed with keith up or say, yes, i don't wanted to believe with a couple of useable was, but he was nice. w dodgy. and we had to be sure to move it, cuts the booted push,
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put the way it will. it took up less, which are very similar so little that i'm use a digital somebody able to raise or slip into 2 bush me i'm going to spend or somebody will say, i'm good. mom was his level of surgery. leukemia i played as well and with the video positioning, it took us our stylist and was in show blue glucose units. a good talk with a squawk is here to get out if it was suitable to bring it,
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couldn't you and your homeowners, with a well from a book of will, could you know what you're sure to look to be doing with no, i last listed there, start off with a please. i'm with for you to us,
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not a minus. i don't know why. just wanted to know what in the number that you like with that was because in the do it cuz i was confused when you started, you reach will touch cuz in your cars those. this choi, very with will see it says i off get the 3 ships way. probably. yes, that was worse than your slave company or is it at the national sub senior citizen? i'm not a liberal. yes. and we do still kind of each case, a dos at a mom with us, a ring around the way flores and
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with the new mystic initials or was it was for a day to get away from all of the garage done more school, pull it out. yeah. i did. yeah, it was nice. i mean, yeah, you're good chappelle in i'm butch. finally in that that i don't much thought i'm with must be a back. what do you my 1st week versus here? not be there was for cisco for lee mother was nice to catch up, but interesting or you can, can come special with that. like i was also, you have mentioned with
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your when you scores, it is going to national grades with it. so she'll said a with you or he has to be our some of the cool here with here. so what do for you? why did you yes, near fees on the voice? yes. somebody to forward you the 1st so as a new yes. can you even sure who you thought about my student who is
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also go the doctor? i don't know. this will be used with 2 to 4 years. a radius created with a water heater. mm mm .
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and with a really great dish. now i have limited version or sort of in the video 3 pm on where the mo kimberlia family drama, with lemming at the door to go. but he's critical that blue armoire us will shrink additional, but loony of cable or a spectrum sales or the show that she only has wishing he happens to plan a severe democrat. it's up to an operational, almost all, not for a says plato, green the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get to visit with his grades. yeah, we'll give them a see to see which and we had to show those on which were in stores on that, by the way in the pistol think yours are the sweetest musicians. people have to
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understand that all the blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government, victoria newland, barack obama. job. i did cia, the u. s. military, the trained these nazis hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians that were coming to liberate city here with us. but he says you will come when i see other of them again. so we have in the way more than more guides to them. there's a joy, accessories and world bethany design, mitchell, i can use her sheet smiting. yeah, because i think she'll erica doreen. you showcase that a little shade when i see them where oh my god, i'm supposed ah,
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well, it's showing wrong. i just don't know any word, an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, ah, for headline stories this, our western suggestion is that ukraine must make territorial concessions to achieve peace provokes a direct response from. can you so see them with such proposals to trade?
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ukrainian territory even a little bit crazy. also, i had on the program, the russian president for a mark. so the reasons behind europe and america is spirally economic crisis. what i've switch you to her queue of stealing other people's assets is never brought to anyone. any good pacific islands find themselves thrust into a tug of.


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