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or chess from crackers or patrol scatter or dish. near badger. latoya's port orange california with nationalists trying to suppress pro russian public sentiment with extreme violence . on may, the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bluff. here a logical put all my a with a note from c as neither for them. would you prefer? you know, when you monitor for them? would you pushing arca go for the most people die year? holla, hardcore a year for a year. for one, you produce the bulk of it. i just what you mean shop on from watch. i just go to
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do something to lean your board your for on to my donna, you proceed to this hearing because all my apologies to the nationalist masha pro russian activist, 10 camp at cooley cove appeal. mm hm. team down. those hiding in the nearby trade union building mm
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ah, they sent the building on fire people who jumped to other windows to escape. the flames are being finished off by radicals with baseball bats. 48 and killed and about 300 wounded. with . a us, we can do for them still green bust unless the will be still, but there's no mistake. you may have done, you lose your all yet. vocal walker, there was dentist let when you move, that is no, i will grab the brass over to them or whatever. so my getting them is that only meal stories like are they up or i need to let you know what the teaching it down. you get to pull chassis, they're really voice the post, the 4th piece. i need a keep of his muscle. you profess new phones. when you go,
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i propose what schumann please put the most a new polish out because it what the most for now, but with both she to pick us up don't store. i mean, you're sure to let them you the listening almost that, that the quick us company minus the would you like to be a little beat up with the monopoly while in life major reasoning. you store, i'm deal if you would, you put up a live person who do you call like a porter my to pursue a bosom, which means that on board with some student features, numbers, and we'll get those will be worked on both got both beats. you will get the word from when you get a little bit, but we'll get them. i got a bunch ridge like ridge i'll pursue on where you will only watch the with me. ah.
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oh. you can you but you still? what do you see that all mike can still go to promise. you couldn't group it. ok just one. it's almost a year to be as a vehicle or a school as opposed to craig e o v m e g 's the truck of will in the problem. who would either really shouldn't pro family is born eve come, keith collect yohina, still losing the deal on the bill of maxima, that there will still be news that the juices of the me to just good price. you give us a muslim could little to peach care with office one is which hello not the bullet because like she will you give us talk or story ear stewart czar new pediatric you can watch a
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you could look it up just to validate a fellow postal parts, source mercy and this one was showing a motor crucial issue washer report, brazilian push to reduce a so grass coach for which will that the christian group here is sure square pool machine usually would be to for like programs kick go at is just
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a shuffle kramer kramer, i'm with my 4 and i want to assure ish. ringback use it because these to start, when you get my done a nice company, me pretty good. you can keep it and possibly me other than my uncle that you spoke of to him. you think of your machine is william good. what is the when you might you the consensus of you of a surprise additional and you bring to your son, you know, you will be what most my than time alexandra had a kosky had already quit the alpha, a special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups. i, i hm. mm hm. with
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both with when you go to school, when you get over a, can we go to resource for comstock on them, but you to where you estimated to calling you from nobody media a global to so much millennium should me. yep. also, when you do one year, what when you, when you'd also let us do it. so nick told me thus put, you know, our coordination with some of the employ. she's good was new to the people who will it for him to overcome about. so the 3rd party oversight, ukrainian law school because of so much by them bussey's style would be the only only car that was in my opinion a store was a master push. then you can, you switch the doctor or with look will still flush lucas buckeye,
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which were squamous schroeder thought. but i was looking for somebody to show up a couple of her social scary. it's going to be the please. i'm sure. bobby williams will dormer williams, a shirt williams, a sugar was, will say the militia sent some checkpoints on the road to await uninvited guests. with a dog bought them, the new government decided to subdue the pro russian regions with the help of my dans radical activists who were not only officially trained at military camps but also arms. and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country. i mean, even dreamily pro logic all of a way,
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when your mind on children just sorta comes around when we're done with a new style, every word. so get off work with when you deal with the lee model her would. she did a lot of mr. prince, you know what i'm going to project college so, so what are all next? she'll take issue on that relationship with you on your summer. yours a balk, i mean a don't or a new building. so cool i'm i was on with you with. 8 these radical groups were ready for such a turn of events
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e by at the more collaborative floor, but a map, somebody me, a few days to be completed initially for could a more done by school. hans, how do you home? so you can move on to plan you will you help me move mine up a new miley sean, i'm the only you got no none of us to buy. but to move by snow way. know when you put up a pile in sun, then you usually blown them yet, but you're chewed up because i'm scared that up. ah the bumper hit the bundle was completely good is i wanted the bottom dollar gigi dalia. i will go get sure i will need to move to georgia. move to grad
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wanted to stay, legible to be what's, what's going on as a bunch of stuff with, if you could put me to move them closer than you will to watch as much as yet, but come through and we'll storage some, grab your show, my interest you did put it with sure, still will the web, she will speech. what's more show price, teach. you push me. i need to do a lesson berlin militia for, but i want to cough sho, explain to you to a choice of school, but mostly can you be disclosure info discovery, but it would be to me to send you a number and i was fucked up with just filling all kinds communion from the dealership is to interview with you and you know my dying and what's happening with
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lou needs to come to the russian state will never be tight as on the no santini div. asking him, then i'll stand up for a coup in a 50 babble. did. okay, so mine is gonna be the one else with will ban in the european union, the kremlin community up machine, the state on russia for date and our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with me.
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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ah, my silly prose thereof formerly highly placed with ukrainian intelligence and who had recently left the country, managed to smuggle out some documents. they proved that my dance leaders had started planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. commute category would still be the process to create a political piece more. or you could assuming a strict, but if you do not one of them by saying that on here, i will go washed. all doesn't, you could, you must read sort of, you mean on a selena? show me to surface immune on the selenium. unable up on the white text or a ne, a zoom should bomb ledger east of she put a t stuff. you can when you samuel wimberly the quick put those to near or more.
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we know what the storm so unusual down did. how would you support it? you said you made me when you have kids go to school bush where she's gonna go out of nature. i need you guys from chrissy to live a surprise, a little bit. don't book a do less. you should. students don't go to new york. she knew she was go to canada to bus, go any, is that not to spoiler you? still with me would be equally good and then my banyan, we're starting to give it a piece kicks in the city. i have good luck to us, carolyn. trinity, when you might just my listing cause of when you're still at the end of the one with the little push because it in your still do, i mean it's usually could we for sure what's going to cause a good the story of done boss, residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state
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level. this point of view is still popular, particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions of symptom newsome writ alons, convenience gomez, that you should just note, which is you know, from william us do. and you can print them, you wish up for me? mostly i am going to get a lot more, i think started i think by new way, the more about it, there's no need that i don't want to focus has just been go month from i'm from william was usefulness. emotional was when you question, year fellow going from some of us a little bit of source, you simulacra total storage way. but if you could, for a storage is i wanted to sort of social is an issue really quick just no way. i'm a shoot off from, i wonder if it, the way to ship them is up a new car, even from high school students from a legal age tables will get upset. so,
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so easy me ah, kiva now is the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine, at the same time, the electoral royal race is holding up. the main presidential candidate is p. o to approach shameka, one of the leaders at my done doing debates, he underlines that the crank down on protest in the regions won't take long practice patient products in the border in the mood to throw out the glittering mists. well now my able to throw up their whole demon. i remember when shall away what the creature or how to move or total your home must be was bringing my looks where you. so if somebody's responsible for what kind of new or little card or like oldness to lower with lower cure with
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. yeah, come on. so she was a yourself, that was what was one if you will call you focus your she has a large mirror as well. they store you there. yeah. do you felt that you sent it? there? ya'll say you is that affordable. ukrainian soldiers aren't enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict unleashed by politicians. many soldiers, desert depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the minutia. a yet sensible guns comb. you're ready to let you to go to lunch. go, cheryl, so you can always, you know, not only are you my at the big on always take a thoroughbred fad. you live lucille in a store and they are bro jol. my done, my done up putting spits lukewarm lea brought your was take up dora style about
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them today in the post barrel. also gets a little bit our little music holding up almost to believe that the west. yes, one will approach it with the opening. it was shown, yes, that's so approaching you when you all right, jordan are with a want to go to just a leave to post just on my i'm bushel
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going with with the army soon goes into combat actions the 1st to come under attack west 11th residence, in trying to oust the militia from the town, the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account. but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas.
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with ah is this to with, with with
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with oh no, i mean you got a big with to go go the ability to pick a good beach. got up sheet here and they are pulling in. we should you look at the way you made them. time is good, but, but i mean, yeah, we'll kick off to ladies to that we should you tell me, is that with your proposal to show some social cut? when more of them to pull them out, a book that you teach, it is
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a deal. so what's a good when people got full gas cable news? nazi i'm willing to quit. luckily, money of school, easier not to keep this much on you. bring it up, this new district or region, we're still keeping that person. you react from 0 to the 4th up. you look with but you might have to put the order that was a b, c or the proceeds to put me starts up with all of the up or sure. what are the still my you will not the blue should you be come down as opposed to let you to give you a police a room please police the women should bother you. she did give you a much easier sugar, wasn't when you stop so much. of course, when you some board, you know, humans could be up to the floor when will be, but someone can talk about the liquid up. it's not showing up at the most, but a little more, a group of people don't know, carted out here. we'll still look at the price quoted up. it'll be one with bob up
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or some foot level to pull up is gonna be the me start a new just looking for just a publishing. appreciative bush with a with a shanker, was inaugurated on the 7th of june, 2014 and keep up the man who had come to bow with the pledge to be the president of peace turned out to be the president of war with
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a workers always told some chrome duncan credit indirectly with engagement postponements from one of the little old cranial restrain. yeah. show orders showing a conflict but are shown with on the one i was in you to move on. so let me join us and you were good or evil to pull from the start on the way i'm from ah, a with
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a with with with with, with
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a with b u of the apartment. yeah. so right. am i not up on
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a a a, a, a, a, a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, [000:00:00;00] a ah, a with
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or, ah, ah, western suggestions that ukraine must make territorial concessions to achieve peace provokes a direct response from good. so done with such proposes to trade ukrainian territory even a little bit crazy. also ahead on the program today, the russian president remarked all the reasons by high in europe and america is


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