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tv   News  RT  May 26, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ah, or ah, ah, western suggestions that ukraine must make territorial concessions to achieve peace provokes a direct response from good. so done with such proposals to crate ukrainian territory even a little bit crazy. also head on the program today, the russian president, remarks all the reasons behind europe, and america is spiraling economic crisis. whatever. with stealing other people's axes, never groups and you're good with pacific islands, find themselves thrust into
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a tug of war between china and western allies to both sides volley for influence over the region on pakistan's, alistair premier. or threatens to bring millions to the streets of the capital is ultimate them to call new elections within 6 days is not met with wherever you're capturing the program from today at home or on the move. welcome to moscow on to the global news update on rti. our top story today. ukrainian officials have given their answer to western proposals to surrender part of their territories in order to reach peace with russia. insults, blackmail, and even obscene language are a part of the reply. here some of what was said. today, certain political voices are offering as a new agenda, a ceasefire of frozen conflicts, and the surrender of parts of our territory. for the sake of peace, there would do anything to protect the comfortable social media feed from bad news,
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mister or business, as usual with russia. ukraine lee over these calls from western officials that he should concede part of its territory in the name of peace. we haven't heard from your cranium presidential advisor, alex restore that you told those officials to go ask them much proposals to trade. ukrainian territory even a little bit crazy. our children dying soldiers, a stopping shells of their own bodies, and they're telling us how to sacrifice all territories. this will never happen. why such strong words? well, the conflict clearly is not going very well for ukraine on your screen right now. you should be able to see a map of the current hostilities throughout the conflict and by the looks of it, it looks like the ukrainian military has lost quite a bit of ground. now this is a open source map, not an official source. we have a lot of sense when you consider ukraine just recently surrendered as of stolen mario pal. and we just heard from the guns people's republic, governments that they've re taken 95 percent of the territory of guns is known.
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who's speaking about who's making conciliatory statements, what ukraine's presidential advisors weren't exactly specific about who the rest of it's told to go after themselves. but these comments did come after the former us secretary of state, henry kissinger, came out openly and said that basically kiev should accept the status quo when it comes to territory at the world economic forum in davos, in my view, movement towards negotiations and negotiations on peace need to begin in the next 2 months, so that the outcome of the war should be outlined. ideally, the dividing line should return the status quo. anti there's very little room for interpretation here. basically, he's almost definitely saying that key should give up its territorial claim, claim on crimea, perhaps even on don boss as well. and kissinger put this forward as a possible way to put an end to the conflict, but ukrainian president vladimir lensky said that there's going to be no compromise on his country's pre 2014 borders. and he even said in light of kissinger
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suggestion that he felt like he was in 1938th, likely a comparison to the munich conference in which western powers got together and basically appeased nazi germany by allowing it to annex parts of czechoslovakia. give raj is sure it seems that mr. kissinger's calendar is not 2022 but 193080. and he thought he was talking to an audience not in davos, but in unit of that time. so no doubt the landscape here was drawing parallels between the western official suggestions for ukraine, the 2 seeds territory to the nazis land, grab in 1938. but here makes these comparisons all the time, even though it's in the ukrainian military. after all, where there are arms neo nazis fighting within their ranks, at any rate, ukrainian officials didn't stop at just insults the advisor to the countries energy minister even went as far to inadvertently threatened to do something to the friendship oil pipeline that supplies hungry with russian oil, that's because budapest has refused to stop buying oil from moscow. and so it
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really looks like there is some trouble in paradise when it comes to g of and it's suppose the western friends will all are related theme. some western media outlets are changing their normative on presidents landscape, labeling him a quote per relative with that constant demands to make further sacrifices for ki, if ukrainian leader, viola demarus lensky increasingly resembles a poor relative with a bad temper. who is not only ungrateful for the help, but as even starting to parade and threaten those who help him because they are not doing enough. this too has been happening since the early days of the war, and now that he insists on more and more, he is getting closer and closer to the limit of precarious european empathy. yeah, well i keep going back in it's capable comparison between ever heard johnny, which is all over the western press at this point, the trial is going on for about a month now regarding defamation accusations, post divorce, but you know,
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the reason why he making this comparison between our relationship and that of the one. well the one between cio and, and the west is because be passionate. there's always start with some kind of ground look. and the, and at least one of the parties failed to be the last the expectation for the other . and the insult. 2 like cool, had a mediators are desperately needed, but both are, in fact, surrounded by take a fatty enable or an indian. both parties has been to fortune. neither one really ends up being a winner. and when i have over sets in the place, it's thoroughly trash, which is essentially what's happening right now. when you create a we're actually both will eventually. 2 asking themselves, wonder if they were thinking at the time why they didn't maybe think of reaching an agreement sooner, a piece agreement, kissinger, a call for that. and he called for kids with them to match his courage. but of course, reason is often care in the fashion. i don't know what the actual tolerance level
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is for western leaders right now when it comes to insult seems they're pretty tolerant. they have a pretty high tolerance level for insult. but i don't know where their tolerance and i mean, we've seen some comments made on media right now, not by read or ukraine, but by actual representatives of the previous playing and offended liver. words doesn't sound very statesman like it's about the most brutal war and inhalation. since the nazi attack on ukraine. it's not a kindergarten. andre melnick, who's that ukrainian diplomat to germany. he made up. he posted a picture of a snail with her look like a bullet back and said, oh, you know, something on lines of weapons are coming. finally from germany, ukraine, german weapons for ukraine are on the way. i have just received a message from a member of the government in kiev via what's up russia cannot win the war. well, i mean, it's a complete insult to the german government and it specifically into german
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chancellor schultz who really was, it seems like he was fighting with himself in terms if, you know, on one hand, he has to deal with the dire impact that this whole complex and it's an essential or having on the german economy. the other hand, there's all this pressure from ukraine and from you leadership who are completely divorced from what the people want in the news. to do more for you, chris. so, i mean, ultimately the going to start passed a bill to give more weapons to ukraine and, and again, slap in the face for from ukrainian representatives in germany. love him. he has taken part in the 1st year asian economic forum in his speech to attendees. the russian leader reiterated his commitment to developing economic cooperation between your asian countries and also dismissed western sanctions as
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quote useless quote, a combat of speech and damaging as well to those who pursue such a policy. and what's the limit? some same is a pre estimate. those who want to use sanctions and restrictions in order to contain who can independent come to the reason, i'm not just speaking of roughly which i know there are more and more countries all over the world who won't have an independent policy. there is no police. you can stop this natural global process. they won't have enough strength, and the desire will disappear when they'll be faced with problems within their own countries. they'll realize this is absolutely hopeless. love them stealing other people's assets, has never brought anyone any good. on the contrary, to do so upon themselves, and no matter how resistant the economies of the countries that these policies are, the current state of the world's economy shows the opposition is correct and justified. developed economies haven't seen such inflation in the last 14. we're unemployment is rising. reduction change to break up
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a global crises or intensified. let me see that it's also interesting remark in the space, the russian president stress the importance of increasing the proportion of national currency to use between nations instead of the us dollar on, on the event itself. the ration economic form focused on developing cooperation between countries in the region, funding there with other partners and economics. more than $2500.00 people from around the world registered for the for including the presidents of 5 countries of the region economic community. we spoke to the counsellor to the president of the iranian chamber of commerce industries. who's of the view, east asian countries have great potential for further cooperation group than promotion. and it's still hard to your asian union in iran have great potential. the fact is that eastern countries are currently developing china, for example, nobody questions that china is the world's 2nd largest india is developing as well
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. the future of india will be st. and today, east asia potential. and we can't ignore the potential if mutual cooperation between all these countries. 10 years to develop in the future will be very positive. we have all the foundations for such co operation, one in case something else to tell you about today. the chinese ministry of defense . i was called on the us to stop passing off national beliefs as international law . the u. s. should start passing off its domestic concepts as international rules. the pursuit of the goal of american hegemony is also a mistake. we urge them to look at this objectively and accept the peaceful development of china. this will benefit sino american relations, as well as global peace and stability of politics and international studies professor pac none wong essays the international legal order has been undermined by washington. the ministry of defense or chinese, the has been consistently criticizing the united states of exploiting international
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role for her on the plantation. and can come up with some interpretations that eighty's or to the chinese point of view is twisting and mis interpreting the, the actual meaning of the international law. i think because we're living in the real world in the reading and interpretation. and then how to exploit international law indeed is, has been weaponized 5 different countries in the world. and sol, water chinese, this c, s, the international legal, olga. it looks, ease has been on the mind by the united states. and therefore, the strip your effort to trying to reinvigorate or to repay it so that the united states will not be able to act above the law. the war in ukraine is making the will you more multi polarize?
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i think the situation in the u. s. domestic politics, you know, looking for mr. biden, is eland, has declared it will extend its new latrice deployment in the south pacific, solomon island, until at least may next year to mid concerns among western allies by china's growing presence in the region. the pacific is a priority area for defense, which is why it is important that new zealand defense, 4th personnel continue to operate and support the royal solomon islands, police force to maintain peace and stability through community engagement. use aliens decision. kellum, the chinese foreign minister troubles to the solomon islands as part of a tour of nation to discuss plans for beijing draft agreement with 10 pacific states. the backdrop of that being china's desire to expand this cooperation with countries in the region where the wide ranging draft agreement includes a package of millions of dollars of monetary aid from beijing,
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access to china as lucrative market of nearly one and a half 1000000000 people in a free trade agreement on greater political and military cooperation between the world's most populous nation. the pacific states. in response to china's proposal, australia has sent its foreign minister to the island of fiji in an attempt to improve ties with suva. the country's prime minister has said that more needs to be dawned in response to what he sees is beijing's attempt to encroach on the pacific region. we need to, to respond to this because this is china seeking to increase its importance in the region of the world where strongly it has been the security partner of choice. since the 2nd world war stria dropped the ball. we can't afford to do that. we need to rein guides with the region they sovereign nations. of course, we need to respect that,
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but we need to be offering more support. and otherwise we can say the consequences with the deal that was done with the solomons. we know that china said as the 1st of many, which is the context of the foreign ministers base to the breaking point in terms of the overall picture, vice chairman of the shanghai center think nelson. one believe that transition from a western centric world is already underway. china is a country with 1500000000 people and it has the need to expand this call globally. and relations with countries in the south pacific are also quite important proposed it's, it's mainly calling great at all agriculture and efficient. so this is what is widely known as a mutual benefit activities for mutual benefit. and china never goes to these countries voluntarily without the invitation of the local countries. so
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i think this is purely an act of good faith. certainly seen a transition from the former us centric or western world into a new one that is more multi polled. it's also a puzzle that china wants to, you know, to on code as well. why? the expansion of china, economic expansion of china, got so watery to buy other people, considering that this country, china, is, is a country with a history of peace and development. right. let's go to some updates on the ukraine conflict. now an official from lou against kind of said around $8000.00 ukrainian soldiers are now in captivity in the don
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boss. republics, also, de mining continues in the more you both still plants more than 2000 ukrainian trips surrendered to done yes. republic forces there recently, the ukrainian armies, former positions across the territory are not being inspected on our t continues to explore the sprawling industrial area course. i don't know if i was being taking a closer look at where other fighters tried to break through the seat. so this is the place where the as of new nazi battalion tried to break through the encirclement and well somehow get to the other. sure. some were swimming across this river. at least tried woke. they failed. and as you can see, this place is in ruins. there still mines are scattered across this place and there's an armored personnel carrier behind me as well that toppled and fell into the river. and if you were to peak around the corner, just like i did in the beginning, you can still see some of its crew floating in the water as, as off,
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was trying to escape the plan to escape the as of style steelworks. they tried to gain a foothold here under this bridge, making it a temporary shell to, for them a rush, an air raid found them and while they failed, they couldn't escape. and here you can see all sorts of weapons and equipment scattered around the place, like there's a rocket launcher over there, a, a vest and armored vest over here you have a 2nd rocket launcher, likely in and lower british and law. not only is it loaded, but it is also locked. so one careless step, one careless push and this thing will open fire. all these vehicles around me were destroyed. full of armaments full of weapons, machine guns, sub machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, you name it here. you can also see plenty of cases like this case from some miss
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our launch. unfortunately, i can't tell which one exactly, probably an american made stinger. so all these vehicles they carried some sort of armaments for the as of battalion. and quite interestingly enough, this one is a civilian car. yet if you look under the seats here, you can see minds, 120 in caliber. so they were disguising themselves as civilians, and they were shipping, transporting weapons to the as of neo nazi battalion at the plant while and here a group of as of neo nazi fighters. this is where they rested one last time before making the final push. you can see stretches here, probably this is where they treated their wounded little bit. over here you can see special medical scissors that were designed specifically to cut clothes on an injured person. also a lot of bullets and even grenades scattered all over this place.
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or thing in the den? yes. republic. on the story of her arisen coming to light a resident of a ton of vol. no. vanka sheltered a local militia tank driver at her house after his unit was wiped out during a battle set. lana. did it knowing what could happen to her if keir forces discovered the soldiers whereabouts? blue trash can you move them? i wasn't scared. we have survived to 1014. there was some shelling already. i saw jenny when he was running down the street like his care child. i accidentally saw him through the window. he had frightened eyes and i was interested in where he comes from. he said, help me, let me cite i let him in for a while. it was difficult for him to think as he had a concussion. i couldn't figure out who he was and where he was from. i gave him some water to wash and gave him some sedatives to help him come down.
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ah ah one good thing asked me if it was possible to stay for the night. if anything happened. he understood that if someone sees him through the window, then both of us will have problems every evening with stove the stove together. for this it was necessary to cut the chopped firewood from the park. i brought him stumps and firewood to the veranda and he shoved them there, helped me to heed the stove. and in the evening we cooked together artillio and other books. but we always had something for the mendes ah
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ah, spain. britton's defence ministries have expressed concern over rushes further developing of ties with various african states. they stress nato will not remain indifferent to the situation and will consider including defense of its southern flank. in the alliance is new strategy concept. nato cannot remain indifferent in this situation. nato strategic concept has to involve the whole of nato. all the territory covers through its partnership african russian relations have recently seen significant development with sedan cameron and molly, all funding military agreements with moscow this year. russia has also been heavily investing in intensifying diplomatic ties with african nations. it follows recent
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protests against the french presence in molly, the british defense minister, also called on russia to open a c corridor for grain to exit ukraine's ports while at rejecting moscow's proposal to provide the humanitarian corridor in return for the listing of some sanctions. he instead supported the idea of ukraine ships being escorted to safety by nations like turkey, and called on russia, quote, to do the right thing. that grain is for everyone, libya, yemen, people around the world are relying on that grain to feed themselves. i call on russia to do the right thing in the spirit of humanity and let the grain of ukraine out. stop stealing the grain for its own means. let's not talk about sanctions. let's do the right thing. well, let's cross live to dr. unread thomas house and a german attorney emeritus professor of law in south africa. you're most welcome to
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the program today. do russian african relations actually threaten nathan security? or are such concerns expressed by several european leaders? not just a pretext to maintain or even expand their own influence. well, good evening, of course, as a mass of interest, economic interest in africa, africa has about 20 percent of the of the world's land mass that has about 18 percent of the world population. but it only produces about 2.7 percent of the world g, d, p. and they don't really consumes about 3 percent of the world energy. so there is enormous capacity for growth, cannot make development and, and therefore for, for, for, for game and, and it's called colonial masters, which are all european adap, very interested in continuing the privileged trading situation with africa. china is interested in africa and has invested some 200000000 in infrastructure. and of
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course, russia is also coming to africa because traditionally, not only african states would have been liberated from colonialism if it hadn't been far from the helpful follow that he said they received from russia. very interesting. european authorities are demanding dr. thomas housing that russia allow ukraine to use ports under its control for transporting grain while refusing to lift any functions or even discuss it against moscow. how to construct can such a policy actually be while there is a huge dependency in africa on, on grain coming from ukraine, but also from russia and, and we can expect famine within 2 to 3 months. we can expect the serious impact on food security. there is a difficulty though, because we actually still have a thing called public international law. and sanctions used to be called
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a blockade. in par century is traditional international law. if you, if you're blocked on the porch and all the access on the country and you close it in, then you are practicing a blockade. and public international law allowed the country to defend itself against the blockade princes. it could think the ships or the people blockading its port and, and this is exactly the situation that we are experiencing now in, in the, in a modern war. it is the unknown. you rose, i know different rules. so if russia concedes access and, and allows you to export grain for, for profit, and then because they're selling it then, then it can demand that some of the blockade measures against russia. some of the sanctions should be left. an alternative compromise could be for, for nato and, and the new generously to donate the grain. and in that case, it becomes
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a purely human terry and aid issue. and then probably russia would not object to such grain to go to its destination, which are actually all in regions of africa, where there's already famine, as already over $3000000.00 people risking starvation and dest probation in somalia, for instance. and just to get your thoughts on what you think nato's plans are, do you think that the alliance is seeking on we'll try and strengthen his presence on the african continent soon? well, we must never forget that that nato is actually an extension of american military interest. soccer. the supreme commander of nato is always buy it by its own rules and american general. and, and america is very much present in africa with us 30 basis which fall under africa from the african command, which is based in stuttgart. germany tell yes, natal,
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we'll, we'll try and preserve its interest. its economic and political and strategic territorial interests, even in africa. just now they convinced the zambian government to allow for the establishment of the african office in them. yeah. and they do exercise interests. like in kenya, canyon president. they recently joined the chorus condemning russia and imposing sanctions against russia. i don't see how nato can feel, threatened africa, how can a few 100 security gobs that happen to have been born in russia and they worked all sorts of companies, russian and others, all can be a threat to the nato. countries are still sovereign and africa, that members of the united nations, and they have every freedom to choose trading relations and their security arrangements. the enormous failure of nature or to provide security in the health
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sullen molly after the invasion or the a tech on libya is, is, has, has convinced countries like central african republican or on the end molly to rather work together with russia on security matters. well, we very much appreciate your time and your thoughts today. thanks for coming on the program. dr. andre. tell me a 1000 german attorney and emeritus professor of law in south africa. thank you. ah, i stayed pakistan. prime minister m ron county has given the current government son ultimatum, demanding early elections. he's pledging consequences if his demand is not met within a week ago, i have a message for this imported government. i am giving a 6 day deadline that will announce elections within 6 days, announced the elections in june and dissolve the parliament. if you don't do this within 6 days, i will bring my people here again. oh,
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i have a thorough. he's trying to prevent the rally by putting up road blocks on the outskirts of the city to stop cries from entering the capital. despite that, people still managed to get them wrong, can organize the march to demand early elections after he was, i stood in a no confidence billed by the countries parliament last month on a mid ups on risks were seeing security forces fired tear gas and scuffled with stone throwing protesters who attempted to march to a local journalists and this footage from the ground before arrival in you can see the content as the lord was blocked from that site, but they have plants, they have a cucumbers, they have all 4.


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