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whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. when who are ah
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ah, western suggestions that ukraine must make territorial concessions to achieve peace provoke, said direct response from good. so the trade ukrainian territory even a little also a longer stories today, the russian president remarks on the reasons behind europe on america's spiraling economic crisis, which was a few of the steel in any good pacific islands find themselves with life for moscow. this is our team, my name's una neil on 30 minutes of news and views start. now. ukrainian officials have given their answer to western proposals to surrender a part of their territories in order to reach people to blackmail and even obscene
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a ceasefire. a frozen conflicts and the surrender of parts of our territories. for the sake of peace, there would do anything to promote button use or mr. business, as usual with russia. the cranes leadership is basically in hysterics over these calls from western officials. that key of should concede part of its territory in the name of peace. we haven't heard from ukrainian presidential adviser, alex kristovich, who told those officials to go after themselves. so he dumb with such for pre, even a little bit crazy. our children to die. soldiers is stopping shells with their own bodies. and they're telling us how to sacrifice all tarrot trees. this will never happen. so why such strong words? well, the conflict clearly is not going very well for ukraine on your screen right now. you should be able to see a map of the current hostilities throughout the conflict and by the looks of it, it looks like the ukrainian military has lost quite a bit of ground. now this is a open source map and not an official source. we have to keep that in mind, but it definitely makes
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a lot of sense when you consider ukraine just recently surrendered as of stolen mario. of the territory of guns is it. know who's speaking about who's making conciliatory statements, don't what ukraine's presidential advisors weren't exactly specific about who are a stove it's told to go after themselves. but these comments did come after the former us secretary of state, henry kissinger, came out openly and said that basically key should accept the status quo when it comes to terror. movement towards negotiations and negotiations on peace need to come, the war should be outlined. ideally, the dividing line should return the status quo. anti, there's very little room for interpretation here. basically, he's almost definitely saying the key on don boss as well. and kissinger, me and president vladimir lensky said that fight of kissinger suggestion, that he felt it likely a comparison to the munich conference in which western powers got together and basically appeased nazi germany by allowing it to annex parts of czechoslovakia, arousing issue. it seems that mister kissinger's calendar is not 2022,
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but 1938. and he thought he was talking to an audience not in davos, but in munich of that time. no doubt glen sky here was drawing parallels between the western official suggestions for ukraine to the nazis land grab in 1938. but here makes these comparisons all the time, even though it's in the ukraine armed neo nazis fighting with. and there's some trouble in paradise when it comes to kiev and it's supposed to western friends. well, interestingly, some western media outlets are changing their nibbling him a quote for a relative with constant demands to make further sacrifices for kiss ukrainian leader, viola demarus lensky increasingly resembles a poor relative with a bad temper who is not only ungrateful for the help, but as even starting to parade and threaten those who help him because they are not doing enough. this too has been happening since the early days of the war. and now that he insists on more and more, he is getting closer and closer to the limit of precarious european empathy. yeah,
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well i keep going back in a stable can there ever heard johnny, which is all over the western press at this point, the trial is going on for about a month now regarding defamation accusations, to porch, but you know, the reason why he making this comparison between that relationship and that of the one, well the one between cio and, and the last is because the fact that there's always star fancy and at least one of the other and the insults. 2 like cool, that mediators are desperately needed, but both are, in fact, surrounded by take a fatty enabler. and indian both parties has been to fortune neither one really ends up or winner is thoroughly trash, which is essentially what's happening right now when you create a unfortunately, both will eventually start asking themselves, wonder if they were thinking at the time why they didn't maybe think of reaching an agreement sooner, a piece agreement, kissinger and paul for that. and he called for kids wisdom to match courage. but of
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course, reason is all here in the fashion. i don't know what they're the actual tolerance level is for western leaders right now when it comes to is all, it seems they're pretty taller and i have a pretty high tolerance level for info. but i don't know where their tolerance ends . i mean, we've seen some comments made on social media right now. nope. i read people in ukraine, but by actual representatives, ukrainian state playing and offended liver words. doesn't sound very statesman like it's about the most the attack on ukraine. it's not a kindergarten. andre melnick, who's that ukrainian diplomat to germany age. he posted pitcher of snell at stock and said, oh you know something on lines of the weapons are coming. finally from germany, ukraine, german weapons for ukraine are on the way. i have just received a message from a member of the government in kiev fire. what's up? russia cannot win the war. well, i mean, it's a complete info to the german government and specifically into german schultz who
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really was, it seems like he was fighting with himself in terms if, you know, on one hand, he has to deal with the dire impact that this whole complex and it's an essential or having on the german economy. the other hand, there's all this pressure from ukraine and from your leadership who are completely divorced from what the people want in the news. to do more for you, chris. so, i mean, ultimately the blend is a bill to give and they get a slap in the face for from ukrainian representatives in germany. rachel marston, what's more ukraine seems to be ready to go from threatening words to deeds earlier . the countries former president proposed cutting the pipeline at to put pressure on the hungry the friendship pipeline. no ukrainian official has again hinted that the pipeline which delivers oil from russia to the
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e 3 ukraine could be targeted. ukraine has a wonderful lever in its hands, in my opinion, it would be very appropriate if something happened to it. well, let's discuss the story with senior research fellow ethic, global policy institute. think tank of george zamarelli. you're welcome to the program. to hungry be concerned george by the ukrainian. hence it could block russian oil supplies. i think it should be concerned because ukraine is behaving as a spoiled child and therefore feels that there will be no repercussions. so ukraine has now long target to victim or by hungary because or been flatly ruled out providing any arms to ukraine and slightly ruled out the use of garrett territory to supply or ban has
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stood in the way of use oil planned to plan for you while ban so it's really angry with hungary and you know, given the mood. 2 1 you know, it could well do something like this. the language it uses pretty much like gangs that you know, my pipeline, you got the shame that something happened to it. but we got to use this absurd rhetoric coming from kia, standing strong and not joining the russian energy embargo. if so, do you expect that you to make such decisions without considering the hungarian position nor i think hungary is immovable on this issue. opinion of sanctions. it's now presented in the norm as bill to the you thing,
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well ok, we'll go along with it, but we need some time to adapt. plus refineries have to be changed to take in other kinds of oil. and in fact, our entire energy grid has to be transformed. so they put in a massive bill to the e. u. they use not going to meet this bill, but i don't think that you can go forward. i mean, it doesn't leave at the moment. i mean, if you want to change the other, the moment that you require unanimity and without unanimity, impose anything on the will. indeed, as the conflict continues, some states have urged ukraine to make concessions. you, joseph burrell, even admit thing about europe is running out of ammunition. georgia, we can take a listen together to what the use foreign policy chief had to say on bouts in our mission. couldn't maintain a war, right? the one in ukraine for more than 2 weeks it run out of the nation.
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do you expect the, the west to continue support, at least in the guys or as much as they've been doing for kiev in the conflict, nor well, i think they will on until collapses. and that's good. well happen within the next couple of months because i think rushes, making slow, but steady progress in the ease. and once i think it's army has been destroyed in the ease, it's going to be very hard to see how key of continue this war. so for the time being, you know, it's all gone how, you know, we're always behind the landscape. we don't want any confessions as well as the line from britain line from the united state. but once your army is defeated, you really don't have any other option. basically have to just throw your car and i think that will happen. it's going to take some time as i think within the next
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couple of months. but you know, at that moment the, you and the americans will just have to give up life from the hungarian capital, george w l e senior research fellow at the global policy institute. thank you. thank you. vladimir has taken part in the 1st eurasian economic forum in his speech to fellow attendees. the russian leader reiterated his commitment to developing economic cooperation between your age and countries. a big issue dismissed western sanctions as well saying there were useless. that's a quote and damaging and day to those who pursue such a policy. and what's the limit? so same is a pre estimate. those who want to use sanctions and restrictions in order to contain to we can independent countries. and i'm not just speaking of russia and china, there are more and more countries all over the world who won't have an independent policy. there is no wild policeman who can stop this natural global process. they won't have enough strength, and the desire will disappear when,
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when they'll be faced with problems within their own countries. they'll realize that this is absolutely hopeless. stealing other people's assets has never brought any on any good. on the contrary, those who seek to do so harm themselves, and no matter how resistant the economies of the countries that pursued these policies, the current state of the world's economy shows the opposition is correct and justified. developed economies haven't seen such inflation in the last 40 years. unemployment is rising, production chains or breaking global crises or intensifying. the russian president also stressed the importance of increasing the proportion of national currencies use between nations instead of the u. s. dollar. the ration economic form for countries in the region and expanding their ties with other partners in economic blogs is more than 2500 people from around the world registered for the forum. including the presidents of 5 countries of the your asian economic community. we spoke to the deputy dean of the remnant university of china, who said,
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dean dollars is ation is difficult, but a necessary process for the health of the global economy. what i think the cost now to the process after the dollar is asia, is wifi. open to what? for example, 20 years ago, approx off the us dollar as a courtesy was still a 72 percent. and now it has declining to 58. the lowest, the ever, the u. s. takes fine fine at the end. the college c. s, a weapon to attack could be off countries, especially last year, which is the structure of the financial, i see, but i think but we have to. but on the other hand, we have to meet that the 20 states, the us dollar, they steal the strongest,
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the county, and you know what? it, we'll take a long time to get rid of a dollar he, germany, so the research god, we need to the fall, the international economic and financial and monetary system. and adopt the form of the local currency in terms of the payment into liquidation and to strengthen the yeah, it all i've asian trained economic to digital economy, our digital currency and the out of me. so although it is friday coach, we must do it with our new zealand times. they cleared it will extend its military's deployment in the south pacific, solomon islands, until at least may next year, and made concerns among western allies about china's growing presence in the region . the pacific as a priority area for defense,
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which is why it is important that new zealand defense, 4th personnel continue to operate and support the royal solomon islands, police force to maintain peace and stability through community engagement. yeah, a few more developments on this new zealand decision comes on. the chinese foreign minister travels to the solomon islands as part of a tour of nations to discuss plans for beijing draft agreement with 10 pacific states. the backdrop of that's being china's desire to expand this cooperation with countries in the region. while the wide ranging graphs agreements includes a package of millions of dollars of monetary aid from beijing, access to china's lucrative market of nearly one and a half 1000000 people in a free trade agreements and breaking political and military cooperation between the world's most populous nation and the pacific states well in response to china's proposal is really a has sent its foreign minister to the island of fiji in attempt to improve ties with suva. and the country's prime minister has said that more needs to be don't,
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in response to what he says is beijing's attempt to encroach on the pacific region . we need to, to respond to this because this is china seeking to increase its influence in the region as well. where strongly it has been the security partner of choice. since the 2nd world war stria dropped the ball. we can afford to do that. we need to re engage with the region. they sovereign nations. of course. we need to respect that. but we need to be offering more support and otherwise we can say the consequences with the deal that was done with the solomon's. we know that china said as the 1st of many, which is a context of the foreign ministers base to the region. well, vice chairman of the shanghai center thing, talk nelson. wong believes a transition from a western centric world is already underway. china is
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a country with 1500000000 people and it has the need to expand. they said, call globally, and relations with countries in the south pacific are also quite important proposed it's, it's mainly called created all agriculture and efficient. so this is what is widely known as a mutual benefit activities for mutual benefit. and china never goes to these countries voluntarily without the invitation of the local countries. so i think this is purely an act of good faith, which certainly seeing a transition from the former us centric or west friendship world into a new one that is more multi polled. it's also
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a puzzle that china wants to, you know, to on code as well. why? the expansion of china, the economic expansion of china, got so watery by other people. considering that this country, china, i being is, is a country with a history of peace and development. the u. s. is warning of the potential threat posed by americans traveling to ukraine with washington, fearing supporters of neo nazi groups could return home. bustled hardened unintelligence documents suggest keeping a close eye on those american national heading to the country or senior correspondent, morocco. see if can tell us more. the u. s. department of homeland security, as it turns out, is secretly very nervous. far from the pro war bravado you might see during white house press conferences or on c, n n. american border and customs agents have realized that there's going to be
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a whole lot of full at one american volunteers and ukraine. those who survive get back home. what kind of training are foreign fighters receiving in ukraine that they could possibly proliferate in us based militia and white nationalist groups? an advisory intelligence note disseminated to airport security and border god's wounds agents that many of those americans heading for ukraine are of the unsavory sort the far right sort. the buffalo shooting happened just 2 weeks ago. the crazed murderer who believed that shooting african americans in a supermarket, proved that his race was superior, had this symbol on his chest. the black sun symbol, a neo nazi symbol, also featured in the flag of ukraine's infamous as of battalion. and the department of homeland security is well aware of what's going on. ukrainian nationalist
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groups including the resolve movement are actively recruiting, racially or ethnically motivated, violent extremist white supremacists, to join various neo nazi volunteer battalions in the war against russia. to join that various new nazi volunteer battalions in the war against russia. that's the u . s. government official assessment behind the scenes at me quote, what the u. s. intelligence note describes as of as has of is a fall, right? military unit whose members autrand nationalists and accused of harboring neo nazi and white supremacist ideology. engaged instead of phobic and new nazi ideals and physically assaulted migrants and people opposing their views. ah, things
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get this previously just a few months ago as of was expressly forbidden from receiving any u. s. financial military aid. but that clause has now been erased. now, american, money and weapons could openly be transferred to as of even ass. the u. s. government keeps tabs on those wanting to join ukrainian nationalists. they have a bunch of examples. the sorts of folk volunteering which includes members and affiliates of far right hand anti government malicious. which, amongst other things, want to start a civil war in america. subject one stated he intends to hitch a ride to levine, ukraine, and he will be working with
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a local militia group who will provide him with weapons open source information indicated subject one was a vogal movement leader in virginia and here and say, bogle a movement or preparing for or seek to incite a 2nd american civil war. subject to stated, he served 4 years in the u. s. army, as an infantryman, and previously served in afghanistan, subject 3, stated he hoped to obtain a work contract with the resolved battalion. when they get t cray, they go to learn all sorts of things. they going to learn how to make bombs, they going to learn how to hide and block them, how to stage ambushes, how to conceal their intentions. they go to learn how to wage war, and they're going to learn from the best, the massive number of ukrainian neal nazi battalions, advisors who have run free and grown wildly powerful over the past decade. and then if they survive, they go to return to america, to texas, to florida,
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to washington, with all that knowledge and hate in their heads. you can probably see now why the u. s. department of homeland security is concerned, ah, hundreds of residents in the northern friends city of little have signed a petition sent to the mirror on the nation's president, demanding a reduction in the soaring utility bills for social housing. france, like many countries currently, is dealing with a challenging economic state of affairs with consumers experiencing rising prices for energy and essential goods. in response, some regions of started issuing food stamps for poor households. well, let's get a grasp on the situation and cross the paris and speak to political analyst nicholas markovich. welcome to you. a deep and indeed darkening economic picture.
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the glow. what do you see is the main reason for this crisis? well, the repress is going through a very difficult situation, and this is done. nothing new. it was a situation before the coven crisis. and don't forget the lock downs have really shut off the economy have disrupted, i would say, the production lines, importation imports, exports, and all that has been extremely complicated is past 2 years. now, some are choosing the order in ukraine and it is a fact that invitation, for example, that is more and more complicated. so francis morris, more or less painted itself in a corner, a concerning, for example, food and france used to be one of us major agricultural countries. and it's now only self sufficient up to 60 percent. and it's getting quite complicated because inflation, the soaring unemployment for the 1st time in over a year, is, is growing up again. and french have to face expensive prices. energy costs, of course, and food. if you take oil and fats have risen 50 percent recently,
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we flour 30 percent past the 20 percent. so these are important news for a lot of french people and traffic really having a hard time coping with this. so some cities and even the, the french government is moving the idea of distributing food vouchers to the poor . people who just can't make ends meet and have a hard time feeding themselves. well, what does that say that the actual issue of food stamps for per high schools to compensate as you were saying for increased at food prices? what does that say about the situation on the ground? it says that france is not prepared. france did not see these crisis coming trans thought that agriculture would be managed by the 3rd world countries or other countries which would produce a cheaper that france could become focused on the on services. and this is, i think, one of the big, big major problems of france at the same thing with industrial cup production, taking, other cheaper countries would produce cheaper than what we're doing here. so we would focus on services and import from the rest of the world. when there is
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a and that's fine, more or less, depending on your idea when everything's okay. but we've faith 2 major crisis, at least one concerning the, the coven and the pandemic. and we, when we don't have the supply, when we don't have food, we can't see the people. and that's the 1st aim of the family in across the room was to feed, to get, to get access to food and france. and now finding out that it no longer has access to food, it is no longer self sufficient because it has been relying on other countries to defeated. so now the preface to review its whole agriculture policy and there is a policy in the manual macro. usually this was a policy which was counted by the by, by the right. and now macros is what we have to produce locally. we have to, we have to help french farmers in france. french farmers are in a dire situation every day. there's a suicide of one french farmer, so france has to totally review. it's possibly, it's this production concerning agriculture. it's
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a french. what do you see as the top of the, these economic rules, not just in france, but i think across the continent again, are we have too much relied on the continent on producing abroad. agriculture has become an industry and globally industry and abroad, cheaper. i would say policies that we have here and the way that that would be a good idea will. it probably was a good idea for shareholders who made a lot of money, but that has increased unemployment. and that is making our economies fragile. today when we are going across major crisis. so i think that this has to force the countries in western europe to re industrialize, to re invest in production, to re invest in agriculture, to be self sufficient. because when you are in a world which is grow going, crossing i was going through a crisis and you are depending on other countries where again when you apply sanctions on some of the countries, these countries who are producing the needs that you need. this is,
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we painted ourselves in a corner, and now we are depending and we don't know what to do and these policies cannot to, cannot be implemented from one day to another. this is going to take time. this is going to take investment. this is going to be painful for the.
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