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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, with a dollars you talk too much in a few, a hopeful that i see
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a few with a garage group where that pulled up with what interested also research julia. does she somebody over there or so she bud zamarelli, but she was with talking to
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a a dual might be for ah, [000:00:00;00] ah my you will not put out the whole not for crying on,
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but she knew because you and you got a young them you got a you must say like a desinik. ok. then you find that i did a lot that you do you flop. what's the idea that was ok. you give us the new year with a
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column. you got the ability to have 3 of you. cool. i'm with, you know, much to sort of tunnel with us the uh, the, from my boss, but super duper pascall, especially about the m thought buggery over here. not got him. you up the wheels, but see above our bus. so if i see about the bus. yes, was it is the one you looked at your with will for new. so for his own a
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dorm with study, of course. no, really watch your choice worth of to shoot in a way . make sure you weren't sure. what national leaders, if you're with a know that yet,
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but you know that a good does not say to which guy, when you bought that by the school as a, do you most likely you build up what you did or not? i got a yellow guy. you and you was phillip ross, but it was the name. oh it's a lot of them. you cannot really feel up last last night. but the idea was a yeah. i,
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although we'll it's, it's already. so yeah, but, but you need say that the wave was get, be started talking about those 2 thought it might be south. we still are funny. it's them we all of us move. was it and you were you die is no you about me. if it's all fine, you'll see a lot different from the home. so it wasn't why you need say, sounds like you're good. are you there? oh, can i eat meat? say i got those not bless of brother. start a new prostate with me. so as to reply to the chip, lodge a new one, the new tool with id, you spend your blue cross the dope, i would use daily scans. a city. yeah. your policy with them,
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with a good question with a with yes, i'm sure you don't wash my yonder wash and switch out the it's not a stomach bug he'll most would ship it as veterans united sub steel, christmas time is a divorce. and the formula are still sending me only sally in your cut. all right, i'm wounded. i'm yes, you must keep. it seems that they were so wash. nikki has also cut it will not be able to pull check when you thought on information,
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but most of them was 9 miles for sure. i'm not sure. they're not sure i'm was by animal or she is still yes. yes, it shows them this will. she was, i'm on my looking for the the conditions to the sure. sure. and yeah, very clear. talk newly diagnosed about started think better with a blunt it does not say you do that, we're doing this, but i've got pieces share a more strict mean? sure. it's a pretty, it's a control in the bottom of it. they will get over it and you go cutting out some of them, appreciate it. last most the day. okay, that was nice. how come when you stay and you that you, you do believe we, we always want the kid via something is
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a veteran issue. what you needed to know it's from it's a little bit better then you don't you already mean that kind of stuff control in the film industry still with you on the for me i need to does actually in your speaker groups i'm interested chance can group of people here where it says that she's, she's just in the system as australia to that are both of the show. a clear yes. i'm still in the middle to with 30. yes. and what's up to me in the middle of the girl, the other about to with i get a
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border with joshua garzo with the freedom to go with them
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to a home with a much ah, it was it was like a bully issue. you've always heard soon. i will call your wrist a pardon me for it? no,
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but the closet door. why do you know if it so some system is also missing yet because of interest in it. so he, he will not going to look with a view ability to do it or not, but no one in law much personal a board both. sure. so much i'm wondering does i should the shows just get a cost but, but don't do it by the way that she left it, but it brought out
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a spot ah ah, [000:00:00;00] with a with
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with, with you or is with you i'm with ah, with school caveats of woodland beach gonna still be
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patient, but in the border enabled it there with with good with nothing with the white issue and i will give you a little quality stupid on if there's $40.00 a night to radiate. somebody doing that, you know, we're going more supportive. it was close to that. you are done. press your orders, debra, go to move you up with our headquarters, but he's only was
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a good. i'm just public school. yeah. and you just need to talk with somebody. i'm was on a move, which is now with their disagreement with our sober living with this and going through, but i didn't buy brand new post. it was a bunch of luck with this issue that, i mean, but it's, you can simply chose a q 1000000 of course or stores from your home to help you have
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a good church. you know, the job is that you, they send you the best miller's dealing with medical, sim bush cut by you blood and lab work. you'd indicate the wish to us a bit. by the years i got a new, unapproachable, ah, i don't know. a new belgium where you, unless you are a new resource with boys or do i to go out because i love of 3. are you club
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a deal? the role it is the roads always will they get there? mm. a . mm hm. yeah. so that you have it all evil and they all could you
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with the b t rob with that you'd be at the most at just a minute. this is with numbers level with 3 of which cover doing me on those of those. not all you had you through here with couples and i want it to the po box or look a funny names because it's a grocery store. lydia a must have a washington miller. my or if i me your book over here. you bob. right. are you lisa? so i knew his name was bla. nope. i said you miss it's a good evening to to learn a little doing almost one of the dog. still receive them in the gym so never so
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full of stuff. oh sure. oh sure. come on. wish upgrade a fort, so if you ask a quick look to the thumb with when his name, external forgot that was just supposed to come real soon or if i'm still new. if i read that on one with our chest hurting peace, quit on a cruise run, not that out. so i was also let you to this completely. but as you go down, the hood said, here,
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score are still stuff on. if the and on a promotional and through as a full month with the teacher choices, can you get the team to tina escrow can on even on the line with me succeed i have with limits on the funds with
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them the letters to live in scope with martial. ready angela. sure, sure. so for get away. crap. it wasn't the most waco with me. it's just for us to serve in charlotte order. forms cochran, there's not a good that. it's just that a good family given him in that order. who would sustain needed? rankings 9 was to lose julian under both georgia. i was cross shorter mary on getting her need a caucus to fallen off ninfa chaverra threatening me with a we with
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latisha's badge engine on my suggest with his speech with a kid is dina with diner when dealing with all of the morning
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with j, as in don, boss, and down to variable, go on another little rescue mission. we're picking up an old man with some bad legs . so welcome to marry. you again, don't ask in 2014 december, 2014. after seeing the war crimes and installed american installed into the regime of when a burg people to death and beat them to death in odessa. when they bought the lou, god's administration building killed civilians, their booth ukraine has real fascism. i watch some idiots last night. some so called professor
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somewhere saying, oh there's no nazis in your grand zalinski is jewish, the president's jews. there can be not, that's a lie that's alive with a dot on the bomb or suggest o chart is in the apollo shoals. no slaves immediately above published get them all with the vehicle, but they are just out on the water level. so she had to post all bus out. got it on cell bus there as well. no, but i'll bother him through bump. ibm cut him to the gym at those. i'm so glad i built that. then we'll say you will. yeah. hello. okay. it's good that i should than that hon of war. and daniel would have to read and you're sort of like, you know. mm
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mm. a story, you know, you don't like, i don't know that you're crazy over here with us. no hostility, or are they are going to be with god for free? here, you're probably russia rush. you thought we, my shifter you wish, but you might not my, to her up more fragile, valuable. but what are you still at with started a possible drive time with did you must
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with an idea. so you know, that way, you know, doing much, ah, it's really tragic. it's really sad. but you know, when we were at the humanitarian aid, oh, there's thousands of people there. ah, and it's russia bringing them through, bringing them water, bringing them help, bringing a medicine. they're like a mobile pharmacy go on and it's russians that are helping these people today. not the ukrainians, not the nazis. just russians are helping them with national been yes or no. yeah, no diesel. yeah. yeah. you with your i on the or the america. nobody is good. is that going to live? so,
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and i would at the national the that you can will to still appeal by see bach who die do i will die. i ah
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with a drive you sanction russia in any one who does business with russia is wrecking havoc on the global economy. the goal is to punish russia so far the russian economy remain stable. this cannot be said for other economies around the world. in fact, those who sanction are feeling enormous pain and suffering ah


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