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around the world, in fact, those whose sanction or feeling enormous pain and suffering with a grand scale was more don't split. ideally any with this pool with her. she's mark machine, your 1st symbolic you might be a sub with us to live in the gym with me.
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i just want to please selina gardner news. what melinda will not put me is to put money, will put it on by your money. most coach for a critical unit portion or possibly if i'm just leasing a new apartment, a new number, i can go to the lawyer room all the way to school to the political smarter story structure. but now coker, you know, for his was near cripple mccoy and in the communion, i just don't want to put on those near. now come to referrals installer hitler. she got coded to lose you. could she, after my bill could pretty much show for the per 2 years or more. yes, i was a proposal opportunity to rely on the short term, but i was told me i will not put money into a cd boulevard costa, strangely by your society. she's got up scared me tom. moscow, jubilee. oh,
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the new yorker will guard for his forger. we will just do a short clip. going. okay. he's done yes. a year. a year screen with a switch from where a couple of issues that are done with
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the logo g t a for most of the off. give you 40 years old a lot for the most team bush a key. can you hear me about the you
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know, those top of yes with what i showed a future on the machine is going to be able to pull from can we show usually have a flu shot come tomorrow afternoon. yes. no more than i did. my knowledge was like you were similar to jessica or denise put up, feel for the fish comes from the go to work. i'm go to like lunch with love 1st or the lease would of live never in your initial career. i leave me alone. last or oh, don't last york read you are. just wanted to show it or did you read table is
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just what i roll on believe. believe i was, can relieve what still my peter well will be back in the digital opinion still cook. this is the punch it in now to do it. sure. so we'll close if we know that it goes on is also clergy music. let's talk on a leash name and then we'll play pretty limited for my look at it. actually this plays for this just a to play now. right. so you're going to need for coke. ear orca. read it. dave shows a whoa, whoa, whoa. liberally jake lee, bob, are a start by dividing new toilet. are you supposed to put more stuff
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with a shade new york then of course not sure what it is all day. does she kill a block on the rails? well, money children with her or others approval time money. she call out, you can put me in the yawn. yaeger motion. if she told me i thought i was from them . i was cousin, suppose jolla because or so you reason on waller? you, genius, be cooking was old. how can you those of mrs care from work always for use loser? oh, oh she of course sir you because i was in so he fills records and he he tuple girls restroom criminals. walters menu usually did the slaughters. but oh yeah,
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of what was just none. yeah. or yeah, that was is good. yeah. it was. i had i had joe did install the gc show stuff. who says he's moodle for peters revise. unable to lunch for my night at the other school near to kim lane. right. it's a niche lavish. just focused part machine. you're a shame like any degree of michelin you, sunny was gone. your spot, oliver knew it was try. i would see what, what i need probably just not able to watch. you're going to probably talk with them when you that so that a good argument or no doesn't put your on style and go to one. you put lynaya, dawn is still in, grabs show machine. you're real up on an ottoman the show up. rush has gotten clip
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with i don't know any dealers or slice copy to provide some meaning. millennium zacotta quarter to 8 31. you can watch. annabella, pro fire any bizarre, quoted for dark chaff. me sector. i've moved. we are going to, we thought kept creeping to scuttle the man. compress. you would pretty close to the nearest creek avenue with butcher for which i have not been moscow space. you could shake especially criteria, especially del mar, per se, is awkward of chef. my circles, then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua, and you smell the dorms, upgrade cost to challenge when you're through life. and you quoted me, obama spreadsheet with montage to worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like
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a is it like a big dumb off? he got a cute part of those are from a great oscar. it's generally beat spin or potentially setting is order. kimiko couple of different digital dom i was a, the resilience records good old. and yet it was just calling to see how to reserve good people. we bought the machine, i mean, i mailed the money on it. i just noticed the right here for most of the weights you put on were started here. i'm pulling milk them. is like with the back to go to stepping. you spear sniff. no, i'm not as much on the new lesson on the 5 year on, on. i've seen him and as i tell you, and you can use that or gave them just to bring you my body to probably any of i'm with soil is bul. no more somewhat tactic are major. was that? yeah, given year we were just year i'd be german, you pretty would now. so i need a sleep. forgot to leave you of a dumb off charlie,
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a corporate chair promotional with boylen assure it was one rich and boy of russia loser. federalist a subsidy. a was with only a machine, the co ops and was yeah. local. we love all of those disney own little in some way we can. yeah. well i just pulls on article visualizing really invoice a g,
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a shit off. as offer book with son is a new lucian 1st. is paul with that. yeah. i mean, you can close this one actually would be it's in 2 grand scale. was war 2, modems fully ready to learn. you wouldn't really, when you throw those, no, don't bull. when you're ready to look at the room with her though her deal any of the most to relate new with who who jenny was political a will anybody was there was a really distributed level that will be just not robust. they talk over the facility explorers that we were going to look over spending time with she due to the way we did. will you use in your postcard a person is limited for you with
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your credit? does any proposal history, that paging, i'm supposed to cut a tune quote, store with plenty of them for their, their store number of cars over the summer. and you can produce your portability as possible at the most current unit will you will need to store a bunch of all those go you can you could you please you can we should, would you please indicate the like it? oh boy, they took a look of can only dealer with not much. absolutely, but we've got some great new off rest and you look for the harley. he was motion of will that she did much she over to ask. i think you're still similar to a supernova. you are still pretty well, so gosh, double the guy, he would assume
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a missed you thought i got a book that i missed, so social talk with changing with for me. sure, sure. well, school here. so our position with me to the bathroom when you were cardelia, but all that, but that was to s thrash, avoid no losses, so much that if you chance to come cleveland, i show you on a visit to finding william did it, can. yes, mr. the british name melissa h a jim c, i see any bizarre items on let me proceed. it was ridiculous. so give me just a short of shows, boise by tracy. i do have to go through,
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ah ah mm oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any world to shape out these days because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look so common ground. ah, i'm in the back of all she was christmas michel, a trace of ashley. the spotted zoller with mary. if you could wish to chance him about mister bradley them b t 1st. who made ashley pl, which i for therefore support vala that she flew smartly. i must. neither should jane must be the key. there would never go in the probably they give them a bulk of the u. v. good. so don't for which i suppress. pick the need, the cards are causal. i am what you can go to my, bring your bosom for what made the buys in the good food. sure. of the bigger movie, moderate nutritional group 0. it was all that all with no garden mean pretty clearly. it was all that all good tom with money and for a mortal bank the but they are marks with,
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with basel or diet via human or really thought mark to leon smartly. well, because all it's just a video come hollywood, florida, about transactional, mental basel. we believe awkward for spot on track them. no bird. malisha by show college will not see school with the circus in wallach. you probably were there or the by that there's no one got to last my shavers. huddle show former or slid the as a student with bush moore go, we complete the with school a couple of them afterwards and bottom will prevail show nationally short of home come to the church with them or nor each room. jimmy was told me about one of the pos leading couple of good movie. tamara shooters with
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william with sold from got to release on you, but also the cause value to drop. ashley says no. the facility will require a very good mother as well for the requirement literally cut by to commit that the 1st on the pay and i'm with years of why need. so i'm literally a little frustrating. me. you go when you put a sticky, did a lot for bringing monitoring your store from a quarter. right. but i mean a genius condition that in dealing with disabilities to grab a,
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a with a, with a garage on the or find a mr. carlos from the teeth in your bill. ah, 2000 a year going, you know, go quicker. just she's luck,
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bob machine, your precious question. really care for floor the door. really, really known for boy 13000000000 with missions here to look for them with the wash human auger. the told was, besides even the my post or at the bottom with the little key when you really are being no grind ski hob shaquille or find me with it, but almost or talk a solution to me. show me your wires you've done proposal for i'm with charity especially. i knew it will show that corridor or in multiple people with shaw jace has to sort this up. she is again most polish by me. i'm which is also
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a place uniform. what she laquita with me. i see you there in your school. so a, you just go from the state to state. i'm coming up with us. the group, honestly no m a with a boy goal is just because i don't know this a little unfortunate. absolute perforce diplomacy chosen by need for roach in the lord jones quarter in lubbock. i needed one with them for more level of pirates with or was more mobile, more liberal is, is your mushroom, isn't the need for a public
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that either a mobile or wishing mistake, although the legend stalls will be totally get away the like i teach the way yeah, mother can, will she be? why not are you able what she did last week, which is you know, the d test talk about all read this by the phone. those will be teased by noon or so. okay. let's look at the july e all small part of this year. for pretty long nautica flores us pretty quick with with
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the little boy, i'm almost up to one of those furniture stores. stuff. got me a new boy. yeah. good lloyd, a solution the motion should go. i'd say it's like a law then you might be an issue with one year, how much the computer will be the source you collected if it was valid or should be something with the mom. if the least new used to live with your life simply in year of started or what you thought, which is new york luncheon, you did it correctly and he was like, leave him a leave of got water for you to mark them over to mozilla for us. a miss lou
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chester, the phone deal and then it was a me my finishing neighbor. but if you that same you before that she was on the computer or just for a luncheon that don't commute very much of the mountain this year is the fact that my money, it's on me, you masonic on yours numbers him with amendment ship when you march those disney followers, immediate family, about the bush with them for gun years. we've worked for why the why you, when you my favorite boy more of the possibly for a new idea there
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by did the bus course score, this is shane your pick up with a bomb up with. well, that's good up. she will be one minus go. well to be it shouldn't be though. yes, boy, cheaper for you on with or check mark on the will. did what? yes. live with him when you marginal cuz they gotta go to it. yes. yes, they do know what they thought we were with that we missed a lot with any of us of ship when you march that that was useless for given your cbs. remember the more little question last? no cars the don't we're still not getting the you mean? yeah. you guys the doing was to bleed the derivative. god of them from here. look out of the circle just when you much was going to come up with you there mode because the put it is all dog. it's not necessarily zine as it was put on the from the metric prescribe. right?
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yeah. so by like really a lot of people, the cell, the, a bicycle for them to pass mortgage must pop the college football game with tom a like a proton resource too much for you. boy packed little pricey. a $100.00 with the blue. should you see a factor of stores, or did you have to post the loop with? is that sure i'm talking about ah, a store or
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a coin ocean, we're giving us a story with them. the look or the euro bushera roughly look. could you look, what would you look within that year's the pc boy don't physically with a level that much of the level without the when a possible with a digital you can about us. i am merely in there for follow religion will years it will be up to you like you just yet because that you do you think welcome. i gotta get of all that i should forget actually just for the moment for a spice moore's notebook, or in other words, the last b, u e at the board or a g. the bus. and i can go over with him or
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he can if, even if you're on the phone, so she kind of for myself for, i'll show you show, especially with me my profile with whoa, whoa whoa, whoa,
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i dr . be safe in russia, and anyone who does business with russia is wrecking havoc on the global economy. the goal is to punish russia so far the russian economy remain stable. this cannot be said for other economies around the world. in fact, those who sanction are feeling enormous pain and suffering l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about of personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to rates trust rather than fear like
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take on various char with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with ah, what a dollars. you talk to her a hopeful that i see a
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way i can go i was give, were that pulled up? are you interested or se julia? does she somebody over there or so she but 0. but she was before she was almost with a video when you knock out a new uh, loyal.


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