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ah, ah ah, this place is where ukraine's artillery supposes was stationed. traditionally they've set up their base, set up their camp on the top floor when apartment building. this is the fraud investigator, the abundant positions of ukrainian forces and indonesia, pupils, republic, one located in a civilian flood with another adorned with nazi symbols from being helped to being a homeless ukrainian refugees are facing eviction from hotels in spain. as you approach profits before, people in the solomon islands find themselves to austin. so tug of war between china and the west as both sides. vive influence, over pacific region pundits. he gets access to region. in molly,
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formed between confrontations with terrorist groups backed by al qaeda with from july, from our headquarters here in the russian capital this friday morning. you're watching r t. i'm peter scott murphy tuning and from welcome to the program. now a top key of advisor has conceded the loss of a major ukrainian stronghold in don boss. the city of lehman in daniel lehman, located at the north other dentist region has reportedly been taken over by russian forces needs to be checked, has taken it under control over at the same time, over the way it was taken shows that there were very talented commanders there who organized the operation correctly and this shows in principle, the increased operational management and tactical skill of the russian army. lemon
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located in the north of the dentist region has reportedly been overtaken by russian forces with ukrainian troops withdrawing to the south. west of the regions. several videos were posted on line with russian soldiers, declaring lehman is ours. russian forces 1st enter the city on may. the 23rd and of the city in danielle called settler darcy was also taken by russian forces, or with no resistance from key of troops. we got reaction from the current situation from number of locals. sure, it's better that you're here. it's already wonderful for 8 years constant shelling was allowed. shootings happened near the school they were shooting. thank you for coming. not only i am grateful. there are more than 90 percent of such people here . i believe for you this i am so happy i could cry honestly, will you leave us? no, of course not. you know? no, don't abandon us. it's quieter for now. it seems everything calm down that let's hope that it will be even calmer when the front shifts a little further further away to carcass when. meanwhile, aussies egotist done
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a visit to the city and explored for the positions of king of forces. he used civilian apartments to fights from daubing sun with nancy, cymbals. this place is where ukraine's artillery spouses were stationed. traditionally, they've set up their base, set up their camp on the top floor of an apartment building. this is a flat and this building is home to dozens of families who have been living and are still here right now. so they have a small kitchen over there. the other it is then the ukrainian flags and something resembling letters from home that used to be on the wool. this is what you have here. and if we move down this corridor we get in there . well layer. this is where they've slept, a makeshift well bunk bed. and here on this little balcony of ukrainian spotters
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used to oversee the russian and the pupils, people's militia positions here. they, they, they have a good degree of comfort here. this is where their equipment was, as they were watching the well, our positions watching russian positions and well making corrections to their own artillery fire. and here's another interesting find in the room over here on the wall. it's their notes apart from the wifi password. there's also a code what each color of the signal rocket means, like, for example, it's as green means the offensive red means retreat. and here is the list of their enemies. you know, people's militia, they know their code names and they know which weapon every unit normal uses. like for example, here it says don bass, someone's code name, a 120 millimeter mortar. and so now i'm going to show you where the ukranian forces retreated to. this is yet another former base camp of their sponsors. but if
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you look further in the distance, and if you maybe squint your eyes, you can see smell on the horizon. this is the smoke from the shells launched by the artillery, hopefully of the lo ganske people's militia. so right now, this is the frontline and this is where their artillery positions are right now and they are responding with fire as well. this is one of the positions that a ukrainian new, not a unit abandoned has. all of them were retreating down that way beyond the city of settler darcy, you can have a look yourself at the 40 vacations. by the way, over here you can see a crater from one of the bombs or shells fired. and well, this is a good hit by the people's militia by the guns people's militia and the russian forces over here. there's another fortification, a very safe place for them to hide a look at the amount of wood and dirt,
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protecting them from any impact. this is where this particular unit slept. notice how much concrete does around here, even ventilation. so everything for maximum safety on the wall. patriotic slogans which very quickly turned into something very different from just walk out of this place and check out the door. you can see that the slogans over there, they quickly make way to nazi symbols and an o march to the legacy of the nazi germany. on the 6000000 ukrainians have fled the country since the start of the war causing a major migrant crisis in europe. but also refugees are reportedly finding themselves been evicted from hotels in spain. just to start the holiday season. i think with
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our teased uncle to look at the changing attitude in europe towards the refugees. 6.6000000 ukrainians have fled their country and become refugees. as a result of the conflict, that's about 5 times more people than the last migrant crisis in europe. they're posting, these people was expensive. back then it's off the charts right now. the costs of providing for these refugees will strain countries, budgets, and not just in the short term integrating refugees into their economies will require large scale resources, time and supportive policies. in 2016 germany spend approximately $12000.00 euros per refugee per year. not including any language and cultural integration classes, support for ukrainian refugees could cost hosting states as much as $30000000000.00 over the next year. as if you wasn't already dealing with supply chain issues in energy crisis. record breaking inflation that into this already long list of
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economic woes is everything connected to hosting a sudden influx of millions of people. poland been by far, the hardest hit since it's accepted over 3000000 refugees. that kind of budgetary strain is making itself felt across small polish border towns. everything else we have so far paid from our modest crisis fund that is, or rather was $22000.00. these fonts are definitely not sufficient. what worries me the most, our electricity bills that i suspect will knock us over our town can definitely not meet this costs. the sums i mentioned are a drop in the ocean. even warsaw is barely keeping up with its population surge of nearly 20 per cent since late february, it's mayor is already talking about relocations. you need assistance. we need a relocation scheme because we need to share the burden the ukrainians are fighting for our freedom and we need to do our bid. number of polish cities are trying to economize at least by ending free public transport rides for ukrainians. as one
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might imagine, that hasn't gone down well with refugees. i need you for a visit with us. it's not just poland making cuts. so bulgaria is having to cut refugee subsidies and relocate people ukrainians in the czech republic will soon have to find work or lose their government benefits. in lafayette, the authorities have stopped providing refugees with free food, and the netherlands is even having to force local councils to accept refugees since many are not willing. this is not one i wanted, but this is how it is. in the coming weeks, we are going to say to a number of local councils, you have a suitable building. the permits are in order. it is owned by the refugee settlement agency or the state. and so we are going to use it despite freeing up billions to try and tackle this newest refugee crisis. even brussels has admitted there's not enough money to go around. the 7 year budget that started in 2021 was
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made for peace. nobody envisaged, as we were negotiating that budget, that there would be a war in europe. i think it is fair to say that the budget that we have now wasn't really made for the situation in which we find ourselves. considering experts are saying a global recession and a food crisis are also on the horizon. it looks like europe may be in for a tough couple of years. i don't know what you were being so thinking they weren't really consulted. that's an awful lot of people. and they all have to be paid for. they will have to be looked after. they have to be housed, they have to be provided with jobs or with welfare payments. he doesn't have that kind of money. m a germany doesn't have that money. that's on top of all the other economic problems or, you know, storing food prices, soaring energy prices. so where is this money going to come from to bay for these ukrainians? they'll no doubt the pressure why food beside the migrant crises gripping europe,
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countries are also grappling with a changing economic picture. although not begun well before the conflicts in ukraine. that's prompted locals in the french city leal to send a petition to the mayor on the french president, demanding a court to soaring utility bills for social housing. so yellow, the charges have really increased in the last few years, whether it's water or electricity before the war in ukraine. i think that the war in ukraine is rather one for all. what did it cost? i think that today it costs the same for mac crohn as during cove. it, that's what our country is like now, just leave it on that for me. i think that the charges have increased because the state takes advantage of problems in ukraine to increase the charges. because for me, ukraine as an excuse for me, makram found this excuse and it's asked the french who pay. it's a bad excuse. well, can i get insensitive? my charges have increased by about a 100 heroes a month, including water, gas, and electricity. that makes my budget more substantial. the charges for gas,
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electricity, water, everything has gone up between 30 and 40 percent. and the impact is that i will now have to work more to pay for it or cut back completely. so i don't pay much. was spike in the price of energy, and essential goods is so high that some regions of sausage issuing food stamps to poor households. political and social commentator nicholas markovich believes france was not prepared for this crisis. now some are choosing the order in ukraine and it is a fact that invitation, for example, the read is more and more complicated. so francis morris, more or less painted itself in a corner, a concerning, for example, food and france used to be one of your major agricultural countries. and it's now only, it's self sufficient up to 60 percent. and it's getting quite complicated because inflation, the soaring unemployment for the 1st time in over a year, is, is growing up again and french have to face expensive prices, energy costs, of course, and food. if you take oil and fats have risen 50 percent recently,
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flower 30 percent past the 20 percent. so these are important news for a lot of french people. and trap is really having a hard time coping with this. so some cities and even the, the french government is moving the idea of distributing food vouchers to the poor . people who just can't make ends meet and have a hard time feeding themselves, perhaps is not prepared. trans did not see these crisis coming trans thought that agriculture would be managed by the 3rd world countries or other countries which would produce a cheaper that traps could become focused on the on services. and this is, i think, one of the big, big major problems of france on the u. s. is reports to be funding yet another weapons, a package for ukraine. but some americans are now questioning the policy of freely in one country while talking over weapons controls at home for the latest mass shooting. this time school in texas president bought an insist on the need for gun restrictions. as an issue,
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we have to ask when in god's name we're going to stand up to the gun lobby. when in gods name we do, we all know our needs to be done and don't tell me. we can't have an impact on his courage. what are we doing? what are we doing? our kids are living in fear every single time they set foot in the classroom because i think they're going to be next. what are we doing? weird how all the ukraine flag people are calling for gun control when they just cried that america needs to send more arms to ukraine. too bad. they don't want to spend $40000000000.00 on school security or the mental health crisis in america. y'all raise hell about how we need to send $40000000000.00 to the ukraine for them to buy guns to protect themselves. but you think gun free zones are the answer in america make it makes sense. debates of arms control at home comes as washington
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has in the last millage, a package, a brief, $40000000000.00 of military aides, ukraine with us as the by to the ministration i'm. it's a kind of fully account for those alms and up the 1st weeks of russia's offensive give was freely distributing firearms among civilians. while the according defense ministry says the country's authorities to adopt a law that would officially legalize firearm traffic in full civilians. the president of the america 1st foundation nicholas j. f. when says highlights the different approach to weapons control when it comes to homeland on phone foreign security. well, the box is pretty incredible, isn't it? after the buffalo shooting last week, the united states is one of the number one art at quarters in the world arming al qaeda, isis, neo nazis in ukraine. when we see a mass shooting at home. and they want to restrict the guns real cause where you get these mass shooters, not from guns. if it's a deflection from 70 years of failed liberal policy in the united states,
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the united states regime, which would be the u. s. government, as well as intelligence agencies, the national security apparatus is a war with its own people. we know that ukraine has been used as a puppet, stayed for the cia and for the american region for decades. and now just like syria, just like i rach, just like janice dan, this is another one of the bail projects by the u. s. national security apparatus where we've introduced lots of money, lots of gone, lots of corruption and who knows what the effect that that will have on the european continent over the next several generations is generating a massive refugee crisis of ukrainians pouring across the borders. not just into russia, but into western europe. and with all of these on traceable american arms, where there is no accountability, no transparency about who theirs are going to and where they're going to end up. so i wouldn't be surprised if you're going to see american weapons used in european terrorism within this decade. in fact, i think the statistically, it's almost
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a certainty. ukraine is calling for more money on weapons, claiming all the support agencies so far is not enough. the us has spent the last few miles signing off on one historic a package for crane after another with many of its allies doing the same to show their support. but you crania, and officials are saying that all of that money and all of those weapons just aren't enough. and they're calling for the west to do even more. she was even just, it still takes time to discourage them from this ship, but we still need the help of partner, especially weapons for ukraine. total help, no exceptions, no restrictions but enough to win. those require haven't just been made and recorded addresses, but also in public speech is given by ukrainian officials to world leaders, including this week at the world economic forum, davos summit, was not with him as we are on the european continent, and we need the support of the united europe and while those european leaders have also spoken out of this, i met and insisted that they are showing their support. ukraine continues to ask
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for more. civilized countries must be united with ukraine, not with their words, but with their deeds. so when will it be enough in just 5 months? the western pledge around 68000000 dollars in age ukraine, according to some estimates that's on top of the support the west has been providing for ukraine's in the u. s. supported qu, back in 2014. while ukraine does have anti corruption officials, they admit they have been forced to stop reporting on the countries practices after the government impose martial law earlier this year. i'm not saying there is no corruption in this uncertain situation. i'm sure there are people who want to profit from government procurement processes. so where is all of the money to put it in the context, the a is sent to all of the developing countries in the world in 2021 was 179000000000 dollars. so who was profiting from all of the funds that you crane? now in comparison, the u. s. and e you can buying have been less than $5500000000.00 on a,
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for yemen in the last 7 years. despite the fact that the in the country poses the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, which weapons industries in the last have profited heavily from many countries around the world have been quick to call out the double standards. the west is now applying to ukraine, as it remains to be seen just how much more they will give and if it will ever be considered. and now, in washington, rachel watson artsy and a speech of the ration economic for him. what do you mean? prisoners? reiterated his commitment to developing economic corporation between your asian countries and they also dismissed western sanctions as quotes useless and damaging to those who pursue such policies. no, it's the gym is so the same is a pre of to me though she want to use sanctions and restrictions in order to contain a week and independent countries and have not just speaking of russia and china. it more and more countries all over the world who want to have independent policy.
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there is no weld policeman who can stop this natural global process. they won't have enough strength and a desire will disappear when they will face the problems within their own countries . they'll realize that is absolutely hopeless stealing other people's assets is never brought anyone any good. on the contrary, those who seek to do so hon themselves and no matter how a resist in the economies of the countries that pursued this policy, the current state of the wells economy shows that opposition is current and justified. developed economies haven't seen such inflation in the last 40 years. an employment is rising, production chains and breaking global crisis is intensified. so the sort of live with the russian presidents is also stressed. the importance of increasing the proportion of national currencies use between nations. instead of the u. s. dollar u asian economic foreign focuses on developing cooperation between countries in the region as well as expanding that size with all the partners and economic blocks. well, in $2500.00 people from around the world attended the events,
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including the presidents of 5 countries of the you, asian economic community, the chair of cuba, chamber of commerce, believe sanctions don't solve political issues. around with justin go wouldn't consider amaco a function of commerce. the sections are not a solution to any political problems. white international trade should be used as an instrument to bring people together to improve the standard of living of people in the country. cuba is a victim of sanctions. these sanctions affect trade. we are working on finding the solution to logistical issues that lease sanctions brought to continue trade with russia and other countries. it's indispensable to continue why trade with the world for cuba. being an observer in the unit is very important opportunity for cuba because we are able to integrate in a large market of products and services. it opens the possibility to conduct negotiations with countries and continued trade. i mean, the unit has potential that we should exploit over to new
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zealand now, which is declared. it will extend its military deployments in the south pacific, solomon islands, until at least may next year. now comes and concerns among western eyes about china's growing presence in the region. the pacific as a priority area for defense, which is why it is important that new zealand defense force personnel continue to operate and support the royal solomon islands, police force to maintain peace and stability for community engagement is helen's decision comes as the chinese foreign minister travels to the solomon islands, as part of it for of nations to discuss funds for beijing's draft agreement with 10 pacific states. for the buyer jobs that's being china's desire to expand this cooperation with countries in the region. wide ranging draft agreement includes a package of millions of dollars of money to aid from beijing, access to china, lucrative markets of nearly $1.00 and a half 1000000000 people in a free trade agreement, and greater political and military corporation between the world's most populous nation. and the pacific states, former associates minister of foreign affairs of new zealand mass robson,
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leave the deal with beijing could prove beneficial for the region by joining in those play of the united states threatening the solomon so they cannot take a sovereign decision. we're playing a role of the imperialist countries and the military role. it's growing as we're now a cooperating member of the nuclear nato in, in violation of the, of the policies that have been taken to make us nuclear weapons free and friendly to all countries in the world. that's what's causing the instability. i believe that many of the states, the pacific them this number of very small island states would look favorably on the agreement with china, which was one that was freely entered into and had benefits for them perhaps economically and even for their security needs. the problem is that
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the pacific and the to the asian reason, of course was colonized was him. part of the imperialist empires. and enormous pressure is going on. these states upon the united states in particular, which is an encouragement on their sovereignty and a return to the bad old days of the colonial empires. so it's not a very promising situation for peace and stability in our region. the instability is being caused not by china, but by the hostility to china. and response to john is proposal australia and it's foreign minister to the under fiji. that's an attempt to improve ties between the 2 countries. and the australian prime minister claims more needs to be done in response to what he says is basing the time to encroach on the pacific of we need to, to respond to this because this is china seeking to increase its
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importance in the region of the world where strongly it has been the security partner of choice. since the 2nd world war stria dropped the ball. we can afford to do that. we need to rein guides with the region. they sovereign nations. of course, we need to respect that. but we need to be offering more support and otherwise we can say the consequences with the deal that was done with the solomons. we know that china said as the 1st of many, which is a context of the foreign ministers base to the region. a straight in the pop again to is even more hysterical held day of the solomon islands. take an independent decision. it's almost unbelievable, but we are acting in this way. and it's one that hopefully the new zealand people and the is tre, didn't they? actually one piece in the region will see through and demand that the government's
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stop this imperialist behavior. australian government has the challenge to say, are we going to continue to be tied to a dangerous l i. we should ask them to take their basis military bases out of australia. and we should have respectful and normal relations with china, with russia, with other countries and preserve our independence. many, many other people now who are waking up to the fact that new zealand and australia a being used in a ruinous game to recreate the cold war in the interest of the united states. and thought this most faithful, loyal servant, the united kingdom. ah, molly, an army claims if utilized around 15, suspected terrorists and taken prisoners in the bundy gara and tumbled 2 regions. molly has seen the 3 military crews since 20 swells. the latest was just a year ago. the physical upheaval came about as a result of the arabs spring,
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which dropped the country into endless civil war. as the moderates mostly nation nation fights against so called g hottest supporters of a radical branch of religion, but by local al qaeda terrorists. ortiz, antoine clara reports from the ground, would love to them a cool. we are driving from mca to tim buck to on a particularly dangerous stretch of road, sometimes terrorist attack civilian bust, his head over there with the molly, an army is escorting us to our destination due to security concerns. we are safe with them. all of this area is dangerous. sometimes they've been shooting moving cars a month ago, a taxi driver was killed or do a lot of it. us sick in addition to the security threat posed by that you had us. there is also the religious aspect, the serial law, which they are trying to impose wherever they are 40. now people suffer when they're asked to wear a bale. it is hard for them. they're not used to doing it and would practice islam
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. but moderate islam on the 1st one it, it is not so much about religious beliefs, is the law of easy money combined with a lack of education and prospects that allows you how this to recruit the population. to bell oracle plus you have never been to school. what job can you have in difficult situations when you have nothing to leave on while holler and 50 dollars for you? something where you may have been deceived in this way and poverty. the situation in which they leave induced them to agree to this adventure. ah, ah, dixie, jenny, we had to agenda a molly and city states in history and the constant threat from justice. the road here is especially dangerous because terrorists regularly line it with might as a result, the only reliable way to get that is by helicopter. it could be ginny,
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they want to cut off janet from the rest of the re supplying villages and demands that the residents go to areas where the jihadists have more support than in jenny, which has a zone that opposes these so called jihadist movements. in reality, they are armed terrorists to terrorize the population in jenny's level. the gen a mosque is one of the symbols of the country listed as the unesco world heritage site will gendered into how to see from various groups present in the region and associated with the local branch of al qaeda. seek to take possession of this symbol is a box that says companion musical. he, the molly military is escorting us and gives us a few minutes to approach the mosque and even enter it. we were told that we should not stay too long in one place, so as not to attract attention, according to them to how to so hiding among the population of formerly girl appraisal in addition to the symbolic meaning that the capture of jenny has for terrorists such an event will lead to great difficulties and communication between north and south. that is why the malia military's closely monitoring this strategically important point. well,
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that's how the world is looking at 6 at the am moscow time this friday morning. i'm pitas gotten me back again with the look at today's biggest stories in about half now is to mine ah ah ah ah.


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