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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, in a while you talk to her a told her children but the school as all felt that i see
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a boy that pulled up. are you interested also, julia? does she somebody over there or so she but 0, but she wanted before she was almost with just talking to a video. are you not got a new
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a, what is it? a dual might be for ah! [000:00:00;00] with will not push out the whole not for crying or not,
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but she knew because you and you got a young them you got a sad news for you must say like a movie. desinik. ok. then you find that i did a new one that you do it. i just love what's the idea that was a blue cross. they knew it was a yeah, just the market. you mean, i know that me of when i see the 3 lines that we'll talk a little, i'm with that it's but follow. you got the ability to have 3 of you feel i'm with
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you know, machinery to, to sort of tunnel with diversity up on my goals by super simple to scott, especially about the m thought buggery over here. not got him. you at the wheels, but see bye bye. so if i see about a new list that you with a
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feel for how do i dorm with don't study, of course. no, really what your choice worth of to shoot in a way you want your word man, you're actually you're with a little on know that yet,
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but you know that a new but that's about the school as a do you? most likely you build up what you did or not. i got a yellow guy you. i knew was philip ross, but it was the name. oh it's a deal up when i asked the boss neither. but the idea was a yeah. once
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i all know will it's, it's already. so yeah, but, but you need say, well that the way you'd be start spoken about those 2 thought it would be southwest a lot more funny. it's all about moving, posted, and you want to try these now. you've quasi to me. if it's something else, feel up different from you. hope that we wasn't by you need say, sounds like you're good. are you there? oh, can i either meet say i got those? not melissa, rather start a new post. are you with me? so as to reply to the friendship lodge a new one, the new tool with associates, federal a sore throat moment w. should've been the if i did you spend your blue cross the dope i would. yes.
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denise bay city. yeah. your policy with florida. my help with a with a with yes, i'm sure you don't wash my younger portion switch at the it's not straight. can you with that condition that it's up still? christmas time is a divorce and the formula are still sending me only silly. any cut? all right, i'm would you, i'm yes, you must keep, it seems that they were so wash. nikki has also considerable knowledgeable to told check when you thought on information, but most of them was 9 miles for sure. i'm not sure. they're not sure. i mean,
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was by anthem, or she is the study of yes and show them what she was and where you can order them for the recommendations to the sure. sure. and yeah, very clear that talk newly diagnosed about started like better shop with a you do. so we're doing this, but i've got pieces share one more strict mean? sure. it's a pretty, it's a control in the probably they will be better with totes and you've got enough somebody under pressure loss of my stuff, but i've got to do okay. that was nice. how come when you say any of that you do? anybody, we always want to keep this company is
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a veteran issue when you when you needed to know where to submit a little bit better, then you know, when you're ready, mean the kind of control in the film industry, skill, but valley on the for me, i need to does actually pick a rooftop interested chance can. little bit deeper is what it says that she's the system, the system as australia to data both. if you show a clear yes, i'm still in the middle to waste and you said 30 yes. what's up to him in the middle of the girl, the other about to with with
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a border with i start out with a lot with of them go
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to a home with a with the home with a little too much. ah, watch the video also give you. if you are unable issue, you've always heard civilian. mercer included a part of me for a lawyer,
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but the closet door. why do you know if it so some system is also missing yet is office. i'm interested in it. was it a look with a view ability to do it the america? no one in that, no much a bunch of the shows, just get a gospel but don't do despite a booklet, but it brought out
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a spot. ah . when i was showing wrong, when i was just a shape out the scene because of the african and engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves well the parts we used to look for common ground. ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled the very modern weapon council
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culture daily desert. wonderful. i will, sheffield my love so little when william rog here just me sitting there, i know it with the phrase now, particularly refers to counseling russian culture yet them know what to create the few orders. go to the zip code when you're miles bookstore, which will be your, that is july, the 3rd that go with them. most of the temperature random e. normally what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. partially condemned, reviled and rejected to sort of like a bullet panel. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. anytime i guess in a little short list, joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now enclosed dostoevsky to cascade shostakovich. yet that i need to you all the poor left but yes, she says that what that time will you do a bummer lee?
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you're not going to do that a little bit more. ah a with a white issue and i will come with you and your little guardianship dylan. if there's $40.00 a night to radiate somebody doing that, you know, we're going more than it was close to that. you don't pursue orders. deborah, go to move you up with our courses, but he's only mostly, but i'm sure public school is going to have to pay you quickly. i'm sorry,
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i wasn't a move, which is now with this agreement with alice o'brien with his and gone through, but i didn't buy my new place, then it was a venture to learn this issue that, i mean, but it's you can simply chose a key 1000000 of course or stores from your phone, or if you're thinking about you, good church,
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you just know the job is that you sent g g. thanks beth miller's dealing with your medical sim bush cut by you blocks that are in your life. where did you did it? the who stores a bit by the youth. mm. a new and approachable. ah. i don't know a good uncle. those are where you are and you were source with my yeah. do i to go i think is i love of
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a deal. the role it is the road so you know, they give me a list. mm hm. yeah. so that you have it all evil
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and they all could you with that you'd be at the most at just the other guy with a my inwardly. yeah this it, it was with numbers level with you have much cover doing me on those of those not do you had you through here with couples and i want it was a mess because i think grocery store lydia a must have a rush for me like my or find me a bull hug over here. you bob scott, i thought you mom lisa. so i knew, you know, i might not was bla, nope, i said you miss it's a good evening to, to learn a little doing almost one of the still spicy of them in the gym. some numbers are
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come on. i wish upgrading a little longer with when his name, external forgot that was just a bit of so stood thumb, little surgical if i'm still getting it very well done with our chest hurting, peace. quit on a cruise run. not that out for us. also, with the less you can is complaining about a team you go down the hood said the score our students that on when you started on the scene was long you've been with them through as
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a bomb with that's with the choice with escrow can order even though i wasn't sure what's your mileage the me sitting here with the limits on the funds with the letters to live in a court martial and angela to sure. sure. so for get away.
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crap. it wasn't the most waco with me. it's just for us to serve in charlotte or the forms cochrane. there's no a got that. it's just that i did need to put him in that order. who would sustain it? blinking now was to lose jolla. a fresh order. ready for nita caucus. and yet they fallen off. sure with
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his speech with a kid is dealing with a diner when dealing with
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all of the wasn't with us and dawn by then down to variable. going to go on another little rescue mission . we're picking up an old man with some bad legs, so welcome to mary. again, don't ask in 2014 december, 2014. after seeing the war crimes are installed, american installed, with the regime of yeah. when they burn people to death and beat them to death in odessa, when they bought the lou, god's administration building killed civilians, their booth . your brain has real fascism. i watch some idiots last night,
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some so called professor somewhere saying, oh there's no nazis in your grand zalinski is jewish, the president's jews. there can be not, that's a lie that's alive with good amount of time on the bomb or such as o. chart is in the apollo chose not layers immediately above published get them all which will which of the issue that needs to each vehicle, but they are just on the water level. so she had to post all bus out. got it on cell bus there as well. no, but ill bother him through bump i pm got him to get him at those. i'm so glad i built that. you know, you will. yeah. hello. okay. it's good that i sure the never hon of war and daniel would have to read and you're sort of like,
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you know. mm mm story. i used to go, look, i don't know what that you crazy over here with us. no hostility are. here are, you are going to be with our you're probably national rush. you thought we, my shifter you wish when you mark enough or scratches of considerable, but what, or a little sure to start a possible drive time with
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that way of you know, doing much, ah, it's really tragic. it's really sad. but you know, when we were at the humanitarian aid, oh, there's thousands of people there. ah, and it's russia bringing them food, bringing them water, bringing them help, bringing a medicine. they're like a mobile pharmacy go on. and it's russians that are helping these people today. not the ukrainians, not the nazis. just russians are helping them with the actual then yes. yeah. no diesel. yeah. yeah,
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yeah. with i on the or the america nobody is good. is that going to lives over now, but at the national it is still a feel by see back who died a while about ah ah ah, need to come to the russian state little narrative. i've stayed as i phone and the most landscape div us. mm hm. the american house southland of a group in 55 with disabilities,
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all 9 is provided. must be the one else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin jeff machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and school r t spoke neck. given our video agency, roughly all band on you to send me to school, the 25th is requested shelf with the drive to sanction russia. and anyone who does business with russia is wrecking havoc on the global economy. the goal is to punish russia so far the russian economy remain stable. this cannot be said for other economies around the world. in fact,


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