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in the same way that if a person doesn't have food, if you start starving, your body will literally consume its own tissue to survive, to keep the organs in the heart and the main parts of the body alive. what's happening is, as russia and china provide viable alternatives for developing nations to, to, to trade with them, whether it's in bananas or uranium or coffee or whatever it is. it gets more difficult for the u. s. empire to pray on these compet countries and to have a high standard of living based on those predatory action. so what it is done is turned inward, and now it has to pray on the european union. here in the united states. i mean, we have some level of, you know, we have increased gas prices, we have a increased inflation, but no more than what's going around the world. we probably have the norm that's going around the world as opposed to europe, which has dramatically the larger problems. they're not as wealthy as the united states, they're not as economically stable. and keep in mind something the u. s. in russia
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can grow their own food. we can create our own a, you know, provide our own energy and the you can do neither of those things. for weeks, it was the main story emerging from the ukraine conflict with the city described as a living hell. but why, where a residence not evacuated at the beginning of the more you fall operation or short doc explore stuff. that's next. ah, ah ah ah, so it would be a grand scale was sca modem, splitter related delay any with this pulls
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with torch came more go just she's mark machine, your 1st is cassim worley. cue might be a sub with us, a little in the gym vision, but you still want to free your selena gardner? is what melinda? put me to put money will put on by your money plan was correct. pull politically, give out a politically distortion apartment. i'm just using the word boston for to learning about. i completed the lawyer room and i went to school to the political smarter story structure. but now go to, you know,
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for his last near cripple recording in the communion project tomorrow for tom gooseneck. now come to referrals, a little scholar heating which he got quarter to load year could she after my really could put in the show for or that the for 2 years or more. yes. for proposals. opportunity to rely on the short term for thomas told me amount of money for cosivity boulevard costa straightening by your society. should he's got up scared of me. tom, ask your job or the new yorker to tocar press 4 to be reduced to go to gymnast. yep. a smart rio apple julio store. there's no scariest or grip on your car keys down your scholarship provider to clear a for the years. great. going to ask
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a couple of issues that are done with
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it. just give us a little bit o, which in the logo g, a, g, a with most of the off give you 4 years old and all up with almost same bush vehicle to buy tea. and you can give me about the for any of those top of the year, which is what i show a can you hold on one second? let me show you. is there a spot for tomorrow afternoon?
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yes, no more than i do are ineligible as well. mostly were similar to jessica or denise put up, feel vicious girls to little do it. i'm go to lunch with buick was 1st premier or the lease would or feel when you finish your whole career of a lee. neil, alert us. oh, so much your kind of review. i just wanted to show you a full did you read cable? it's just a roll. rumbling, believe bob skin will eat what? still minute. well, we'll grab it in the digital are please still cooked. disappointed. it was in georgia. you're sure, so we're all close your we brought it here because i knew off the clue genius to compose livestock on
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a leash name and then we'll take relative for my look at it. actually there's plenty of floor here. there was only shows on a plane or why you're so you're going to need vocal ear orca. leave it there. she'll slave. yeah, the well yeah. so, so talk liberal is very clear. bob or a start by dividing neil toilet was you spoke with someone would say they said, oh, shoot me over to me. and then of course i did, they gosh, killed in a block and with a money killed joe with her. her other sort of money go, she call up, you can throw me know your nature motion. if she says mister salon was
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cousin showstopper as jolla because or so you reason? when waller, you, genius, be out. cooking was old. how can you, those of you scale from or color was for use loser around. oh, she called yes sir. you because it's in so he flows records and he he tuples, kerberos, christian criminals, walters lawyer, usually did the supporters but oh yeah, of what we just normally or yeah, that was is good. yeah. it good that kind of widen you go with it installed. they do it yourself, who says reason, moodle to device be unable sledge, so i still would say mute shem,
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my brakes training guy. it's a niche lavish, just focused part machine. you know, this is a shame, like i need to go out here with michelle in. you said he was gone. yeah, it's part of olive. knew it was time would see what, what i need, but i would never go to west. you're going to probably talk with them or no, doesn't put on style and go to one you perfectly know dorm is still in guy was showing the ceiling will up on was an ottoman and sheila rush has gotten great. brian, a local, don't you deal with why scott provides the minimum millennium hotel . quite cheery touch on you because much annabelle opera fire. i need the zip code
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of the chest. the sector a torch cab creepy. to cut all the man. you compile your, with your company with portugal, which i, if not moscow, space with a key change, especially cartoon, especially them are, percentages are quote, it's just my circles. then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua. can you spell the dorms that grades posted sharon, you, tanya? good life and you put what it meal, but almost parachute with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like a. is it exactly the dumb off? he got a cute part of those. are mcgee, oscar english natalie beach spin on. but then he said again his or the key meeker couple of different digital dollars per se. yes, no, no. as long as you will do is dylan brown, who is good on yet, but i was just calling to see how to reserve good people. we bought the machine. i mean, i mailed the money on it. i just noticed be right here for me. more should wait to put more stuff isn't pulling them. it's like with the back to go to
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skip in spanish live. no, i'm not as much. and then you nothing on the 5 year one, i'm not failing them as i tell you when you use that or give them gifts to bring you my body to probably near the soil is bull nose nor summer toxic are major. was that? yeah, given year we were just year by be john than you pretty would now say go for a for go to posley. you of our senior. got a dealer with them off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with bush and boylen assure it was a rush. it loses a did it is a
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bad the machine, the corpse and was yeah, what was holla, does disney own little in from baby? come yeah, well i just pulling article visually invoiced a g. a shit off as offer book with son is on your mind. that doesn't lucian. it's point with, i mean you can close, especially when it's in. the grand scale was, was 2 modems fully rigidly and you wouldn't really, when you throw those middle,
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when you're ready to look at the room with her though her deal and the most to relate new with who, who had any political sons, 0 will any put us there was a distributed level than will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which explores that on a machine due to the way with will you use junior, blue sky, a person established for you? with your credit? does he propose i used to read pages for them, so i got a team quote still with me yesterday. plenty of them for the tournament, of course,
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over the summer. and you could throw this report over north georgia football at the most curriculum will you will need stores and then you will always go to school. if you could just go to him, we should, would you please indicate the like it? oh boy, they took a look of kindle viola last night. you're absolutely right. we've got some great new off rest and you look for the harley. he was, most of all, i see you must, you ask me, but i think you're still similar to what he has done for somebody a supernova. you are still pretty well. so course, double the guy he would assume missed you thought a recovery so god bless you. yeah, i was in your book that i me so social with for me. sure, sure. ross career with this with
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him when you work ideally, but while, but there was to s thrash, avoid no losses so much that if you chance to come credit on, i show you on look about that. is it your findings with can? yes, mr. the british name willits each a gym, say that i see any bizarre. it was a longer proceed was musical, but so give me just a short of she was pussy about. patricia, i do have to go through a whole when else she seemed wrong when i just don't hold any world that is to say proud disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement
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equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah says oh, in the back of all, sheila's christmas match. l. a. trace of ashley, the sport zeiler with marcia for them was to chance him about mister bradley them b t 1st. who made ashley boucher for therefore support vala that she flew smartly. unless neither should jane must be together with another one, the probably in a developing a bulk of the legal civil dollar for which i as a prospect manipulate cards are causal. i am, well, you can go to my room, your bosom for what made the bison good food. sure. of the bigger there really. what at no additional group 0 security is all that. all good. morgan? yep. really?
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yep. it is all that all go down with my me and for a mortal bank. li, but there are more school people with basel of diet via human, or will it mark de leon smartly? well, because i'll switch to video, come hollywood, so low, the bottoms lashona to basel report walk was for school on track. i'm no good malisha by show college will not see school with the circus molecule a by that there's no, my god still are my shaders. huddle show former or slid the i start with still new with more go when complete the with school a couple them up a lot of bottom will prevail show nationally short of home come to the church with them all,
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nor each your own villas told me about one of the pos leading couple of good movie or shooters with good boy, you're moving to new to so from what i got orders for cause value to job personally, who says no the facility will require a deposit as well or the requirement literally cut by to commit to them 1st on the pay and i'm with years of light needs and i'm with the discovery profession, embalming. you go when you're 40. is the position last week you did. you can't you put on july the news problem not for. i was hoping you might wish in your store on a quote for a medium size, a genius initial with
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a, with a, with a garage. we are finding a mr. carlos from the teeth in your book. ah, [000:00:00;00] 2000
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a petition. just she's mar bob, machine, your precious question. really care for floor the door key to the renewal for boy a i'm with national and see at the look for them with the doors. human auger, media told us, besides even the motto store at the little key, when you really are bid no grind ski hope she can find me with it, but almost or talk a solution to me. show me your 3 wires you've done proposal with mr. griffin. i'm with the corridor
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a more talk with people with shoulder. he is new thought this up. she is again, must post by me, which is also a place uniform. what she look, we either with i see you there in your schools are the little below spits a finishes group. i'm just the, it's a settlement coming up with ashley ashley group, honestly with the boy goal is because i don't know this. you give us a fortune or absolute proposed diplomacy, chosen by you for roach and the lawyer jones quarter. in lubbock, i needed one which one number more evil, kind of
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a clue state for was more money publish your mushroom, please. and the need for a public that it a removal of which mister stewart or that of legend stole shortly. totally get away the cartridge the way. yeah. nobody can will keep it. why not? let's see. label what you did last week, which is, you know, a d, it's us talk about all read this by the phone book, which is by using our shuttle. okay. let's look at the july e old model for this year for pretty long. no, it took
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a 4th critical with know that the little boy, i'm almost a little spider store stuff. got me a new boy. you don't have a solution . motions utilize a lot. and then you might be is michelle. she wanted to spray this moves one year to promise the computer will be the source correctly if it wasn't valid or should be something with them on here. but at least you do you live. we're not foolish for bullying, but just like the simply in yet a started or
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a family you thought well which is new york lunch and a few like leave in the book got water for the groups. you want to more person was real a person vehicle? i in the volume is lou chester, the phone was dealing with me, my finishing neighbor. but if you that see you before that she was on the computer with a question which don't mute, we moved it very much of the my only in this years, blah, fuck 3 months. our money, it's on me. you masonic on yours. i'm with the bill. what i'm on the ship when you march was reasonable, was immediate family about the bush with on the front gun years we've worked for why the why you've been you much for boy more the bus for
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a hard there. bye bid. the bus course score british is she in your work with the bomb up with? well that's good up. she will be one minus go. what vh and i'm pretty do. yes. for cheaper, for you on with or child morgan the will did with yes. live with him when emotional, cuz they gotta go. yes. yes. the do what they thought those 3 will with michael had with us of ship when you march or whatever. what use this for given your c v s for the memo, the more with a question, you know, we last thing, we're still not hearing you mean? yeah. you guys don't wish to believe the baby to god of them from here. look out of this are older when you might was going to come up with today more from
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guys to put it as well. do you suddenly around the side of the worst on the from the expression prescribe or they'll buy. it was like really a lot of they have to build the shell, a small this must pop the college football game with america. put it on this hosting national. pretty little boy fact to little pricey. a pollution you see a factor which i did supposed to loop with is that sure i'm gonna move
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to a store or throwing portion or giving us a total with low quality laportia. that's the level of could you would, you could put in the used to speak with a level of much of the marble without the wind possible. with a digital you can about us. i am merely in beautiful phenomena, lidiam williams with a like you get the can you do you think you'll have a shortage of the lord or anything as the nephew
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e spike moore's notebook or another was the last to b u e. at the board a a g. the bus that came to over them. they of gym of a yes. sure avenue 0 to the hostel association. national must have or show you show, especially with me a profile with how well that yeah.
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i mean, who are a dr. his ancient russia and anyone who does business with russia is wrecking havoc on the global economy. the goal is to punish russia so far the russian economy remain stable. this cannot be said for other economies around the world. in fact, those who sanction are feeling enormous pain and suffering
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with aah! moscow say to russian lead forces have claim control of over $220.00 locality since the beginning of the ukraine conflict. the latest is crust neatly. man, a former stronghold of ki, have troops in the don balance region ortiz igor shadonna face on the front on the wall. patriotic slogans, which very quickly turned into something very different to see that the slogans over there, the quickly make way to nazi symbols and an omar to the legacy of the nazi germany. insiders report washington is changing its stance on kiev and trying to distance itself from the conflicts of public interest weights. and also ahead


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