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ah ah moscow say to russian lead forces have claim control of over $220.00 locality since the beginning of the ukraine conflict. the latest is crust neatly. man, a former stronghold of ki, have troops in the don balance region ortiz igor shadonna phase on the from on the wall. patriotic slogans which very quickly turn into something very different. if you can see that the slogans over there, the quickly make way to nazi symbols and an omen to the legacy of the nazi germany. insiders report washington is changing its stance on kiev and trying to distance itself from the conflict of public interest weights, and also ahead i will thank
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with, from being helped to being homeless. ukrainian refugees are facing eviction, an account in benefits as europe grows increasingly concerned up the price, such help comes up on china accuses the u. s. so profiting from the ukranian crisis, stating it's the you carrying the burden of the consequences with from moscow to the world. this is our take, great to have your company today. my name's unit o'neill. russian and allied forces have either taken or re taken control of over 220 localities in the ukraine, conflicts and february, according to rushes empty. the latest is a ton of crust neatly. mel located in the north of the done yet the region. it had
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been for quite some time one of the key fortified areas under ukrainian rule in the don bouts region rushing 1st. first to enter the city on may 23rd, with key forces withdrawing to the south west without a pitched battle. a top key of advisors said that the fall of lehman shows the proficiency of russian commanders. when you put it in, i'm done. according to unverified data, we have lost the city of leman. ringback the russian army, it needs to be checked, has taken it under control, that at the same time, the way it was taken shows that there are very talented commanders there who organized the operation correctly. and this shows, in principle, the increased operational management and technical skill of the russian army. another note about success for russian troops is that capture spent flu darcy, which now brings advancing forces closer to encircling the ukrainian military in the don back pocket. the city host to one of the largest thermal power plants in
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europe is fully under the control of the done. yes. army. we got reaction 2 developments there and there's been quite a few from locals. should do is better that you're here. it's already wonderful for a yes, constant shelling was allowed. shootings happen near the school. thank you for coming. not only am i grateful, there are more than 90 percent of such people here. i believe for you this. i'm so happy i could cry honestly. will he leave us? no, with course not. no, no, don't abandon us. it's quieter for now. what is it seems everything come down. let's hope that it will be even calmer. like when the front shifts a little further. further away to harker. and alice troops pushed their frontline east. that main challenge for the reclaimed territories is of course, restoring peaceful life the head of the done. yes, republic also says another issue for the embattled area is filtering p. o w's on preparing tribunals for those suspected of war crimes. social skills oma was to put
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in his wm. yeah, the crimes of the as of regiment are shocking, only they can be explained using the logic of a same person. grimes, haven't only been committed by as of members alone. the ukranian army have also been involved with. unfortunately, we have evidence of regular soldiers conducting horrifying crimes, rapes torture and sadistic murders. some of them even more horrifying than the crimes of bizarre. you'll see all this evidence during the tribunals. this will all be described and i believe that every crime should be punished appropriately. he spoke also, when ortiz igor chatelle f. as in fessler, dar scanned has been exploring the former positions held by kias forces, who use civilian apartments as shelters, plastering some with nazi symbols. this place is where ukraine's artillery spots is, was stationed. traditionally, they've set up their base, set up their camp on the top floor of an apartment building. this is a flat and this building is home to dozens of families who have been
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living and are still here right now. so they have a small kitchen over there. a the other it is then the ukrainian flags and something resembling lessons from home that used to be on the wool. this is what you have here. and if we move down this corridor we get in there . well layer. this is where they've slept, a makeshift well bunk bed. and here on this little balcony of ukrainian spotters used to oversee the russian and the pupils, people's militia positions here. they, they, they have a good degree of comfort here. this is where their equipment was, as they were watching the well, our positions watching russian positions and well making corrections to their own artillery fire. and here's another interesting find in the room over here on the wall. it's their notes apart from the wifi password. there's also
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a code what each color of a signal rocket means, like, for example, it's as green means the offensive red means retreat. and here is the list of their enemies. you know, people's militia, they know their code names and they know which weapon every unit normal uses. like for example, here it says don't bass, someone's code name, a 120 millimeter mortar. and so now i'm going to show you where the ukranian forces retreated to. this is yet another former base camp of their spotters. but if you look further in the distance, and if you maybe squint your eyes, you can see smoke. and the hers is an, this is the smoke from the shelves that were launched by the artillery harvey of the lo ganske people's militia. so right now, this is the front line and this is where their artillery positions are right now.
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and they are responding with fire as well. this is one of the positions that a ukrainian new, not a unit abandoned has. all of them were retreating down that way. beyond the city of smitley dusk, you can have a look yourself at the fortifications. by the way, over here you can see a crater from one of the bombs or shells fired. and well, this is a good head by the people's militia, by the login's people's militia, and the russian forces over here. there's another fortification, a very safe place for them to hide and look at the amounts of well, wood and dirt, protecting them from any impact. this is where this particular unit slept. notice how much concrete there's around here, even ventilation. so everything for maximum safety on the wall, patriotic slogans, which very quickly turn into something very different if we just walk out of this place and check out the door and see that the slogans over there,
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the quickly make way to nazi symbols and an o march to the legacy of the nazi germany, the russian foreign minister has accused the west of waging a proxy war against russian not submit reports. the biden administration is preparing the send long range missiles systems to give sugarloaf roth told r t that such a step will rush it up already soaring tensions in europe. zip joseph, the west is colton flicked to military defeats from russia. they need to pump weapons into crate, including those that can hit russian territory. president zalinski has publicly requested such weapons and we have strongly warned the west against providing than it is effectively waging a proxy war against russia using hands bodies and minds of ukrainian neo nazis. but long range weapons would drastically escalate the conflict. and i sincerely hope that the fi reasonable people in the west understand nothing. so mm hm. seduce me
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an interesting set on that. and you can watch the full interview with russian foreign minister surrogate love roth on r t international later today. ah, the u. s. defense secretary has reiterated that america is came to avoid a direct confrontation in ukraine saying that key of birth, the brunt of the responsibility to result the conflict. this is ukraine's right is not the united states fight at the end of the day. i you know what, what this looks like. what im state looks like will be defined by the ukrainians and not by us. well, in any case, some experts are worried about the u. s. lux, enough of its own weaponry to continue supplying ukraine from much longer. one retired army colonel says that washington's plans have changed entirely on there now is seeking to distance themselves from keith, echoing their strategy and afghanistan. now there talks about during western
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ukraine into quote unquote, ukraine to step, to try and build an endless war that will go on and quote, unquote lead russia, which i see not happening. frankly, i don't, i know the europeans will put up with it or let me stop you. what do you mean by ukraine? is stan. well, the idea that's been hatched over the pentagon and in the white house is, well, we'll just turn western ukraine into some version of afghanistan for the russians, so that they will end up in this endless guerrilla war. well, for my c, i, a analysts, laurie johnson, believes washington is trying to distance itself from the conflict in ukraine after its proxy war with russia. he says backfired. i was struck the other day. i was looking at different media sites, trying to see whether there were the content coverage or not. and it is the story has virtually disappearance. they're focusing on other things than talking about ukraine. and part of the reason for that is that the war has gone badly for
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ukraine brushes, winning the story line. they tried to tell of the evil russians tearing up that country and brave ukrainian, justine fighting and arguing the russians. that's completely gone by the board leadership side. they're trying to figure out how to get themselves out of this because this is blown up in their faces as well. the problem is they think they can so mad and insurgents, i think those that have seized upon that as of it is a viable strategy or frankly deluding the white. now the united states is they embark on on a war with russian. i don't think we need to sort of coded to try to pretend that it's something that they haven't barked on the war with russia, but they were hoping to get it done without getting into shooting. and now all of the tools that they thought they were going to use,
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particularly on the sanctions front, f completely backfires, because it's the west that's with suffering shortages, is the west of suffering, the inflation. and it's the worst, it's going to be suffering high unemployment. and that's ukraine is calling for more money and weapons, claiming the support it's received so far is insufficient. are to correspond rachel blevins can tell us more. the us has spent the last few months signing off on one historic aid package. b crane after another, with many of the allies doing the same to show their support. but you, crania, and officials are saying that all of that money and all of those weapons just aren't enough. and they're calling for the west to do even more. she would even chess, it still takes time to discourage them from this ship, but we still need the help of partners, especially weapons for ukraine. total help, no exceptions, no restrictions but enough to win. those require haven't just been made and recorded addresses, but also in public speech is given by ukrainian officials to world leaders,
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including this week at the world economic forum. davosto was not listening. we are on the european continent and we need the support of the united europe. and while those european leaders have also spoken out of this, i met and insisted that they are showing their support. ukraine continues to ask for more. civilized countries must be united with ukraine, not with their words but with their deeds. so when will it be enough in just 5 months? the where it says pledge around 68000000 dollars in age ukraine, according to some estimates that's on top of the support. the west has been providing for ukraine's in the u. s. supported qu, back in 2014. while ukraine does have anti corruption officials. they admit they have been forced to stop recording on the countries practices after the government impose martial law earlier this year. i'm not saying there is no corruption in this uncertain situation. i'm sure there are people who want to profit from government
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procurement processes. so where is all of the money to put it in the context, the a is then to all of the developing countries in the world, in 2021 was 179000000000 dollars. so who was profiting from all of the funds that you crane? now in comparison, the u. s. and the you can buying have been less than $5500000000.00 on a, for yemen in the last 7 years. despite the fact that the in the country poem is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, which weapons industries in the west have profited heavily from many countries around the world have been quick to call out the double standards. the west is now applying to ukraine. there remains to be seen just how much more they will give and if it will ever be considered enough in washington, rachel robins, archie, something else to bring attention to today video has emerged, showing refugees allegedly being evicted from a hotel in spain that comes in the planes of european countries suspending aid
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programs future rising costs. ringback as well, amid prices soaring across the continent, european countries appear to be recognizing that hosting so many refugees does not come cheap. are tease, don't quarter has been examining changing attitudes in the you to that issue. 6.6000000 ukrainians have fled their country and become refugees. as a result of the conflict, that's about 5 times more people than the last migrant crisis in europe and of hosting these people was expensive back then it's off the charts. now, the costs of providing for these refugees will stream countries, budgets, and not just in the short term integrating refugees into their economies will require large scale resources, time and supportive policies. in 2016 germany spent approximately $12000.00 euros
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per refugee per year. not including any language and cultural integration classes, support for ukrainian refugees could cost hosting states as much as $30000000000.00 over the next year. as if the you wasn't already dealing with supply chain issues in energy crisis record breaking inflation that into this already long list of economic woes is everything connected to hosting a sudden influx of millions of people. poland, been by far, the hardest hit since it's accepted over 3000000 refugees. that kind of budgetary strain is making itself felt across small polish border towns. everything else we have so far paid from our modest crisis fund that is or rather was $22000.00. these funds are definitely not sufficient with voice me the most to our electricity bills that i suspect will knock a silver. our town can definitely not meet this costs. the sums i mentioned are a drop in the ocean. even warsaw is barely keeping up with its population surge of
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nearly 20 per cent since late february, it's mayor is already talking about relocations. we need a relocation scheme because we need to share the burden the ukrainians are fighting for our freedom. and we need to do our bid number of polish cities are trying to economize at least by ending free public transport rides for ukrainians. as one might imagine, that hasn't gone down well with refugees with, with it's not just poland making cut sto, bulgaria is having to cut refugee subsidies and relocate people ukrainians in the czech republic will soon have to find work or lose their government benefits in lot via the authorities have stopped providing refugees with free food, and the netherlands is even having to force local councils to accept refugees since many are not willing. this is not one i wanted, but this is how it is. in the coming weeks, we are going to say to
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a number of local councils, you have a suitable building. the permits are in order. it is owned by the refugee settlement agency or the state. and so we are going to use it despite freeing up billions to try and tackle this newest refugee crisis. even brussels has admitted there's not enough money to go around. the 7 year budget that started in 2021 was made for peace. nobody envisaged, as we were negotiating that budget, that there would be a war in europe. i think it is fair to say that the budget that we have now wasn't really made for the situation in which we find ourselves. considering experts are saying a global recession and a food crisis are also on the horizon. it looks like europe may be in for a tough couple of years. i didn't know what you were being so thinking they weren't really consulted. that's an awful lot of people. and they all have to be paid for. they will have to be looked after. they have to be how they have to be provided with jobs or with welfare payments. he doesn't have that kind of money. m a germany
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doesn't have that money. that's on top of all the other economics problems or, you know, storing food prices, storing energy prices. so where is this money going to come from to pay for these ukranian? they'll no doubt the pressure why food the u. s. is profiting from the struggles of ukraine while european countries are burning. the cost stuff is, according to the chinese foreign ministry, spokes person over tone poor since the outbreak of the russia ukraine conflict. europe has been bearing the cost economically, politically and socially. but the u. s. has been reaping the benefits u. s. arms dealers have been celebrating with champagne and the u. s. grain and energy industries have made a fortune. yes, this may be what the chinese are alluding to u. k. energy camps are expected to rise to a record 2800 pounds in october with prices skyrocketing in the u as well. though spikes are causing major problems for the german car industry,
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disrupted supplies of ammonia grain as well as sunflower oil shortages, health, personal fertilizer on food prices, with many small businesses, helping to close. according to the washington post inflation and the west has reached a 40 year peak. political analyst, garland nixon says that the u. s. isn't concerned with europe sacrifices as long as it benefits. what are the europeans have to understand is the ukraine crisis sped up by dynamic? that was the inevitable in the same way that if a person doesn't have food, if you start starving, your body will literally consume its own tissue to try to keep the organs in the heart and the main parts of the body alive. what's happening is, as russia and china provide viable alternatives for developing nations to, to, to trade with them, whether it's in bananas or uranium or coffee or whatever it is. it gets more difficult for the us empire to pray on these compet countries. and to have
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a high standard of living based on those predatory actions. so what it is done is turned inward, and now it has to pray on the european union here in the united states. i mean, we have some level of, you know, we have increased gas prices, we have a increased inflation, but no more than what's going around the world. we probably have the norm this going around the world as opposed to europe, which has dramatically larger problems. they're not as wealthy as the united states, they're not as economically stable. and keep in mind something the u. s. in russia can grow their own food. we can create our own a, you know, we provide our own energy and the you can do neither of those things. china is quote, strongly dissatisfied with the remarks made by us secretary of state, anthony lincoln, who accused beijing of undermining global order. while saying america is not looking for a conflict or a new cold war that says the u. s. official finally laid out the country's long
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term strategy towards china. we will remain focused on the most serious, long term challenge to the national order. and that's posed by the people's republic of china side is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international water. and increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do it. because what we're seeing that opinion job this lengthy and carefully crafted speech by secretary antony blinking is essentially spreading. does information hyping up the china threat theory? meddling in china's internal affairs, and smearing china's domestic and foreign policy? the purpose is to contain and suppress china's development and uphold us had gemini . we strongly deplore and reject this. china is the 2nd largest economy in the world and the biggest country on earth in terms of population. you would think that relations with such a major country would be rather important when the new administration kicked off us
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. china talks in anchorage last year. it didn't go so well. remember, will also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china, including children, hong kong, taiwan cyber attacks on the united states. you can on the coercion toward our allies. each of these actions threaten the rule spaced order woman by the mission to taylor. we thought that the u. s. would follow basic diplomatic protocol. we should clarify opposition immediately. let me tell you something. you have no right to tell china that you start from a position of strength when talking to us bach many are beginning to think that perhaps the bind administration made a pretty big mistake, handing us china relations over to this guy. the biden administration is determined to make sure the taiwan has all necessary means to defend itself against any potential aggression, including unilateral action by china, to disrupt the status quo that's been in place now for many decades. taiwan is
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a very sensitive issue for china. china considers it to be a renegade province and the united states agrees with them apparently, but also thinks it's a good idea to send taiwan stockpiles of weapons. lincoln seems to be the master of missing beijing. on other issues here is spouting off about misuse of technology. we've been deeply concerned about what we're seeing from china in terms of its misuse of its technology to try to do things like increased surveillance, harassment, intimidation, censorship of citizens of journalists, of activists and others. and that includes abroad at the same time, we have a total imbalance because these very same leaders in beijing are using the free and open media to spread propaganda to spread his information. lincoln also seems to believe he may be able to get shina to turn against russia, one of its closest allies present. bob will be speaking to president, she tomorrow, and we'll make clear that china will bear responsibility for any actions it takes to support russia's aggression. and we will not hesitate to impose cost russia and
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china are pretty closely linked economically. plus, they're both facing sanctions and pressure from the united states breaking apart. that relationship is going to take a lot more than bluster not wise words. blanket has been pushing the idea that somehow shina is a huge threat to the united states for a very long time. furthermore, the idea that china might help reshape global relations to be more multi lateral seems to really get under his skin. blanket has announced plans for creating a china house to handle us relations with beijing. the idea is to more closely coordinate with allies to counter china's influence. we will align our efforts with our network of allies and partners acting with common purpose and in common cause. and harnessing these 2 key ss will compete with china to defend our interests and build our vision for the future. so as antony blank and just really bad at his job, or is it possible the biden administration doesn't really want to improve relations
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with beijing? either way, optimistic words aside. it's pretty clear that you asked china relations are not headed in a good direction. kayla marvin artsy, new york. what can europe relations expert, why we're whining, believes the power of american hegemony is under threats and facing many obstacles . us economy stop and i'm not simply the sanctions to russia, but you placing parties. so you know, me turn election year. so the u. s. started the need to china's help even want to live to the terrorist, not to that trump demonstration goes to china. and secondly, the u. s. allies or other countries do not want to take sides between china and united states. don't need to new cold war. so the
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message of this species about nor seems to be new cold war. so that the, i think they're, they're probably how does the company so the us, they are not follow the comment. so coat ah, competition. competition with china on consideration must recent that also you invest in shanghai, another half a 1000000. the new city workers, americans, money, power decline because we have to miss the economy and the public's and also the so called the west to be so we week with that is our last for not. but if you're in the mood to dig a little deeper, solid, jumping off out as r t dot com. thank you to keep you informed and entertained. as we entered a weekend by fun. i
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ah louise to come to the russian state full narrative. i've unfortunately no slam scheme div us. mm hm. the american culture, our son's, i'm up for a group in a 55 when. okay, so mine is 25 i'm speaking with. we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine. the state aunt rush up to date and school ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube said, we put the question, did you think it requests with
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the drive to sanction russia in any one who does business with russia is wrecking havoc on the global economy, the goal is to punish russia so far the russian economy remain stable. this cannot be said for other economies around the world. in fact, those who sanction are feeling enormous pain and suffering long when i was showing wrong, when i'll just don't hold any world. if you have to say proud disdain becomes the advocate an engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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ah ah, what a wallet. you talk to rogers few a told her children by the school as well, but i still got a letter that just the yellow green with my lawyer to to my lawyer. oh sure. did you had to reboot with.


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