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ah ah, the don, yes, the people's republic says if the gain control of 220 locality from ukrainian forces since the war a ruptured 3 months ago. and russia doubles down on terrorism, accusations against cubes. troops in the dumbass surrendered ukrainian marine commander speaks to r t dot issues in the war torn country, including neo nazi crimes. and the current government crackdown on the political opposition. the middle, no hope of the bad and the opposition platform to line a little on that would deem been naughty, sufficiently ukrainian. but what are we, what it can't be that likely? it's impossible. you can believe that this has happened to from home. i'm really
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surprised it must be equilibrium in the system. you pretty much got us protest corrupt in reaction to a deadly school shooting as texas police admit that they made crucial mistakes when responding to the emergency with broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now the don units, people's republic has announced that it's allied russian lead forces have taken control of 220 localities since the conflict corrupted in february. the port city of marble is the largest of those places. pritchard is a former ukrainian artillery position at the as of stall steel factory, which was the epicenter of 2 months of intense fighting. in mario of the footage of a recently taken village near the town of overgrown sky which ukrainians have nicknamed new york. the village has recently been under continuous showing by care
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of forces in the neighboring lugens republic. a ukrainian military attack on the town killed 3 people and wounded 14 on friday. meanwhile, rushes defense ministry has doubled down on claims that he forces have been engaged in terrorism against civilians, particularly accusations that ukrainian neo nazis have called for genocide against russian and greek minorities. in the dance republic, british journalist steve sweeney recently visited ukraine, says he faced arrest and death threats while reporting there. he earlier shared his story with my colleague union o'neill. i thought it's important to go. i'm actually inside you crate and to try and get to the truth about what's happening there, because as your viewers and yourself will be well aware, the british media reporting is now incredibly restricted. so you have the times the telegraph, the guardian, the b, b, c. channel for sky news, all really were producing identical reports from kevin from live,
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but don't deviate a tool from the, from, from the government. i'm from the line on, on what's happening. so i thought was a journalist really, is mine my job. my duty is to report the truth, the truth, the truth matters. so that was why i thought it was important to get in a report on the ground. and there was a number of stories ready to i wanted to check out. i traveled in to live in western ukraine i traveled in from, from poland where, you know, that crossing is, is still open. and i have to say that the 1st thing that struck me really was on my coach on the way. and i was opposite a man with a tattoo of a gun on his face dressed in fatigues. now, you know, we don't really judge by we shouldn't really judge by appearances, but yeah, i think that told me really everything that i needed needed to know before i even entered and, and the city itself was. 2 essentially full of fascists and mercenaries,
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people in the military fatigues using civilian transport networks to enter into ukraine. i'm whether any checks on those people are getting in any questioning as to where they were going, etc. i mean these, these people, this is the, i'm and a really, is that the people, the, the address, the military fatigues and then coming to fight on the ukrainian side are welcomed with open arms. i mean, they rolled the red car back on the back and i own treated as is hero. and that's the harmony i went on with a pendant camera. and you know, what happened to me was very stark contrast. i mean, if i was going in with a gun, i said i'm going to kill russians then i would have been very, very welcome. instead, what happened to me was, i was told that, you know, aust quizzed about my business in ukraine. told i was a spy,
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told that i would be a student tortured the indication was possibly worse than that, which means that they would have potentially killed me. great effort being made to whitewash this will rehabilitate the office either like having no influence in ukraine or or or being just simply misunderstood nationalist. i deconstructed this and the b b. c showed what i could only describe as a 9 minute master classic fascism does. a denial, as russian forces claim to make advances in the ukraine conflict. western nations are continuing to push their same old rhetoric, calling for ukraine to accept no terms of a quote dictated peace. and to fight until the end, despite gives forces seemingly losing ground. r t corresponded from one coast of comments. brushes. recent advances amid the conflict in ukraine have split western politicians into 2 camps. some are calling on key of to accept moscow demand to
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reach a quicker piece. others are pushing key of to flight till the last man standing more weapons, no talks, no compromise. this is a very strong signal to all other aggressors potential criminals, that if you commit a crime and you are not destroyed within 3 months, then everything is in order. everything can stay like that, that we also agree on this point. we're not doing anything that would make nato a party to the conflict. that would mean a direct confrontation between nuclear powers. it is rather a matter of making it clear to prudent that there will be no dictated peace. ukraine will not accept that, and neither will we know dictated thee, says the german chancellor, but the reality on the ground says otherwise. in the next republic, thousands of ukraine's most experienced troops are now close to encirclement. the forces of villa ganske republic have almost completely regained control of the republic territory. russian forces are making advances in the south and the north.
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and all the western funding and weapons sent to the key of regime doesn't seem to be helping to change the situation. on the front lines, on the portable camp we've lost to the russian army in terms of pace. the russian side has managed to gather its reserves before we could put where lagging behind. and that makes the situation at the front extremely difficult. ukraine's soldiers have been surrendering by the thousands and have scathing words for their leadership. although it was the best option for us. when we heard the military vehicles coming, we took off our helmets and body armor and went out all she's like, we owe sickly. absolutely no one wanted to fight. we all wanted to leave. they said you're the border patrol. they won't make you fight, but they deceived us and sent us here. want proposal in mid march, i received an order from the brigade commander to dig a trench. they needed it to bury about 50 of our soldiers. among them were my
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friends. it turned out the commander simply covered up the losses and then lied to the families of those who were killed is local. even the west cave sat main cheerleaders and arms. suppliers are starting to doubt the chances of their ally preaching at great cost to himself into russia, movies continuing to shoot through ground and all that he's continuing to make gradual, slow, but i'm afraid palpable progress. so why do the weapons and money keep flowing? if many realize they're fighting for a loss, cause the truth seems quite obvious ends, it will rather sad. key of their friends in the west are pursuing a so called scorched earth policy. the done boss to leave as much infrastructure destroyed, and as many civilians effected as possible before their retreat and leave it to russia to deal with what i think american government officials but very clear that
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the goal of the war and arming and continue supply. the ukranian government is a de, stabilize the russian government, and they've been pretty open about the goal being to literally bleed lead the russian government and the russian state militarily and politically and economically. and with the goal of bringing about its collapse the, there's been a well, you know, well orchestrated media and propaganda campaign. i think the, the axiom is the, the truth is the 1st casualty of war. and i think, you know, all sides want to portray themselves is winning or being on the customer victory. no one wants to and met whether real or not. if they're losing or doing poorly, people usually don't give up on the go shooting table. they think they can win on the battlefield. so i think control one or both sides feel that they've exhausted military resources or a military option better. it only gets that way when i think people get serious on negotiating. any type of magic settlement from the crimes of neo nazis to
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a crackdown on descent. ukrainian marine commander who surrendered to russian forces speaks about pressing issues in the war torn country in an interview with r t correspondent. but because you have a bear in mind is speaking while in custody as a prisoner of war, we cannot maintain the rest of the of his statements. the troops surrendering here . ah, google, ukraine's best, best trained, best equipped, and most motivated, which isn't surprising. lethal is as overview, most of them are fanatics, nationalists, and neo nazis who volunteered able to fight and heal, gloried in it. they lose like them of done terrible thing. where is there? have you seen what they did to russian prisoners re solar reports of the showed it to me? i think it was about 3 weeks ago. but could you see them gouging out their eyes? no, i saw the one when they took the wounded rugs and the like. mine's them
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a sponsor, the tires, and i was going to a journalist. then we watched this. i said, i totally promised such practices of clinical, you know, this footage or cal jingle out. their eyes, they apply on the stumble, is i'm a career officer and the normal guy. you mean honestly, this is something that goes beyond my understanding. korean colleen have a shot of the prisoners and the knees. i can imagine that and on gouging out their eyes, all to that, sitting in boons about lisel carruthers. when police did this on line with what we did to them at which number i believe that these people were digging their own graves. as the saying goes, colonel vladimir, but i knew hero of ukraine was captured just weeks ago. he commanded ukraine's 36 naval infantry brigade, most of which surrendered in mario pal in april, colonel. but i knew says he was never a nationalist. he was as an officer serving the people of ukraine and following
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orders. he was prepared to lay down his life phase country, as he learns more and more of what his commander in chief has done, of what ukraine has turned into. he begins to doubt, but from the owner opposite a band, the opposition platform for life and other parties that were deal for middle. no, he sufficiently borrow ukrainian, fucked. me more to look for life. it can't be that way. it's impossible when you can't believe that this has happened just now with her. i am really surprised her. there must be equilibrium in the system is not right on the right. like is bigger or longer than the last one or she would still be able to walk, but it would still be difficult for sure. we'll do a present miasca. imagine i told you the truth and that's what really happened all the parties, the duchess notion pro, ukrainian enough have been banned. do you think of throwing, pushing them doesn't matter. pro ukrainian or not, they should be their numbers. any parliament should have opposition. forces with a constructive agenda humor,
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regardless of whether they ought to pro ukraine here from pro hungary, the old pro russia. or you need a balance like mean and yang. ukraine is a parliamentary em presidential republic, once the parliament is largely responsible for new legislation room. this news is really surprising. that's true. they would have absolute power. most of no checks and balances. that's not good. remember, that's my take on it. the ukranian government and media who had previously praised and idolized, but i knew as an example for ukrainian soldiers made him a hero of ukraine, have turned against him after it emerged, he had been captured, labeling him a coward, and a traitor. colonel. but i knew was saddened to learn this. he was saddened to learn that the country he had served his whole life now preferred to see him dead and silent. rather than alive and talking more, i'd gouged the of archie from the netscape. ah, it takes us
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a law enforcement official acknowledged on friday that officers made a critical mistakes in responding to a mass shooting which left 19 children dead. according to the state's top law enforcement official, the key problems were hesitation and a mis judgment of the situation. because of this, it took to police more than an hour to sneak through blocked classroom doors, while students were still trapped inside with the gunman. now the governor of texas who previously praised the police, his actions, says that he was misled about the emergency response to the shooting. yes, i was misled. i am livid about what happened. i was on this very stage 2 days ago. and i was telling the public information that has been told to me in a room just a few yards behind where we're located right now. tragedy has caused a wave of protests with several 100 demonstrators recently gathering outside an event of the us national rifle association to demand stricter gun control laws.
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there have been more than $200.00 shootings in the us this year. people blame the national rifle association and lacks laws that allow teenagers to get guns. but some us senators say that there is a link with russia saying that russians are sponsoring the association. the dark money operation run by the national rifle association has immense, secretive political clout. it's impossible to track the money flowing in and out of the n. r a because it's not properly disclosed, but there has been evidence. step russian money has flowed into the n. r a and heard from investigative journalist rick sterling, who thinks that these shootings are a symptom of toxicity in american society. i think most americans would look very skeptically if they're blaming and blaming russia for the events in all the texas. there is a lot of pressure and criticism of the national rifle association and beyond that,
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the weapons industry which has been profiting. what's much less criticized is the defense industry, which of course is, is the, is the elephant in the room and to, with their recent congressional decision of $40000000000.00 of weapons and other resources to, to ukraine. i think a lot of people are fed up with the violence. i think it's definitely the case that this is systematic. the problem isn't just a problem. teenager could buy weapons, but it's really a symptom of a sick society. in some ways the violence, the alienation, the individual ism, they're all shown in these roofing events which seem to be happening every few weeks. now. political turmoil in pakistan has been rising as the new government has increased fuel prices in
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a reported bid to unlock. i am at funding for the country. people say that the previous government would not have permitted us. i'm would you have a fire? let me ask, what con would do? i thought he had maintained the price at 150 pakistani rupees. order with his government jumped to 180 pakistani rupees. they have no idea that he increase money . oil prices affects the rest of the prices. what nobody has there to ask them for you and you off with a ministers or inside air conditioned rooms, enjoying air condition. carlos and they do not care at all when they are corrupt people. and they blame him. wrong, cannot be the thought of everybody in this country knows very well. the previous government signed an agreement with russia to get oil at a 30 percent discount, but there's no controversial government as buying oil just as the u. s. told them to be. they are buying expensive voice. they are creating a mess. that's for me to reports have said that 248 members of cons, party have been arrested with some being injured while taken into custody. they faced various charters, including violence against police con,
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has said that 2 members of his party were killed during the round up with classes with law enforcement officers. journalists and the political and java runner says that the current government is simply following the u. s. orders the government has in please be pretty close to the origin because it is on the dictations of the armor which is controlled by the us. us was really unhappy with the former part, mr. because it made it clear that the, the, the show was get, was ready to give us on 30 person confession. and he's the economy of the park us on has been a bit. that's usually the economy back on track. i think when he was removed, there was a public backlash because there was already an american. cindy mentioned fucking song and when people came to know just to the gym jeans, adjourn dog was stalked by. americans. i think then people don't know in hundreds
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of thousands, they'll come. the farmer farmers on the con, has held a series of rallies to demand fresh elections after he was ousted in a no confidence vote by the national parliament in april, in scenes of unrest. earlier in the week, demonstrators class with police while officers use peer gas and barricades to keep people from entering the capital. on thursday. com gave the current government and ultimatum demanding early election and filing consequences if his proposal isn't met. within 6 days, protests have been put on hold since then. writer and global policy analyst for mohammed ali says, con stands a much better chance. if the massive show of support on the street continues. if the government government can resist him on cons, pressure, and survive and improve de carnaby, then it can seriously dent him. run cons, reelection prospects. but if the current government does not
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manage to improve the economy as much as it wants to, an enron con, can exploit the inability of the current and government to manage and improve the economy than it is forcible that enron, con ken. i returned to bar the group of latin american countries are boycotting the wes, hosted summit of the americas next month. that's after the by the administration officially excluded. the venezuelan ended nicaraguan governments. he was president, has openly refused to attempt to accommodate our wedding. and we all recognize that the government of the united states conceived it from the start. this summit of the americas are designed it in a non inclusive way with all the process involved in the position of the united states government. and i can assure you that i will not attend it under any circumstance, the summit of the american auto, why it's coming up all the way forward,
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cannot be exclusion as the united states of america intends to do in the midst named summit of the americas. the way forward cannot be exclusion discrimination against entire nation, such as venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, good may not film nor lip. when would that be? and i, but i say from here to the united states, so forget it. and i'm, we're here. we are not interested in being that that summit and we are not interested earlier u. s. senior diplomats had cuba, venezuela and nicaragua would not be invited to the summit because they quote, do not respect democracy by the administration. however, has been pushing for better ties with venezuela, particularly easing energy sanctions. to get more oil from that south american country, daniel shaw and a professor of latin american studies at the city university of new york says the era of us imperialism in the americas is coming to an it 5. and it's been trying to sure of support for this summit in america, but it's an absolute seattle at this point. many countries across south america and
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the hemisphere are going to stand with the excluding countries with nick, with cuba, with various well, with bolivia, mexico is spearheading this ever to say, hey, we're all going to sit down and everybody should have a voice. not just the country us imperialism. prioritize is the control those countries with the us to try to do is divide and conquer. you're defining russia as the main energy giant right now. that's the number one enemy. they want to do back room years. where does that as well and see if they can guarantee more oil employs . but that is where in leadership is a world where there is multiple rarity in different. ready holes and centers is power is long overdue us to germany. i can honestly, diplomatically, militarily is. ready winning every day. and we can feel that in the empire
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exploding from within all of these races, why i misses school shooting us is reputation is in all time. low international trances president has called on turkey to respect sweden and finland, quote, sovereign choice to join nato. france was hoping that turkey would cancel its decision to put a veto against accepting sweden and finland to the military block on gra, has acute those nordic countries of sheltering members of the kurdistan workers party, which turkey considers a terrorist group, sweden and finland decided to part with their long lasting neutrality, and for su, nato membership after war, ukraine interrupted professor buddies, the belly thinks that france should respect to turkey sovereignty as decisively as a back sweden and finland moved to join the mil block sean the present time. fortunately, once again, we saw the great irony and double standard french president,
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and also lest the set in finland and sooner than our sovereign countries. so you must respect today of decisions in that sense. i want to as to mr. mark room isn't church as forward and states friends and list must understand. turkey does not discuss and bargain it's sold on a day. it's national security and nation of interest with other countries being made to member and supporting the process of natal does not mean church. she ignores it's summer on the national sector you long enough to attempt to take over. twitter is continuing to make waves. this week . investors suit the millionaire and the platform itself over alleged corporate law violations during the acquisition process of a lawsuit focuses on, alleged wrongful conduct by musk, while attempting to buy the company. he is accused of manipulating the stock price
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to drive down the cost of acquiring the social network. last month mosque offered to buy the company for $44000000000.00. the lawsuit also says that he took a financial advantage of the delay disclosure of his stake in the company when it exceeded 5 percent. an earlier warning could have pushed up the share price by delaying his disclosure of his stake in twitter, muskie engaged in market manipulation and but twitter stock at an artificially low price earlier long musk amounts to the temporary suspension of the purchase of twitter until the company provides more information on the number of fake accounts the billionaire assumed he should pay less. if it turns out that bots make up over 5 percent of the platforms, total accounts might go rectinwald's. former new york university professor and author of the google archipelago thinks mosque didn't actually try to lower the price, but would have had a reason to do so. if it was over and above the share price of
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twitter at the time by $11.00 or so. so i think that there is no indication that this manipulation, i think that he learned about the number of boss and fake accounts on the network. and twitter assured him that they would only be 5 percent. so it certainly has every right to say listen, he said 5 percent are going to finding out from reports that it's much higher. that would be a problem and you could try to lower the bid on that basis. and frankly, that would be a legitimate basis. but i don't see how you can do him for that because as a matter of fact, it was promised that it would be 5 percent or less. so you know, that would be some sort of a manipulation on our twitter itself. so anyway, probably discerned that i'm a, i'm a fan of mosque in terms of twitter because i've been going to need be broken up
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from the wells fargo. now i've been away from it in order to ensure a greater field of expression on the internet. that isn't for me, this, our stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and commentary, this is our to international ah, ah, with
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race, movies on very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time to sit down and talk you will see it's a laboratory or supposedly reco pricey, but you will see i need to, i was here to what is in time with abilities, parental stability stories and show me the global measures unless you mean you, me 0 is just for concern there, but you do it the bill cheese to break and this to about a one is to show that you come back to biological experiments on so just
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